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Education is the Epitome of Liberal Ineptitude.....David Risselada

Having spent the past few weeks as a substitute teacher, grades k-12; I have to say, it has been a shocking experience. Folks, our kids are lost as nearly every class I have been in either entailed children in high school who couldn't read, or children who simply cannot control themselves long enough to pay attention to anything. Many people would argue that ADHD is to blame for that; however, I'm one of those who believes that ADHD isn't even a real disorder. Even if it was, drugging them up does them no favors and often times it will ruin them completely. 

It is also apparent that this vein attempt to engineer equality is only producing mediocrity, as children who want to learn, and are capable of excelling cannot because teachers are forced to cater to those children who misbehave. Thus, the end result isn't equality but a system that has been forced to teach to the lowest standard.

I have been of the opinion for a long time that our children need to be separated in elementary education. Separated by sex that is.  Imagine if you will for a moment being the only male, a big dominant one at that, sitting in a class room full of feminists blurting out that children should be separated by sex in school. I certainly wasn't going to win a popularity contest, that's for sure. Anyhow, observing these classrooms makes it painfully obvious that these children need to be separated because, well I have news for you, boys and girls are different. Everybody knows the argument here, boys need to burn their energy and girls mature faster and so on and so on. This is true, and the classroom environment is designed for girls, plain and simple. The classroom is an experiment in socialization where children are encouraged to share their feelings and express themselves. This is not what boys want to do. 

The classroom is also a quick study is implementing social controls, as these days the kids are being trained to respond to certain stimuli instead of being taught how to be reasoned with. Even the attendance bell is an exercise in classical conditioning. It is painfully obvious that the boys are suffering the most in these types of environments, perhaps separating them for a couple hours a day and focusing on what makes them different would be the most beneficial. But, what the hell do I know?

The biggest causality of this of course is personal responsibility. Not only does the school have little options when it comes to disciplining unruly children; often times the staff find themselves begging the parents to do something about their children's behavior. Now, I will never advocate for more government control over anything but I will say this; It is easy to sympathize with these people, even if they are liberals, because their hands are tied. Also, because many of them are liberal they have a hard time seeing the real cause and effect of all this. They simple believe lack of funding is causing it all. I'm not sure that necessarily makes them liberal, but definitely tied down by their own substandard education. With no one holding these kids accountable for anything they will grow up being irresponsible. Well, I guess we all understand that's part of the plan, isn't it? 

That brings me to my final point. This is all further proof of the utter failure of the liberal doctrine as our current government encourages an environment where people are not held accountable for their actions. Recently, we have seen Attorney General Eric Holder announce new rules concerning the punishing of minorities in public schools. Blacks shouldn't be punished more than whites for behavioral issues, that would be racist he claims. Well, thanks to that liberal idiocy its time to add the latest social class using the race card as a scapegoat, fourth graders. You see, today, after a week of breaking up fights, sending kids to the office, begging children to listen, making them write sentences, and, being told on because I threatened to keep them from lunch if they didn't behave, I was called a racist by a fourth grade child who shouldn't even be concerned with such a word. There is no way the kid could claim that I was singling him out for being black because there are only three white children in the whole class. He simply decided that he didn't like me telling him to get back in line will waiting to use the restroom and called me racist for "singling him out." 

This is one of the children I spent the whole week sending out of class because he cant sit still and be quiet for five minutes. Oh and he likes to start fights with other kids too. I cant help but think how much better off he would be if not forced into compliance with a system that seeks to pacify masculinity as opposed to letting it take its natural course. That's what you get when the system is run by a bunch of feminists I suppose. 

If something doesn't change quickly than we can kiss this country goodbye folks; because, well having been in all the classrooms I cant see anywhere these children are being exposed to the reality they face emerging from the school system. In other words, the system really is preparing them for nothing but indentured servitude disguised as freedom. 

From The Save America Foundation....

This is a piece from Senior Chief Geoff Ross concerning the police chief incident in New Mexico. If you recall I posted an article this morning describing an incident where Shane Harger was harassed by federal officials for attending a constitutional sheriffs association meeting. His department was also forcibly closed by the mayor of Jemez Springs. As usual, the senior chief has taken charge and got some balls rolling in an attempt to resolve this situation.

From Janna Brock.........Forward By David Risselada

In Dallas Texas the Muslims plan on building their own exclusive community. If you recall, the Chinese are doing this in various spots across the country as well. This is what happens when greedy politicians sell us out for their own glory. I wonder where so called conservative Rick Perry is on this issue? In my opinion it is an impossibility to be a conservative and support this. Islamic and American values are simply not compatible, unless American women want to wear a burqa and be beaten for being seen with another man. How many Islamic women do you know who don't wear a burqa? I know a few and not only do they wear buraq's they are also afraid of their husbands. America will get what America deserves if we dont stand up for truth and fight for our own rights to exist. At the rate we are going we are going to be the minority in under 30 years folks.

Is This a Sign That it is Beginning? Forward by David Risselada

Apparently the federal government is harassing local law enforcement officials who intend to stay loyal to their oaths. In the case of this New Mexico police chief who had signed a pledge to remain loyal to the constitution, the feds had closed his office and fired his staff with the help of a county sheriff. Sheriffs that were attending the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association are also being harassed as one particular sheriff has been restricted form his own office except for regular working hours. This is in Delaware where Joe Bidens son is currently the Attorney General. These are alarming developments as we see increasing reports of local law enforcement agencies becoming more militarized. This is something that should strike at the heart of all Americans.

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Thanks to the Readers..... David Risselada

