Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The unforeseen consequences of the Don Sterling story........David Risselada

As we witnessed the media spectacle that was the Don Sterling story unfold; there is an element of that is going completely unspoken. Everybody realizes that there is an elusive slippery slope involved. If they can "ban" a basketball team owner from his own team after having his privacy invaded one day, what can they do to someone else on another? Make no mistake, Mr. Sterling's privacy was invaded, and in my opinion, this is a perfect example of society being willing to give up their own privacy rights, for the sake of argument, in favor of slamming someone they detest. Little do they realize that someday, someone will detest something they, or someone they love, might say. Will the same rules apply then? As disgusting as Sterling's words were he still has the right to privacy. The fact that this conversation was released to a media outlet is as detestable as Sterling's comments, in my opinion. If you disagree, wait until it happens to you. 

All of this is beside the bigger point however. There is a larger agenda at work here and it is one that is quite alarming. If all you do is watch the main stream media for the endless, mindless dribble that ooze's from the mouths of paid propaganda artists, you will never see it, even though it would be right in your face. You see, what we have here boils down to something this simple; one man, because of his views on race, was publicly stripped of every right he had and the property he owns. His reputation has been destroyed and people are willing to cast him aside like a leper because he, in the privacy of his own home, made some unpopular and yes very disturbing remarks. Based on some of the other evidence I am about to present, I am going to argue that the agenda is to get people to accept that this can happen to anyone who expresses views that the left can misconstrue as "racist." After all, President Obama unarguably goes out of his way to blame everybody that disagrees with him as racist. Is this what we face, a public opinion trial in which our property is at stake?

These are not uncommon questions. They have been discussed at length by many radio hosts today. As I have said already; everybody understands that there is indeed a slippery, slippery slope involved here. What nobody is talking about is how this agenda item ties in with others like "white privilege education." I write about this quite often but as a reminder, this leftist indoctrination method seeks to discredit American culture by claiming that racism is embedded in the institutions, and that the "white male" dominated power structure has a built in system of discrimination. It goes on to claim that blacks and other minorities cannot be racist because they lack this institutional power to discriminate. Diving deeper into subjects like "critical race theory," we see that children are being taught that blacks cannot be expected to fairly compete in our constitutional system of governance because of this "embedded racism." Finally, "white privilege education" seeks to teach young children that all white people, because we enjoy the privileges and benefits of a system designed exclusively for us, (as if we don't believe the black man should be free) are guilty of systemic racism. To sum it up, white people are racist because they are white, period.

Keeping this in mind, even if psychological conditioning wasn't on top of the agenda list, (even though it is because we are dealing with communists here) what would happen to our country in ten years if all the people who had been conditioned to believe white privilege suddenly decided to treat everyone the way Sterling is being treated? All because they believe, through their left wing indoctrination, that everyone is racist. (If you don't believe what I am saying about white privilege I urge to scour your children's school books, you will find it.) All of this suddenly puts a new twist on things, doesn't it? It wouldn't be so alarming if we didn't have a president who accused everyone of racism simply for disagreeing with him.

If all of this isn't bad enough, we actually have a racial grievance industry that is dependent upon a population that thinks they are victims of racial injustice. Just recently we witnessed to what extent the diabolical left is willing to go to convince young minorities that they are victims. The head of the EPA recently gave a speech to young blacks urging them to advocate for stricter regulations to combat global warming, because get this; black children suffer from more pollution than white people do. If that is not a deliberate attempt to convince a group of people that they are poor oppressed victims, than I do not know what is folks. 

That, my patriotic friends, is why the events surrounding this Don Sterling story are so alarming. It involves a whole demographic of people who are being taught they are oppressed by a racist white majority becoming fed up with this fabricated oppression, and demanding change they can’t comprehend. All in this one incident we seen a man unconstitutionally deprived of his property and stripped of his rights because the things he said hurt a few people’s feelings. I shouldn't feel the need to condemn the man because in all reality he condemned himself, and I know I am not a racist man. I was disgusted by what he said. I am equally disgusted that there is such a huge effort on the part of radical leftists to convince young minds that all white people are racist, especially when you consider the truth about the racist past of the Democrat Party. A new precedent could very well have been set today, and that would be one where people, out of a sense of outrage can strip a man out of his constitutionally protected rights to life, liberty and property. If you support this than you are a fool because it’s only a matter of time before someone detests something you say. 

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Thanks to a reader named Vern


This video was posted by a reader of my article entitled "The real conspiracy" while it was posted at www.freedomoutpost.com It is a must watch as the presenter explains exactly how radical Islam has infiltrated our schools. Thanks to Vern.

Liberal logic once again proves to be hypocritical.........David Risselada

In my recent article entitled "According to their own twisted logic," I highlighted the hypocrisy of a government that labels its own citizens terrorists by comparing their reasoning to the definition of "white privilege." In the article I argued that because a universal truth must exist, the definition of "white privilege" must be backed by a universal truth that would apply to other situations. White privilege, if you remember, teaches us that because white people are the dominant race in America, and we have the power of the institutions to apply discriminatory practices, only we can be racist. If this is true; then because the government has the monopoly on applying the power of the institutions against the people, in order to silence and intimidate, then only the government can be terrorists. Seems like pretty simple logic to me; however, we all know that the left has a way of making their rules apply to only those they disagree with. They don't apply to the left because the lefts intentions are usually more sincere, and implemented out of a sense of compassion, so they would argue. It remains unclear how accusing their own fellow citizens of being terrorists in order to scare them into silence is compassionate, but I digress.   

In another stunning display of liberal hypocrisy, Senator Ed Markey (D-MA) recently introduced S.2219- The Hate Crime Reporting Act of 2014, to the senate floor. This bill would essentially empower the National Telecommunications and Information Administration with scouring the internet and reporting anything they suspect may lead to the commission of a hate crime. This is extremely dangerous legislation as it could be used to silence anyone who opposes the lefts grand "utopian" vision for America.

 As it stands right now, the only demographic group in America that is not in a protected status of some sort is the white male. This essentially means that anyone can say anything about you, or discriminate against you in any way, and there is no fear of repercussion, because you are white and privileged. The question that I have been asking for some time still remains unanswered. How does labeling a particular group as being "privileged," and having things they didn't fairly earn, not contribute to an atmosphere of hatred? By all rights, anyone who is teaching "white privilege" should be brought up on hate crime charges because it encourages minorities to believe that white people, particularly on the right, are racist and working to keep the black man down. We all know that these are lies, but it contributes to the development of anger and hatred while empowering minorities to commit acts of violence; therefore it's proponents should be charged with a hate crime, according to their own logic anyhow.

