Thursday, February 27, 2014

AG Eric Holder: states need not enforce discriminatory laws by Janna Brock......Forward by David Risselada

This article is from one of my favorite writers, Janna Brock. I first started reading her material at because she frequently wrote about many of the same subjects I liked to write about, mainly white privilege. Janna is great in the way she has helped promote my work so I'm privileged to be able to help promote hers. She is a current contributor to the news site and  if you don't already like her work, I'm sure after reading this you will. From the news site-
WASHINGTON, February 26, 2014 — Attorney General Eric Holder is encouraging state attorney generals to practice selective enforcement of the law. If a certain state attorney general believes a law to be discriminatory in any fashion, he or she does not have to defend the law against constitutional court challenge. All he is doing is instructing his fellow state attorney generals to disregard gay marriage bans in their respective states. Without reservation or respect for the law, Eric Holder is suggesting that state attorney generals take the law into their hands and not enforce laws that conflict with their personal views.
Mr. Holder was careful not to encourage his state counterparts to disavow their own laws, but said that officials who have carefully studied bans on gay marriage could refuse to defend them.
Six state attorneys general — all Democrats — have refused to defend bans on same-sex marriage, prompting criticism from Republicans who say they have a duty to stand behind their state laws, even if they do not agree with them.
Eric Holder would never come out and say not to enforce the laws directly. But in telling state attorney generals that they can refuse to defend gay marriage bans if they believe them to be discriminatory, this is precisely what he is telling state attorney generals to do. He is making it abundantly clear that the rule of law rests with the state attorney general’s personal beliefs, and not with those set forth by the state. Eric Holder has a lengthy record of selective law enforcement, and his extraordinary encroachment into the gay marriage issue is proof of his means to stomp out existing state laws. Holder assured Utah’s homosexuals that they would have federal benefits even if the state did not recognize their “marriages.”
Any decisions – at any level – not to defend individual laws must be exceedingly rare,” Holder said. “They must be reserved only for exceptional circumstances. And they must never stem merely from policy or political disagreements – hinging instead on firm constitutional grounds. But in general, I believe we must be suspicious of legal classifications based solely on sexual orientation.”
At this moment, every gay marriage ban rests on the particular state attorney’s desire to enforce the ban or not. Virginia’s attorney general Mark Herring declared the state’s ban on gay marriage unconstitutional in late January 2014. He joined a lawsuit challenging the ban. His move is a precursor for other states.
Eric Holder is assuring the people of the United States that their government does not respect the states’ rule of law. If a state attorney general does not agree with the gay marriage ban, he or she can ignore it. Never mind the will of the people or the Constitution.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Putting the gloves on, me vs. liberalism, round three.......David Risselada

 Through my writing I have shared many personal stories concerning my college experience and the blatant, obvious attempts to condition the minds of young people into leftist thinking. While I have been done with college since last May, since the completion of the masters degree program I was attending, my story is not yet over. You see, I was denied my masters degree by being labeled as "incompetent" by a group of radical leftists in their attempt to ensure that a "conservative" such as myself would not working in their field. As a student working on my bachelors degree, I was told by a certain professor that "social work professors are the gate keeper of the profession" and I wasn't fit for the field because of my opposition to the concepts of "white privilege" education. She then went on to explain that I would have a very difficult time pursuing a social work education because the whole premise of social justice is based on the idea of "white men" being an oppressor of minorities. The question that must be asked when contemplating such a statement is how a "white man" could possibly be expected to be treated fairly in such a hostile environment? How could a strong, patriotic white man possibly be successful in an environment where the very core of what the subject matter is based on revolves around him having unearned privileges in society because of his skin color, in a society that, according to their opinion, structurally discriminates against everyone except white people? Somehow, despite this absurd thinking, they still label me as the racist.

Despite all this I still graduated and went on to pursue my masters degree because I like working with people. While working on my internship at a child welfare office I faced some unbelievably difficult circumstances in which I appealed to the school for help. The council of social work education mandates that when a student asks for help in a situation in which he feels he isn't learning, steps are to be taken immediately to rectify the situation. That is unless of course you are a racist, sexist, homophobic, greedy, selfish conservative white male like myself. Then the council of social work education will laugh at you on the phone. Anyhow, I was told by the person I was supposed to aspire to and follow, that because I was a marine they were concerned  I was not compassionate enough to work with young children. Bringing this up to other officials and asking to be reassigned only made things worse. I then watched in absolute shock as this person sent a mentally ill kid into a foster home that had not been approved by the state, and attempt to cover up the disastrous results by placing blame on others and pulling me, a student, into the fray. She called me a quitter for asking to be moved from her unit. The end result of this whole fiasco was me being told that I had better shut up about it or else they would end my internship. Well, unfortunately, I dont know how to shut up, and on the very last day of the internship, after attempting to adapt to this bastion of liberalism I was called on the phone, three days before graduation, and told they were failing me. This is while they were accusing me of exhibiting unprofessional behavior. The day prior I sat right in front of their faces and asked them if there were any problems, in which they replied, "David, if there any issues we would be discussing them now."

As you can imagine, trying to appeal to higher authorities over such issues was like trying to talk to a dog. This is where I witnessed the methods in which liberals ignore what they don't want to hear, redefine the facts to make them fit their narrative, act as if liberalism establishes the moral high ground and pretend to not hear a word you say when describing your perspective. 

Not long after being failed I attended what was referred to as a level three review. I was supposed to have attended a level one and two to try to rectify all of this, but, that doesn't matter. While accusing me of breaking the social work code of ethics the head professor had all but admitted to me that other students, students who had called me an asshole in class mind you, had told her all about me and my opinions so she felt that she already knew me based on these opinions, even though we had just met. This hearing was supposed to be my opportunity to express my side of the story, but in reality, they wanted me to admit that everything was my fault while entertaining nothing I said. I was then told by the head professor that it was easy for her to see why no one likes me because I am loud mouthed, opinionated, and non reflective. Forgive me, but I had a very difficult time not busting out in laughter at the nature of this hearing. I have never witnessed such a biased, one sided hearing in all of my life. In other words I lost before it even started.