One of my favorite things about being a political commentator is reading the comments that people leave under my articles. Sometimes I get a lot and others only a few, but I have to admit I am a junkie for it. I don’t know why, maybe it satisfies an inner urge to feel as if what I have to say is resonating with people, or maybe it’s just a huge ego boost, who knows? Whatever the main reason there are certainly several others. One, it was through commenting on the articles of other writers that brought me to the point of being a writer in the first place. If it wasn’t for the watchful eye of some talented writers I may have never had the opportunity. Perhaps I feel indebted to acknowledge the talent of others posting their thoughts. Two, I usually make an effort to respond to those who leave thoughtful commentary because I just enjoy communicating with people. I understand that no matter how factual the information I am presenting is, it is still tainted with my opinions and there is, without a doubt, different perspectives that people have that can broaden my understanding of any given topic. There is a particular example I would like to share with you.
I spend a lot of time writing on the issue of racism and how the topic relates to the Marxist takeover of our country. I have written a great deal of material concerning the welfare state, and the entitlement mentality as well as delving into issues like affirmative action, Critical Race Theory and Black Liberation Ideology. I have tried to show readers the connection between the real racism in this country and the Democrat party as well. The underlying message of all of this is that there is an agenda which seeks to empower minorities by reinforcing a victim mentality. This empowers minorities because it attacks the supposed “white hierarchy” that we are constantly told dominates every aspect of their lives. For the longest time I believed all of this originated with Cultural Marxism and the idea of creating a victim mentality was formulated for the purpose of instituting socialism. That may well be true enough; however, as I am about to demonstrate this is in fact a much older idea which predates Karl Marx and his socialism.
During the Antebellum era in Americas south there lived a man named George Fitzhugh and he was a huge supporter of slavery. That, of course is no surprise as the whole south was supportive of the institution. What is surprising, is the argument George Fitzhugh formulated in order to justify his position.  George believed that the black man simply was not capable of competing in a white man’s society. He believed that slavery as it existed in the south was the only logical way in which the black race would survive because as an institution, slavery itself cared for the slaves by housing and feeding them. Fitzhugh compared this to the north’s wage labor system that he also identified as a system of slavery; however, just as today’s liberals see capitalism as an evil system that unfairly chooses who succeeds and who doesn’t, Fitzhugh saw the north’s system as one in which workers were discarded once they lost their usefulness. Viewing the world through this tainted lens, Fitzhugh believed that the only compassionate, moral thing you could do with Negroes was to keep them enslaved. This is from Fitzhugh’s book, “Cannibals All.”
Does this history explain the welfare state mentality that infects the minds of liberals on the left? Is this why we have an education system that pushes the ideas of white privilege and black victimology; because in Americas past this man justified the enslavement of blacks using the same arguments? It seems that the answer could be a resounding yes as all of the lefts social engineering programs resolve around the idea that blacks need special protection and privilege in order to compete in today’s society.
It’s funny, Fredrick Douglas, a freed slave who advocated for the freedom of black men so they could choose their own destinies, was a Republican. Of course we all know it was the Republican Party that led all the efforts to free the slaves and advocate for equal rights of blacks all the way up until the 1950’s. On the other side, we have Fitzhugh, a southern slave owning Democrat arguing that blacks needed to be governed as children and they were meant to be nothing more than slaves because they were unable to compete in a capitalist society. Somewhere along the line blacks choose to accept that worldview, whereas in the beginning it was outright rejected by men like Douglas.
Today, many blacks are enslaved to the chains of democrats who lord over their impoverished communities making promises of continued handouts because they are “owed” something. They make these promises because they believe that black men are incapable of competing in today’s capitalistic society, so they created a world where they receive special privilege and entitlements based on skin color alone. Many (if not all) of these programs have such low standards that they fail to even challenge the black man, so the black man has been failed by those who have created these programs. There is nothing for them to strive for, they don’t have to try. Based on the new rule put out by the Eric Holder justice department, they don’t even have to behave in school less they claim they are being “disproportionately punished.” How does this help them overcome poverty? Somehow, through all of this, people who believe that blacks can be more than this are the new racists because we fail to conform to this ridiculous ideology. Failing to believe that blacks need to be treated this way because they can’t be expected to compete, to the liberal mind, is racism.
So, thanks to a reader I was able to conclude that the basis for theories like Critical Race Theory was actually established long ago. What started as wholehearted, albeit flawed, argument to justify slavery ended up being a political strategy, a method of instituting change and seizing power if you will. Carrying this belief through the centuries has done nothing but worsen the lot of the black man as they remained dependent to a political power that has mastered the methods of exploiting their struggles in order to increase their own power and prestige.


This is Awesome...Forward by David Risselada

This is awesome. A writer takes you on a journey through the likely events that could happen during a Marxist takeover of the country. From the round up of the hated right wing talk community, the classification of patriots as terrorists and the fear that strikes the federal agents when they realize the nest they have disturbed, it simply is a must read.  Very thrilling, disturbing and hopeful to the say the least. Brought to you by friends at the Save America Foundation.

How Does This Guy Still Have a Job? Forward by.... David Risselada

How is that this guy still has a job? Every time he is before a committee all he does is shrug his shoulders and claim he doesn't know anything. Isn't that an admission of incompetence? It would be for you and I.

Culmination of the Culture War.....Forward by David Risselada

Here is one I wanted to share from the Save America Foundation. The Author, Erik Rush makes a great point about the upcoming American Spring and the fight for the soul of America. This is a culture war that has been waging for many, many decades folks and the author is correct in his assessment. The left will not be letting go so easily. They have been at this for the past one hundred years and to be honest; they are at the point no return here. They either complete what they have started by whatever means necessary, or they lose it all understanding they may not have another chance for at least a half a century. 

Mr. Rush also diligently points out the fact that the left are experts at the game of infiltration and no doubt have placed saboteurs within the ranks of many patriotic organizations. For the purpose of causing hate and discontent no doubt. They will be looking to discredit, divide and conquer so be careful and mindful in your everyday dealings with others as we engage in this all out battle of ideologies. 

Finally the author describes the networking expertise of many communist front groups that pose as community organizations. There are thousands of such organizations that have accomplished their goal of obtaining power, and they are not about to let it go folks. Behind them all is funding from the liberal elite who have but one common goal, fundamental transformation.

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This is Scary Stuff....... David Rissleada

As a young marine stationed in Twenty Nine Palms California in the 1990’s, I became certified in the Marine Corps chemical decontamination procedures.  All service members go through a certain amount of chemical training, they have to demonstrate an ability to don and clear their gas mask while exposed to the harsh CS gas, and they must be able to put on their chemical suits in a “hurried fashion.”  Perhaps you are a marine veteran and you remember going through the gas chamber at Camp Pendleton. It was hell to say the least. Being trained in decontamination procedures means you are part of a specialized team that would “take charge” of an area that has been attacked with nuclear, biological or chemical (NBC) weapons and essentially decontaminate equipment and personal.  One of the most interesting points about the training was the exposure to a couple of videos in which the military readily admits they performed classified experiments on service members. One of these videos can be seen here . These experiments were conducted with hallucinogenic drugs like LSD and mescaline. While the original intent of such testing was supposedly to counter Soviet attempts to use the drugs as a method of interrogation, conspiracy theories abound about a much darker purpose which involved brain washing and even the creation of “sleeper agents” that could be awoken to carry out a preprogrammed task that the individual is not consciously aware of. These programs were known as MK Ultra.
This is interesting considering the fact that today, nearly seventy percent of our population is currently taking some type of psychotropic medication.  Is there a connection? I don’t know, but what is clear is that these drugs influence behavior and in many cases may cause people to carry out homicidal acts. Most (if not all) of the recent mass shooting incidents involved shooters who were taking heavy doses of SSRI’s, (serotonin reuptake inhibitors) and in the case of the Sandy Hook shooter in Newtown Connecticut, certain companies are trying very hard to keep this information from becoming public.  The only logical conclusion that can be drawn from this information is that we currently have a government exploiting tragedies they know they are lying about to push an anti gun agenda, while simultaneously protecting the very people that profit from the likely cause of such tragedies.  The profits incidentally are in the billions.
Is it possible that these military experiments had a darker purpose still, one that we currently see coming to fruition? I would argue yes because the consciousness of the nation has surely been affected by the fact so many people are using these drugs. If the social scientists of the 1950’s and 60’s could use drugs like LSD in order to see how readily subjects would give up information, wouldn’t it be possible that decades later their mental manipulation techniques have evolved far beyond that capability? Would it be possible to create a compliant, non questioning society that would willingly go along with almost anything? Aldous Huxley believed that such a society could be created through the use of pharmacology.
“There will be, in the next generation or so, a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude, and producing dictatorship without tears…..they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda or brainwashing, or brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological methods.  This seems to be the final revolution.”
I’m not sure if there is another quote that so chillingly reflects today’s society. Is it possible that the social engineers and central planners are counting on the fact that most of us are on some sort of mood altering substance in order to advance a socialist agenda? Is it possible that they believe they can manipulate our emotions and guide our reactions to tragedies like Sandy Hook based on the fact that they know many of us are doped up on anti depressants? The answer to that question is evident by how frequently these drugs are prescribed. I was given a prescription for an anti depressant from the V.A. simply because I said my arm was numb from a pinched nerve. It is also apparent that there is an ulterior motive considering the fact that these drugs are now marketed to children, and in many cases children can be prescribed these drugs based on the recommendations of an elementary school teacher.
I would also argue that this agenda is behind the push for the legalization of marijuana. Let’s face it; people high on marijuana are not likely the ones to be giving anyone a hard time as they are likely to want to go along to get along. One of the arguments for the legalization of marijuana involves the fact that the mental health industry views its use as an illness that needs treatment instead of a crime. That’s fine, however; we know that the current push for gun control revolves around the idea of being prohibited from gun ownership if seeking mental health treatment. This article proves that there is a connection between the legalization of marijuana and gun control. Illinois legislators are trying to pass a bill in which applying for a medical marijuana permit will require the surrendering of your second amendment rights.
America, it is beyond obvious that there is an agenda to implement social controls using the mental health industry and pharmacological drugs. The new DSM V is about to be released with a significant higher amount of diagnosable “mental disorders” than the previous version. While it is over whelming obvious that not all Americans can be so easily influenced, it doesn’t change the fact that millions of our children are still being given these types of drugs for fake disorders like “operational defiance disorder,”  and if we don’t wake up to the connection between psychotropic drugs, mass shootings and the fact that government is attempting to pacify us in order to get us to accept their socialism, we will have hell to pay, and the only people we will be able to blame will be us.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

