Sunday, December 2, 2018

Without a Second Amendment

"And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?... The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin's thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If...if...We didn't love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation.... We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”

The above quote is from Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn's Gulag Archipelago. Look at the words and read them carefully America. This one quote tells the tale of a disarmed, helpless population at the mercy of a brutal communist dictator that had a vision for a better world. In the final days, after years of simply going along and not understanding the implications of what was happening in their country, the Russian peasants trembling in fear, finally understood. Their time was up, there was no better world, only death.

Solzhenitsyn says they didn't love freedom enough and that they had no real awareness of the situation. What does he mean? Clearly he means the Russian people had neglected their own responsibility to the society in which they lived. They lost any appreciation for what freedoms they may have had and believed the propaganda machine that fed them a continuous stream of lies about total equality and fairness. They believed their government when they were promised freedom from responsibility if they would just surrender their own free wills. In the end, the only equality there was the equality of dirt, squalor and the stench of rotting flesh.  

Before the communist revolution of 1917 gun ownership in Russia was quite common and firearms were readily available in cities such as Moscow and St. Petersburg.  In 1918 the Bolsheviks, under Vladimir Lenin outlawed gun ownership and specifically targeted non-communist party members for confiscation. Members of the party were of course allowed to keep their guns. 

If you notice, here in America there is a major attempt to portray conservative Christians as potential terrorists even though they commit virtually no violence. Leftist groups like Antifa however, who identify as communist, routinely get away with violent protests against their political rivals which often result in destroyed property and injured people. 

After the communists declared victory the firearms restrictions were codified into Russian law. All those who were found to be in possession of firearms were sentenced to hard labor in the concentration camps, where millions were murdered incidentally. After Lenin died and Stalin took over, the communists, because of the existing gun laws, were easily able to implement a system of terror where all who were found to be in disagreement with communist ideals or were considered a threat, were rounded up for extermination. Stalin was able to confiscate property and engineer famines simply because the people had no means to defend themselves. In the end, Stalin eliminated nearly twenty million people who had been made completely helpless through the passage of gun registration and confiscation laws by people who believed they could create a better world. What the Russians didn't understand was the creation of a better world meant the complete surrendering of their own wills and the right to exist as they see fit. 

This is what happens when the value of life is diminished and people are viewed through the lens of science as opposed to spirituality. Much of Communist, and Nazi philosophy for that matter, is based on the precepts of Darwinian evolution. Human life, being a process of evolution as opposed to being created by God, has no inherent value according to evolutionary science. Human beings have no soul or independent will of their own; therefore, eliminating those who are viewed as inferior has no moral consequence. In America today a new moral ideal is slowly being created and those that disagree with it are labeled as intolerant bigots. This new ideal is presented as a higher form of morality and those that oppose, as Hillary Clinton referred to us, are deplorables. At the same time there is a massive effort by those redefining the nations values to strip us of our rights to keep and bear arms. Why? I think the answer is obvious.

Many people live day to day with the belief that what happened in Soviet Russia can never happen here because we have the Second Amendment. Sadly, most young people in our nation know next to nothing about the constitution let alone something as important as the Second Amendment. Furthermore, a staggering forty-four percent of millennials claim they would prefer to live in a socialist nation as opposed to capitalism. These young skulls full of mush, as Rush Limbaugh would call them, are blissfully unaware of the millions murdered under such systems because they are not taught the truth. 

Unfortunately, America's current situation is not that different from the one described by Solzhenitsyn. Most people are living their lives ignoring the warning signs, unsure of what is happening in their own country. Millions of people, as a result of mass propaganda campaigns designed to get us to think differently about guns, are ready and willing to surrender their rights for the promise of a better, safer world. Most of these people couldn't articulate the reason for the Second Amendment in the first place. The right to gun ownership needs to be viewed as more of a responsibility than a right. The Second Amendment protects the inherent value of human life by ensuring that the right and responsibility to defend it is recognized and protected. When that responsibility is stripped from the individual life no longer has value, or rather, the value of your life is now decided by someone else. In other words, when the right to defend your life is stripped from you and placed in governments hands, government controls whose life has value and whose does not. If the left truly believed in equality they too would hold the Second Amendment up as a cherished right which must be defended at all costs because it is the one thing that protects and defends a system where all men are viewed as equals. Without it we are nothing. When the government is armed and we are not we are no longer equal, but weaker. Without the ability to defend it life become meaningless. The right to life depends on our right to protect it. 