I appealed the grade for my internship on July 5 2013, and it took them 5 months just to reply  to the appeal. I lost one job while awaiting the school of social work to set a definitive date in December of 2013 and now, 9 months after being failed I will be attending my appeal hearing on Friday, 28 February 2014. Unfortunately, I see no reason to believe that I will be standing in front of an impartial board. While the professors will be made of those who have no connections to the school of social work, they will likely be liberal and their loyalty will be to the college. I know that the school of social work is bringing out their big guns, everybody and anybody who ever witnessed me express a homophobic, racist, sexist, anti Obamacare, patriotic, opinion will be on hand to express why my disagreement with social justice should prevent me from being awarded my degree. 

As I always do, I will face this head on all by lonesome, and I will stand against these people who are bound and determined to prove I am unfit to be helping people because I believe they can learn to take responsibility for themselves. I will tell the truth and expose their anti American ideals, and I will challenge their assertions of white privilege education for all to see. I intend to take the principles of liberalism and throw them in their face while isolating them and forcing them to answer questions that others need to know exist. In other words, this is me vs. liberalism and I am putting the gloves on folks!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

I wont be silenced...will you?........Forward by David Risselada

America, time is short and the urgency level is high. The IRS is ready to pass rules that would silence any opposition to the lefts agenda by ensuring no one can use words like promote, criticize, support or reject when referring to a political candidate or party as an election approaches. This is an all out assault on the first amendment and they have many people believing that this is being done out of fairness. Its not like we are dealing with people who have proven to us that they live by the very rules they force down our throats, the democrats are compulsive, radical liars one and all. This must be rejected with the same intensity as the FCC move to occupy news rooms. 

The true intentions of left wing academia revealed.....David Risselada

This is one of those situations in which you see the true intentions of the left. They truly wish to silence any and all who oppose their ideals of "social justice" because they have been so beaten down with communist lies and propaganda. An ivy league student at Harvard University is actually calling for the elimination of academic freedom because it stands in the way of "true justice." True justice of course is defined as anything that is left wing in nature and goes against common sense. These people can truly be thought of as Lenins useful idiots as they have no clue to the origins of their causes or the consequences of stifling freedom. 

Sometimes its easy to get caught up in this notion of just throwing your hands up and allowing these people to have it their way in the belief that eventually, they will see the errors in their ways and stop advocating for such progressive non sense. At least its hoped that society as a whole will finally take a stand when they see the results of socialism. Obamacare is a great example of this because many politicians have idly sat by believing that its inevitable crash will result in downright demands to have it repealed by the vast majority of Americans. Not true, in fact many Republican governors are now saying that it just has to be accepted as law and any attempt to repeal it will not be successful. My first reaction to this Sandra Korn was along these lines, believing that she would one day see the results of suppressing freedom of thought as it generally leads to down right tyranny. Would she then, finally look to constitutional governance as an alternative to her failed ideals? The answer sadly, is no.

Unfortunately, we are in a time where the lie has been told so often in these environments that there is literally no hope of changing these peoples minds. These young social activists have been conditioned throughout their entire school careers to view America and conservatism as an oppressive meritocracy whose population is infected with every "ism" there is known to exist. Do you believe old people shouldn't drive? You are an ageist. Do you believe mothers serve their children better by staying home, do you believe women have a role to play as mothers? You are a sexist. Oppose Obama, or believe that blacks can rise above poverty without government welfare? You are a racist! These people truly believe this stuff. They have come to believe that society is incapable of living without their intellectual superiority.

Try telling these people that the "isms" they have attached themselves to were actually created by communists in order to morally bankrupt society. They would go into emotional frenzy overdrive and call you every name in the book. It wouldn't change the fact that its true. These people have been conditioned to ignore the obvious and believe the lies; you could show them until you are blue in the face the disastrous consequences of socialism and they will go on as if you are the one who is misinformed about history. Even if they acknowledged that countries like the Soviet Union murdered millions they are likely to claim that those people were standing in the way of social justice and that Lenin was an admirable leader. America, these are the folks who will fire up the chambers. We have to do something to change course here.

Monday, February 24, 2014

You have to be a racist in the first place....... David Risselada

The Southern Poverty Law Center has made the outrageous claim that anti black racism is on the rise.  Mark Potok , while in an interview with CNN’s Reihan Salam says that a rise in an “anti black” attitude among half of Americas white population (at least) has become more prevalent since the election of Barrack Obama.

“Well I think the best data shows that in fact anti-black racism has risen over the last four or five years,” Potok said. “There’s polling that shows that both implicit and explicit anti-black attitudes among American whites have gone up quite significantly between 2008 and 2012 to the point where now more than half of white Americans have these anti-black attitudes.” (

Surprisingly, the CNN host (which is likely very liberal due to the nature of CNN,) was shocked to hear such an accusation and defended the obvious progress that has been made in racial relations in modern day America. This is quite a revelation seeing as though the liberal media is infamous in the way it pushes racial identity politics.

The truth is an anti black attitude may well be developing in America; however, it isn’t because white people are hateful bigots who believe they are superior. It would be because the black population continues to use Americas past as a crutch while accusing us of being racist. No one can deny that the election of Barrack Obama could not have occurred without the votes of all the white liberals who supported him out of a misguided sense of “white guilt.” To show appreciation, President Obama and his entire administration pay his supporters back by accusing us all of racism if we dare disagree with any of his policies.

Perhaps this anti black attitude is in response to the outrageous “reverse racism” known as “white privilege education” that is taking place across the nation. If you are unfamiliar with the term “white privilege,” please allow this author to educate you on the subject. The very fact that you are white automatically makes you a member of an oppressive class that uses its unearned privileges in our “meritocracy” to keep minorities oppressed for your benefit. If you would think about this claim a moment you realize that you would have to be a white supremacist in the first place to believe skin color makes you a member of an oppressive class. This brings me to my next point.

Maybe white people are sick and tired of listening to democrats that believe minorities need their “welfare” and nanny state mentality to survive while accusing us of being racist. If you remember it was the democrat party that fought to keep slavery alive as an institution. It was also a democrat president, Lyndon B. Johnson that instituted the great society programs that ensured blacks would forever remain dependent upon government while saying this: “I’ll have those ni**ers voting democrat for the next two hundred years.”  Finally it was the Democratic Party that was responsible for the KKK and Jim Crow segregation laws. Perhaps if Americas black population would stop and realize that we “evil white republicans” believe that they are just as capable of achieving their dreams as anyone else, they would work with us instead of working against themselves by voting democrat.

