Friday, February 7, 2014

Sara Marie Brenner Discusses Link Between Communism And Immigration......Forward by David Risselada

I am really enjoying the Sara Marie Brenner show. She is doing an outstanding job identifying the communists in our society and the role they are playing in our "fundamental transformation." In todays show she is connecting the dots between illegal immigration and the communists behind it. Wouldn't you know that I have my own personal experience behind this story? I have mentioned several times before that I was educated in social work. As we know, social workers are generally concerned with social advocacy, and many of them, most of them, are radical leftists. At least in social work education anyway. Just as we learned about Saul Alinsky and his organizational methods in all their glory, so did we learn about the Mexican organizer, Ceazer Chavez. Chavez of course was the founder of the United Farm Workers Association and in school we were taught that he was instrumental in organizing for human rights and did so because he was so compassionate about people. What the school wont teach you of course is that he had the backing of Communist Party USA members and was also instrumental in the La Raza movement. This is the movement where it is believed among Hispanics that the southwest United States was illegally procured by the evil greedy white man, and they fully intend to take it back to form their own "state." Never mind that we bought it from them. Anyway, listen to the podcast because Sara makes it perfectly clear, without understanding the history of the communist movement in the U.S. we will be powerless to stop it. Great show Sara!

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