Wednesday, January 29, 2014

This is Scary Stuff....... David Rissleada

As a young marine stationed in Twenty Nine Palms California in the 1990’s, I became certified in the Marine Corps chemical decontamination procedures.  All service members go through a certain amount of chemical training, they have to demonstrate an ability to don and clear their gas mask while exposed to the harsh CS gas, and they must be able to put on their chemical suits in a “hurried fashion.”  Perhaps you are a marine veteran and you remember going through the gas chamber at Camp Pendleton. It was hell to say the least. Being trained in decontamination procedures means you are part of a specialized team that would “take charge” of an area that has been attacked with nuclear, biological or chemical (NBC) weapons and essentially decontaminate equipment and personal.  One of the most interesting points about the training was the exposure to a couple of videos in which the military readily admits they performed classified experiments on service members. One of these videos can be seen here . These experiments were conducted with hallucinogenic drugs like LSD and mescaline. While the original intent of such testing was supposedly to counter Soviet attempts to use the drugs as a method of interrogation, conspiracy theories abound about a much darker purpose which involved brain washing and even the creation of “sleeper agents” that could be awoken to carry out a preprogrammed task that the individual is not consciously aware of. These programs were known as MK Ultra.
This is interesting considering the fact that today, nearly seventy percent of our population is currently taking some type of psychotropic medication.  Is there a connection? I don’t know, but what is clear is that these drugs influence behavior and in many cases may cause people to carry out homicidal acts. Most (if not all) of the recent mass shooting incidents involved shooters who were taking heavy doses of SSRI’s, (serotonin reuptake inhibitors) and in the case of the Sandy Hook shooter in Newtown Connecticut, certain companies are trying very hard to keep this information from becoming public.  The only logical conclusion that can be drawn from this information is that we currently have a government exploiting tragedies they know they are lying about to push an anti gun agenda, while simultaneously protecting the very people that profit from the likely cause of such tragedies.  The profits incidentally are in the billions.
Is it possible that these military experiments had a darker purpose still, one that we currently see coming to fruition? I would argue yes because the consciousness of the nation has surely been affected by the fact so many people are using these drugs. If the social scientists of the 1950’s and 60’s could use drugs like LSD in order to see how readily subjects would give up information, wouldn’t it be possible that decades later their mental manipulation techniques have evolved far beyond that capability? Would it be possible to create a compliant, non questioning society that would willingly go along with almost anything? Aldous Huxley believed that such a society could be created through the use of pharmacology.
“There will be, in the next generation or so, a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude, and producing dictatorship without tears…..they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda or brainwashing, or brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological methods.  This seems to be the final revolution.”
I’m not sure if there is another quote that so chillingly reflects today’s society. Is it possible that the social engineers and central planners are counting on the fact that most of us are on some sort of mood altering substance in order to advance a socialist agenda? Is it possible that they believe they can manipulate our emotions and guide our reactions to tragedies like Sandy Hook based on the fact that they know many of us are doped up on anti depressants? The answer to that question is evident by how frequently these drugs are prescribed. I was given a prescription for an anti depressant from the V.A. simply because I said my arm was numb from a pinched nerve. It is also apparent that there is an ulterior motive considering the fact that these drugs are now marketed to children, and in many cases children can be prescribed these drugs based on the recommendations of an elementary school teacher.
I would also argue that this agenda is behind the push for the legalization of marijuana. Let’s face it; people high on marijuana are not likely the ones to be giving anyone a hard time as they are likely to want to go along to get along. One of the arguments for the legalization of marijuana involves the fact that the mental health industry views its use as an illness that needs treatment instead of a crime. That’s fine, however; we know that the current push for gun control revolves around the idea of being prohibited from gun ownership if seeking mental health treatment. This article proves that there is a connection between the legalization of marijuana and gun control. Illinois legislators are trying to pass a bill in which applying for a medical marijuana permit will require the surrendering of your second amendment rights.
America, it is beyond obvious that there is an agenda to implement social controls using the mental health industry and pharmacological drugs. The new DSM V is about to be released with a significant higher amount of diagnosable “mental disorders” than the previous version. While it is over whelming obvious that not all Americans can be so easily influenced, it doesn’t change the fact that millions of our children are still being given these types of drugs for fake disorders like “operational defiance disorder,”  and if we don’t wake up to the connection between psychotropic drugs, mass shootings and the fact that government is attempting to pacify us in order to get us to accept their socialism, we will have hell to pay, and the only people we will be able to blame will be us.

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  1. The face of pure evil when the mental health doctor becomes the judge..jury..and executioner. Elitist eugenics rears it's ugly head. This is prevented by having a required jury trial system but the trend is away from jury's because they cost more. The right to a trial, and a random chosen jury and the routine use of a new jury for a new trial is the true safeguard of civilized society. In fact we are de-evolving and becoming less civilized as we cut corners by allowing judges to serve as the jury in non felony cases. The Grand Jury has been twisted into a tool of the State. It was intended to be the tool of the common law person for investigating crimes against the people as well as crimes against the State. The peoples Grand Jury could end this tierney by bringing charges against people employed by the State. It is even more powerful than the Bill Of Rights because it is the source of our Constitution and it can pass judgement on every law under the Constitution or not. Imagine a grand jury (24) convened by random lottery to investigate the Presidents birth records, campaign finance records, or ties to organized labor. Even the NSA should be investigated by the average "Joe the plumber" and "Sally the socialite". Grand Juries and trial juries is where real liberty and justice is safeguarded. The State sanctioned Doctor or Judge giving orders to confine a citizen is extremely dangerous without the inquisitional powers of a real peoples Grand Jury. Also google "the peoples grand jury"