Wednesday, February 5, 2014

From The Save America Foundation....Forward by David Risselada

The failures of this administration are responsible for the death of Brian Terry.

We all know the border is a mess. The fact that amnesty is even an issue when so many Americans are losing their jobs, and ability to self sustain, is alarming enough as it is. Given the fact that our current administration is wrapped up in scandals that have enabled the murder of one of our finest should enrage all of us. Unfortunately we have a nation of many, many dumbed down people. People who wont look at the obvious because they either refuse to accept their own failure in making a logical, educated decision, or they simply enjoy the Obama kool-aid.  Either way, this nation may not survive its fools, and if the sleeping don't awaken soon, it may be too late. Its obvious that the ambitions of this administration have trumped the lives and honor of those who have risked everything to serve it. What does that say about the value they put on your life?

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