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Sunday, November 18, 2018

National Red Flag Gun Laws Are Coming

The Democrats are promising to make gun control a top priority as they are set to assume the majority in the House of Representatives. Some Democrats are even showing their true colors by foolishly stating that the government would use nukes on people refusing to comply with their gun confiscation mandates. While we can safely assume (hopefully anyways) that Representative Swalwell wouldn't take out an entire state because people refused to surrender their constitutional rights, which he is sworn to uphold and protect incidentally, we shouldn't assume our gun rights are safe just because Donald Trump is in the White House.

Among the many other sweeping reforms the Democrats plan to push, such as a ban on high capacity magazines are the passage of the so called Red -Flag gun laws on the national level. So far, roughly eleven states have these Red-Flag gun laws on the books. California was one of the first to pass such laws and as we have recently seen, they have done nothing to prevent people from committing mass murder. Florida also passed such laws last March and has seized firearms from over 450 people who have been deemed a threat to themselves or others. Unfortunately, these laws have done nothing to prevent the murderers from murdering, even with guns. They didn't stop a shooter from shooting up a video game tournament. They also failed to stop yet another shooting at a school event where a gunman opened fire at a high school football game killing one and wounding two others. These people clearly should have been on Florida's Red-Flag list yet, despite the new law and enforcement capabilities they went undetected.

In Maryland we witnessed the reality of Red-Flag gun laws when a sixty-one year old man was shot and killed by police as they tried to confiscate his firearms. In this case the request for removal was made by the mans niece, who after he was shot and killed admitted that the man was harmless and that the police didn't need to do what they did. The police justify the shooting by claiming they don't know just what they may have prevented by confiscating his firearms at 5 A.M. The man had no history of violent behavior but because his niece was uncomfortable, he is dead. 

What is most concerning about this event is that the man was attempting to resist gun confiscation-to a degree. In the Department of Homeland Security Report Right wing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment gun owners concerned about an infringement of their rights are identified as potential extremists.

Will this event in Maryland now be used as an excuse to portray all gun owners as potential extremists who are worried about an infringement of their rights? Probably, if you follow the logic.

Many conservatives foolishly believe that as long as we control the Senate and Trump is president our gun rights are safe. This is naïve, to say the least. 

Trump's White House has encouraged the states to push these Red-Flag gun laws and has shown strong support for stronger back ground checks. From the Washington Post-

Notice the part where it says, urging all states? If by chance a national Red-Flag law were to make it past the Senate, there is a high likelihood that it would be signed by President Trump.

Trump is perceived by the right as being pro-gun, and in many cases he has made very pro-gun comments. This website shows however, that he is actually all over the place when it comes to gun rights. He is on the record saying that large purchases of ammunition and body armor should be considered red flags. He believes in putting people on "terror watch lists" and preventing those people from buying guns despite the fact that the so called "no-fly list" has prevented many innocent people from being able to board a plane. In his 2000 book The America We Deserve, he expresses support for an assault weapons ban and longer waiting periods to purchase a gun. Finally, he criticizes Republicans for walking the NRA line and refusing to accept any "limited restrictions."

The fact of the matter, as we all know, is that laws, no matter how effective or logical they may seem, will not stop anyone from committing murder if that is their intent. In the U. K. they are dealing with an out of control problem of murders being committed with knives and they are actually pushing for knife control! This is of course, after the nationwide gun ban which was instituted in the 1990's. Ironically, gun crime in the U.K. is also on the rise

I am not suggesting that people stop supporting President Trump. He is loved by millions and is perceived as doing many great things for the country. What I am suggesting however is that you break away from your protective bubble and realize that the man has stated his support for Red-Flag gun laws and other gun control proposals that are a threat to the second amendment. Now is not the time to assume that because Republicans control the Senate there is no way these laws could pass. I am predicting that they will push these proposals hard and fast and they will be presented as common sense solutions. If President Trump supports them it is likely he could get a Republican Senate to go along with them. 

