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Destroy America Through Immigration David Risselada

The nation awaits in nervous anticipation to see whether or not the new “Republican controlled” senate will confirm Obama’s “nominee” to replace Eric Holder. Loretta Lynch went on record and claimed that Obama’s illegal amnesty was constitutional, and that illegal immigrants have a right to work in the United States, just the same as a U.S. citizen . In the minds of many patriotic Americans, this sounds insane and immediately disqualifies her from serving as the nation’s highest law enforcement official. Unfortunately, many people have no understanding where the base of her argument comes from, and there is a high probability that the senate will confirm her, because according to a precedence set years ago, they do have a right. It’s all part of the plan to deliberately destroy America through immigration.
In my article “Amnesty and the Immigration act of 1965,”  I cited an essay by Lawrence Auster entitled “The Path to National Suicide.” Auster claims that in 1965 President Lyndon B. Johnson, the same president responsible for the Great Society programs, and the war on poverty, reformed our nation’s immigration laws and made it a “universal human right” to immigrate to America. While I highly doubt that there is any such “law” describing immigration as an actual human right; the laws were reformed to the point that allowed the mass influx of illegal immigrants we have recently witnessed.
Immigration to America used to be based on a quota system, meaning that the numbers of immigrants allowed into the country were based on the population of that ethnic group already residing here. Johnsons reformations radically changed that, and from that point on, immigrants from all the over the world were allowed into the country. President Johnson claimed that by keeping immigrants from certain countries out of the United States, we were not living up to our ideals of liberty and equality. Johnson was a liberal Democrat who believed in the collective welfare state, just as our current president does. Looking at things from this perspective, it is easy to understand why Loretta Lynch holds the view she does. Given the fact that many Republicans are “progressive infiltrators,” they will likely vote to confirm her because they hold the same goals of destroying the U.S. Constitution as the Democrats do.
The progressives will continue to fight for illegal immigration because that is the key to destroying the nation. As it stands now, white people will be in the minority by 2050.
It is projected that the hispanic population in America will see a major increase over the next couple of decades. Currently, they make up roughly 15% of the population. By 2050, their numbers will have risen from 47 million to 133 million. White people on the other hand, are barely experiencing any population growth, and we will likely lose numbers between 2030 and 2040. The black population as well, is expected to remain stable with no positive growth.
I would argue that white privilege education, and the fight for abortion rights are contributing to this. White privilege is intended to demoralize the white man, and we all know where themajority of abortion clinics are.
On the average, it takes 2.1 births per family to maintain a culture from generation to generation. This is the minimum required simply to maintain. American’s have been so beat down with abortion rights, family planning, women’s equality, and other nonsense agenda items, that raising a family has taken a back seat. Our average birth rate is now below the 2.1 required minimum to maintain our population, and it has been that way for some time. I would argue that this was done on purpose; a communist tactic to distract Americans, and weaken our basic family values. I say this because while third world immigrants are being flooded into the nation, our women of childbearing age are being inundated with “anti family” propaganda. At the same time, third world immigrants are being encouraged to have large families.
The average Muslim family for example; typically has about eight children. This explains their rapid population growth in Europe and the U.S. Many argue that this is also a deliberate tactic to quickly outnumber the population in their host countries, so they can have more influence.President Obama is allowing thousands of Muslim refugees into the nation while simultaneously keeping our borders open. We also know that he played an instrumental role in purposely allowing hundreds of thousands of people from South America to cross our borders this past summer. Families of hispanic origin are also known for having large “collectivist” families. Over twenty five percent of hispanic women have three or more children.
Looking at the available evidence I would have to argue that America’s population, both white and black, are being systematically attacked with abortion and propaganda designed to lower our numbers, so it will be easier for the globalists to transform us to third a world nation. Its all a part of the plan to deliberately destroy America through immigration, and Loretta Lynch will surely play her part if she is nominated.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

A Problem With White Privilege.......David Risselada

Race-GuiltArizona State University has recently announced that they will be hosting a class entitled “The Problems of Whiteness.” This is after the nation just witnessed the race baiter in chief and his administration fan the flames of racial violence in response to the shooting death of Michael Brown, a known thug. This is the case where the Justice Department is now admitting that there was no wrongdoing on the part of Darren Wilson, and no civil rights charges will be filed. This is quite a revelation, seeing as though the professional agitators were ready and willing to start a racial war in America over this incident, with the end goal of establishing a communist government mind you.