At the same time, we have a government that is actively seeking to keep society as divided as possible by labeling anyone that speaks out against their tyranny as "terrorists." This is clearly motivated by a sense of "hatred" directed at an opposing ideology because no one was calling the left wing inspired "Occupy Wall street" terrorists. Those people were clearly advocating for a socialist takeover of the country, and because their ideology was not only in line with the left, but organized by the left, it didn't matter that they burned down buildings, and threatened people's homes. The left would have you believe that acts of violence carried out while standing for socialist principles like "wealth redistribution" are honorable and done in the pursuit of "social justice." Also, calling American citizens "terrorists" for standing for their constitutional rights contributes to an atmosphere of hatred as it encourages fear and uncertainty. It dehumanizes a group of people simply for having the courage to stand not only for their rights, but the rights of others as well. Many of these people are also veterans, so the government is encouraging the population to treat veterans with suspicion simply because they are afraid of being exposed by people willing to live up to oath they took as a member of the U.S. military, and that is to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. In my opinion, you have to be a pretty hateful person to accuse American citizens, veterans in particular, as terrorists simply for disagreeing with your statism. 

Perhaps passing S.2219 would not be such a bad thing after all. It would give people of honor and integrity, (words not often associated with today's politicians) the power and ability to stop the left wing agenda in its tracks because everything they do is motivated by hate. President Obama and his left wing minions are deliberately trying to incite civil unrest by accusing the right of racism and extremism at every turn, this is surely motivate by a hatred of American values and he must be stopped. His politics of class envy and racial divisiveness have created more hatred and discontent than has existed for a long time. Every time he accuses the right of racism, it is done with the intent of causing more division and inflaming the passions of a misinformed population. It is President Obama and the left wing politicians that support this legislation as a way of hiding their socialist agenda that need to be charged with hate crimes. There I said it! 

Saturday, April 26, 2014

The real conspiracy........ David Risselada

In 2001 The United States of America launched a war against Islamic terrorism in response to the September 11 terror attacks. To this day, many still claim that it was a conspiracy launched by our own government meant to rush in the supposed "New World Order;" which in all honesty, could hardly be called a conspiracy theory anymore. Looking at the events of the past thirteen years, since the inception of the war on terror, I would have to argue that the conspiracy had more to do with establishing Islamic superiority throughout the world than anything else.

Since that time, Muslims in America have made great progress in establishing themselves as one of the "protected," oppressed minorities because of the war efforts overseas; and, they have all but taken over Britain. Being profiled as a potential terrorist became the new "N" word and the federal government bent over backwards to accommodate people who hide behind these privileges, while still maintaining their intent to harm Americans. More and more we witness American citizens being called the terrorists while the Obama Administration stacks the ranks with known members of The Muslim Brotherhood, and yet, out of a fear of being labeled "Islamophobic," vast numbers of Americans, people who have a responsibility to maintain liberty in their nation, turn a blind eye to the danger this represents. After years of indoctrination into multiculturalism, moral relativity and socialist economics, Americans have lost the ability to be objective truth seekers. They fail to see that there are no "conservative Americans" committing acts of terrorism against them. The vast majority of terror attacks are committed by Muslims, and yet they engage in the "Ultimate Betrayal" by allowing Harry Reid to call their fellow Americans terrorists.. 

While Muslims in America are playing the civil rights tactics with great success, our own government is arming radical Muslims overseas, in an effort to overthrow regimes that present an obstacle to the objectives of the Obama administration. By now I would hope that most people see that Obama is an extension of Bush and is working to carry out the same objectives. For instance, the real reasons for the Iraq war was the threat that Saddam Hussein would sell oil for Euro's instead of the petrol dollar, while Gadhafi had plans to create a gold currency for the entire African continent. These two events would have had drastic effects on the global financial power structure, which I wrote in an article entitled "If this is true then our society is a lie," is actually being controlled by Saudi Arabia. They are responsible for creating the illusion that the U.S. dollar is the worlds reserve currency, they created the petrol dollar. The petrol dollar, as a reminder, is the only viable means for nations to purchase oil.

In Syria, it is becoming increasingly clear that the objective is ethnic cleansing as Muslims are  slaughtering Christians, and anyone else who doesn't go along with the radical Islamist's agenda. This is where all Americans should be outraged; our government, as noted above, is providing arms to the rebels committing these atrocities! Americans are blinded to it because we have become inundated with propaganda which aims to label us as haters for questioning the motives of Muslims.

Here is where it gets real interesting. Many are aware by now that there is substantial evidence which clearly shows Benghazi was a gun running operation. According to Thomas Eddlem of The New American, the weaponry used in the Benghazi assault was also provided by the U.S. Government. This is all out treason committed by our "elected representatives" folks. Its time to engage the grey matter in your brain housing groups America. Our government is currently going to great lengths to classify patriotic dissenters as terrorists, while attempting to pass laws classifying any speech against Islam as hate speech. The White House is stacked with Muslim Brotherhood operatives, and our own government has been providing arms to the very terrorists they originally sent us over there to fight. 

Based on the presented evidence, it is overwhelmingly clear that the September 11 attacks of 2001 were committed to carry out an objective. Since that time we have become numb to the progress that radical Islam has made in influencing our society. It is entirely possible that we have been conditioned to accept this out of a fear of being labeled "intolerant," or racist. Muslims once claimed that an Islamic flag would fly over the White House one day, I would argue that if it ever did, it would be our own fault for allowing fear and a misguided sense of compassion to become our undoing. We allowed ourselves to become so distracted and divided by liars and people with alternative agendas that we didn't know what to believe. All the while the real conspiracy has been advancing little by little. America is slowly becoming more "sharia compliant," and sadly, little is being done to stop it. 

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Democrats continue to project their racism onto Republicans........David Risselada

Democrats go to great efforts to convince the masses that they are the champions of the minority, while claiming that Republicans represent the reprehensible type of discrimination that plagues our nations otherwise proud history.  Any policy issue that faces opposition from Republicans is immediately discredited as bigotry, racism and hate. The more the failures of these policies become obvious, the more ridiculous the attempts to discredit Republicans become. This is especially true when it comes to black Republicans. There are many black conservatives in America that share the values of individual liberty and personal responsibility that are espoused by many, and in an attempt to keep them on the plantation, the left has routinely referred to them as sellouts or "Uncle Toms." There is nothing in my opinion that proves more that the left cares nothing for "diversity of opinion," and is intent on forcing conformity no matter what the costs. You either go along with their agenda or are completely ostracized.