Maybe one day blacks will awaken and realize that it is the democrats they continually vote for that govern their inner city ghettos where black babies are aborted more than any other, and black children are killing black children while the people they vote continue to tell them white Americans hate them for being black.

Finally, and this may be going a bit off the deep end here but perhaps people are tired of being told black people can’t be held responsible for their actions because of their “victim status.” Maybe we are sick and tired of seeing black teens attack helpless people just for fun and watching a complicit media act as if there is nothing out of the ordinary going on. At the same time we have race baiter Eric Holder instituting policies where minorities cannot be charged with hate crimes, as if only white people can be guilty of hating of someone. 

To summarize, and it should be stressed to our friends at the SPLC, we are sick and tired of your lies and your agenda driven race baiting, that’s what we are sick of. We are sick of being called a racist while we have shown support for many prominent, conservative black men that you and other liberals have disregarded as “Uncle Toms” and sellouts who have sold out their race! Its beyond obvious to anyone employing the material in their brain housing groups that anyone who believes a group of people need handouts from the government to the extent liberals do, are the real racists!

A great example of the dangers of operant conditioning.......David Risselada

(Before launching his communist revolution against the Russian people, Vladimir Lenin approached Ivan Pavlov and asked him to apply the conditioning techniques that he had tested on dogs on the people of Russia so that they would accept his communist vision.)  

I want to talk about this great piece posted at Storm Clouds Gathering. (linked below) I have a lot of admiration for the man who sponsors this site because it seems we think alike in a lot of ways. We both focus a great deal on the psychology and mental conditioning involved in forcing tyranny upon an unsuspecting population. There are a few things that I disagree with him on; however, as far as this piece goes I believe that he is dead on, and it is something that needs to be brought before the entire nation.

The Obama administration recently announced that they would be executing a targeted drone strike against an American citizen overseas, in Pakistan, who has been accused of terrorism. If you remember this also happened in 2010 with the execution of Anwar Alawaki  and his sixteen year old boy. What the author of the piece (which is linked below) is alluding too is that the target really isn't a terrorist in Pakistan, the target is you and I, or anyone who stands in the way of an all powerful centralized government. If you doubt this then you need to ask yourself some serious questions. Why, for instance, is there such an effort to label political conservatives, gun owners, pro lifers, or anyone who questions King Obama as a terrorist? If you need to reaffirm this fact just read the report that I have made available at the right hand of the screen. This is exactly as Storm clouds Gathering explains it to be, mental conditioning designed to make Americans accustomed to accepting death by government without due process. A mental association is being reinforced in which Americans will treat the assassination of other Americans who have been classified as terrorists as being the "new normal." If you doubt this you need to ask yourself another question. Where is the opposition to this?

I think we are further along in this mental conditioning than even Storm Clouds Gathering acknowledges. I remember as a student in 2010, I was very alarmed that the Obama administration was targeting Anwar Alawaki  and I made sure people knew I was alarmed. I understood back then that this would continue, and to see the way things have progressed from 2001 and the signing of the patriot act to now, well, it seems things are going as planned for those implementing this tyrannical design. Anyway, I posted printouts of the news story all over campus and they were taken down because liberals were offended that someone would speak out against Obama. A whole campus full of people who are likely to be in positions of influence someday were already perfectly O.K. with the fact that Obama was targeting a "terrorist overseas" who was also an American citizen. Do you think that those who falsely identify themselves as "liberal" will care when the drone strikes are turned on political dissidents in the U.S. because they have been identified as terrorists? This is serious stuff America and yet a great deal of our population is still walking around as if Obama just gave them their favorite lolly pop. In other words we have a nation full of adult adolescents who have been trained to only care about themselves in order to make this transition to socialism easier.  GOD help us!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

The heat from the global warming debate is the only warming there is........ David Risselada

As the debate over manmade global warming rages on it is becoming clear that there is one aspect of the controversy that is definitely heating up, and that is the debate itself. Increasingly, we are seeing reports that rebut all of the claims being made by global warming alarmists, mainly in the fact that there has been no warming in seventeen years. The more these reports surface, the harder these people push to have their anti capitalist, anti freedom agenda implemented. They have attempted to convince the masses that the only way to prevent a climate catastrophe would be to implement Chinese style communism and population control on the planet.  They have resorted to comparing those who have denied global warming to people who claim the holocaust didn’t happen as a way to discredit them as crazy conspiracy theorists, and finally, in a supposed effort to preserve the environment they have actually called for “reduction” in the world’s population as they fear world population levels will be between 8 and 11 billion by 2050.  Just how do they plan on doing this?

Great efforts are being made by the global warming alarmists, mainly global government advocates like the Obama administration and the entire United Nations, to discredit those denying their science. They are labeling dissenters as conspiracy theorists and blaming them for standing in the way of their attempts to “save humanity” from itself.  Using the same propaganda type rhetoric as in other communist initiatives, global warming deniers are accused of not caring about the poor, the children, the future and stand accused of preventing “climate justice,” whatever that is. In other words they are claiming that a failure to act will lead to certain doom and the climate deniers would be the ones responsible. Therefore, they are evil fascists and for all practical purposes, it is safe to say they are attempting to “dehumanize” any who would disagree. Perhaps the deniers are the first among the populations they intend to “reduce” for our own good.

Finally, someone has claimed to have had enough and is fighting back in a big way. It isn’t just some insignificant person whose opinion doesn’t matter; he is one of the world’s top climate scientists who served as senior scientist for climate studies at NASA. His name is Dr. Roy Spencer and he doesn’t take to well to being called a fascist when in fact it is the policies sought after by the alarmist that resemble fascism more than anything. Dr. Spencer is intent on pointing out this out to the world.

