Thursday, January 2, 2014

Discrediting America and Building up Communism-Analyzing the Stated Goals of the Communist Party.....David Risselada

Communist Goal # 31: Belittle all forms of American culture and discourage the teaching of American history on the grounds that it was only a minor part in the big picture. Give more emphasis to Russian history since the Communists took over.
Joseph Goebbels will always be remembered for his role as Adolph Hitler’s minister of propaganda in which he preached the now familiar phrase “Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes truth.” There certainly is a plethora of examples in modern day America in which we can draw that give credibility to that statement. Everything we hear is either a lie, or a spin on the truth that twists the mind of the uninformed in an effort to guide them towards the lefts agenda. Chaos reigns supreme as Americans stand in shock and feel enveloped in betrayal as so called conservative leaders jump on board Obama’s choo choo train of fundamental transformation and fail to take the lead in the face of Onamacares obvious failures.
While many Americans find themselves confused over the current state of events, they can rest assure that confusion and chaos are indeed fulfilling their purpose. Hopelessness and despair are what is driving this train, and rather than facing the threat of derailment it is about to pull into its home station. Alinskyites rejoice as they realize their goal of creating a sense of helplessness among the population brings them closer to their collective utopia. With conservatives acting like liberals and America fast becoming a totalitarian police state, uneducated Americans will be willing to accept anything in its place. This was the reason American history and the subject of constitutional governance has all but vanquished from our public school curriculums. Today’s kids have no frame of reference in which to compare today’s America to the America of a century ago. Even the America I remember as a child is a beacon of freedom compared to what we are experiencing today.
David Horiwitz speaks on this lack of reference by citing the actual collapse of the Soviet Union. (American Betrayal, Diane West) Because our current generation has no large failing communistic state to compare our current fascination with the collective, the lefts agenda advances unimpeded. While many will point to the obvious failed state of North Korea, the discrediting of our history and our character has many of our youngsters believing we are the oppressor and that North Korea is a utopian paradise because everyone supposedly has a job. It should also be noted that during the early twentieth century, because of America’s support of the Soviet Union against Germany, the atrocities being committed there went virtually unreported. The Soviet Union was largely viewed by the world as a workers’ paradise where government ensured total equality among the masses.  In fact, one reporter in particular, Walter Durantry, deliberately misled the world about the murderous regime in the Soviet Union out of a sense of apologetic sympathy. Much of this could also be attributed to the Lend Lease Program where the U.S. Government was deeply involved in providing the Soviet Union military goods, but that is for another article.
The main point here is that in the eyes of today’s youth, those lost souls generally referred to as generation X, America has become the oppressor. In the eyes of many the last decade has been reminiscing of unneeded wars and the countless deaths of innocents for nothing more than control of Mideast oil.  George Bush did a great job of destroying America’s image on the world stage. Many principled conservatives have realized the fallacy of the Iraq war as many Iraqi children are still bearing birth deformities as a result of the depleted uranium deployed by U.S. forces. The American people, as a result were willing to replace the Bush administration with anything, even someone they did not understand; which brings us to Barrack Hussein Obama.
Five years after the hope and change has proven to be nothing but the same old song and dance, Barrack Obama is on a war path. Not only is he deploying unmanned drones that are responsible for the deaths of thousands of children, his administration is also responsible for the first assassination of an American Citizen by the U.S. government. Well, official assassination anyway. Barrack Obama has also waged an illegal campaign in war torn Libya that is now falling to the radical Islamists and is responsible for arming the very Al-Qaeda terrorists that our soldiers have been fighting. Need I remind you of Egypt as well?  In the eyes of the world and many Americans, we have become the aggressors, waging wars of imperialism. In recent articles I have described the Blueprint for A New American Century which was a detailed plan for maintaining U.S. military dominance in a changing middle east. PNAC laid out the plans for the wars we have recently been witness too, including Libya and Syria. This plan originated in the Clinton White house and has been pursued relentlessly since its inception. The end goal is obviously regime change in Iran as all of these countries we have waged war against strategically surround the Islamic nation.
What should strike fear in the hearts of all Americans are the events that took place concerning Syria. Read the quotation at the top of this article very carefully as you consider the following. While our dictator in chief insisted that he has an absolute right to attack Syria with or without congressional approval, he not only appearred as an aggressive warmonger, but an inept one at that as his plan had no clear objective. What’s the point of lobbing one hundred fifty tomahawk cruise missiles if you don’t want to take out Assad or remove his supposed chemical weapons? While this was occurring Vladimir Putin came on the scene with a calm and rational demeanor, appearing for all practical purposes,  to have been able to broker a deal to secure Assad’s chemical weapons. This is a deal that Assad himself had agreed to. If this proceeds in this manner, than America will have been thoroughly discredited and Russia, a country with a deplorable history of murdering their own citizens in the name of communism, will have emerged the hero. Another relevant example where Vladimr Putin, for all practical purposes, is appearing to be the voice of reason is his principled stand against Islamic terrorism. I would urge Americans to be cautious when being encouraged to view Putin in a positive light. He was once a member of the KGB and they were masters of deception and psychological warfare.
We must remember that the number one goal of those seeking to fundamentally transform our nation is to discredit our culture and they are willing to use any means to accomplish this goal. Only by manipulating Americans to believe that all hope is gone can they have any chance of instilling the type of “world order” they envision on us, and this is global communism. By destroying Americas image and building up Vladimir Putin they are attempting to discredit your constitution and trick you into accepting global communism as an alternative.
Promote the U.N. as the only hope for mankind. If its charter is rewritten, demand that it be set up as a one world government with its own independent armed forces. (Some Communist leaders believe that the world can be taken over just as easily by the U.N. than by Moscow. Sometimes these two centers compete with each other as they are now doing in the Congo.)

America, it seems we are approaching the end game here and time is running out.

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