Watch this video


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

According to their own twisted logic......David Risselada

It’s funny how the left likes to believe in the idea of moral relativism, yet they seem to lack the everyday common sense to see when actual "relativism" comes into play. Through moral relativism, the left denies that any individual "cultural morality" represents a greater truth than the other; thus, they are ignoring the absolute truth that an absolute truth exists. Consequently, they fail to see how they make themselves look foolish by continually attempting to change the rules to make everything they do look legitimate. For once, it would be nice to see those on the left face reality, and be forced to apply the same insane logic they try to force onto us, to their own actions.

The most obvious example I can think of is how the left defines "white privilege." According to the socialist race baiters attempting to divide society, white privilege is the idea that only the white majority can discriminate because as the white majority, we have the power of the institutions to apply discriminatory practices. Conversely, they claim that because minorities lack this institutional power, they cannot be racist because "racism" is the application or discriminatory practices on the institutional level. In order for this statement to be true there has to be elements of it that represent "absolute truth" that can be applied universally in the event some of the conditions change, otherwise, it’s not truth. For instance, while white people hold the majority now, we won’t always. By mid century Hispanics are expected to be the majority, and the question begs to be asked. Will all the so called discriminatory power of the institutions suddenly disappear when they take the reins? I digress, that's beside the point. The point is, if the idea of institutional power being applied by the majority, or the most powerful is the cause of discrimination, or if it is being used to leverage power of another, then it is a true statement all the way around, and it doesn't change simply because the circumstances in which it can be applied does.

 That's the little thing about truth and relativism that the left likes to ignore. Its easy to see why because if they applied logic such as this to everything they did, they would be able to get away with nothing.

A good case in point is the Bundy Ranch. The U.S. Government displayed its policing powers in full as three hundred armed agents of the, "Bureau of Land Management?" surrounded one man’s farm. In response, thousands of protesters, some armed, responded in kind to protect the rights of one man the Government had targeted. It is likely that this was merely a setup, but let’s pretend it wasn't, even if we don't it doesn't matter, the principle remains the same. If white people are the only ones able to be called racist because we have the institutional power behind us to discriminate, then it must also be true that the only terrorists at the Bundy Ranch are the government agents and the corrupt politicians that sent them there, because they are the powerful institutions. 

There is no doubt that the power of the government agencies could have quadrupled in response to the gathering opposition, and I'm sorry, the American people, in reality have no power to keep the population living in fear because we have no power to enforce any law against anyone. Conversely, more and more people are seeing that the government is becoming more brazen in its application of power, which means, according to their own "white privilege" logic, it is the government that is the terrorists because they are applying an institutional power they have against us to force us into compliance with their left wing world view.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Intercepting Bloomberg's Punt......David Risselada

I want to talk about Michael Bloomberg's latest initiative to demonize legal gun owners. I say "legal" gun owners because you and I know that the only people that are likely to comply with gun laws are descent, law abiding citizens. The gun grabbers stand no chance of forcing people with the intent of harming another, or stealing from others for that matter, to turn in their firearms. They know this, which is why gun control being about the safety of children or communities is as much as a fallacy as the idea that waging a war on drugs will keep people "drug free." We have seen how well that works out. 

By now we all know that Bloomberg is spending fifty million dollars of his own money to wage a media campaign of sorts, against gun owners. The idea is to influence one million new voters to get to the polls and vote their God Given rights of self defense down the tubes. I don't know about you, but fifty million dollars seems like an awful lot of money to waste as the gun grabbing efforts of Obama and the U.N. have only encouraged more people to become avid supporters of the second amendment. I can't help but think that the latest display of tyrannical power at the Bundy Ranch isn't helping the "pro" second amendment movement. Well, whatever floats his boat.

While I didn't personally see it, nor will I post it here because I refuse to fund it in any way shape or form, I hear his latest advertisement is a real winner. It doesn't really matter what the commercial portrays, its the type of anti gun propaganda you would expect from the likes of Bloomberg. What does matter however, is how we deal with it. 

I remember when I was ten years old and I received my first shot gun from my Granddad, a single shot twenty gauge. Before teaching me how to shoot he said nine simple words that lay the foundation for gun safety. "Never point at anything you don't intend to shoot." Those words mean little today as the majority of our youth have become so desensitized to violence as they are conditioned to pull the trigger indiscriminately through the video games they play. I have believed for many years now that video games are very influential on human behavior, and when combined with the cocktail of  anti depressant drugs that many children are on, they can have a mesmerizing affect on the brain. Its not as if I don't let my kids play video games, but its about balance. 

Here's the point, part of that balance involves ensuring my children are not so stupid as to fall for Bloomberg's propaganda. My youngest daughter probably knows more about gun safety than his armed goons, and can probably shoot better too, shes shooting my first .22 from my other granddad. There is one thing that the left believes that I happen to agree with; and that is if you get them young you can influence them for a lifetime. I'm going to get the attention of my children before Bloomberg does, I already have. My children will never fall for his lies and his deceitful message because they both know that their lives are valuable enough for them to retain the inalienable right to defend it. They both know that a gun doesn't just  pick itself up and shoot at random, and they both know what it is capable of doing because I taught them gun safety. They would look at a commercial like Bloomberg's and wonder what type of an idiot would think people would believe such nonsense. Children's brains really are wonderful things, thank God for small miracles.

Islam rising.....David Risselada

America, I want you to take a hard, long look at this picture of Muslims in Syria holding a baby hostage at gun point. This is Sharia Law; well it is the actions of individuals pushing for Sharia Law and Muslim supremacy anyway. I want you to read this article by Janna Brock as she describes the horrific reality that Christian woman face in Egypt as radical Islamist's hunt them down, rape them and murder them simply for being Christian women. Lets not forget, the Koran states that women are beneath men. While liberals in this country pretend there is a war on women, the religion they capitulate to is actually waging a violent war on all women, even their own. Finally, I want you to read this article about  senator Ed Markey, (D-MA) and his efforts to pass a bill which would criminalize so called hate speech against Muslims. If you cant see that we are being taken over radical Islamist's then you deserve what you get.

This isn't something that is just now rearing its ugly head America, many of us have been sounding the warning bells for quite some time. If you recall, in 2012 the Obama administration was pushing for a U.N. resolution that would have outlawed any criticism of Islam. Instead of being alarmed, a great many Americans, out of a misguided sense of multiculturalism, decided to call us bigots for being concerned. Also, a federal judge prevented the state of Oklahoma from banning Sharia Law in its courts. A ballot initiative that was strongly supported by Oklahoma voters was overturned by the efforts of a Muslim population that makes up one percent of the state. Now, because of the deafening silence from the majority of useful idiots that make up the American populace, The Muslim Brotherhood is forming its own political party in the United States. 