Finally, in an article published by Trump is quoted as saying that he has a lot in common with the Democrats that will be taking control of the House and that there is a better chance of getting legislation passed than had the GOP remained in control. Seriously? I wonder what legislation that will be?

Pay attention America

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Saturday, November 10, 2018

Orchestrated Chaos With Pre-Planned Solutions

By psychopolitics our chief goals are effectively carried forward. To produce a maximum of chaos in the culture of the enemy is our first most important step. Our fruits are grown in chaos, distrust, economic depression and scientific turmoil. At last a weary populace can seek peace only in our offered Communist State, at last only Communism can resolve the problemsof the masses. 

Chaos is indeed running rampant across the nation. We are being exposed to one crisis event after another in the ultimate hope that we will finally break down and give the government what it wants. The power to run every aspect of our lives. In just the past three weeks we have seen two mass shootings and an alleged attempt to send mail bombs to prominent members of the Democrat party. Before that we witnessed the true nature of the left in their smear campaign against a duly appointed Supreme Court Justice, Brett Kavanaugh. Now, just days after the midterms, election officials in Florida and Arizona are attempting to reverse the results of the election by claiming that they are finding more ballots. Ironic isn't it? After two years of trying to prove Trump colluded with Russia to steal the election the Democrats are being exposed for voter fraud.

Is all of this real or is it somehow orchestrated? A deliberate attempt to keep us afraid and break down our morality to the point where we no longer value human life, or have faith in our system of government? Many people would call me crazy for suggesting such a thing.

Examine the following sentence from the quote above a moment. "Our fruits are grown in chaos, distrust, economic depression and scientific turmoil." Can anyone remember a time when there wasn't chaos in just about every aspect of our daily lives? We now live in a nation where eleven states have passed laws where anybody can suggest to the police that you shouldn't be in possession of firearms because they believe you have demonstrated an odd behavior. CNN's Don Lemon is still on the air after declaring unapologetically that the white man is the nations biggest terror threat. Time and time again we are inundated with images of white men committing mass shootings. Is this not contributing to a climate of fear and mistrust? Is this not leading to neighbors growing suspicious of neighbors because they see them loading a firearm in their vehicle for range day? Or a hunting trip? What about the argument that gun control only affects law abiding citizens? Do you think the law makers don't know that? Every time there is a shooting in a gun free zone they push more gun control. What they want is for you to demand it!

What if the over all agenda is just to create such a strong sense of hopelessness in the current system that people will ultimately accept whatever the proposed solution to the problem is? I hate to beat a dead horse but let's examine a quote from Alinsky's Rules for Radicals again.

There's another reason for working inside the system. Dostoevski said that taking a new step is what people fear most. Any revolutionary change must be preceded by a passive, affirmative, non-challenging attitude toward change among the mass of our people. They must feel so frustrated, so defeated, so lost, so futureless in the prevailing system that they are willing to let go of the past and chance the future. This acceptance is the reformation essential to any revolution.

Again, lets examine the issue of gun control. Many millions of Americans are dedicated supporters of the Second Amendment. The social engineers know that you will not surrender your firearms. A generation brought up exposed to school shooting after school shooting however, will. A generation exposed to the lying media's and leftwing controlled education system's attempts to portray the values of the nation as bigoted and hateful will accept whatever solution promises a better alternative. They certainly do not understand the concepts of a constitutional republic do they now? What about the sixty-one year old shot by Maryland Police while they were executing a "red flag" gun restraining order? They claim he was shot because he was resisting. Will this not be used as a pretext to label all gun owners as a danger to themselves or others in the future? Let's not forget who the Department of Homeland Security declared to be potential extremists in the following report.  Right wing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment.

(U//FOUO)  Proposed imposition of firearms restrictions and weapons bans likely would attract new members into the ranks of rightwing extremist groups, as well as potentially spur some of them to begin planning and training for violence against the government.  The high volume of purchases and stockpiling of weapons and ammunition by rightwing extremists in anticipation of restrictions and bans in some parts of the country continue to be a primary concern to law enforcement. 

   — (U//FOUO)  Returning veterans possess combat skills and experience that are attractive to rightwing extremists.  DHS/I&A is concerned that rightwing extremists will attempt to recruit and radicalize returning veterans in order to boost their violent capabilities.  