Speaking truthfully, it’s hard to understand how anyone could buy into the type of propaganda being fed by the global warming communists. It’s beyond obvious to anyone who knows anything that a reduction in the worlds CO2 levels would be more harmful to the planet than beneficial. After all, we are a carbon based life form are we not? Do the trees still not require the carbon dioxide exhaled by breathing beings in order to produce oxygen for us to inhale? If someone would stop and think about this a moment they would then realize that these claims of global warming due to carbon dioxide emissions are an attack against humanity itself because we emit carbon dioxide as living breathing things. Therein lies the problem, it seems that kids in school are spending more time watching An Inconvenient Truth and The Story of Stuff than learning about real science. The only inconvenient truth for Al Gore would be when the whole world realizes how much money he made by lying to you about “carbon foot prints.”

The fact of the matter is that those advocating restrictions on freedom to supposedly save the planet, are calling for the destruction of the very system that produces the wealth that feeds the world. Capitalism has done more to raise people out of poverty than any other economic system. Destroying a free market system where people are free to pursue the means to produce their own sustenance and grow their own wealth will not lead to a system in which poverty is reduced, but one where there is less wealth and material goods available to benefit the poor. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see this, just a thoughtful analysis. Alarmists resort to calling deniers extremists and fascists, yet we call for policies that allow for the expansion of free market principles in order to allow others to lift themselves out of poverty. On the other hand, the alarmists are calling for reductions in population levels and strict controls on human behavior in order to push an agenda based on a science that at best, still remains very controversial but for all practical purposes has been refuted. Who are the real fascists? Who are the real extremists here? That’s up for you to decide. 

Saturday, February 22, 2014

The truth about "critical thinking"....David Risselada

As the “common core curriculum” continues to raise eyebrows across the nation, conversations about “critical thinking” abilities among our children are gaining traction as well. Anybody over the age of forty has surely noticed that children are not as able to apply logic to problem solving like they once were. The fact that common core is presenting students with so called “fuzzy math” is bad enough, but the truth is our education system has been under assault for quite some time. Attempts to standardize equality among students have resulted in a system where standards are lowered in order to make lower performing students “feel better” about themselves.  The most important point that needs to be made however; is about the teaching of critical thinking skills. Our kids are lacking in logic deduction and it’s because in part, many parents do not understand the origins of “critical thinking” and what it was designed to do.

There are two terms you need to be familiar with, “critical thinking” and “critical theory.”  What our children are being taught is a system of thinking based on critical theory, which was designed for the explicit purpose of establishing cultural Marxism in a free society. Created in the Frankfurt School of Social Research in the early part of the twentieth century, critical theory was brought to the United States when the school was relocated here in 1933. Critical theory was designed to encourage people to critique their own cultures “critically” for the purpose of conditioning them to advocate for social change, which of course is a nicer way of saying socialism.

Let’s look at the way the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy describes critical theory-

“Critical theory provides a specific interpretation of Marxist philosophy and reinterprets some of its central economic and political notions such as, commidification, reification, fetishization and critique of mass culture.”

Let’s compare this to the standard definition of “critical thinking.”

“A set of conceptual tools with associated intellectual skills and strategies useful for making reasonable decisions about what to do and what to believe.”

Given the nature of the extreme left wing, anti American bias that has infected our education system, it’s evident that the first definition is definitely in play.  A good example to highlight is a personal experience this author had while attending a social work program at a four year college in Oklahoma. It was 2010 and the Affordable Care Act was still the center of attention, and many classroom discussions revolved around socialized medicine. In fact, the text book for the class specifically mentioned that In Europe, everyone received free healthcare while in the United States there were many, many millions suffering from the lack there of.  The text book failed to mention many realities of Europe’s healthcare system; like wait times, rationing, costs to society and the amount of money government would spend to save your life, which incidentally, is only thirty five thousand dollars. In an environment where real critical thinking was encouraged, asking the professor how a government indebted seventeen trillion dollars would be able to give everyone free health care would be a little more accepted, and there would be room for discussing such a question.  In a “critical theory” environment however; the conclusion has already been reached that America is flawed because we claim to be a free country where everyone has equal rights, yet some have health care and some don’t.

That’s how critical theory works. It presents the desired solution of the Marxists as an alternative that is preferable to the system in which we currently live. Then, it challenges the students to critique their own culture for not being more like what is being presented as the “ideal” society. 

This is one of the methods that have been employed against American society in an attempt to psychologically break us down. This also explains the motives behind President Obama’s statements about the Constitution being a flawed document. He wants young Americans and minorities alike to view it as something that stands in his way of creating the perfect society, as opposed to a document that prevents government overreach. He said the Constitution is a charter of negative liberties that doesn’t go far enough to describe what government must do on your behalf.

 By challenging people to critique their own culture, and the very nature of liberty, President Obama, along with our communist controlled education system, is encouraging people to beg for “social change.” This probably goes a long way in describing why an education on the Constitution is all but absent from most high schools.

David Risselada

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Using PSYOPS to instill tyranny.....David Risselada

Late last year the White House announced a new initiative to regulate behavior in order to silence dissent to their agenda. Known as “behavioral compliance techniques,” they are designed to be intervention tools to be used for shaping “social change,” and psychologically encouraging folks to go along with Obama’s radical left wing agenda. These methods of manipulating behavior are more commonly known as Psyops in the intelligence community and “propaganda” to the rest of us.

The Federal Government is openly using a method of manipulating public behavior and manufacturing consent in order to minimize popular resistance to their agenda.  Teams of federal agents will subtly introduce “interventions” — likely in the form of information, news, and events — that will utilize psychological techniques to shape public behavior.  It is a time-tested tactic, perfected by the CIA on foreign populations during wartime.  The White House calls this “Behavioral Insights,” but it is better known as PSYOPS. (

You have to wonder if the new attempts by the Federal Communication Commission to place government agents in news agencies are part of this initiative.

Struggling for many years to bring back the fairness doctrine, the FCC, through the Obama administration has found a new way to “regulate” what news corporations will be disseminating to the public. The excuse being used is that there is a need to ensure all of Americas “diverse populations” are being provided accurate information that the government deems as being critical.

The Federal Communications Commission is planning to send government contractors into the nation's newsrooms to determine whether journalists are producing articles, television reports, Internet content, and commentary that meets the public's "critical information needs." Those "needs" will be defined by the administration, and news outlets that do not comply with the government's standards could face an uncertain future. (The Washington Examiner)

To put it more precisely, the government is in full panic mode as many millions are tuning them out and turning to the alternative media. In other words, Americans are figuring out that they have been lied to on a massive scale, and the government intends to shove their lies down our throats.