All the brain dead liberals who have been beaten down with multiculturalism, tolerance and "white privilege" indoctrination will just be "dying" to get to the polls to let the "oppressed" have a fair shot and let their voice be heard. Idiots! Sometimes if the shoe fits people should be made to wear it!

All of this is indicative of the Pavlovian conditioning methods I have written so much about. They have literally destroyed us by making us afraid of appearing intolerant of another culture, even if that culture is out to kill us. Its as if they believe accepting their own demise is morally superior, or worse yet, its as if they believe Muslims are really an oppressed minority. Like I said before, if you are a person who has turned a blind eye to this blatant, stealth assault against our nation and our liberties, you deserve what you get! If on the other hand, you have something to say to Senator Markey, here's his contact information. You know what? If the Southern Poverty Law Center can post information and lies about people they disagree with than I can exercise my GOD GIVEN rights to tell the TRUTH! 


Sunday, April 20, 2014

Dear Mr. Government, I am rubber, you glue, the word extremist bounces off me, and sticks on you......David Risselada

The left uses the word tolerance as one of its most effective weapons. Employing the Alinsky tactic of using an opponents values against them, they have conditioned society to believe that any opposition to their left wing agenda is "intolerant," and therefore, it should be rejected. It has proven to be a very effective tactic as often times, any discussion can be immediately stopped in its tracks or discredited with accusations of not caring about the issue, or being "against" something the left claims to care about. They have a way of making their positions, no matter how ludicrous, seem legitimate. For instance, the government found a way to connect "global warming" with racism, in an effort to make those that suggest exhaling carbon dioxide does not require communist government run our lives, appear "intolerant." They have pushed this idea to such a ridiculous "extreme," they are trying to convince people that whites breath cleaner air that non whites. This shows little more than an act of all out desperation on the part of a government that is attempting to assume control of every aspect of our lives; and yet somehow, through the use of the word "intolerant," these ridiculous ideas find themselves being forced upon us. 

I have to question the intelligence of people who try try to label those who have opposing views as being "intolerant" or "extremist's," when the act of doing so displays a level of intolerance they claim is "unacceptable."  I also have to question the motives of a government who accuses its own citizens of being "terrorists" while  they use the full power of  government to force people into compliance with an ever increasingly powerful police state. The Southern Poverty Law Center for example, has just called all those supporting Clive Bundy "extremists," while Harry Reid is referring to them as "domestic terrorists." This, in my opinion not only represents the height of hypocrisy, but as I expressed in a recent op-ed, it is the ultimate betrayal against all who have defended liberty as well.

The truth is, it is the intolerance of the left being levied against those who oppose their radical views that is causing the major problems in America today. All of this is a psychological ploy designed to get you, a rational, thinking being, to accept the irrational. While the government is employing its full force of armed troops, in an effort to scare the one remaining rancher in the area off his land, they are calling you a terrorist for opposing it. They are trying to prove you are intolerant,  by not "tolerating" your view point and labeling you as an extremist.

Nothing the left is doing makes any sense, and the only way they can get any agenda item passed is if they know people are not paying attention. They will do anything to discredit anyone who opposes their plans of centralized government power. I have put a lot of thought into this and in my opinion, labeling anyone as being "intolerant" to their agenda is one way to silence them. It is the only thing that explains how people can be conned into believing exhaling carbon dioxide, or cows farts for that matter, can be a  cause of global warming. How tolerant is the left when they demand that global warming deniers be jailed for denying their false science? 

More and more people are awakening to the fact that our government is resorting to oppressive, draconian tactics to force us into compliance with a left wing worldview. The more we question their motives and the more we stand for our rights, the more oppressive they become. They are desperately trying to hide their lies and deception by projecting their corruption on the rest of society. They are attempting to create a world in which the majority of people believe we cannot live without their guidance, and that anyone who disagrees with them is a potential terrorist. This is the real extremism that people should be concerned about. Any government that calls me  an extremist for disagreeing with them is anything but "tolerant," and is in fact displaying the highest level of intolerance and contempt for the rights and liberties of those who have entrusted them to govern. If people will accept that the government can surround one man with 300 armed troops, over the lies that have been told, while real criminals and real terrorists are getting away with real crimes, then we are farther gone than even I want to admit. 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

The ultimate betrayal......David Risselada

When a young man or woman joins the United States military, one of the first things they do before even being shipped off to boot camp is take the loyalty oath.  "I (state your name) do solemnly swear to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same." The oath of enlistment goes on to say that the service member will follow orders of the president and the officers appointed over them per the regulations of the uniformed code of military justice. Most service members, at least I hope anyway, understand that there are illegal orders, and any order that goes against the constitution is in fact an illegal order. 
This oath means something to military personal because most of us joined to defend the rights and liberties of all Americans, even those that don't share our views.  Sadly, many people have been inundated with the belief that the Constitution is an oppressive document that stands in the way of government creating the perfect paradise. "In fact, in a report called Rightwing extremism: Current economic and political climate fueling resurgence in radicalization and recruitment" the government calls anyone who refers to the Constitution and the limits of government power a domestic terrorist. Anyone who owns a gun is a terrorist, anyone who didn’t vote for Obama is a racist terrorist and anyone who is buying more than seven days of food at a time is now even referred to as a potential terrorist. Veterans are potential terrorists, probably because the government fears them finding out how they have been used, abused and lied to; and those who hold anti abortion views are domestic terrorists. Many of you may be wondering what the significance of all of this is. Harry Reid just referred to the Bundy ranch protesters as domestic terrorists and claimed that he was told a special task force is being set up to "deal with them." A task force, mind you that is not loyal to the U.S. Constitution but has likely been beaten down with the same lies and propaganda that is published in that fallacious report. I don’t about the rest of you but I have seen the way the U.S. government deals with terrorists,  the fact that they are referring to their own people as possible terrorists should concern all of us.
How did we get to a point where a sleazy politician like Harry Reid, who for days now, reports have been surfacing exposing his involvement in this federal land grab, can get away with it and call average citizens domestic terrorists? I will tell you how, but you are not going to like it America. You became fat, lazy, and uninterested in defending the very liberties that were passed onto you from previous generations. You let the politics of envy, employed by selfish radicals and their lies; beat you into submission out of fear of appearing "uncompassionate" or uncaring. You let the politics of fear overwhelm your senses as little by little mental associations were created between what you fear the most and the unknown, until the point came when you let the government convince you that your neighbor shouldn't be trusted if he questions the motives of big government. In other words America, you went to sleep and passed on your responsibility to someone else who didn't share your same values. 
The hour is later and much darker than most care to know. Many in America today see no problem with a federal government that has the intestinal fortitude to surround one man and his family with three hundred armed troops, and then lie by claiming it’s about taxes and turtles. There are so many other ways this situation could have been dealt with folks, especially if Clive Bundy was truly in the wrong. They intentionally set out to spark a confrontation, so they could identify the resistors as domestic terrorists. Everything they need to eliminate the opposition is written into law or policy. The Patriot Act, The National Defense Authorization Act, both give the government broad powers when dealing with domestic terrorism. Some of us realized many years ago that someday those powers would be turned on us; others went to sleep, allowing the government to classify us as domestic terrorists for being concerned about such a thing.
This is the ultimate betrayal to all those who served in this nations uniform. They swore to defend the liberties of American citizens, and some gave their lives doing so while others showed up at the Bundy ranch to do it again. There is nothing in the Constitution that grants the government the right to do anything outside of its delegated authority folks. I know one thing for certain, sicking 300 armed federal agents on one man, from an unaccountable bureaucracy, is not in the job description of the federal government. If you are a liberal and can’t see this, then there is no hope for you. If you can’t understand that this power will turn on you the minute you disagree with them, then you get what you deserve. In my honest opinion, anything that happens from this point on is squarely in the hands of all of those on the right or the left that sat on the sidelines and did nothing.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Western Washington University thinks there are too many white people