In Maryland so far 114 red flag arrests have been made. This is a problem that is likely to spread. Every time a shooting occurs, and the narrative continues to revolve around legally purchased guns by a person suffering from mental illness, the solution will be presented as these "red flag gun laws." Is this a problem that is being allowed to deliberately grow out of control? Every mass shooter is known to be taking anti-psychotic medications despite the fact that many of them warn of suicidal or homicidal thoughts as a potential side affect. There are so many obvious solutions to gun violence yet the only one presented is gun control. This is a perfect example of the Hegelian Dialectic at work. Scare the public through constant images of gun violence, wait for them to demand something be done, and then propose the pre-planned solution. To end I would like to leave you with a quote from the late William Cooper. Author of the book Behold a Pale Horse and host of the radio show Hour of the Time. 

The government encouraged the manufacture and importation of military firearms for the criminals to use. This is intended to foster a feeling of insecurity, which would lead the American people to voluntarily disarm themselves by passing laws against firearms. Using drugs and hypnosis on mental patients in a process called Orion, the CIA inculcated the desire in these people to open fire on schoolyards and thus inflame the antigun lobby. This plan is well under way, and so far, is working perfectly. The middle class is begging the government to do away with the 2nd amendment. 

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Sunday, November 4, 2018

Associationism: Replacing Islamic Terror With Right Wing Extremism

This past week Americans were shocked to hear CNN's Don Lemon refer to all white males as the nations biggest terror threat. This was in the same sentence mind you in which he first declared that we must stop demonizing groups of people because they are different.

Recently, there has been a lot of attempts to portray those of a right leaning ideology as potential extremists. The fake pipe bomber and the synagogue shooter were both portrayed as white nationalists. The FBI has even gone on record and stated that White Nationalism poses as much of a threat to the nation as ISIS or other Islamic terror groups back in 2017.

The definition of nationalism is simply a person devoted to a political ideology fighting for national independence. Are we to assume now that any white male who advocates for limited, constitutional  government, and individual liberty are domestic terrorists? According to the Homeland Security Report entitled   Right wing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment the answer to that question is yes. This report identifies people that are concerned about illegal immigrants and restrictions on gun rights as potential extremists while at the same time admitting that there is no indication that such groups are in any planning phases to commit an act of terror. Conspiracy theorists who believed that there is an attempt to create a "New World Order" are also identified. What's more disturbing is that the report specifically targeted our nation's veterans as being especially susceptible to recruitment efforts by radical right wing groups. This was due to the economic down turn and lack of jobs for returning was veterans.

So in case you don't understand, your government, after sending your loved ones off to fight their wars, labeled them as potential extremists when returning home simply because there wasn't any jobs.

This report was released in the early days of the Obama administration and as we all know there was huge economic down turns, upticks in illegal immigration and attempts to restrict the second amendment. The formation of a one world government has also transpired beyond mere conspiracy theory to conspiracy fact. It's almost as if the report was intentionally designed to silence and demonize those they feared would create the biggest obstacle to their agenda. Almost a decade later, and two years into a republican administration, the efforts to label the conservative ideology as extreme in nature are stronger than ever. Especially considering the fact that the nation appears to be rejecting liberalism and the midterms are upon us.

Despite the fact that there hasn't been any acts of terror committed by people claiming to be part of "white nationalist group," many Americans believe that there is a threat posed by right wing extremists. The most recent example given can be the Charlotesville riots. It was later revealed however, that the organizer of the so called unite the right rally, Jason Kessler, was nothing more than an agent provocateur who was a member of the Occupy Wall Street movement. He was also an Obama supporter. People who would claim this to be an outrageous conspiracy theory need to revisit their Alinsky tactics. Student activists of the 1960's sought Alinsky's advice on how to protest a speech from then UN representative George Bush concerning America's efforts in Vietnam. Rather than simply picketing, Alinsky advised them to show up to the speech dressed as KKK members. He told them to wave signs that stated "the KKK supports George Bush" and that every time he said something in defense of the Vietnam war they should cheer.

This was a very successful tactic, one that had long lasting results which associated Bush with the KKK. This is called Associationism or, associative theories of learning.

