Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Gateway Pudit is reporting on more senseless black on white violence in which  black teenagers have been arrested for the brutal attacks of an 86 year old man and a 51 year old woman. The attacks occurred in Maryland and Alabama and are just another in a long line of the new racial violence seizing the nation. This violence is the deadly result of teaching a deliberately created underclass of people that they are oppressed by a "white privileged" majority.

 Earlier in 2013, a man form Australia was gunned down by black teens while he was jogging down the road in Oklahoma. They claimed to have shot him because they were bored. Currently, they are claiming they believed their gun was loaded with blanks. 

I once wrote an article called "Oh the Monsters they Create" that was inspired by the above incident as well as a couple of others occurring at the time. The point was that by failing to hold these kids accountable, by allowing them to use the color of their skin as a "crutch" if you will, and neglecting to teach them personal responsibility, society is actually robbing them of their souls and their innocence. Someday these kids will realize what it is they have done, they will realize that their beds have been for them. 

I believe people have an ability to make choices; however, they have to be taught how to make responsible choices, they have to be taught virtue in order to do so. I can't think of any aspect of our society that currently teaches virtue, especially in our public schools.  

Yesterday while working as a substitute I had to continually ask a young black kid why he wasn't doing his work. The kid is actually pretty smart, the few occasions in which I was able to hold his attention proved that he could excel if he chose to. He finally responded to me by saying it didn't matter if he did his work because he is black and he is ghetto. I asked him where he heard this garbage and he said that is what his mama told him. He then made some off the wall remark about how he didnt have to try because white people enslaved black people. It was as if I was literally watching the culmination of the failures of liberalism in action. All I could think of was being taught "white privilege" in college and knowing in the bottom of heart that this is what was going to happen. This was going to lead to racial division and perhaps even violence. What do you think is going to happen when one portion of society is deliberately being taught they are "oppressed" by another?

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