This college has suggested that there are too many white people there and they should lessen the number of white people or face mediocrity in the future. Heres their number. 360-650-3472

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Understanding the atheistic left.......David Risselada

As I mentioned in my last article, I find myself completely dumbfounded at the attitudes of many left leaning Americans. I have spent a great deal of time trying to appeal to the abilities of liberals to reason and apply logic. Many of you already know what I am about to say but there is no reasoning with these people. For some reason that alludes most of us, they simply refuse to see how their support of growing government power is creating a "new fascism;" they are supporting policies that are oppressing the very people they claim to care about, and yet they have this remarkable ability to deflect the responsibility for this onto the rest of us. In the case of the Nevada ranch and the BLM, the left is foolish for not seeing the fact that this tyrannical government power will remain, even when people they don't agree with are in the White House. At least I can stand here and proclaim that I am against this usurpation of power even in the event that it is applied against those I disagree with. I believe in God first and foremost, and the Constitution; therefore, I believe all people have the right to live free from this type of government abuse. Sadly, this is something I cannot say  the left agrees with. They seem to be trying to create this world where they have the absolute right to force compliance into their worldview; which they seem to believe is morally superior. 

 I believe the one definitive issue explaining the difference between liberals and patriots is religion. (I said patriots instead of conservative because if we were to go by actual definition, liberals would be the conservatives and vise versa.) Not actual religion so much but spirituality, a belief in God. The Judea Christian God, not Allah. It seems that atheism is a growing movement in this country and there are in fact, a lot of people who despise Christianity on the left. They have no clue that they are being used as pawns by communist forces, but I digress. Looking at it from this perspective it is easy to understand why the left needs the government to continue growing and expanding it's power. They believe in nothing higher than man, so therefore, they look to man to solve their problems. There is a void in their souls and when they hear the empty promises of those taking advantage of this void, with false tales of equality and utopia, they fall for it. They refuse to see the errors in their ways because they fear true freedom; and that is freedom of the heart and mind. They are afraid to admit that the system that they have come to depend upon is turning into the monster it is because they can't exist without it. They literally need others to tell them what to think and how to behave, they need the state to reinforce their false ideology to prevent feelings of inadequacy and insecurity. They need the state to legitimize their immorality by making it the new morality through political correctness and indoctrination. Finally, they cant stand that others have a differing view. 

When faced with the fact that the government is getting out of control, those on the left are forced into a box where they either choose to stand for what is right, or continue to support what is wrong. Many times they choose the latter, and will continue to make excuses for such usurpation's of power and corruption because they are completely enslaved to the system. They have let the politics of envy infect their hearts and have grown a resentment, a resentment steadily nurtured by those appealing to their weaker natures mind you, that burns their souls because someone has earned more in life than they have. They have let those with an agenda define their lives by the way they define equality. We were born equally in a state of nature, with the "equal rights" to pursue life, liberty and property. We were born in this world with the rights to equal opportunity and the rights to pursue that which makes us happy. The left has fallen for the communist lie that they can make us all totally equal, and they fell for this because they have allowed greed and hatred to infiltrate their hearts. They fall for this for the same reason they fall for everything else, they stand for nothing.

America, if there is one lesson to be learned from this episode at the Bundy Ranch it is that the nation is far more divided along deep ideological lines than many realized. As noted before, there are many that believe the government is in the right and they have commented on how those protesting their actions should be "taken out." The Clark County Commissioner, a public official for crying out loud, even said that those protesting better make funeral arrangements. He said people from Utah were a bunch of inbred's, how humane of him. Despite this obvious lack of value for all life, the left will continue on as if those protesting the federal government are the terrorists because we are willing to draw a real red line in the sand. One that will not be so easily erasable. While they continue with their vitriolic comments that spew hatred for those that oppose their worldview, they will continue to project that hatred onto us and accuse those that actually value their rights to their opinions as being the violent radicals. In fact, the events of this past weekend have ensured that any reaction we have to federal overreach from this point on will be viewed from this perspective by all on the left. I would argue, and I'm putting on a tinfoil hat now, that the whole operation was a "psyop" designed exclusively to demonize the anticipated opposition. You didn't think they would let a crisis like that go to waste did you?    

Just who does the BLM owe its allegiance to?..........David Risselada

America, yesterday we witnessed an amazing thing. The efforts of like minded patriots who are fed up with the federal government’s usurpation of our sovereign authority, paid off as the feds were forced to back off the Bundy ranch. Not only was there a significant number of people who responded by showing up in person, while thousands of others headed in that direction, the efforts of the new media played a role as well. Many writers were on top of this situation ready to write on the latest developments, including the revelation that Harry Reid was involved with the Chinese, selling them land so they could build their own solar power plants. There is no doubt this effort kept the boots on the ground informed of the latest intelligence. All in all it was an amazing effort on the part of the patriots to let the federal leviathan know that we have had enough, period. Unfortunately, I am going to have to agree with Tim Brown and say that the illusion of the feds backing off was just that, an illusion.