Earlier this year, President Obama, in an interview with Bill O’Riley, blamed Fox News and Rush Limbaugh for the fact that his popularity is rapidly declining. It was because the conservatives kept bringing up those inconvenient scandals that we were all supposed to forget about.  Does he think we are going to forget about this as well? In my opinion this represents the biggest flaw in liberal thinking; forsaking the fact that man was created with “freewill” and the ability to think. Liberals just assume that we can be conditioned to behave the way they want us too. Sadly, judging the way the public reacts to many of Obama’s unconstitutional power grabs, there seems to be a bit of truth to that. The left has certainly mastered the social sciences in order to push their agenda.

Byron York writes in the Washington Examiner that the government’s new attempts to “police the media” would be a violation of our constitutional liberties.

If the FCC goes forward, it's not clear what will happen to news organizations that fall short of the new government standards. Perhaps they will be disciplined. Or perhaps the very threat of investigating their methods will nudge them into compliance with the administration's journalistic agenda. What is sure is that it will be a gross violation of constitutional rights. (The Washington Examiner)

That’s the understatement of the year as everything this administration dabbles its hands in is a frontal assault on the Bill Of Rights. Yet, the vast majority of people seem to be at a loss about what to do about it. This is a testament to the effectiveness of this type of propaganda. The way Byron York describes the medias available options in the face of such tyrannical dictates is telling of the attitude of acceptance we have developed.  In my opinion, both of these options are unacceptable. If we had a media that understood its role in defending liberty they would not let these government agents in the door. Of course, if we had a media that was doing its job, it would have never got this far out of hand in the first place. If we accept this with no push back there is no telling how far this radical administration will push their next initiative.

Launch of the Brenner Brief news site today!

The new and improved Brenner Brief news site has launched today, and in case you haven't noticed there is a link to get there right from the Radical Conservative. (Look above) Be sure to check out the site and get the latest breaking news, political commentary and op-ed pieces from over 60 writers, including yours truly.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wednesdays Breaking News....David Risselada

This article by the Save America Foundation highlights the real extent of IRS targeting against conservative groups. is being done by people we are supposed to trust managing our healthcare? I don't think managing is the right term, more like strong arming into compliance. This is a tell tale sign of what the agenda for America truly is my friends, go against the grain and pay the price. Its only a matter of time at this point, before the real persecution begins. 

Today in Oklahoma, Cair publicly lectured our representatives on the "unconstitutionality" of making kids recite the pledge in public schools. They also said that the ideals of liberty and justice for all is blasphemy as far as Islam is concerned. Fine, lets ensure then that they are  entitled to neither.

Here is today's rebroadcast of the Sara Marie Brenner show. Tomorrow is the launch date for the new Brenner brief news site so be on the look out for that as well.

Wednesday morning analysis of minimum wage hike.......David Risselada

The congressional budget office has once again, released a report detailing the potential job loss resulting from one of Obama's decisions. In this case it is the raising of the minimum wage. A potential one million people may lose their minimum wage jobs because their employers cannot afford to pay more than that. The potential to see many business's closing is also high as government by excessive regulatory fiat is taking its toll. As usual, the left is silent, well for the most part anyway. The White House boldly declared that they disagree with the CBO's assessment, well because as you can imagine, they are The White House and they simply know better. 

I would like to point out a few things here in the best way I know how; by highlighting the Alinsky methodology in this madness. The left knows that raising minimum wage would be disastrous, they don't care, they are simply looking to obtain power by discrediting their opponents. By appealing to the poor for support they can be sure that this issue will become emotionally charged and treated like a civil rights issue. The people involved are not educated enough to understand that minimum wage jobs are a stepping stone, and,  the minimum wage job they are performing is only worth the minimum wage to the employer. In other words, they are not considering the costs to the employer. They have been conditioned to believe they are being exploited by the rich.

 Sadly, they may never realize the extent in which they are being exploited by rich greedy people, namely the democrats they vote for. 

The left is counting on employers to cut hours and close business's because that gives them the perfect excuse to demonize them for being selfish and wanting to hoard their excessive profits. This falls right inline with the overall agenda of discrediting the capitalist system. They will be making people beg for more government control as the consequences of this incredibly stupid policy take hold and wreck further havoc on the economy. In the meantime, people who have demanded an increase of the minimum wage for their job flipping burgers, which is a great starter job, will be shocked as employers are forced to make decisions that will allow them to recover costs and save money. They will likely be the first to ask why their Big Mac suddenly costs ten dollars. They will then go to the government and demand they take action to make Big Mac's more affordable. 

In the end, turning to the government for solutions is exactly what the government wants you to do. In essence, all of these issues force us into a no win situation as any reaction to the insane policies of this radical administration can only be beneficial to a government that is a master at exploiting them.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

I have BIG NEWS America! David Risselada

America, I am very excited because I have BIG NEWS! Starting this week I will be a contributor along with other great writers like Janna Brock and Fred Deruvo, on the new Brenner Brief news site! Sara Marie Brenner is launching a new and improved web site with a staggering host of new, talented writers bringing us breaking news and excellent political commentary! I cant wait. In the mean time check out what Sara Brenner is all about by listening to her radio show.

Begging for the change they wish to instill on you....... David Risselada

Dedicated to the uninformed

Every so often you run across some people that think they have it all figured out.  They claim America is need of “social change” and start ranting about all the rampant injustice in America, and if you listen closely, the story they are telling is radically different from the one you know.  I knew people like this in college, they would accentuate the words “social change” to win the professors favor but when pressed to define what they meant, they usually fell silent.

Most of them couldn’t even tell you the first amendment to the bill of rights, they would argue that claiming Muslims are terrorists is offensive, and such language should be banned in the name of “social change.”  Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin had a special name for these types of folks, the kind who could be counted on to get emotionally charged when being told fallacious tales of social injustice and inequality, as if man is capable of ensuring Gods creation is more perfect.  That special name is “useful idiot.”

