Sunday, April 20, 2014

Dear Mr. Government, I am rubber, you glue, the word extremist bounces off me, and sticks on you......David Risselada

The left uses the word tolerance as one of its most effective weapons. Employing the Alinsky tactic of using an opponents values against them, they have conditioned society to believe that any opposition to their left wing agenda is "intolerant," and therefore, it should be rejected. It has proven to be a very effective tactic as often times, any discussion can be immediately stopped in its tracks or discredited with accusations of not caring about the issue, or being "against" something the left claims to care about. They have a way of making their positions, no matter how ludicrous, seem legitimate. For instance, the government found a way to connect "global warming" with racism, in an effort to make those that suggest exhaling carbon dioxide does not require communist government run our lives, appear "intolerant." They have pushed this idea to such a ridiculous "extreme," they are trying to convince people that whites breath cleaner air that non whites. This shows little more than an act of all out desperation on the part of a government that is attempting to assume control of every aspect of our lives; and yet somehow, through the use of the word "intolerant," these ridiculous ideas find themselves being forced upon us. 

I have to question the intelligence of people who try try to label those who have opposing views as being "intolerant" or "extremist's," when the act of doing so displays a level of intolerance they claim is "unacceptable."  I also have to question the motives of a government who accuses its own citizens of being "terrorists" while  they use the full power of  government to force people into compliance with an ever increasingly powerful police state. The Southern Poverty Law Center for example, has just called all those supporting Clive Bundy "extremists," while Harry Reid is referring to them as "domestic terrorists." This, in my opinion not only represents the height of hypocrisy, but as I expressed in a recent op-ed, it is the ultimate betrayal against all who have defended liberty as well.

The truth is, it is the intolerance of the left being levied against those who oppose their radical views that is causing the major problems in America today. All of this is a psychological ploy designed to get you, a rational, thinking being, to accept the irrational. While the government is employing its full force of armed troops, in an effort to scare the one remaining rancher in the area off his land, they are calling you a terrorist for opposing it. They are trying to prove you are intolerant,  by not "tolerating" your view point and labeling you as an extremist.

Nothing the left is doing makes any sense, and the only way they can get any agenda item passed is if they know people are not paying attention. They will do anything to discredit anyone who opposes their plans of centralized government power. I have put a lot of thought into this and in my opinion, labeling anyone as being "intolerant" to their agenda is one way to silence them. It is the only thing that explains how people can be conned into believing exhaling carbon dioxide, or cows farts for that matter, can be a  cause of global warming. How tolerant is the left when they demand that global warming deniers be jailed for denying their false science? 

More and more people are awakening to the fact that our government is resorting to oppressive, draconian tactics to force us into compliance with a left wing worldview. The more we question their motives and the more we stand for our rights, the more oppressive they become. They are desperately trying to hide their lies and deception by projecting their corruption on the rest of society. They are attempting to create a world in which the majority of people believe we cannot live without their guidance, and that anyone who disagrees with them is a potential terrorist. This is the real extremism that people should be concerned about. Any government that calls me  an extremist for disagreeing with them is anything but "tolerant," and is in fact displaying the highest level of intolerance and contempt for the rights and liberties of those who have entrusted them to govern. If people will accept that the government can surround one man with 300 armed troops, over the lies that have been told, while real criminals and real terrorists are getting away with real crimes, then we are farther gone than even I want to admit. 

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