Many of us realize that this situation is likely far from over. We will see another escalation over this situation for sure, especially if the part about Reid and the Chinese is true. What bothers me the most about this situation America is the fact that there are people who see no wrong in the federal governments actions. There are people who believe the government narrative that Bundy deserved this because he owed back taxes. That is indicative of the many topics I generally write about concerning the indoctrination that takes place in public schools. While there were many patriots who were actively involved on the internet, there were also those that were literally calling for the government to wipe out the protesters. For these people the government is the end all be all authority in their lives, and because they have likely become completely dependent upon government entitlements, they will never question their motivations. Also, as I have pointed out in my article A crisis that will not be going to waste, this situation is certainly going to contribute to the on going global efforts to disarm American citizens. Tim Brown cites an investigator who is making the same claim. Finally, never forget that the federal government issued this report which calls people defending the constitution, terrorists. It is highly likely that this event is just a warm up in the end game of discrediting and dehumanizing the patriot movement.

 I wanted to talk about the Bureau of Land Management and the fact, that like other alphabet agencies, it is an unconstitutional entity. It is unconstitutional in the sense that nowhere in the Constitution does the federal government have the power to create such agencies that are unaccountable to the people. In fact the Bureau of Land Management, according to Godlike productions, is considered an agent of foreign principle, meaning that they have no loyalty whatsoever to the United States and are in fact working for foreign entities. Just who does this unconstitutional government agency owe its allegiance too? According to Steve Quayle it is a London military banking cartel known as the Crown Corporation. Let me say this again, it is an English banking cartel that is issuing orders to many of these agencies.

If this is true it would essentially prove the idea of a one world government conspiracy. As sovereign United States citizens we are under no obligation to follow unconstitutional laws. We are the authority the government draws its governing power from and I don't remember telling them to give my sovereignty, my rights and my country over to Communist entities like this banking cartel, or the U.N. for that matter. I wrote in an article entitled Liberty depends upon "informed" consent of the governed that the Constitution allows for a process of change and only by giving government consent do they have authority to change it. Silence is just as good a sign of consent than anything else folks. By not exercising your constitutional responsibilities to defend liberty and hold government accountable, you are giving them permission to usurp your God given rights to self governance. For those of you who believe you will be safe and snug because you never questioned government when this whole things comes crashing down just remember this; when they came for the gypsy's I said nothing because I wasn't a gypsy, when they came for the Jews I said nothing because I wasn't a Jew. When they finally came for me there was no one left to say anything at all. 

Friday, April 11, 2014

We are being sold to the Chinese America! ..........David Risselada

America, I have news for you, we are being sold out by out by the very people we have elected to represent us so they can run and hide from the fact that they have been ripping us off for so long. Breitbart is reporting that Harry Reid and his son have been involved in big money deals selling Nevada land to the Chinese so they can they can build their own solar energy plants. For the eternally stupid who continually beg the government to keep spending and borrowing to fund your entitlement programs, this is a consequence of your stupidity. Far too many people have allowed themselves to be conned into believing that the government could spend its way to prosperity. How in the world could anyone think you could borrow trillions from nations who do not share your interests and everything will be all right? 

The situation in Nevada is but a small taste of what could come as the Chinese are spending billions on American real estate. To put this into perspective, it is said the Nevada grazing land was sold to the Communists for only 3.6 million dollars and they are spending billions across the country. America, I have been warning  people for years that they will come and take what they have paid for, or what we owe them. This is what happens when you allow a population the luxury of voting themselves gifts from the public treasury. Half the population in this country wont even care as long as they get their welfare check. 

It should also be noted that the Chinese have been involved in a great deal more than just buying land, they are building their own self sustaining cities in the U.S. These cities will be referred to "special economic zones" and they will be inhabited and used exclusively by the Chinese. If you wonder why the U.N. and the Chinese are so concerned about armed Americans, I think this explains it. 

America, this is Agenda 21 in action. Right now as we speak the Bureau of Land Management is involved in treasonous acts such as the one in Nevada, in Texas and Colorado as well. One of the aims of Agenda 21 is the fabricated lie of "sustainable development" in order to preserve the environment. They intend to push people out of the rural lands and herd them into the cities while simultaneously destroying the means to produce cheap, efficient energy, i.e. the excessive regulations against the coal industry.

Look America, we are over 17 trillion dollars in debt and a great many of us went along believing we were in a perpetual lala land where living in a free country meant everything was "free." The people we have been conned into voting for have been selling us out to the communists for decades while attempting to indoctrinate us into collectivism so we wouldn't notice. Theres no coming out of this ahead America, these assholes are going to keep selling us out and they are going to keep lying to you to hide it. If you question or if you resist, well look whats going on in Nevada. 

Thursday, April 10, 2014

A crisis that will not be going to waste......David Risselada

"We need to have a civilian national security force that is just as well trained, just as well funded as the military to meet the national security objectives that we have set." Presidential candidate Barrack Hussein Obama, 2008

America, President Obama has succeeded in the creation of this national security force, and it is the goons of the Bureau of Land Management that are armed to the teeth, surrounding one farmers grazing land. These people are not loyal to the U.S. Constitution, for they have taken no loyalty oath to any ideal that we cherish. They are loyal to their masters, the monstrous leviathan that we call the federal government. If 200 armed agents surrounding one farmers land aren’t enough to snap the eternally asleep into full awareness of the dire situation we face in this nation, then I don't know what is. If you are one of the "aware" but choose to say nothing, you may as well go to sleep because if you say nothing now, you will remain silent later. 

A dangerous scenario is developing America, one that I and many others have been warning about for a long time. Many think that what is occurring in Nevada, as thousands of patriots, oath keepers and even Constitutional Sheriff's arrive in protest of the gross abuse of the leviathans power is a good thing. In many ways it is, because it shows the dedication and motivation of those committed to defending liberty; however, there is another element to all of this. Behind the scenes, unreported by most media sources, the enforcement of the U.N. Small Arms treaty advances.

According to the New American, 32 nations have now submitted "proof" of ratifying the treaty to the U.N. Also, according to the same article, a universal "forced adherence “will take effect after 50 nations have verified their own ratification. In other words America, they are going to enforce this treaty whether we ratify it or not. In the last article I wrote concerning the Connecticut gun laws and the U.N. treaty, I spelled out some of the language and it clearly gives the U.N. power to intervene in "conflict areas" for the purposes of disarmament and establishing control. What we have developing in Nevada is definitely a conflict folks; it could very well be the next crisis that won’t be going to waste. 

To further demonstrate the "global efforts" to disarm America I will refer you to a report issued by the U.N. demanding the U.S. do away with "stand your ground laws" because they threaten the "human rights" and safety of American citizens, particularly, brace yourself now, women and minorities. While the data in the report is easy to discredit when comparing it to facts, it doesn't change the fact that it is an official report being used to discredit The United States Constitution. If you want to see what the real intent behind the U.N. treaty is you need look no further than Venezuela, where implementation of the treaty led to bloodshed while Hugo Chavez, with support of the U.N., disarmed the population by force. This is what is coming to these United States folks; this is the global governance vision of the U.N. that so many believe will lead to world peace and harmony. 