Today, there are still many that absolutely refuse to look at our current administrations actions and see the rampant corruption. Those of us that call it like we see are often humiliated, called a racist, and demonized for daring to call the president a Marxist. These useful idiots that rush to his defense know so little on the subject of Marxism they don’t even know the term racist was developed by a communist in order to divide their society. They don’t even know that all the above described tactics are Marxist in origin.

Before I get to my main point I want to make something perfectly clear to the automatons. I would stand in direct defiance of a white republican that was doing what Obama is doing.  As a matter of fact, I stood in direct defiance of G.W. for the same reason. Obama, in my view is no different than G.W. in the way he abuses his executive power.

With that being said I will move along.

Through the use of the Hegelian Dialectic, society has been conned into begging for solutions to problems created by…wait for it…..the same people offering the solutions. In other words, society is being manipulated into accepting totalitarianism. Since the early twentieth century America has been in the grips of the progressive movement. Before this time people were actually able to keep all of the money they earned, without being taxed. Wow, what a concept. In order to get away with extorting the people, the progressives had to come up with some program that seemed beneficial to them. Hmm, what program was that? Oh yeah! Social security, which is broke by the way, but interestingly enough some folks still believe that old people would be unable to save for their own retirement if the government had not taken their money and wasted it on their own ambitions. Let’s see here, you spend your whole life paying into the system and by the time you are old enough to retire you will be lucky if you see a third of it in return.

Sorry, I got a little off track there, back to Hegel’s dialectic. Karl Marx and Fredrick Engles used the concept of the dialectic, created by Georg Hegel, to bring about solutions that guide society into Marx’s communistic way of thinking. In order to do this a simple formula of “Problem, Reaction, Solution” was devised and implemented. This means that our entire political structure, since the advent of the progressive movement has been based on the idea that politicians create the problems, watch us go into full blown panic mode and beg for “social change” and then give us the solution that advances their agenda.

Now, I would like to stress one more time to my friends who believe one party is “oh so good” and evil only resides in the people they don’t vote for, I get that Republicans do this too.

What all of this essentially means is that we are living in a society that is allowing itself to be divided and conquered because they are ignorant of the method being employed against us. Many of us are trapped in this left vs. right paradigm, when in fact the left and the right are working frantically to keep us from uniting on the one thing that guarantees our freedom. The Constitution.
God Bless America
David Risselada

Monday, February 17, 2014

Giving it to you straight from my heart America......David Risselada

An Ohio National Guard unit conducted an exercise that depicted an uprising of "anti government," pro second amendment supporters this past January. This is not the first time that state guard units have engaged in such training exercises. Even as a young marine I remember being conditioned to believe that we would be deployed against rioting American citizens while being trained in the use of non lethal weaponry for such purposes. This has all been outlined for us in the DHS report that has been made available here at The Radical Conservative. If you are unfamiliar with this report, shift your eyes to the right and read it. The Department of Homeland Security made their intentions of labeling anyone that goes against their left wing agenda as being an extremist, or a terrorist perfectly clear in this report, and now they are conditioning the unwashed masses within the ranks to carry out such an agenda. It is likely that they are assuming mass resistance because they know what they are doing is worthy of such resistance, they know they are passing unconstitutional and tyrannical laws. Thus the preparation for when we finally do resist.

 We all like to live in a bubble in which we believe our military would never turn their guns on us. I have news for you folks, the military is conditioned to follow orders, and while there certainly are the "oath keepers" within the ranks, I know from personal experience, and one on one conversations with soldiers, that there are those who will simply go along out of ignorance. I feel obligated to remind these soldiers that whatever unconstitutional acts they are committing against someone else's family, another soldier is being trained to do the same to theirs. If a man is so foolish to believe that eliminating one group of people will alleviate the worlds problems than that man is full deserving of the consequences of his actions. When one day he realizes all he has done is empower evil, there will be no one to save him as he has proved himself unworthy of the trust we as citizens have placed in him to uphold the constitution and defend our liberties. History shows time and time and again that no one is safe from the unpredictable whims of a dictator who has amassed total power, to believe otherwise is to put yourself in the line of fire. To believe otherwise is to voluntarily get in the box car.

In his book "How do you kill 11 million people?,"  Andy Andrews highlights the effectiveness of using propaganda and lies upon an unsuspecting population. Techniques which serve to dehumanize groups of people unleash a primitive evil in the psyche of humanity that enables them to commit unimaginable atrocities against their fellow man. We are living in a time when the so called "social sciences" have all but mastered the study of human behavior, and conditioning a population to accept what was once unacceptable, has never been easier. The entire twentieth century, in the opinion of this writer, could be looked at as an experiment in the psychological control of entire populations. People were literally conditioned to believe that there were those among them that were less than human and deserving of extermination. These,"less than human" people were standing in the way of great social progress by holding on to old, antiquated ideals. In some cases, such as Nazi Germany, the targeted populations were actually volunteering themselves by willingly getting on the trains, even though they suspected death awaited them.

What is so different about these societies and present day America? Many would argue that there is a great deal of difference, after all, we are free country. Are we? Right now as I write, I have already been labeled as a "right wing" gun owner who opposes Obama because I am a racist. I am a privileged member of society merely because of my "white skin," and minorities are oppressed because of this unearned privilege. Efforts are underway to criminalize the questioning of "global warming," while elites the world over have suggested that global warming deniers be permanently jailed for standing in the way of  (communistic) solutions. The president is frantically working to do anything to silence his critics, and even the main stream media is awakening to the monster they have enabled through their silence and complicity. The DHS is moving to gain control over local police forces while funneling millions of dollars in cash and high speed equipment to such agencies in an effort to buy their loyalty. Veterans who have honestly and honorably served their country have been labeled as threats to national security, while the White House and other government entities have been stacked with Muslim Brotherhood operatives. Right wing Christians have been equated, through the use of mental association techniques, as fascists, when in fact fascism is a left wing phenomena. Finally, the value of human life has been diminished to the point where huge segments of the population who had the privilege of being born, fight for their so called right to deny their unborn children the same privilege. Simply because they choose to not accept responsibility for their behavior. 

Im sorry America, but things have progressed much further than what most people want to admit. All the necessary conditions to focus the frustrations of an uniformed populace onto a scapegoat are in place. 