This is What I was Warning You To Beware Of..... David Risselada

About a week or so ago I wrote an article entitled “A Country Gone to Pot” which can be viewed here, in which I very briefly analyzed some of the reasons in which I oppose the legalization of marijuana. Some people were a little upset with me as I neglected to mention the effect of imprisoning people simply for being in possession of the drug and the costs associated with doing so. This being so I had to address the issue while defending my position. My main thesis for opposing the legalization of marijuana was that in some ways it could represent the surrendering of your natural rights in order to receive a new one granted by government. With all the news of using mental health as a means of legislating against the second amendment I simply figured that the issue of mental health would in some way, inevitably be connected to marijuana use. At some point a bureaucrat would be able to make a determination as to what amount of pot is mentally safe and if you should be considered mentally ill for using it. Liberals already want to treat drug use as an illness that needs mental health treatment. What would prevent from doing so simply because it’s legal?
Turns out I was right folks. The above article discusses attempts by the Illinois state legislature to strip you of your second amendment rights if you apply for a medical marijuana permit. They are essentially conning you out of one right in order to benefit from a privilege. Look, this does nothing to affect the argument of whether or not pot should be legalized, I am only pointing out the fact that the government will use the issue to declare you incompetent for firearm ownership.
Say what you will about my knowledge on the argument for legalization, the intention of the article I wrote was to warn liberty minded people about the intentions of a government that you should know full well by now want to see you helpless and reduced to nothing but an automaton. Take that for what it is worth.
David Risselada

Liberalism Truly is a Mental Disorder.... David Risselada

This is an excellent article describing the failures of progressive politics and the mental illness of liberalism.  As is typically the case, the Maryland mall shooter was a begrudged liberal who had personal issues affecting his happiness. What this translates to in liberal la-la land is that we all have the potential to be mentally ill because of the cruelty and uncertainty of American life. The shooter, Darion Marcus Aguilar was a leftist dedicated to animal rights activism and had gone as far as giving up meat and becoming a vegan after watching a documentary depicting the methods in which animals are slaughtered.  Why are all of these shooters liberals, and why do most liberals seem so unhappy with their lives? I’m not sure about the first part of that question, I can however, offer a brief analysis about the second part. Liberals are, in most cases, extremely unhappy with their lives because on some level they know they have dedicated themselves to a cause that does nothing but leave a wake of destruction in its path. They know they have done this in order to satisfy one little selfish part of their existence, to satisfy one little urge to change the world to their image as opposed to simply letting things be.  This may not be one hundred percent accurate but it’s my analysis and I’m standing by it.
Here’s the real issue we have to face with liberalism folks. Somehow, they are able to form any argument to their favor no matter how it may seem to support our positions.  The recent Maryland Mall shooting is a perfect example of this. While pro gun conservatives are quick to point out that the shooting occurred in another “gun free zone,” we are overlooking an important detail pertaining to the minds of liberals. Through the use of the Hegelian Dialectic, (I have described this in many articles but in this case I will allow the reader to research it) liberals can turn any failure into an argument supporting their position. The big detail to pay attention to here isn’t the failure of gun free zones but the fact that the shooter, another mentally ill liberal ding dong obtained a dangerous 12 gauge shot gun legally from a “local sporting goods store.” This is designed to strike fear into the public and at the same time allows liberals to take advantage of the failing gun free zone madness and look to another way of achieving their objectives. In this case they are taking full advantage of highlighting just how easy it was for a mentally ill person to obtain a dangerous weapon. They will then readily admit that the gun free zone is a failure as long as these weapons are able to be purchased by any Joe Blow on the street, thus creating a frenzied mentality that more gun laws are needed. Diabolical, to say the least, but it’s the way a mind trained in Marxism works.
This is the same method they are using to achieve their Utopian dream of a single payer system, essentially. They have created a monster of a system that has destroyed health care as we knew it in this country, and the argument that will be made is that a single payer system will be the only viable alternative. This is the Hegelian Dialectic at work; the problem, reaction, solution strategy so effectively employed by the liberal left. They are constantly masquerading as the perfect solution to the problems they have created.
In another great article written by a fellow Freedom Outpost contributor, The author really lays it on the line describing the history of progressive democrats all the way back to manifest destiny. The democrat party has always been the one seeking more “centralized power” and this is a fact that liberals hide very well. Woodrow Wilson for instance, is known as America’s first fascist president, one that took brutal actions against women fighting for their right to vote. Yet today, because of the mental illness that is liberalism, this fact is completely ignored and the democrat party is known by many women as being the champion of their rights. Never mind the fact that it was the Republican Party that first brought women into politics in the mid 1800’s, and passed the women suffrage bill despite democrat opposition. The issue of poverty and welfare dependence is another great example. Starting an impossible war on poverty in 1969, one trillion dollars has been wasted trying to eradicate poverty by wealth redistribution. Today, the democrats argue that we need more wealth redistribution in order to alleviate poverty. Wouldn’t this be viewed, in a sane world anyhow, as an admission of failure on the part of democrats? If wealth redistribution was so successful at alleviating poverty then why do we need to keep redistributing it?
These are just a few examples in which democrats seize the advantage and continue to form the world in their image based on their own failures. If conservatives don’t wake up to this little tactic there will be little that can be done to stop them from employing it. I think that many people are actually aware that this is the game being played, and in many ways the liberals depend on your not only being ignorant of it, but being able to overwhelm you with it as well. They are working frantically to create a world where we no longer desire freedom but view ourselves as unmanageable animals that need their elite guidance in order to survive. That’s the mental illness of liberalism.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Congressional Black Caucus Upset With Obama Because They Don’t Know Him.... David Risselada