I have been warning you for a long time that your government has classified all those who dissent as domestic terrorists. It has gotten so bad that even a liberal professor refers to a pro life student as a domestic terrorist for displaying pictures of aborted fetuses on a college campus. Our society has become so divided against itself that it is essentially people who support the overbearing power of the federal government because of the promises it makes, versus those who believe in limited government and the rights of self governance per the Constitution. The two cannot exist side by side folks, and I would argue, based on what I see happening, that this division was created with one sole purpose in mind; destroying the collective power of the citizenry to resist, while creating the conditions where people will freely surrender their weapons because of an overwhelming fear of the unknown. For far too long we have sat idly by smug in our beliefs that our rights and liberties were secure while in all actuality we have been losing them on a daily basis. Folks, the U.S. Constitution hangs by a thread and any efforts to defend it will be viewed as domestic terrorism by a federal government hell bent on destroying it. Please God, help us all.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

From the perspective of a right wing change agent......David Risselada

As a student in Oklahoma's Northeastern State University School of social work I was taught to be a social change agent. This is where I essentially learned that the left believes they can change the hearts and minds of young people by indoctrinating them into a fairy tale world of lies and propaganda. It actually started as a student is a local community college where I heard professors stealthily implant the idea that communism was a more "superior" economic system than capitalism. Actually, the lesson revolved around the idea that communism was the highest; most evolved form of economics a society could aspire to. Is it any wonder our society has has turned to mush? I also witnessed firsthand how the text books would subtlety suggest things that obviously went against what we consider to be "traditional" American values. For instance, one text book suggested that Christians believe Jesus to be the son of God while in the same paragraph, describe Muhammad as being "the prophet." One description is presented as an idea, while the other as being factual just by a simple change of verbiage. 

As a result of this I began doing my own research and as I progressed into a four year school I noticed this trend of anti Americanism becoming more blatant, with no real attempts on the part of the professors to hide their leftist’s beliefs. For example, NSU is where I was told that expressing a disagreement with the theory of "white privilege" and refusing to accept the ludicrous idea that all whites are racist meant that I was unfit to be in the helping professions. This is where I also listened to another professor explaining that we could create a "Utopia" and as "change agents" we should be striving for total equality. Let’s not forget the professor’s duty to push the main stream narrative by accusing those that didn't vote for Obama of being "racist."

  I think the real reason they didn't want me there was my insistence that they were full of you know what and I continually called them out for being leftists. Hey, I figured if they were going to teach me about Saul Alinsky and being a radical, the least I could I do was show them I was learning something. Anyhow, I digress. Finally, I watched in absolute shock as the college supported the local "Occupy Tulsa" movement that was occurring at the time. This is when it occurred to me that the schools in the U.S. were truly involved in this massive effort to indoctrinate kids into believing that the nation in which they lived was an oppressive, unfair, bigoted place where the evil rich kept the rest of society down. Being who I am I spent a great deal of time, to no avail of course, trying to convince the dimwitted that the evil rich they were being trained to hate were also the same ones they had been conned into voting for. Perhaps that's why they disliked me so much, who knows? 

Throughout this whole experience one phrase was used over and over again to describe the goal of the social work profession; "social change." It became more of a catch phrase than anything else. It was one of those terms, like racism actually, that was carelessly tossed around in an attempt to make one appear compassionate, or knowledgeable of the issues. What was always funny to me was the lack of a definitive description of what type of social change these people were seeking. I can’t tell you how many times in class I would ask these socialists in training what they were seeking to change, and what they wanted it to change to. I asked them to describe their rights under the U.S. Constitution and none of them could, not a one. They could however, describe the Constitution as a living breathing document. 

Today, as I see the world transgress further and further into chaos, I realize that people have been conditioned to relinquish their personal responsibility to the government, it’s a subject I write about quite often actually. They were conned into doing this by believing in the principles of "change" being pushed on them by those who despise our values. What I find even more amazing is the belief that people can be conditioned to be unquestioning automatons. As if they assume that they can fill our children's head with mush and we are just going to accept it without correcting them, or attempting to set them straight on the principles of morality. After all, that's one of the definitive differences between communism and the Christian world view; communists believe in no God, or no higher authority than the state, while Christians believe we were created by God with purpose. I guess what I am trying to say is that these people can go ahead and try to condition my children to hate America, they can teach them that the Constitution is oppressive and outdated, and that people don't need guns. It doesn't stop me from showing them where they are being lied to and taking them to the rifle range. It doesn't stop me from opening up the Constitution from time to time and reminding them what it really says. It doesn’t stop me from reminding my girls that God is watching over them. What can I say? I was trained to be a social change agent and I see a whole lot of changing that needs to take place! I'm going to start at home.

God Bless America
David Risselada

Monday, April 7, 2014

Blowing the winds of change.....David Risselada

Change for America has already been written in the history books. The left set out on a mission to fundamentally transform this nation and they are succeeding at an alarming rate. We are living in a time where so many are completely clueless as to what the intentions of the founding fathers were for the people of this country; and, we are literally witnessing society give up their rights to self governance for the false promise that somebody can care for them better than they can care for themselves. Little by little this has all been accomplished through education, as the government has taken the classical conditioning approach to indoctrinating your children. Methods that reward children for going along while humiliating and punishing those that dissent have long been employed in our public schools, and the results are obvious;  an unquestioning population that simply goes along to get along, believing the government is going to provide them what they need. Many of these people are so far gone they cant even begin to comprehend the danger that a national debt of seventeen trillion dollars represents to all of us. Children being born today are coming into this world $50,000 in debt; and yet, many of these people demand the government borrow more money as a means of improving the economy. That is truly the height of stupidity. This represents decades of government indoctrination, and now that they see the effectiveness of their conditioning methods, they have a new objective. 

As we speak, we have school children who for all practical purposes, are literally being conditioned through lies and propaganda to give up their freedoms, and allow the government to re-write the constitution. Schools across the country are giving kids assignments that ask them to either eliminate or change amendments to the bill of rights. The lessons are based on the idea that they are outdated and no longer needed in today's, complex and ever changing world. If I didn't know better I would argue that these young people are being prepped for an upcoming constitutional convention, or a convention of the states for that matter. I have a lot of respect for Mark Levin, but given the fact that these kids are being conditioned to beg for change makes the idea of bringing government together for the purpose of changing the constitution a scary one. Especially when you consider the fact these children are being asked to change something they have never been properly educated about in the first place. To give another example of the brazen audacity of the left wing, they have taken the liberty to preemptively rewrite some of these amendments themselves. Some of these books reinterpret the second amendment, for example, in a way that is clearly anything but what the founders intended. Kids will graduate high school believing they have a duty to register their firearms with the government. 

