Saturday, January 4, 2014

John Dewey, Father of the Modern Day Nincompoop.....David Risselada

Read this article, “Political Conservatism as Motivation for Social Cognition.” Written by a couple of liberal progressive sociologists, the article claims that political conservatives are mentally ill because of our resistance to “change.” They go on to say that we tolerate the inequalities of an unjust society simply because it benefits us financially to keep minorities down. (That’s an interesting philosophy, seeing as though it was the Democrat Party who created the Great Society welfare programs that left millions of blacks dependent on government.) I think the key word here is change. Change has become the buzz word of the century and people who are commonly referred to as low info voters by our favorite talk show hosts use this word to describe everything they don’t understand. In fact, if there is something about our system they don’t understand, they begin their quest for “social change” through political and social activism. There is nothing more entertaining than asking young Democrat activists what they are protesting and watching them struggle to define “Social Change.”  
Well, it’s safe to say that a lot of things are changing, and one of those things is the idea of an absolute morality. Much of the “change” we are witnessing today is understood by many die hard constitutional patriots as being Marxist in origin, and it is, however there is another player that many may not be familiar with. If they are it is for a different reason. John Dewey, the inventor of the Dewey Decimal System is also known as the father of modern education. If we know one thing for sure about today’s education system it is that they are spitting out the worlds dumbest educated people. This is a result of John Deweys efforts to transform our education into something that would produce a new global citizen who only knew how to follow directions and not to think for themselves. John was a totalitarian socialist who was an admirer of the Soviet model of education. What we call competency based education today was something that the Soviets used to condition their masses to understand that it was the role of the government to determine what they would do for a living. The focus was on competency based outcomes that led people to a predetermined profession rather than teaching them how to choose a profession. (Can anyone say Common Core Curriculum?) If you are paying attention to our education system today than this will make sense to you, if not it may seem like a silly conspiracy theory.
John Dewey was also known as being one of the main authors of the Humanist Manifesto, which is described as being an Americanized version of the communist manifesto. In some ways you could argue that it was John Dewey who introduced Marxism into our school systems. Humanism works off the premise that religion is obsolete and has outlived its usefulness. Instead of looking to God man must look to its own achievements through science to satisfy human needs and social advancements. In other words Humanism in America is responsible for the removal of God in our public schools and it is because of a man best known for indexing library books.
Many of the leftist ideologies revolve around the same concepts. Darwinism actually seems to be the golden ticket. For instance, Marx adopted Darwins theory of evolution to complete his theory on economic communism because it explained natural history in a way that justified his desires to subjugate the human will to the state. In the case of John Dewey, Darwinism provided the belief that the highest form of evolution was “continuous positive change.” These are the roots of what we see in “hope and change” today folks. The goal was to remove society from its roots, (God) and teach them that we evolve and that because we evolve the notion of an absolute morality was absurd, thus the birth of moral relativism in America. John Dewey believed it was the job of our education system to teach students to be good global citizens ready to surrender their ambitions to the state. Believing that “change” is the highest ideal, and evolution is necessary to achieve change there can be no absolutes because absolutes do not change, they are set in stone. God is absolute and the word of God does not change, therefore the word of God is bad. John Dewey also referred to our constitution in that manner, believing that it was not relevant because it was not meant to change. Many people remember president Obama saying that the constitution was a hindrance to progress. He is cut from the same clothe.

As we continue to watch our nation “change” we need to step up to those that are being trained to change it and show them what they are changing it too. We need to reverse their thinking and show them that we need to change from a totalitarian dictatorship back into a constitutional republic. The reason I started with the political article is because it shows you just what the left thinks about those who they view as being unwilling to “change.” It shows you precisely where our education system has taken generations of Americans and turned them into non thinking nincompoops. It is hard to determine if the authors of that article really believe what they are saying or if they have an agenda, but it is what the left believes. They believe you stand in the way in the way of change and according to John Dewey it is wrong to put faith in things that don’t change. To the left wing nincompoop, conservatism means being rigid and un-accepting to change, therefore, because of this, conservatives will always be wrong.  The truth is, it is today’s liberal that is unwilling to divert from their rigid ideology of change. They are unwilling to accept the premise that their old ideas of collectivism don’t work and it was the founding fathers ideals of liberty that represented a “new movement” in a world of totalitarian monarchs. Perhaps it is the socialist liberal who needs to be called a conservative and those of who believe in freedom should be the liberals. 

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