Sunday, January 26, 2014

Muslim Warfare in Wisconsin.....Forward by David R.

From Janna Brock....
                                 The effects of mass Muslim migration is starting to show its ugly head. All those that turn a blind eye to it will likely suffer the consequences. While we are being beat down with constant accusations of racism and intolerance, people like these "Somali  gang bangers" are being allowed into the country. They are also being aided and abetted in their violence by a media that is scared to death of offending Islam. Must be because Islamic radicals are so well known for their exemplary tolerance. There is little doubt that this "multicultural" society is being created with the explicit purpose of allowing chaos to spin out of control. There is no way these Somali warlords can live peacefully, side by side with themselves let alone Christian Americans. We are in a lot of trouble folks, its time to reach down and grab a hold.

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