These people are not afraid of what we will think about it because we have failed to hold them accountable for far too long. In fact, when questioned about the motives of these fraudulent lessons they have the nerve to lie by saying they are not intending to subvert the constitution through such lessons, but encourage critical thinking. If you remember, I once wrote an article about the origins of critical thinking and I have to believe that this is indeed their goal. Getting children to to be "critical" of the constitution is certainly one way to guarantee that they will beg for its demise. Critical thinking originated at the Frankfort School of Social research and was intended to introduce "cultural Marxism" into American schools. It's one and only purpose is to teach the young and gullible to be critical of their own cultures to condition them for change.

This should outrage you America, and the fact that we remain silent only empowers them to continue with this socialist agenda. By lying to children about the constitution, and failing to teach it to them in its proper context, the left is spitting in the face of all of those that served this nation to defend the very liberties that they despise. They fill the minds of our youth with poison, while their fathers died on foreign shores defending ideals that now, may as well have died with them because we failed to stand for liberty here at home. 

There is a cloth patch that I have grown to admire, you often see it hanging in the halls of the local V.A. hospitals, however unfit a setting. Its something you would expect to see on the back of a bikers leather jacket, as it sports the American eagle and our proud colors. It has the most profound statement I think I have ever read. "A nation that forgets its defenders is a nation soon forgotten." As the left continues to spit in the face of those who love this country, and those who have died defending it, I have a little statement of my own I would like to share. As you continue pushing our beloved country into nothing but another forgotten "ash heap" of history, there is one thing that will always be remembered by those who love this nation. That is those who have lied, cheated and stolen pushing an agenda for their own personal gain. 

God Bless America

Saturday, April 5, 2014

The propaganda is blatantly obvious for those willing to look.....David Risselada

If there is one thing that I could identify that frustrates me above all else, it is the consistent claims that Democrats are for the poor and Republicans are for the greedy rich. Liberals really believe this and for many, there is absolutely no room for debate. This is because their public school indoctrination's have inundated them with propaganda that characterizes the definition of republicanism in the wrong way, while convincing them that America is a democracy. Just thinking about the effectiveness of this type of brainwashing puts into perspective the purpose of teaching public school children to be absolutely terrified of anything that resembles a gun. Public education has dedicated itself to the psychology of teaching people to accept tyranny. I have written many articles on this subject and I truly believe that we are a generation away from a population that will surrender liberty for false promises of security. It reminds me of briefings we attended after conducting combat action drills in the Marine Corps. We would go over the lessons learned from the drill and apply them to the next. Its as if those pulling the strings have learned that they can get people to accept anything they are taught, and now they are applying those lessons learned over the past few decades in order to create a citizenry that is completely dependent and devoid of any desires for freedom.

The truth is that both political parties have strayed so far from what this nation was intended to be that as long as we continue to keep our debate enclosed within the realm of these two parties, we lose. You will have to forgive me but once again I am going to put  the tinfoil hat on and refer you to the 45 declared goals of the communist party. Goal number fifteen actually calls for the capturing of both political parties in the United States while goal number seventeen stresses the importance of controlling schools and putting the communist party line in the text books.

In my opinion folks this is the only viable explanation for what we are witnessing in this nation. We have reached a point where there is no room for any honest discussion about anything as an air of mistrust keeps people on edge, and opposition to the lefts "definitive morality" equates to nothing less than hatred and bigotry. Even though nothing the left is doing has produced any positive results not propped up by lies and deliberate misinformation campaigns. 

Lets look at Obamacare for example. While the left continually insists that Republicans only care about the greedy rich, (which of course, the Health care companies hated by liberals are a part of,) this bill essentially empowers these insurance companies by forcing you to purchase a product from them, which in the long term will only make them richer. Liberals are happy about this. Another example is the wasted billions on bankrupted "green energy industries." Essentially, what happened here is that these so called CEO's were given billions in tax payer subsidies and produced nothing. They walked away with billions, on more than occasion and yet, I'm a bigot for calling foul. Only psychological conditioning that trains people to think in a certain way can explain why half the population isn't angry about this. This conditioning attempts to train people to believe that Democrats are the caring compassionate party for wanting to give free health care while the Republicans are uncaring and selfish for suggesting people are able to be responsible for themselves. It should be noted at this point that another big difference between American patriots and those loyal to political ideology is the ability to admit their party may be wrong. For example, I was no George Bush fan; however, liberals seem to be unable to admit any wrong doing on the part of Obama. This presidency truly represents the "cult of personality."

Moving along I would like to discuss the creation of this "culture of fear" that we are witnessing. It revolves around the public schools mostly, as almost on a daily basis now we see kids being conditioned to fear guns. There is another propaganda tool being employed against you here that is creating an air of mistrust, uncertainty and fear. This propaganda tool is you folks. Did you ever notice how every time there is another mass shooting incident there is always the never ending interviews with people who claim the shooter was a happy, normal guy who smiled a lot? Or the report that claims the shooter frequently got into arguments? The intended message is that anyone at anytime could be a complete lunatic and you should live in a perpetual state of fear, looking to authorities to keep you safe. A shooting event also reinforces the belief that kids should be kept in a constant of fear for protection. Look what happened in a Baltimore public school, a swat team was called and children were evacuated because of a camera tripod. There's a legitimate position to be taken by ensuring schools are safe, but this is nothing but the creation of a panic stricken society that will be forever dependent upon government. Come on America, its blatantly obvious and the fact that much of the population remains blind to it is almost verifiable proof of what I am about to conclude with.

I urge you to watch The bloody history of communism because it entails some very important information concerning "classical conditioning" that will cement all things in place. Vladimir Lenin, in looking for ways to control the population of Russia approached Ivan Pavlov and asked him to apply his conditioning methods, which he used on dogs, to the people. In many ways this was the creation of a new psychology that led to the study of manipulating human behavior. We are living in a time when so many people have been led astray and take an active part of changing society in a way that is only going to make things worse. How could anyone, for example, believe that our children will have better lives than us with a 17 trillion dollar debt on their heads? The fact that a population could be conditioned to believe that borrowing forty two cents of every dollar from countries that are buying our real estate  is good for the country is proof positive of the point I am trying to make. Especially if they believe it wont affect their freedom.