Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Putting the gloves on, me vs. liberalism, round three.......David Risselada

 Through my writing I have shared many personal stories concerning my college experience and the blatant, obvious attempts to condition the minds of young people into leftist thinking. While I have been done with college since last May, since the completion of the masters degree program I was attending, my story is not yet over. You see, I was denied my masters degree by being labeled as "incompetent" by a group of radical leftists in their attempt to ensure that a "conservative" such as myself would not working in their field. As a student working on my bachelors degree, I was told by a certain professor that "social work professors are the gate keeper of the profession" and I wasn't fit for the field because of my opposition to the concepts of "white privilege" education. She then went on to explain that I would have a very difficult time pursuing a social work education because the whole premise of social justice is based on the idea of "white men" being an oppressor of minorities. The question that must be asked when contemplating such a statement is how a "white man" could possibly be expected to be treated fairly in such a hostile environment? How could a strong, patriotic white man possibly be successful in an environment where the very core of what the subject matter is based on revolves around him having unearned privileges in society because of his skin color, in a society that, according to their opinion, structurally discriminates against everyone except white people? Somehow, despite this absurd thinking, they still label me as the racist.

Despite all this I still graduated and went on to pursue my masters degree because I like working with people. While working on my internship at a child welfare office I faced some unbelievably difficult circumstances in which I appealed to the school for help. The council of social work education mandates that when a student asks for help in a situation in which he feels he isn't learning, steps are to be taken immediately to rectify the situation. That is unless of course you are a racist, sexist, homophobic, greedy, selfish conservative white male like myself. Then the council of social work education will laugh at you on the phone. Anyhow, I was told by the person I was supposed to aspire to and follow, that because I was a marine they were concerned  I was not compassionate enough to work with young children. Bringing this up to other officials and asking to be reassigned only made things worse. I then watched in absolute shock as this person sent a mentally ill kid into a foster home that had not been approved by the state, and attempt to cover up the disastrous results by placing blame on others and pulling me, a student, into the fray. She called me a quitter for asking to be moved from her unit. The end result of this whole fiasco was me being told that I had better shut up about it or else they would end my internship. Well, unfortunately, I dont know how to shut up, and on the very last day of the internship, after attempting to adapt to this bastion of liberalism I was called on the phone, three days before graduation, and told they were failing me. This is while they were accusing me of exhibiting unprofessional behavior. The day prior I sat right in front of their faces and asked them if there were any problems, in which they replied, "David, if there any issues we would be discussing them now."

As you can imagine, trying to appeal to higher authorities over such issues was like trying to talk to a dog. This is where I witnessed the methods in which liberals ignore what they don't want to hear, redefine the facts to make them fit their narrative, act as if liberalism establishes the moral high ground and pretend to not hear a word you say when describing your perspective. 

Not long after being failed I attended what was referred to as a level three review. I was supposed to have attended a level one and two to try to rectify all of this, but, that doesn't matter. While accusing me of breaking the social work code of ethics the head professor had all but admitted to me that other students, students who had called me an asshole in class mind you, had told her all about me and my opinions so she felt that she already knew me based on these opinions, even though we had just met. This hearing was supposed to be my opportunity to express my side of the story, but in reality, they wanted me to admit that everything was my fault while entertaining nothing I said. I was then told by the head professor that it was easy for her to see why no one likes me because I am loud mouthed, opinionated, and non reflective. Forgive me, but I had a very difficult time not busting out in laughter at the nature of this hearing. I have never witnessed such a biased, one sided hearing in all of my life. In other words I lost before it even started.

I appealed the grade for my internship on July 5 2013, and it took them 5 months just to reply  to the appeal. I lost one job while awaiting the school of social work to set a definitive date in December of 2013 and now, 9 months after being failed I will be attending my appeal hearing on Friday, 28 February 2014. Unfortunately, I see no reason to believe that I will be standing in front of an impartial board. While the professors will be made of those who have no connections to the school of social work, they will likely be liberal and their loyalty will be to the college. I know that the school of social work is bringing out their big guns, everybody and anybody who ever witnessed me express a homophobic, racist, sexist, anti Obamacare, patriotic, opinion will be on hand to express why my disagreement with social justice should prevent me from being awarded my degree. 

As I always do, I will face this head on all by lonesome, and I will stand against these people who are bound and determined to prove I am unfit to be helping people because I believe they can learn to take responsibility for themselves. I will tell the truth and expose their anti American ideals, and I will challenge their assertions of white privilege education for all to see. I intend to take the principles of liberalism and throw them in their face while isolating them and forcing them to answer questions that others need to know exist. In other words, this is me vs. liberalism and I am putting the gloves on folks!

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