Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Breaking News, Holder to Step Down.....Forward by David Risselada

Eric Holder, the nations first black attorney general will reportedly be stepping down from his post later this year. Holder, who has been held in contempt of congress over the Fast and furious scandal has also been known for frequently playing the race card. He ensured that blacks and other oppressed minorities could not be charged with hate crimes, well because only white people hate, he imposed mandates upon schools in which it is more difficult for teachers to punish unruly children, because punishing black children is racist you know. Finally, he has disenfranchised a whole population of people by lying about their ability to get an I.D. card, as if they are incapable because they are a minority. What a way to be remembered for being the nations first black attorney general. He will also be remembered in his role for undermining states rights and imposing new definitions of marriage upon the nation.

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