Apparently, all is not well between the black congressional caucus and President Obama. While many people believe that Barrack Hussein Obama receives unwavering support from the black community, the truth is; the congressional black caucus is losing patience with him over his judicial nominees over the states they represent. They are going on the offensive with the claims that Obama has failed to initiate the liberal policy directives he promised, which is what enabled him to win office twice; and believe it or not, they are accusing him of appointing judges who represent no interest of the minorities in their communities and……wait for it…appear to be RACIST! This is further proof of the delusional mentality that exists among Obama supporters; they believed whole heartedly that Barrack Hussein Obama, a black man, would lift the blacks from this nation out of their inferior position and empower them to rise up against their white oppressors. As we have seen however, Obama’s socialism has done nothing but leave blacks further impoverished and unemployed. President Obama’s policies towards illegal immigrants incidentally, will leave more blacks unemployed and in poverty as their jobs, and welfare benefits are taken by these illegals if granted amnesty. The fact that he is pushing for amnesty while blacks are still suffering the highest unemployment in the nation should be what infuriates these folks.
I cited in an article entitled “On Obama’s Organizing” the work of Stanley Kurtz in his book “Radical in Chief.”  Focusing on Obama’s organizing days Kurtz pointed out that Obama had a desire to connect with the African American Community, which is why he choose community organizing as a profession.  Obama’s father was in fact a socialist who believed socialism held the key to overcoming the struggle of the black man. He wrote an academic paper in the East African Journal entitled “Problems Facing our Socialism.” Obama, having a deep desire to emulate his father organized exclusively in African American neighborhoods not because he wanted to actually help them overcome poverty, but to organize for power in order to implement his socialism. I believe this is why the congressional black caucus may be finding themselves at odds with him. They don’t understand what he’s doing because they never understood who he was. He is not interested in appointing judicial nominees that will help the black man per say, he is appointing people who will aid in the “fundamental transformation of America.” The black population at large is just another means to an end.
While the caucus is visibly upset at his choice of judicial nominees, they need look no further than the White House and the Department of Homeland Security to see who Obama really supports. His administration is stacked with members of the Muslim Brotherhood, and these people are not upset about this? This is further proof that President Obama will say anything in order to gain support but will turn his back on you to carry out his real agenda. Again, the congressional black caucus does not know the real President Obama, and they literally refuse to analyze any of the evidence available which proves his intentions for America are not good. This essentially makes them Lenin’s useful idiots.
Obama has spent his entire presidency campaigning on divisive issues such as race and “wealth inequality.” He has simultaneously shown a tremendous amount of support to the wealthy elite he actively campaigns against by giving them tax exempt status, or allowing his buddies in the “green industry” to go bankrupt with our hard earned money. He and his wife spend billions of tax payer dollars, money that could be used to actually help people, on his lavish vacations while blaming white republicans for being greedy. At least they earn their vacation money. Finally he continues to talk down to us as if we are stupid enough to believe increasing the welfare rolls will improve the economy. Unfortunately, some people are stupid enough to believe that but that’s beside the point. These are the things the congressional black caucus should be angry about but their selfishness is shining through as they only care about their own interests.

Serves them right actually. The Democrat party has historically been the one to suppress the rights of blacks and it was the Republicans who always championed civil rights. These black politicians sold their souls in favor of power and prestige and now the Democrat party is showing its true colors and turning their backs on them so the party itself can obtain greater power. That’s my analysis anyway. Perhaps if the congressional black caucus would stop playing the race card and actually listen to people like Allen West, Ben Carson or Herman Cain they would see a conservative movement that simply wants them to be a part of the America that we all love and want back. As long as they are expecting special favors from Obama because they are black this will never happen because he is simply using them for power. It’s the community organizing way

Muslim Warfare in Wisconsin.....Forward by David R.

From Janna Brock....
                                 The effects of mass Muslim migration is starting to show its ugly head. All those that turn a blind eye to it will likely suffer the consequences. While we are being beat down with constant accusations of racism and intolerance, people like these "Somali  gang bangers" are being allowed into the country. They are also being aided and abetted in their violence by a media that is scared to death of offending Islam. Must be because Islamic radicals are so well known for their exemplary tolerance. There is little doubt that this "multicultural" society is being created with the explicit purpose of allowing chaos to spin out of control. There is no way these Somali warlords can live peacefully, side by side with themselves let alone Christian Americans. We are in a lot of trouble folks, its time to reach down and grab a hold.

Sunday Morning Ramblings......Commentary by David R.

In a recent article about the three fifths compromise I mentioned the fact that African slaves were not the first  brought to American shores, and in fact white people from Eastern Europe were. Some people were a little upset claiming that whites working under the conditions of indentured servitude was not the same as "slavery." First and foremost, I said nothing about indentured servitude, I said white slaves. Secondly, the history of white slavery in the world in one that is far older than that of African slaves. For whatever reason, academia and the collective consciousness of the nation has all but turned a blind eye to the fact that white Europeans, in many cases some of the first colonists, were brought here against their will in chains. Telling the truth of this history would sure put a different perspective on the story told by race hustlers. For what its worth I wanted to post this pdf file so there is one more place that it can be found because it contains some incredible information pertaining to the true history of slavery in the world. Information like the Arab involvement in the white slave trade and the ways Arab slave owners treated European Christian Slaves. It turns out that white Europeans aren't really the worlds evil oppressor after all.  In fact, based on the citations and other sources of information found in this pdf you might just say that everything you have ever been taught about the history of the world is a lie. That's pretty significant actually when you consider the likely reaction you will get from almost anyone when you say whites were the first slaves in America. People will believe what they are taught by people appearing to be in positions of authority to teach them. 

Just like anything else, there is probably a substantial amount of information  that someone could use to rebut the information presented in this pdf file, and that's o.k. The whole idea of providing sources and doing research is to come to your own conclusions based on your own research. The hard truth is that none of us were there and no matter how much research we do, we will never know the whole truth, we can only speculate. It is reasonable however, to assume that you can develop a pretty accurate description of history if you find enough evidence supporting the same claim. There is plenty of information out there pertaining to white slavery to come to the conclusion that it is certain to have happened. Why the world ignores it is anybody's guess but, based on the events of the day it is likely that the information is being suppressed because it would interfere with the fundamental transformation to Marxism being implemented through the use of "racism" and the grievance industry. That's why, in my opinion, it is imperative to at least research for ourselves the possibility that we are being fed a false story pertaining to the history of slavery. It is imperative that we learn how to educate ourselves and stop relying on others to tell us what to think.

Its funny because in an article written by the Tea Party economist the author claims that because of the rapidly developing capability of computing power, public schools will be obsolete by the year 2040. In many ways that is amazing, that a computer will be able to "out think" human beings, and people will have this computing power at the tip of their fingers. The reality is that this technology is rarely used by younger generations to research information now, so why would it be in the future? It never ceases to amaze me that kids are walking around with all the knowledge of the world at their disposal, and all they do is play video games. As a substitute teacher I can attest to this. It lends credibility to the notion of "deliberately dumbing down" our education system. Kids are not being encouraged to do research. In fact, I have had several children tell me that their regular teachers rarely ask them questions, and quite often, they only make them watch videos and regurgitate the information presented. What does that tell you about the reality our nation will be facing by 2040?

I got a little off track there but I think you see my point. Without an ability to research on our own, and a willingness to argue the validity of the information found, we are sitting ducks. That's supposed to be the whole point of education in the first place. I have no problem presenting information in an article as I discover it. Its how I educate myself. Sometimes the information isn't always accurate but there is no shame in being wrong, only in failing to try to teach yourself something. There has been several times where commentary from a reader has prompted me to reevaluate my position and others where I have doubled down on mine to prove a point. I think the biggest motivating factor for me is that I want to see people do their own research and if they prove me wrong so be it. I don't mind. 