There is a reason that Conservatives are continually being blamed for everything, we stand in the way of great social progress. Social progress that incidentally has never been proven to exist. The Utopianists would have you believe that society can evolve into a state of perfection in which we would all be completely equal, and we would function in a state of harmony much like any "insect colony" would be expected to. This is all lies, man is meant to live as a free, independent being, not like a managed herd. This is what communism, or a centrally planned economy does to a society. It manages them like animals. Of course, when you understand the connection between Darwinism and communism it makes much more sense. Darwins theory of evolution is the scientific justification Marx used to explain why people should be subjugated to an all powerful state. Darwin of course believed we were nothing but animals, so it is no surprise to see that the communist, or fascistic dictators of the left have viewed their populations as "animals" in need of managing. Once this belief sinks in, it is easy to condition the minions of evil to round up millions of people and exterminate them. 

The very fact that we have national guard units training against their own fellow Americans is proof positive of the effects of mental conditioning, in more ways than one. For years we have watched as the erosion of "posse comitatus" has brought military units into our towns to conduct training operations, we were silent; and now we are shocked to see local police units that resemble infantry platoons. Grab a young soldier from any military unit and ask him what "posse comitatus" is. Do you even know what it is? We have been conditioned to accept this power to the point where we watched on national television, while cheering on in support mind you, militarized police drag innocent people from their homes at gun point in search of one lousy bomber. Ask yourself a question. What do you think will happen once a solid "mental association" has been made between terrorism and the right wing patriot movement? Im going to tell you, creating that mental association among the unwashed masses is the purpose behind all political propaganda being unleashed against us now. 

Think about this for a moment, as long as the left controls the narrative, any action of the right can be justified and portrayed as being anti government. The more pressure they bring upon us the more likely it is we will resist. That resistance is what they need. They are baiting us into becoming the terrorists they have claimed us to be. 

God Bless America
David Risselada

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Boehner and Cornyn, doing their part to discredit America ......David Risselada

In the recent debt ceiling surrender, few Americans were shocked to see the Republican establishment capitulate to the Democrats and hand Obama a blank check. It seems as if the Republicans we voted for to stop Obama are more responsible for the advancement of his agenda than the man himself. This is because they could, in theory, offer enough opposition to slow his agenda; however, because of their incessant desires to be agreeable and appealing to those who typically don’t vote for them, they simply go along to get along while betraying their loyal voters.

One of the key Republican figures responsible for this is senate WHIP John Cornyn. He has voted against nearly all of the Conservative attempts to defund Obamacare, he voted with democrats to kill the filibuster against amnesty, he voted with democrats to kill the filibuster against the nomination of an anti-gun pro-abortion federal judge, and he voted with democrats to let Obama make appointments without senate confirmation. (This information was provided by Just who is this guy working for?

Florida Congressman Allen West (R) had gone public and announced to the nation that nearly 80 members of the Democrat Party in the house belonged to the Communist Party USA. This is a shocking revelation seeing as though most of them probably couldn’t tell you a thing about the history of communism in the twentieth century. Be that as it may, Allen West neglected to mention the fact that members of the GOP were actually working with communists in the development of the gang of eight immigration bill.
Why were Republicans working with communist party members on an immigration bill they knew would destroy the nation? The only logical answer is that the Communist Party USA is as deeply entrenched in the GOP as it is in the Democrat Party. Understanding this is vital in order to put all of the traitorous actions of the GOP into greater perspective.

One of the goals of the Communist Party is to overwhelm the public with enough confusion and uncertainty that they lose hope to the point of accepting anything in its place. The communist plan all along has been to discredit America in all of its aspects; government, culture, economy and morality in the hopes of being able to present communism as a viable alternative that would not only solve all of these problems, but build a better, almost perfect society.  This is why any average American would not be able to recall the atrocities committed by left wing communist regimes, this reality has been ignored in our institutions of higher learning. What the communists have been able to brilliantly pull off is labeling the holocaust and fascism as a right wing extremist ideology, hence the ease in which the left is able to discredit Conservatives.  The history of this goes all the way back to the second world war in which the U.S. was offering military supplies and funding to the Soviet Union while pretending that there was not a mass democide taking place.

What all of this means is that John Boehner, John Cornyn and other big shot establishment Republicans are not republicans at all; they are infiltrators doing their part to discredit the institution of congress.  It would be safe to say that they have been extremely successful as the congressional approval rating currently sits at an all time low of nine percent. This gives the Communist Party the perfect opportunity to present their vision of utopia to a misinformed public that has been conned into believing our constitutional form of government is flawed because of the actions of these traitors. This is best highlighted by the recent words of Sam Webb, head of the Communist Party USA.

“The problem is that there is such a stigma about communism among Americans, thanks to Obama and his policies however; people are more willing to accept it.”

Did you catch that? Thanks to Obama and his policies people are more willing to accept communism. What he is really saying is that Obama has done a superb job of destroying the economy and creating hopelessness that people are desperate enough to accept anything in place of the current broken system.  That’s what you get when a nation is stupid enough to elect a community organizer to the highest office of the land. All they know how to do is create hate and discontent, as the words community organizer evolved from the term communist agitator.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Conditioned to Accept Communism........ David Risselada

 “The problem is that there is such a stigma about communism among Americans, thanks to Obama and his policies however; people are more willing to accept it.
(Sam Webb, Communist Party USA)

Those are the words of the Communist Party USA leader Sam Webb, and truthfully, more chilling words have never been spoken. The Communist Party USA is openly declaring that they will be throwing financial support behind congressional Democrats in an effort to defeat the alleged “right wing extremist” agenda that currently dominates everything. The Democrat Party of course is in mass panic mode as millions of their constituents are awakening to their dire consequences of voting party over principle.  The very idea that there is even a communist party within the USA should frighten any American; however, Sam Webb is right about one thing, Obama’s policies have created a generation of people who are willing to discuss communism as a viable option to what they perceive as a hopeless future. This was all done by communist design, of course.