What is Associationism? Obviously, as the term implies, associationism refers to how human beings learn by associating ideas. According to Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy the ideas of associative learning can be traced back to David Hume's Treatise of Human Nature. Hume's theory elaborated on how a persons perceptions are influenced by previous experience. Furthermore, Hume believed that there was no idea that existed in a persons mind that was not first shaped by a previous experience. Associative theories of learning was later expanded on by Ivan Pavlov when he developed his theories on classical conditioning. Essentially, it was discovered that trained responses to a given stimulus can be replicated by simply replacing one stimulus with another.

What does this have to do with right wing extremism? Well, stop and think a moment. For nearly two decades now we have been inundated with images of Islamic terrorism (stimulus) which provoked feelings of fear and panic. This stimulus was accepted by the American people due the nature of the September 11, 2001 terror attacks. Slowly and ever so surely, this stimulus is being replaced with suggestions of right wing extremism. Which, because of the already preconditioned perception of terror, is easily provoking the same preconditioned response. The question remains as to whether or not the powers that be understand this and are deliberately changing the stimulus.

This should be concerning to all Americans, not just white, right leaning conservatives. The National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 authorized the executive branch of government to indefinitely detain anyone considered to be a potential threat to the United States. Despite having a republican administration this law is still in effect. Is it possible that so called right wingers who cling onto the traditional ideals the nation is founded upon could be rounded up as extremists and indefinitely detained in detention camps? Well, if we continue down the road we are on it certainly is possible. We are on a road of orchestrated chaos and political mayhem. Paid opposition groups like Antifa are clearly trying to provoke the right into conflict. The left has demonstrated their ability to use violence to push a point. If this continues the country could possibly see violence on a much larger scale. This would be the needed excuse to round up all whose values do not align with the state. Is this a very likely scenario? This writer tends to have more faith in the American people and believes that the vast majority of us understand this and will not fall for it. You have to wonder though. Why else would they attempt to portray the people that love the country the most as potential terrorists if not to get rid of us?

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Sunday, October 28, 2018

De-Moralizing America By De-Legitimizing Our Values

Fake bombers, mass shootings, riots, unfettered illegal immigration, transgenderism and constant accusations of  racism. What does all of this have in common? It is all a direct, frontal assault on the moral character and integrity of the United States. It has one purpose and one purpose only. Create the necessary chaos needed to instigate the crisis that will change our country from one of freedom to despotism. 
The fake bombing incident was no doubt an event staged to portray Trump supporters and the right in general, as right wing extremists. As discussed in Searching for Extremism on the Right, the left has been attempting for years to convince Americans that conservatives are a threat. The truth is that most Americans have conservative values. America is a center right nation so the ideology of conservatism must be thoroughly discredited and de-moralized if the lefts agenda is to drive on in any way. Right on que, as many Americans suspected there would be, a mass shooting occurred on Saturday October 27th, 2018. Like most mass shootings it was committed by a deranged leftist. For hours after every shooting, attempts are made to identify the shooter and their political leanings. Liberals of course, are praying that an unhinged Trump supporter is responsible while conservatives are hoping for the opposite. The truth is that it doesn't matter who the shooter is, our value system is being attacked and every time a shooting like  this occurs, the nation is further de-moralized  because we are portrayed as hanging onto a value system that enables people to commit these types of murders. It is part of the de-moralization process. No matter how much of a second amendment supporter you are, your heart drops to the floor every time there is a mass shooting. It is an incremental method of change designed to not wrestle your guns from you, but create a future generation who will willingly surrender them.
Obviously the attempts to bring thousands of illegal immigrants up to the border are done in order to create a situation where the right can be portrayed as uncompassionate and hateful. In the coming weeks we will no doubt hear more stories of children being separated at the border, and with the military being deployed there will likely be some violence that can be used to justify further degradation of our constitution. This is a classic Alinsky tactic of turning our values against us and setting us up as hypocrites. We claim that the United States is a free country and that all men are created equally with certain inalienable rights. It is difficult to be viewed as believing in these values when you are deliberately set up to oppose a caravan of poor, oppressed refugees. The idea of equality has been deliberately redefined by the left in an effort to turn that against us as well. Equality of outcome is not the same of equality of opportunity. The latter promotes human growth and ingenuity while the former stunts human potential. Again, this is done to de-moralize, to show the world that America can not live up to the values that she so proudly embraces.
The same can be said for the transgender movement. Are we as a nation living up to our values of individual liberty when we so adamantly oppose the transgender movement? Of course, we know the truth that liberty cannot exist without an absolute morality. The left twists the notions of right and wrong through concepts like moral relativism and accuse us of not living up to our values. In this case it would be the idea of not letting a transgender person, or a homosexual couple for that matter, live their lives as they see fit. 
All of this equates to one directed assault against our nations characters and values. For too long we have let the left, through education and control of mass media, re-define and re-shape our values to the point where most of us don't know how to stand on our own two feet and defend them. And there-in lies the point. When you can no longer effectively defend your values out of fear of being labeled a hypocrite or a racist or a homophobe, you have been effectively de-moralized.
The following is from Chapter 1 in Psychopolitics In America: A Nation Under Conquest
Yuri Bezmenov was a former KGB agent and a Soviet defector who described the psychopolitical process first hand by discussing the concept of Ideological Subversion.[1] He tried to warn the United States about the deception taking place in their government and other institutions using this process. He described it as a brainwashing technique employed against an enemy nation to change the culture to be more like the culture of the attacking nation. In other words, it is a process to make a nation Communist without military invasion. It is a method of changing the perception of reality of all Americans by controlling education and all information people are exposed to. The idea is to expose the population to an overabundance of conflicting information so that most people will simply not know what to believe and will be unable to defend their interests. Bezmenov’s testimony, in the opinion of this author, is proof of the legitimacy of psychopolitics because there is a clear relationship between what is being described by Bezmenov and the words of Beria.