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Would You Please Stop This Insanity and End the “Gun Free Zones?”... David Risselada

There was another mall shooting today. No doubt in a state with some of the toughest gun laws; and the mall, being a gun free zone, left everyone completely helpless until the shooter decided to shoot himself.  This is just becoming sick as there are certainly people in Maryland, good decent people trained in the use of arms that could have stopped this shooting before it happened.  These people, if they are anything like this author, probably do all they can to avoid any stores that proclaim themselves to be a “gun free zone.” Not to mention that the state of Maryland is a “may issue” state as opposed to a “shall issue” state. This means that those seeking to obtain permission to carry need to prove they have a good and credible reason for doing so. Perhaps the fact that nearly all school and mall shootings have occurred after the declaration of the “gun free zone” is a credible enough reason.  Not in any state run by liberals trying to create a virtual la-la land it isn’t.
It’s bad enough that able bodied people have been disarmed; but the fact that today’s schools will virtually suspend a child for saying the word gun is doing nothing but creating a generation of pansies that couldn’t defend themselves if they needed to.
I think the gun free zone needs to be reevaluated as an article written by the Free Republic in 2009 clearly shows evidence of a corroborated attempt on the part of Islamic Jihadists to formulate a strategy of mass killing by attacking soft targets such as shopping malls.  Many people would discard this idea and believe that ordinary Americans are suddenly for no apparent reason, going on mass shooting rampages. There is no doubt that the lie of increasing cases of fabricated mental disorders like ADHD and BI-Polar are contributing to these attacks, but with no identified biological factor causing these so called illnesses, how is it possible that they could suddenly increase at the rate claimed? Also, the fact that many of these shooters have turned their own guns on themselves is indicative of an Islamic terrorists MO, i.e. the suicide bomber mentality. Finally, let’s not forget that this tactic just played out in Nairobi late last year as a shopping mall in the African Country came under vicious attack from Jihadists leaving many people dead.
Another strange coincidence is how suddenly the weapon of choice for these mass shootings is a pump action shot gun as opposed to an AR-15. Is it possible that there is an attempt to develop a fear for this most basic of guns in the hearts and minds of people? We already know that pump action shot guns made it to Senator Diane Feinstein’s list of “guns she’d like to ban.” There is little doubt that we will see attempts to portray pump action shot guns in the same light as we have seen the demonization of the AR.
I am not claiming that today’s mall shooting was an Islamic terrorist.  God forbid I should hurt their feelings, I am only pointing out the fact that it has been discussed within Islamic circles, and it has happened in Nairobi. You also have to take into consideration the number of Americans we see today converting to Islam. Many of them go overseas and fight for the Islamic cause against western interests. Is it possible that this recent wave of shooting in America is a broader attempt at probing soft targets in order to launch larger assaults? Maybe or maybe not, but the smart way to deal with it would be to assume the worst and arm people who are the most willing and able to respond to such situations, and I don’t mean the police.
Short of an all out dictatorial police state, which the Northeast seems to be rapidly becoming, there is no way the police can respond to all situations. Good people with guns need to be allowed to stop bad people with guns, period. Any other logic in the face of tragedy’s like today’s is just insane.  This is evidenced by the fact that legal gun owners save lives in the face of potential mass shootings. Here is the latest example. Liberals will never admit that armed good guys can stop armed bad guys, unfortunately there are three more victims of a senseless shooting that will never know if a legal concealed carrier could have saved their lives.

Rebutting the Lefts Continuous Accusations of Racism..... David Risselada

 Forward: The information used in this article comes from a position paper I wrote in response to an essay called“White Male, White Privilege.” The essay is available for review at The Radical Conservative. The position I took concerning racism and social justice prompted my professors to claim I wasn’t fit for the field of social work because the whole educational curriculum revolved around the idea of White America oppressing blacks and other minorities, which you know is something I write about quite often. We simply must be ready at a moment’s notice to rebut these claims of racism with facts, and we mustn’t be afraid to educate others about them as well. Its overwhelmingly obvious that the agenda is to cause racial strife while claiming that blacks and other minorities are systematically oppressed. We all know this isn’t true.

Earlier this week, Attorney General Eric Holder once again claimed that the United States of America is a nation of cowards when it comes to the issue of race. Holder originally made this comment in 2009, and in a recent interview, after being asked if he would take it back, refused to do so. He continues to maintain the position that minorities are oppressed by the white male, and Americas society and cultural norms have nothing but negative impacts on minorities and women. This is just another lame example of how the left projects their failures onto the rest of us and uses race as an excuse for everything.  This week we also heard the president accuse America as a whole for not liking him because he is black. This was based on his rapidly diminishing popularity; we also heard him blame Rush Limbaugh for people not liking him. As if we are all like little democratic voters, running around looking for someone to tell us what to think. President Obama and Eric Holder would have you believe that capitalism and our constitution are why we have a divided society when in truth; it is their racial identity politics that leaves this nation more polarized than it has been in decades.
This writer has often tried to turn this argument against the left by trying to show the true racist nature of their policies. We live in a day where believing black people are equal with whites is the new racism. Equality today means equal results instead of equal opportunity, and it can be safely argued that this policy of “socially engineering” equality has been destructive on the very people it was supposed to be helping. A recent example is Eric Holder coming down on public schools if he feels there is racial disparity in how children are punished.  He believes that school systems are punishing black children disproportionately and this should be alleviated. The truth is; failure to hold children accountable for their actions only produces irresponsible adults.  Affirmative Action is another example, while there may have been a time when the democrats Jim Crow laws demanded that action such as this be taken; we are well beyond that now as most white people view blacks as being equal. Most people except for guilt ridden liberal democrats anyway. Their belief that black people need affirmative action has created an entitlement mentality where there is no need for people benefitting from it to live to their fullest potential. It is the victimization and entitlement mentality that leaves generations of blacks trapped in so called “generational poverty.” It is the reinforced belief of being owed, propagated by the likes of Obama, Holder and other liberals that leaves blacks “disproportionately” impoverished.
America is not a racist nation. Most people look back at our history and are appalled at the fact that there was slavery in a nation founded on freedom. This collective guilt was used very effectively by those pushing racial identity politics. In fact, programs like affirmative action are viewed by several black people as being in need of change and no longer needed in a world that has moved past the issue of skin color. In an article published by American Scholar, Ralph Eubanks writes about his grandson being admitted into college because of affirmative action laws. His grandson readily admitted that he did not experience any situation which made him feel as if he needed to depend upon such laws for admission. He didn’t feel as if being “black” was a disadvantage.  Perhaps he would be better off staying out of college, because in today’s world of Critical Race Theory, he would be taught otherwise.
Another example of affirmative action in the academic environment is The University of Michigan’s policy of enrolling a “critical mass” of unrepresented minorities.  Minorities are admitted into academic programs not based on merit but based on a quota system.  How is this fair? Certainly, this policy would leave a person of color who has worked hard to accomplish something in the cold as the quota system would prevent them from even reviewing their records.  This policy also dictates that minorities receive twenty extra bonus points. Again, how does this encourage minority students to pursue academic excellence? It reinforces the mentality that they are owed and leaves those that can excel out in the cold. As far as white privilege goes, because of affirmative action a woman named Barbara Gruter was denied admission to the UofM law school even though she had a GPA of 3.8 and scored a 161 on the Law School admissions teat. With facts like these it is hard to say that whites are oppressing minorities. (Wen, 2002) While a Supreme Court decision forced this school to change their policy based on the above incident, many schools across the nation still use a quota based system.
Eric Holder and Barrack Obama, along with the rest of the racial grievance industry would be better off if they would acknowledge the support that white America has showed for such programs.  Through the 1970’s and the 1980’s white America has overwhelmingly supported programs that helped people who were historically discriminated against, to the tune of 65%. Ironically, throughout the same period, roughly half of the black population opposed programs that automatically granted them privilege over white Americans. This shows that blacks wanted equality of opportunity as opposed to outcome. (Lynch, Fredrick R, William R & Beer, 1990) It should also be noted that racism played a huge role in the election of first black president, and not in the way you may think. Barrack Obama received a huge amount of support from white America. No doubt this reflected a foolish belief that simply voting for a black man would prove they weren’t racist. Cameron Duodo writes in the New African that there were many blacks who were opposed to Obama because he was half white. In fact he references a black priest who condemned Obama because his mother was Caucasian.
Perhaps Eric Holder and Barrack Obama would do themselves well by realizing we are not programmable automatons as they seem to believe. We are capable of making our own decisions based on our own research. Just because there is a small portion of the population who can readily be relied upon to fall in line with these racial identity politics, doesn’t mean the rest of us are just going to sit here and take it. Mr. Obama, Mr. Holder, we the people of the United States are sick and tired of being called racist, when it is overwhelmingly obvious you use the word as a vehicle to transform the nation.

