Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Abortion, The Real Racism....David Risselada

I cannot for the life of me get over this one. I am so sick and tired of being called a racist and a hater while these lies continue. President Barrack Obama has been one of the biggest advocates of abortion while at the same time hiding behind his race card on an almost daily basis. As an Illinois senator he voted to allow babies that had survived abortion attempts to be killed after birth. This was the Born Alive Infant Protection Act. Through his signature legislation, Obamacare, the president has attempted to force everyone, against their own consciences, to participate in the liberals demented dreams of abortion on demand. All the while he is able to obscure the sad truth about abortion by continually playing the race card.
Many know this but just as a reminder, Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, had all but admitted that one of the purposes of the organization was the elimination of blacks. Sanger, a eugenicists believed in removing societies less desirable's, it was believed that by doing this poverty would be eliminated. I think it’s safe to say that this goal has definitely not been obtained, even after the deaths of 56 million innocent babies since 1973. I can certainly think of many people who are far less desirable than innocent babies. Why can’t we get rid of them? Send them all off to liberal la la land or something.
With Governor Cuomo’s recent remarks concerning pro life advocates and their “rights” to live in New York, you have to ask yourself if Cuomo is admitting to being a racist himself. In New York for every 1000 black babies that were born alive, over 1200 were aborted. This is the only racial demographic in the country that aborts more of its children as opposed to giving birth to them. Since Rowe vs. Wade 17 million black babies have been aborted. That is astounding because blacks only make up 13 percent of the population but as evidenced in this article actually comprise 35% of abortions.
Looking at these statistics one would almost assume that blacks were being intentionally targeted for abortion. The problem is that wouldn't be an assumption. Recent research has proven that Planned Parenthood specifically locates in minority neighborhoods. In fact, 79% of their clinics are in black or Hispanic neighborhoods. It’s becoming easier to understand why so many black babies are needlessly aborted.
The main issue is the one of democrats and liberals always accusing the conservatives for being racist. As a conservative I believe black people are just as protected under the U.S. constitution as white people and I believe they have the God Given right to life and the pursuit of happiness. Through abortion and all of their other social engineering programs which specifically target minorities, liberals obviously don’t believe this. They tend to hold on this demented worldview that blacks and other minorities need their social engineering, they need their help or else they will all be living in abject poverty. Through programs like affirmative action it’s obvious that liberals believe black people are not able to live in a competitive world and accomplish their dreams based on their own merits. Wouldn't that make them the racists?

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