Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The true intentions of left wing academia revealed.....David Risselada


This is one of those situations in which you see the true intentions of the left. They truly wish to silence any and all who oppose their ideals of "social justice" because they have been so beaten down with communist lies and propaganda. An ivy league student at Harvard University is actually calling for the elimination of academic freedom because it stands in the way of "true justice." True justice of course is defined as anything that is left wing in nature and goes against common sense. These people can truly be thought of as Lenins useful idiots as they have no clue to the origins of their causes or the consequences of stifling freedom. 

Sometimes its easy to get caught up in this notion of just throwing your hands up and allowing these people to have it their way in the belief that eventually, they will see the errors in their ways and stop advocating for such progressive non sense. At least its hoped that society as a whole will finally take a stand when they see the results of socialism. Obamacare is a great example of this because many politicians have idly sat by believing that its inevitable crash will result in downright demands to have it repealed by the vast majority of Americans. Not true, in fact many Republican governors are now saying that it just has to be accepted as law and any attempt to repeal it will not be successful. My first reaction to this Sandra Korn was along these lines, believing that she would one day see the results of suppressing freedom of thought as it generally leads to down right tyranny. Would she then, finally look to constitutional governance as an alternative to her failed ideals? The answer sadly, is no.

Unfortunately, we are in a time where the lie has been told so often in these environments that there is literally no hope of changing these peoples minds. These young social activists have been conditioned throughout their entire school careers to view America and conservatism as an oppressive meritocracy whose population is infected with every "ism" there is known to exist. Do you believe old people shouldn't drive? You are an ageist. Do you believe mothers serve their children better by staying home, do you believe women have a role to play as mothers? You are a sexist. Oppose Obama, or believe that blacks can rise above poverty without government welfare? You are a racist! These people truly believe this stuff. They have come to believe that society is incapable of living without their intellectual superiority.

Try telling these people that the "isms" they have attached themselves to were actually created by communists in order to morally bankrupt society. They would go into emotional frenzy overdrive and call you every name in the book. It wouldn't change the fact that its true. These people have been conditioned to ignore the obvious and believe the lies; you could show them until you are blue in the face the disastrous consequences of socialism and they will go on as if you are the one who is misinformed about history. Even if they acknowledged that countries like the Soviet Union murdered millions they are likely to claim that those people were standing in the way of social justice and that Lenin was an admirable leader. America, these are the folks who will fire up the chambers. We have to do something to change course here.

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