Lee, Wen H. (2002) General Statistics Reverse Discrimination.
Lynch, F & Beer, W. (1990) “You Aint The Right Color Pal” Policy Review, (51), 64
Eubanks, W. (2009) Affirmative Action and After: Now is the Time To Consider Policy That Must Change, But Simply Replacing Race With Class Is Not The Soluition. American Scholar, 78(1), 41-48
Duodo, C. (2008) Do Some Blacks Have A Problem With Obama? New African, 46-47.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Further Erosion of Our Military....Commentary by David Risselada

This is further proof of the extent in which our military is being taken over by radical leftists seeking its destruction. I am so glad my military service is done as there is no way I would be able to keep my mouth shut over this. Throughout the past few years moves have been made to silence Christians in the service and now those who profuse to hate Christians are allowed to display their faith while in Uniform. The military has had policies in place for many years which prohibited the showing of faith while in uniform, though it was perfectly acceptable to to wear a discreet symbol of your religion so as long as it was covered, i.e. a cross or whatever. Given the current political climate I have no reason to believe that the military isn't being purposely stacked with those loyal to liberal ideals who hate what it once stood for.

This is Quite Alarming....From my Friends at The Save America Foundation

I just read this article that's posted at SAF and thought it to be quite alarming. Apparently there is an extremely wealthy Muslim living in Pennsylvania that has some major influence on world events. Not only that he, is responsible for setting up Muslim schools across the country. Purportedly, the man is worth some 25 billion dollars, so while we are constantly being bombarded with wealth inequality lectures and looked down upon for Islamaphobic tendencies, you can rest assure it is a smoke screen. Its is a "blame the other guy" Marxist tactic.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Testimony from EPA Official article is is about the testimony given by an ousted EPA official. It was admitted by this person that Obamas plan for the EPA was to be a vehicle in which to destroy Americas Capitalist system.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Three Fifths Compromise and the Incremental Abolishing of Slavery....... David Risselada

On any given day it is likely some leftist college professor is using his position of power to influence young minds into viewing the constitution in a negative light. Never teaching how it guarantees people’s rights and limits government’s power; today’s professors push their opinions that it was a document that protected the institution of slavery. Most kids have come up through high school even, believing that the United States was founded by rich white men who only founded the country for the purpose of propagating their own interests and protecting their power and influence. The founding fathers were slave owners and therefore they were racists. This is all the interpretation of left wing ideologues seeking to use the minds of our young men and women as vehicles of social change. While the issue of slavery certainly is a scar in the history of our nation, it is one that sadly is not being taught accurately.
There are many elements missing from the story of slavery in the United States. First and foremost, the left would have you believe that slavery was primarily a white imperialist institution that was used to secure the power of greedy white men in America. What students are unlikely to learn is that slavery existed all over the world and as early as the 1300 and 1400’s Arabs were purchasing slaves from African tribe leaders and selling them across the globe.  Men were sold into servitude for salt, gold, wine and other goods. Secondly, African slaves were not even the first to be brought to American shores. The peoples of Eastern Europe known as The Slavs, which is where the word slave is derived from, arrived some time before African slaves. In fact, when African Slaves did arrive they were treated better and were worth far more than the white slaves. Africans that had been freed from servitude had actually been able to own these white slaves as well. These are just a couple of examples of what is missing from our history books.
The truth about the constitution and how it pertains to the issue of slavery is quite different indeed than what leftist radicals wish to foster upon our young people. While our founding fathers may have been slave owners, they were also men of conscience. It was the writing of the constitution itself that actually paved the way for the abolishment of slavery. The founding fathers knew that a nation founded on freedom would not be able to maintain such an institution. In some ways you could argue that the abolishing of slavery is akin to the one hundred year plan of the communists to change our culture. The founding fathers knew that abolishing slavery would be no easy feat but nonetheless they took incremental steps in doing so.
One of these incremental methods written into the constitution itself is the three fifths compromise. Ever a favorite clause of the leftists; it is one they often use to spark a reaction from unsuspecting students. Imagine if you will being lectured to about the institution of slavery and a professor callously proclaims that the founders only viewed blacks as being three fifths a person.  That’s how they turn people into Anti American “change agents.”  This is easy to do of course because these students generally know nothing about the constitution or the subject of apportionment for representation. This pertains to how many representatives a state may have based on its population. Do you see where this is going?
The three fifths compromise was levied against the southern slave owning states as a “collective” method of counting the slaves. The “three fifths” meant that the slaves were only counted as three fifths of their population in order to limit the number of representatives the slave owning states could send to the congress. Thus limiting the influence the slave states had in the legislature. They also did something that forced the slave owner states into an attitude of impartiality towards the institution itself. This provided “conflicting interests” if you will that eventually aided in the abolishing of slavery. They applied the same “three fifths” rule as a means of determining the south’s tax liability that was based on representation. These measures together were anti slavery provisions in the constitution that worked to lessen the influence of slave states and the incentive to keep slavery alive as an institution. (The Heritage Guide to the Constitution)
While many in education are pushing the idea that the constitution was written to protect slavery, and the three fifths compromise was a racist clause written to subjugate Africans, the truth is clearly the opposite. The writing of the constitution paved the way for the freeing of the slaves and the abolishing of the institution from American shores. How many nations, at the time the thirteenth amendment was ratified, still maintained legal forms of slavery? Many nations to this day still do. In fact the United States was one of the first to make slavery illegal and that is what our young people should be taught. If you are a young student tired of your leftist professor’s delusional diatribes, throw this at them next they say the founding fathers were racists.

