Thursday, February 13, 2014

The U.S. Drops To Number 46 in Journalistic Freedom.....David Risselada

Many people watch in utter disgust as the U.S. media mindlessly appeases the lawlessness of the Obama administration by holding them accountable for nothing. The first amendment to the U.S. Constitution guarantees freedom of the press as a check against corruption and tyranny; it’s a tool of the people that reinforces other guarantees in the first amendment such as freedom of speech and assembly. Maintaining such a freedom requires a certain amount of responsibility as clearly, a loss of such freedom, or even its abuse can have dire consequences. As it stands right now, members of the mainstream media are discovering what price will be paid when they forget what their jobs are and simply carry the party line. The United States of America, supposedly known for liberty, has dropped to number 46 in “press freedom” around the world.
While The Washington Times reports that the issues involving Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning are the primary reasons for this loss of freedom,  there are others that have contributed as well. Make no mistake; the U.S. Government was not very happy to discover that their secrets have been leaked by people on their payroll. Information tracking technology is being used the world over to crack down on “information leaks” among members of the mass media and it is very likely that this loss of journalistic freedom will intensify as societal conditions, such as the rapidly declining value of the dollar, continue to worsen.
 Still this doesn't, in this writers opinion, account for the entire problem in our media. Clearly, before Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning there was an issue of severe left wing bias in our media. It is beyond obvious to those whose eyes are open that the media is a tightly controlled branch of government, for all practical purposes. They are there simply to reinforce the narrative of the left wing agenda. They are there to repeat the lie so often, that the masses eventually believe it.  In other words, they are acting as “change agents.”
The press has been infiltrated by the same collectivists that have hijacked our education system and run the bureaucracies. An education in journalism is no longer about being a guardian of Americas liberties by maintaining journalistic integrity, it has transformed into a training program for social justice and social change. It has become Advocacy Journalism, which essentially means, reporting for the purpose of advocating a political cause-

The term advocacy journalism describes the use of journalism techniques to promote a specific political or social cause. The term is potentially meaningful only in opposition to a category of journalism that does not engage in advocacy, so-called objective journalism (? Objectivity in Reporting). This distinction tends to be a focus of attention in the United States, especially in the second half of the twentieth century, rather than elsewhere in the world; use of these terms does not necessarily translate to other political landscapes, though US (and more generally western) models are becoming dominant (? Journalists’ Role Perception). In Western Europe, some newspapers have long identified openly with a political position, even though journalists from these papers are considered professionals not typically engaged in advocacy.

Today’s mainstream media seem to do all they can to protect Barrack Obama and his lawless administration. Every story in some way shape or form reported by MSNBC, CNN or other “mainstream” sources does little but echo the talking points of the administration. Clearly they believed they would be winning favor by doing this. Its time they reevaluate their position because history tells us that the first to be targeted by rogue, tyrannical governments are those that sold out the country out in order to prove how loyal they were to the new dictator.

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