Friday, April 11, 2014

We are being sold to the Chinese America! ..........David Risselada

America, I have news for you, we are being sold out by out by the very people we have elected to represent us so they can run and hide from the fact that they have been ripping us off for so long. Breitbart is reporting that Harry Reid and his son have been involved in big money deals selling Nevada land to the Chinese so they can they can build their own solar energy plants. For the eternally stupid who continually beg the government to keep spending and borrowing to fund your entitlement programs, this is a consequence of your stupidity. Far too many people have allowed themselves to be conned into believing that the government could spend its way to prosperity. How in the world could anyone think you could borrow trillions from nations who do not share your interests and everything will be all right? 

The situation in Nevada is but a small taste of what could come as the Chinese are spending billions on American real estate. To put this into perspective, it is said the Nevada grazing land was sold to the Communists for only 3.6 million dollars and they are spending billions across the country. America, I have been warning  people for years that they will come and take what they have paid for, or what we owe them. This is what happens when you allow a population the luxury of voting themselves gifts from the public treasury. Half the population in this country wont even care as long as they get their welfare check. 

It should also be noted that the Chinese have been involved in a great deal more than just buying land, they are building their own self sustaining cities in the U.S. These cities will be referred to "special economic zones" and they will be inhabited and used exclusively by the Chinese. If you wonder why the U.N. and the Chinese are so concerned about armed Americans, I think this explains it. 

America, this is Agenda 21 in action. Right now as we speak the Bureau of Land Management is involved in treasonous acts such as the one in Nevada, in Texas and Colorado as well. One of the aims of Agenda 21 is the fabricated lie of "sustainable development" in order to preserve the environment. They intend to push people out of the rural lands and herd them into the cities while simultaneously destroying the means to produce cheap, efficient energy, i.e. the excessive regulations against the coal industry.

Look America, we are over 17 trillion dollars in debt and a great many of us went along believing we were in a perpetual lala land where living in a free country meant everything was "free." The people we have been conned into voting for have been selling us out to the communists for decades while attempting to indoctrinate us into collectivism so we wouldn't notice. Theres no coming out of this ahead America, these assholes are going to keep selling us out and they are going to keep lying to you to hide it. If you question or if you resist, well look whats going on in Nevada. 

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