Friday, February 14, 2014

U.N. Report on Sustainable Development....Forward.... David Risselada

This is the report that the U.N. has published in order to justify the implementation of Agenda 21, or "sustainable development." For those that may not know, sustainable development is an agenda in which the world bureaucrats intend to herd the masses in dense population centers, making decisions on how we will live our lives while also cutting off all access to public lands. Private property will be a thing of the past and we will literally be managed like a herd of cattle, for the good of humanity of course. This is all based on the continued fabrications of man made global warming, which incidentally, continue to be proven false over and over again. 

In September the U.N. will have a conference with all 193 member states discussing methods in which behavior modification techniques can be implemented to insure this agendas implementation by 2020. What do you think truly stands in the way of this agenda as far as the United States is concerned? Thats right, 80,000,000 gun owners. This is why they are coming after our gun rights, in fact this is just the first part of an agenda that seeks to reduce you and your family to nothing but serfs.

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