Abortion, The Real Racism....David Risselada

I cannot for the life of me get over this one. I am so sick and tired of being called a racist and a hater while these lies continue. President Barrack Obama has been one of the biggest advocates of abortion while at the same time hiding behind his race card on an almost daily basis. As an Illinois senator he voted to allow babies that had survived abortion attempts to be killed after birth. This was the Born Alive Infant Protection Act. Through his signature legislation, Obamacare, the president has attempted to force everyone, against their own consciences, to participate in the liberals demented dreams of abortion on demand. All the while he is able to obscure the sad truth about abortion by continually playing the race card.
Many know this but just as a reminder, Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, had all but admitted that one of the purposes of the organization was the elimination of blacks. Sanger, a eugenicists believed in removing societies less desirable's, it was believed that by doing this poverty would be eliminated. I think it’s safe to say that this goal has definitely not been obtained, even after the deaths of 56 million innocent babies since 1973. I can certainly think of many people who are far less desirable than innocent babies. Why can’t we get rid of them? Send them all off to liberal la la land or something.
With Governor Cuomo’s recent remarks concerning pro life advocates and their “rights” to live in New York, you have to ask yourself if Cuomo is admitting to being a racist himself. In New York for every 1000 black babies that were born alive, over 1200 were aborted. This is the only racial demographic in the country that aborts more of its children as opposed to giving birth to them. Since Rowe vs. Wade 17 million black babies have been aborted. That is astounding because blacks only make up 13 percent of the population but as evidenced in this article actually comprise 35% of abortions.
Looking at these statistics one would almost assume that blacks were being intentionally targeted for abortion. The problem is that wouldn't be an assumption. Recent research has proven that Planned Parenthood specifically locates in minority neighborhoods. In fact, 79% of their clinics are in black or Hispanic neighborhoods. It’s becoming easier to understand why so many black babies are needlessly aborted.
The main issue is the one of democrats and liberals always accusing the conservatives for being racist. As a conservative I believe black people are just as protected under the U.S. constitution as white people and I believe they have the God Given right to life and the pursuit of happiness. Through abortion and all of their other social engineering programs which specifically target minorities, liberals obviously don’t believe this. They tend to hold on this demented worldview that blacks and other minorities need their social engineering, they need their help or else they will all be living in abject poverty. Through programs like affirmative action it’s obvious that liberals believe black people are not able to live in a competitive world and accomplish their dreams based on their own merits. Wouldn't that make them the racists?

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A Country Gone To Pot: A Short Analysis On The Legalization Of Marijuana. Of course, This Is Just My Opinion..... David Risselada

If you haven’t noticed, I like to write. Sometimes I just sit down and start reflecting on the events of the day, week or month and let my feelings pour out on paper. Usually, and I think it’s because I spent so much time around communists dingalings in college, there is something I can draw upon from my own experience to give a story my own little flare.
 Here’s a good example. President Obama, just this week, commented on his belief that marijuana is far less dangerous than alcohol. That’s funny to me because one of my professors, one I had written about before who had attended Columbia University, said the same lame brained thing one day in class before going on an anti second amendment tangent. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing; this guy was actually standing in front of college students claiming that marijuana is harmless. Ironically, he said this the very same day I had read a study which concluded that marijuana damages memory and can potentially destroy sperm production in men. This is not to mention the fact that marijuana smoke contains more carcinogens than tobacco and makes many people who smoke it excessively, dumber than a rock, which of course is why the government would consider legalizing it. Anyhow, being who I was at the time, I decided to put this guy on the spot and challenge his assertions based on the information I had read in the study. He stood his ground and acted as if the information I had was useless, and because he had been a professor for many years I should just listen to him; of course, he is a typical liberal. This is when it all started making sense to me, this guy; this 60+ year old social work professor was….. a stoner. He was coming to class higher than a kite; you could tell by the way he would just go on and on while seemingly glaring off into space, yet being intently interested in what he was talking about, as if he was really into himself.  This is also when I realized that the likely reason so many people have been so misled by Obama’s fairy tale promises was because they are all on dope!
Many libertarians take the position that marijuana should be legalized. For all practical purposes I can’t really name any “urgent issues” pertaining to why it shouldn’t be. There certainly is potential to rake in some needed revenue as, at this point, I am convinced more than half the country is up in smoke. Personally, I feel as if the legal reasoning is the last argument I have to keep my children away from it. Legalizing it would mean there is no “moral” justification I could use to convince them to not try it. No justification that a teenager would listen to anyway.
Obviously, the president is making these comments in lieu of his dropping poll numbers. Word has it that he is considering legalization. I wouldn’t allow this America and here’s why, a stoned society is one that cannot be trusted to be armed. Accepting the legalization of marijuana is surrendering your rights in favor of a false sense of freedom. A nation where everyone is high is much more likely to just go along with the program America. Also, given the likelihood that sales will be regulated by the government, it could be used to restrict your gun rights in the sense that they know how much pot you are smoking, and will be in a position to declare what is or isn’t “mentally safe.”  Here’s another thing you need to consider; do you really want to have the sickening feeling in your stomach that an election was lost to a communist because everyone who voted was stoned?
Many people would argue that legalizing marijuana wouldn’t automatically equate to more smokers. This is hard to determine, you would first have to figure out how many people are not using the drug simply because it is illegal. You also have to consider that the generation coming up would no longer have the legal barrier, and that would, in the minds of many young people, remove a major psychological obstacle. I don’t think that people who currently refrain from marijuana use would suddenly become potheads, however; the potential is there to see the number of users rise dramatically if the drug is legalized. Not to mention the fact that marijuana is known for being the biggest gateway drug, so legalizing it doesn’t necessarily mean you would be keeping people happy and away from harder drugs. The truth is, you would be encouraging the use of harder drugs as legalization doesn’t change the fact that people build a tolerance to it.

It’s no surprise to see the issue of legalizing marijuana being brought to the nation’s attention. President Obama, in an act of desperation may feel as if he would be regaining the support of the millennia’s that he has lost as a result of Obamacare. It would make him seem like a cool and hip president. It doesn’t surprise me one bit that they would actually legalize something that would potentially just make the nation “less aware” of what is going on around them, and more likely to take a “go along to get along” attitude towards everything. Be honest and ask yourself a question. Have you ever known a pothead who cared about anything other than being a pothead? Have you ever known a pothead that would be able to make wise decisions concerning issues like voting and preserving constitutional rights? Don’t let them do this America, its one more step towards total enslavement.

A Piece of History We Need to Remember

This article was sent to me from a friend of mine. Its ironic because as you read you realize that the very places that that will be historically remembered as the beginnings of liberty, are the very places you see it dying now. The Northeastern states are where the revolution against British tyranny began. This article focuses on the state of Massachusetts and the battles that ensued upon attempts to infringe upon the colonists rights to keep and bear arms. Today, Massachusetts is the state where last year, we witnessed Militarized police force people from their homes at gun point in order to find one terrorist. Ironically it wasn't even the police who found him, it was a civilian. New York is now a state where a leftist governor can tell certain people they are not welcome there, and Connecticut? Well, we just saw the residents of the state of Connecticut voluntarily line up to register their firearms in the foolish hopes that one day they will not be confiscated. I wanted to share this article with you because this is a piece of history we need to remember if we are to muster the courage to stand for our rights.

