Monday, January 13, 2014

Common Core, Agenda 21, Approaching Darkness.......David Risselada

Let’s face it America, we are losing our country at a rapid pace. There is very little we can do to stop it unless we collectively pull our heads out of the sand and democrats, republicans and independents finally share a common vision of liberty that once was. That will not happen of course because these terms have become completely void of meaning as they only serve the elites goals of keeping us divided.  As we continually hear our divider in chief go on and on about the need for bipartisanship and compromise in government, Americans must realize we are being kept divided on purpose. In a sense we are witnessing the balkanization of America. Republicans and democrats will never agree on anything and we are led to believe that we do not want them to. We don’t; we don’t want conservative constitutionalists compromising with radical socialists. The question is whether or not this really represents the reality in Washington D.C. I don’t believe it does. I think we are being lied to by both parties and the real need for bipartisanship lies among the people, WE THE PEOPLE. We all have to educate ourselves and shut off the televisions because we are purposefully being blinded for the implementation of a dark agenda. That agenda is commonly known as Agenda 21 and it is sneaking in under the radar folks.
Everything currently being pushed by our government is used to further the implementation of Agenda 21. Obamacare, education, carbon emissions, gun control, sustainable development, anti capitalism and of course climate change are all being used to condition Americans into accepting the communists vision for an America merged with the new world government. The key to all of it has to be education, naturally. How else will they get people to accept the loss of their own free wills for the collective greater good but by indoctrinating them to do so? The greater good for all purposes concerning Agenda 21 is the environment. People, through the green movement and education are coming to believe that human kind should come second to nature. This is called Gia worship. We are living in a time when people are being conditioned to believe that a plant should have rights and those rights should supersede the rights of an individual man. This only serves the globalists goals because it aids in conditioning the individual to hop on board the choo choo train of fundamental transformation when it comes rolling through your town. After all, the end goal of Agenda 21 and sustainable development is population reduction. Once they train you to believe that your life is damaging the planet and that only through self sacrifice will the “greater good” be served, than they have saved themselves a lot of money on logistical planning. Don’t forget, many of the Jews voluntarily boarded the trains to the concentration camps.
How exactly are they achieving this? Outcome based education mainly. This method of brainwashing and dumbing us down is a huge part of the new common core curriculum currently being implemented across the country. Even by so called “conservative” State departments of education.  Outcome based education is the reason why we have drones instead of free thinking individuals incessantly chanting OBAMA…OBAMA…OBAMA wandering our streets and blindly protesting against their own well being. (Think Occupy Wall Street)If there is a way to create an army of Marx’s useful idiots, outcome based education is it. Based on B.J. Skinners operant conditioning methods of a reinforced schedule of behavior and reward, or stimulus and response, our children are being taught not how to think, but how to perform and react. This is the reason we live in a society where everyone is rewarded for everything and actual achievement is no longer desired but the new goal is mediocrity for the sake of total equality. Through outcome based education behavior becomes automatic and the process of questioning why we do things is replaced by satisfying the pleasure of being rewarded. It turns human beings who were once able to learn to search for truth into animals reacting merely on instinct. It destroys our freewill and disconnects us from God as a consequence, as was the goal of Karl Marx. B.J. Skinner was not the only behaviorist that employed conditioning techniques against an unsuspecting population. Ivan Pavlov, better known as the dog guy was approached by Vladimir Lenin and instructed to employ his “classical conditioning” methods on the Russian people for the purpose of implementing communism. The goal of Agenda 21 is world communism folks, and they are succeeding mainly because of outcome based education.
There is a video I think you should watch. It is called the story of stuff and has been shown to our children now for nearly seven years. It is an anti capitalist, anti American production designed to get your kids in line with “environmentally sustainable” thinking. It is a video that essentially discredits America’s capitalist economy and paints mankind to be bad because of our materialistic desires, which of course ruin the planet. As the video starts take a look at who produced it. The Tides foundation, which of course is George Soros funded. (If you ever wonder how stupid America has really become just realize that George Soros was kicked out of Thailand for trying to do there what he is doing here.) Next, notice how the captions have the key words “Sustainable production and consumption” indicating that someone intends on controlling what will be produced and how much of it you should have. THEY ARE SHOWING THIS TO OUR KIDS PEOPLE AND THEY BELIEVE IT!

America, the only way we can stop this is if we end our own partisan divide and come to realize that there is a vested interest in keeping us divided in conservative and liberal ideological camps. At this point a huge portion of our population has been so inundated with anti constitution propaganda and false promises of socialist utopias it is doubtful this will ever occur. The writing is on the wall and the narrative has been written, people believe in this sustainable development campaign and they believe it is for a better future. If you throw in the fact that conservatives, I mean real conservatives not D.C. politicians, have been taking the blame for nearly everything it becomes pretty apparent that the unwashed will believe it is us standing in the way of their new found paradise. I am thankful that my freewill has not been compromised and I still have faith in God.

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