The process of Ideological Subversion can be broken down into four steps: Demoralization, Destabilization, Crisis and Normalization.[2]

Demoralization is the process of re-educating a population into the beliefs of Communism/Marxism. According to Bezmenov this process takes fifteen to twenty years to complete. In other words, roughly the amount of time an individual spends in school. In the editorial notes of the Manual on Psychopolitics, Kenneth Goff, who claimed to be a member of the Communist Party, claims that they were taught that demoralization and degradation has become the preferred method of conquering a nation. Control of the population can be obtained without the destruction of war. America’s education system has long been dominated by the Left and has been used as an instrument of thought control over the American population. Today, we see an entire generation of Americans advocating for Socialism, believing there are more than two genders, and believing that any belief system that goes against theirs is hate speech. They are beaten down with self-hatred and taught that their country represents oppression and racism. They have been psychologically conditioned to believe that killing their unborn children is somehow an esteemed human right that takes precedence above all others. If these concepts don’t represent a process of demoralization, then nothing does.

The second process is Destabilization. This is the breaking down of society to create the third phase, Crisis. Surely by demoralizing our youth we are creating a crisis in morality; however, we have also created a culture of different “groups” and different beliefs in which everybody is fighting and unable to get along. Multiculturalism has ushered in an age in which respect for American culture is frowned upon and disagreeing with any of the many different cultures which now exist in American society is racism. 

According to Bezmenov, the goal of the Crisis stage is to set the nation under attack up for a civil war or possible invasion. America is now at the point where rumblings about a possible civil war between the Right and Left are constantly heard in social media. Left-wing groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter are professionally organized and funded to act as disruptors and initiate violence against right-wing groups. Infiltration of so-called right-wing groups has occurred for the purpose of giving the impression that they are racist white supremacists and that violence against them is therefore justified. This occurred at the Charlottesville riots.[3] The so-called Alt-Right is not a right-wing movement at all. White supremacists and neo-Nazis are not on the Right but the Left. Neo-Nazi, after all, stands for New Socialists. These riots at Charlottesville were deliberately staged by left-wing groups to portray supporters of Donald Trump and the Unite the Right rally as racists.

The last and final stage of Ideological Subversion is the Normalization phase. This is the so-called solution to the problems created by the other three phases, and it usually requires the outright domination of a nation through a brutal dictatorship. To gain a better understanding of this, re-examine the last quote from the book on psychopolitics on the previous page.

By psychopolitics our chief goals are effectively carried forward. To produce a maximum of chaos in the culture of the enemy is our first most important step. Our fruits are grown in chaos, distrust, economic depression, and scientific turmoil. At last a weary populace can seek peace only in our offered Communist State, at last only Communism can resolve the problems of the masses.[4]

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