Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Begging for the change they wish to instill on you....... David Risselada

Dedicated to the uninformed

Every so often you run across some people that think they have it all figured out.  They claim America is need of “social change” and start ranting about all the rampant injustice in America, and if you listen closely, the story they are telling is radically different from the one you know.  I knew people like this in college, they would accentuate the words “social change” to win the professors favor but when pressed to define what they meant, they usually fell silent.

Most of them couldn’t even tell you the first amendment to the bill of rights, they would argue that claiming Muslims are terrorists is offensive, and such language should be banned in the name of “social change.”  Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin had a special name for these types of folks, the kind who could be counted on to get emotionally charged when being told fallacious tales of social injustice and inequality, as if man is capable of ensuring Gods creation is more perfect.  That special name is “useful idiot.”

Today, there are still many that absolutely refuse to look at our current administrations actions and see the rampant corruption. Those of us that call it like we see are often humiliated, called a racist, and demonized for daring to call the president a Marxist. These useful idiots that rush to his defense know so little on the subject of Marxism they don’t even know the term racist was developed by a communist in order to divide their society. They don’t even know that all the above described tactics are Marxist in origin.

Before I get to my main point I want to make something perfectly clear to the automatons. I would stand in direct defiance of a white republican that was doing what Obama is doing.  As a matter of fact, I stood in direct defiance of G.W. for the same reason. Obama, in my view is no different than G.W. in the way he abuses his executive power.

With that being said I will move along.

Through the use of the Hegelian Dialectic, society has been conned into begging for solutions to problems created by…wait for it…..the same people offering the solutions. In other words, society is being manipulated into accepting totalitarianism. Since the early twentieth century America has been in the grips of the progressive movement. Before this time people were actually able to keep all of the money they earned, without being taxed. Wow, what a concept. In order to get away with extorting the people, the progressives had to come up with some program that seemed beneficial to them. Hmm, what program was that? Oh yeah! Social security, which is broke by the way, but interestingly enough some folks still believe that old people would be unable to save for their own retirement if the government had not taken their money and wasted it on their own ambitions. Let’s see here, you spend your whole life paying into the system and by the time you are old enough to retire you will be lucky if you see a third of it in return.

Sorry, I got a little off track there, back to Hegel’s dialectic. Karl Marx and Fredrick Engles used the concept of the dialectic, created by Georg Hegel, to bring about solutions that guide society into Marx’s communistic way of thinking. http://www.crossroad.to/articles2/05/dialectic.htm In order to do this a simple formula of “Problem, Reaction, Solution” was devised and implemented. This means that our entire political structure, since the advent of the progressive movement has been based on the idea that politicians create the problems, watch us go into full blown panic mode and beg for “social change” and then give us the solution that advances their agenda.

Now, I would like to stress one more time to my friends who believe one party is “oh so good” and evil only resides in the people they don’t vote for, I get that Republicans do this too.

What all of this essentially means is that we are living in a society that is allowing itself to be divided and conquered because they are ignorant of the method being employed against us. Many of us are trapped in this left vs. right paradigm, when in fact the left and the right are working frantically to keep us from uniting on the one thing that guarantees our freedom. The Constitution.
God Bless America
David Risselada

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