To understand the extent in which this is true you have to understand the nature of the president’s original profession, community organizing. The very premise of organizing is to amass political power to affect “social change,” and they will do anything to retain that power once it is established. One of the tactics used is called Institutional Deviance, (Practice of Macro Social Work) and its purpose is downright wicked-

“To destroy the structure of apathy by stirring up dissatisfaction and discontent; disrupting existing complacent expectations and breaking down the individualistic orientations of community residents.”   (Practice Of Macro Social Work)

In other words the community organizer is literally trained in the art of telling lies and working off the emotions of the people. Tell people they are oppressed and they will surely follow any plans to alleviate their oppression.

As an Organizer, Barrack Obama was trained in the Alinsky method. Alinsky was the master of creating hate and discontent, this we all know. Sitting down and reading his words however; brings a new perspective to how America was brought to the point of “accepting communism.” There has been a deliberate attempt through the degradation of our culture to destroy our souls, our very foundation of what is right and wrong in an attempt to condition us to accept the “social change” they wish to impose upon us. This is evident by Alinsky’s quoting of Fyodor Dostoevsky in Rules for Radicals-

“Any revolutionary change must first be preceded by a passive, affirmative, non-challenging attitude toward change among the mass of our people. They must feel so frustrated, so defeated, so lost, so futureless in the prevailing system that they are willing to let go of the past and chance the future.”

That one quote alone is what makes the claim by Sam Webb so frightening, it solidifies a suspicion that we all have about a deliberate attempt to destroy our economy, and brings it into sharp focus as an undeniable fact. Everything that has been occurring in our nation for the past century, excessive taxation and regulation, attacks against Christianity, promotion of homosexuality, the destruction of individual initiative in favor of government dependence and the fact that truth has become an offense have created a society in which masses of people have been conditioned to believe all is lost. Many don’t realize that the destruction of Christianity plays a central role because without God people have nowhere else to turn but the state, and that’s where they want you to turn.

If Americans are not alarmed by this latest development, than things are far worse than they were presumed. Sadly, few people among today’s younger generations can tell you of the untold millions murdered by the communist regimes of the twentieth century, just because they are more willing to accept communism than their mothers and fathers doesn’t mean the nature of communism has changed.

 If the nation as a whole is ready and willing to embrace communism as an alternative to capitalism than all hope truly is lost. Let’s hope things aren’t as Sam Webb believes.

From The Save America Foundation

Great article posted at the Save America Foundation by Johnny Curruci. Detailing the extent to which America has been betrayed, he dives into the connections between Nazi Germany and Grandfather of George Bush Jr., Prescott Bush. Disturbing on many levels, but true nonetheless.

Friday, February 14, 2014

U.N. Report on Sustainable Development....Forward.... David Risselada

This is the report that the U.N. has published in order to justify the implementation of Agenda 21, or "sustainable development." For those that may not know, sustainable development is an agenda in which the world bureaucrats intend to herd the masses in dense population centers, making decisions on how we will live our lives while also cutting off all access to public lands. Private property will be a thing of the past and we will literally be managed like a herd of cattle, for the good of humanity of course. This is all based on the continued fabrications of man made global warming, which incidentally, continue to be proven false over and over again. 

In September the U.N. will have a conference with all 193 member states discussing methods in which behavior modification techniques can be implemented to insure this agendas implementation by 2020. What do you think truly stands in the way of this agenda as far as the United States is concerned? Thats right, 80,000,000 gun owners. This is why they are coming after our gun rights, in fact this is just the first part of an agenda that seeks to reduce you and your family to nothing but serfs.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

The U.S. Drops To Number 46 in Journalistic Freedom.....David Risselada

Many people watch in utter disgust as the U.S. media mindlessly appeases the lawlessness of the Obama administration by holding them accountable for nothing. The first amendment to the U.S. Constitution guarantees freedom of the press as a check against corruption and tyranny; it’s a tool of the people that reinforces other guarantees in the first amendment such as freedom of speech and assembly. Maintaining such a freedom requires a certain amount of responsibility as clearly, a loss of such freedom, or even its abuse can have dire consequences. As it stands right now, members of the mainstream media are discovering what price will be paid when they forget what their jobs are and simply carry the party line. The United States of America, supposedly known for liberty, has dropped to number 46 in “press freedom” around the world.
While The Washington Times reports that the issues involving Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning are the primary reasons for this loss of freedom,  there are others that have contributed as well. Make no mistake; the U.S. Government was not very happy to discover that their secrets have been leaked by people on their payroll. Information tracking technology is being used the world over to crack down on “information leaks” among members of the mass media and it is very likely that this loss of journalistic freedom will intensify as societal conditions, such as the rapidly declining value of the dollar, continue to worsen.
 Still this doesn't, in this writers opinion, account for the entire problem in our media. Clearly, before Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning there was an issue of severe left wing bias in our media. It is beyond obvious to those whose eyes are open that the media is a tightly controlled branch of government, for all practical purposes. They are there simply to reinforce the narrative of the left wing agenda. They are there to repeat the lie so often, that the masses eventually believe it.  In other words, they are acting as “change agents.”
The press has been infiltrated by the same collectivists that have hijacked our education system and run the bureaucracies. An education in journalism is no longer about being a guardian of Americas liberties by maintaining journalistic integrity, it has transformed into a training program for social justice and social change. It has become Advocacy Journalism, which essentially means, reporting for the purpose of advocating a political cause-

The term advocacy journalism describes the use of journalism techniques to promote a specific political or social cause. The term is potentially meaningful only in opposition to a category of journalism that does not engage in advocacy, so-called objective journalism (? Objectivity in Reporting). This distinction tends to be a focus of attention in the United States, especially in the second half of the twentieth century, rather than elsewhere in the world; use of these terms does not necessarily translate to other political landscapes, though US (and more generally western) models are becoming dominant (? Journalists’ Role Perception). In Western Europe, some newspapers have long identified openly with a political position, even though journalists from these papers are considered professionals not typically engaged in advocacy.

Today’s mainstream media seem to do all they can to protect Barrack Obama and his lawless administration. Every story in some way shape or form reported by MSNBC, CNN or other “mainstream” sources does little but echo the talking points of the administration. Clearly they believed they would be winning favor by doing this. Its time they reevaluate their position because history tells us that the first to be targeted by rogue, tyrannical governments are those that sold out the country out in order to prove how loyal they were to the new dictator.