Thursday, January 30, 2014

Culmination of the Culture War.....Forward by David Risselada

Here is one I wanted to share from the Save America Foundation. The Author, Erik Rush makes a great point about the upcoming American Spring and the fight for the soul of America. This is a culture war that has been waging for many, many decades folks and the author is correct in his assessment. The left will not be letting go so easily. They have been at this for the past one hundred years and to be honest; they are at the point no return here. They either complete what they have started by whatever means necessary, or they lose it all understanding they may not have another chance for at least a half a century. 

Mr. Rush also diligently points out the fact that the left are experts at the game of infiltration and no doubt have placed saboteurs within the ranks of many patriotic organizations. For the purpose of causing hate and discontent no doubt. They will be looking to discredit, divide and conquer so be careful and mindful in your everyday dealings with others as we engage in this all out battle of ideologies. 

Finally the author describes the networking expertise of many communist front groups that pose as community organizations. There are thousands of such organizations that have accomplished their goal of obtaining power, and they are not about to let it go folks. Behind them all is funding from the liberal elite who have but one common goal, fundamental transformation.

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