Monday, January 20, 2014

The Word Racism is Communist Propaganda..... David Risselada

This morning I wrote a little parody mocking Obama’s pouty attitude that nobody likes him because he is black. I discussed all the various reasons that have nothing to do with race that people actually have for disliking the divisive president. I also wrote a piece discussing the dehumanizing morality of the left in which they effortlessly decry the efforts of those opposing their agenda as being less than human.  This is how all genocides begin, by taking away peoples humanity and for all practical purposes, making it seem as if eliminating them from society will bring about the new promised world of liberal Utopianism.  President Obama, by claiming the nation opposes his agenda because of racism is actually attempting to portray us as being irrational, hate filled and lacking a sense of humanity. For only people driven by hatred and possessing a shallow soul would hate a man based on skin color. Obama would have you believe this is the whole of the United States. If you are a liberal who has turned on Obama, you are part of that equation as well. As is the case with all socialists, they use the useful idiots until they are no longer useful and then, they turn on them. Obama is turning on all of his supporters by claiming racism as the reason his poll numbers are dwindling.
We are at a very dangerous cross road here America. The nation has been divided to the point where many people actually believe opposition to Obama is based on skin color alone. That means that in the eyes of many, white conservatives have become less than human. The word racism itself has been used to cause this division for decades. Universities poison the minds of young students with white privilege and claim that racism means anything from an imbalance of political power to an existence of more hair salons for white people as opposed to blacks. Racism in America has transcended a definition based on burning hatred to meaning one must support the idea that blacks are unable to achieve anything without the help of government, or be labeled a racist. This is Black Liberation Theology, and it is dangerous. It keeps the flames of hatred alive and justifies its propagation as blacks will always have an excuse because they are “oppressed” by whites. The sad reality however; blacks falling for this are being oppressed by the people pushing this ideology. They are but the means to achieve the ends, which is authoritarian totalitarianism.  As long as the left can keep the memories of oppression alive they will never turn their eyes from it and see the truth, because they are the beneficiaries of the entitlement lie. They have been taught that they will never be accepted in a white man’s world and because of slavery, they deserve what the white man has.
While this has been covered by others such as Bradlee Dean, it can’t be stressed enough because only by understanding history can we prevent ourselves from repeating it. The word racism is a communist invention that was specifically designed to silence those that were viewed as standing in the way of communist goals. Coined by the founder of the Red Army, Leon Trotsky, the term racism was invented to give the impression that the Eastern Slavs of Russia were selfish and greedy for doing nothing more than wanting to preserve their cultural identity. Sound familiar?
Making people seem less than human for opposing the “enlightened global vision of the elite” has been one of the biggest objectives of the communists. They use this tactic in almost all of their endeavors from global warming to gun control. You are backwards and less than rational for opposing global warming because who could possibly be against saving the planet for future generations? You are a backwards, primitive Neanderthal for believing in gun ownership because, obviously guns are dangerous to children and we no longer live in that type of society. These arguments are but examples of the same way the word racism has been used to silence us from speaking truth. To oppose a black president in the United States, after the years of horrible oppression they have faced at the hands of white imperialists is racist because it shows an inability to adapt to the times and let go of the past. Believing that blacks don’t need programs like affirmative action is racist because it denies them ties to their historic roots of slavery and assumes that those scars don’t exist within their psyche. Believing they can achieve in a white man’s world is to deny them their culture. This is the poison that they would have you believe.
Beware; President Obama knows what he is doing when he deliberately attempts to label the nation as “racist” for opposing his socialism. He knows that his commentary will be ridiculed by conservatives; in fact he is counting on it. There are enough people in the country who are loyal followers of Obama that after making such a claim, anything said in response will only add to the flames which were lit when he was first elected. Any response to his claim will be viewed as absolute proof of our racism because they have been robbed of the ability to think for themselves by the very communists seeking to use them in pursuit of their objective.  Only by being educated by communists can people be “dumbed down” enough to accept it. With the constant barrage of white privilege, the DOJ’s refusal to prosecute black on white violence as hate crimes, the imminent passing of amnesty and the continuous assaults on traditional American values it is perfectly clear what the intention of the left is. They are dehumanizing any opposition so they can organize a power base against those they perceive to be a threat to their agenda. This is the communist way. A brief glimpse of history will remind us where this goes next.

Poor President Obama...... David Risselada

In the above article President Obama claims in an interview that people don’t like him because he’s black.  This is certainly no surprise as his approval ratings are the lowest of his entire presidency. History shows us that free nations are never in more danger from their own governments than when their leaders are desperate.  President Obama is desperate, and in his usual fashion is relying on the race card in order to whip up sympathy.
The truth is no one cares that he’s black. The fact that he uses the race card to this extent, when the vast majority of white Americans voted for him precisely because he’s black, says a lot about his true character. He will throw all who support him under the bus in order to save face. Perhaps people have come to see this inherent “character flaw” and that’s why they don’t like him. I’m just saying.
I can’t imagine that the reason his approval ratings have dropped so low has anything to do with The Affordable Care Act, AKA Obamacare, can you? Not only have millions of people lost their insurance but Obama and the rest of the communist left continue to act as we should be thankful to have this monstrosity forced upon us. Every day you read about another individual who lost their care and can no longer get the treatment they need, because of Obamacare. No, the fact that he was caught red handed lying has nothing to do with it, it’s because he’s black. After all, racist white people wouldn’t care if a white president lied to them and stole their health insurance.
Maybe, and I’m going out on a limb here, but maybe people want to feel proud to be an American again. Perhaps we are tired of being lectured to about greed and wealth inequality from a president who takes millions of our tax dollars and goes on lavish vacations. Maybe people are realizing a president who bows to a Saudi king and a Chinese communist doesn’t really have the interest of freedom at heart. Maybe we are tired of being told we are arrogant, selfish and “bitter clingers” while the president takes away our money and gives it to people who have no intent of respecting our ideals of hard work and sacrifice. Maybe, just maybe we are tired of being told we didn’t build that.
Certainly, there is no way that people are upset that throughout his entire presidency, Obama and his Department of Homeland Security has gone to great lengths to label Christians, veterans, gun owners, pro lifers and others opposing his agenda as extreme right wing terrorists. That cant possibly be why people don’t like him, can it? Maybe people who have never committed a crime, but are now being called terrorists because they own a gun, can’t figure out why he is so opposed to self defense rights but supports the killing of babies in “after birth abortions.” After all, his gun control efforts revolve around the safety of children but we all know how hard he fights to discredit those that believe in life and oppose the death of innocence.  Nope, that’s not it, it’s because he’s black.
You know, maybe it’s because he tries so hard to keep society divided along racial lines by playing the victim card all the time, by convincing minorities they are all oppressed victims. Maybe it’s overwhelmingly obvious that Obama’s disdain for American ideals is fueling his destructive desire for “fundamental transformation.” Maybe it’s because we are not the stupid programmable automatons he assumes us to be and he’s shocked that we actually have the audacity to question his superior wisdom.  Perhaps it’s the fact that he uses class warfare to fan the flames of discontent, then takes our money and allows his buddies in “green energy” to go bankrupt with it. Maybe it’s because we continue to lose jobs and our wealth continues to decline. Maybe it’s because there are more people on welfare than working and he has the balls to tell us it’s good for the economy without flinching. Maybe, just maybe, people don’t like president Obama because everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie designed to advance the cause of socialism in America.
No, none of this has anything to do with it. President Obama would have you believe that we are so shallow and so racist we despise him simply because he’s black. That’s why nobody likes him.