Everything we have seen over the past six months has been based on all of the left’s ridiculous theories, such as “critical race theory,” and “white privilege.” These theories, as I have suggested in many articles, have done nothing but reinforce a needless “victim mentality” among America’s black population. A mentality that I would argue is purposefully being propagated on purpose, in order to keep a permanent underclass. Is teaching the premise that all white’s are inherently racist really helping blacks in America overcome their problems, or is it just creating new ones? I would argue that it is turning a lot of innocent kids into resentful, hateful people, who can justify violence based on false precepts of oppression. In other words, the lies being told by these colleges are doing nothing but reinforcing the “criminal stereotype” that blacks say they would like to see disappear from society.
What exactly is wrong with being white anyway? The truth is that white people are the minority as far as the world is concerned, and we are far more tolerant of other religions and cultures than what they are of us. As a matter of fact, it is only the white western nations that have opened their doors to a multitude of different ethnicities and cultures, allowing the freedom’s and privileges that their nations would never allow us. We all know what would happen to us if we decided to cross over into Mexico.
In this article I intend to use some research I did concerning “white privilege,” while in college. If you remember, I was a social work major and had this subject thoroughly shoved down my throat. In fact, it was this experience that provided my motivation for becoming a political writer. This will be discussed in greater detail in my upcoming book, which Dr. Fred is helping me organize, “The Agenda.”
The truth about white privilege is far different than the left would have you believe. Laws like affirmative action, which are now becoming less popular, were actually approved of by the majority of white people when first introduced. In 1977 and again in 1984, over 65% of the white population in America approved of racial quota laws. This would suggest that white people are empathetic and capable of thinking about the needs of others as opposed to their own. Believe it or not, during that same time period 50% of the black population was opposed to programs that automatically granted them privilege over white people. This is understandable because it does nothing but destroy their initiative. (Lynch, F & Beer, W 1990)
Affirmative action laws also have a place in college admissions, and as the information I discovered suggests, may be more harmful to minorities than beneficial. Roughly 20% of the University of Michigan’s rolls, for example, are made up of minorities. (Wen, Lee H 2002) These minorities are admitted as a matter of fulfilling a racial quota as opposed to actually recognizing the merits of individuals. Wouldn’t a policy such as this actually leave talented minority students behind? It seems to me it would if for example, the college is taking its first applicants as a means of simply meeting the quota. This policy found its way to the supreme court when a white woman was denied admission even though she scored a 161 on on the law school admissions test. She was denied because of affirmative action quotas. So much for white privilege, though the supreme court ruled in favor of reversing these policies. (Wen, Lee H 2002)
One final example I would like to leave you with revolves around affirmative action in a Detroit police department. Facing budget fallouts, the department was forced to layoff several people. Like any employer generally would, they were going to layoff the most junior of officers, until an activist judge, Ralph Freeman, intervened. He ensured that only the officers that were hired under affirmative action laws were kept and everyone else was laid off. (Deslippe, Dennis A.)If these officers were hired on a racial quota system as opposed to a merit based system, did they just lower the quality of police officers in this department?
I have argued in an article entitled “Critical Projection Theory” that the left hides behind the issue of white privilege to mask their own history of racial discrimination. After all, it was the Democrat party that started the KKK and fought to maintain segregation. I am now arguing that the continuation of teaching the reverse racism of white privilege is only keeping black people locked in a cycle of dependence because they are unable to rise above their own belief that they are victims of the white man. I know the info provided here isn’t much but it was what I turned into to one of my communist professors who later told me I wasn’t fit for the profession of social work because of my opposition to “white privilege.”
Lynch, F & Beer, W. (1990) “You ain’t the right color pal.” Policy Review, (51,) 64.
Lee, Wen H. (2002) General Statistics Reverse Discrimination
Deslippe, D. (2004) “Do Whites Have Rights?” Journal of American History, 91 (3,) 932-960

The Grey State Movie.

This is the Grey State film that many people have been talking about. Watch and listen closely because they discuss in great detail many of the same concepts and manipulation techniques discussed here at the Radical Conservative. Thanks to for keeping this up. 

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Demoralization has paved the way for Islamic Subversion.......David Risselada

Recently, the internet has been inundated with grotesque images of radical jihadists cutting off people's heads in the name of Islam. News reports abound of Muslims around the world rejoicing, and embracing the recent "terror" attack in Paris, where twelve people were murdered for insulting the "prophet Mohammed." In the United States, ISIS operatives have hacked into the twitter accounts of the Department of Defense, and the lives of America's soldiers were threatened, as well as their families. Despite all of this, and despite the horrible instances of the Oklahoma beheading, and women being "honor killed" here in the U.S., American institutions are still bending over backwards to appease radical Islam. The two most recent examples are Duke Universities announcement of a "weekly call to prayer," and Nancy Pelosi's appointment of Rep Andre Carson, (a Muslim) to sit on the house intelligence committee. Pardon me, but are these people nuts, or is there an agenda?
Rep Carson is known for saying that all U.S. schools should mimic Islamic Madrassas. Is there a connection between his statement on this issue and the fact that U.S. schools are forcing girls to don Islamic garb on field trips to mosques? Why are U.S. schools forcing kids to go on field trips to mosques in the first place? In fact, more and more we see schools forcing kids to learn about Islamic culture, while portraying Islam in a positive light with nothing being presented as an alternative. This is being done in much the same way the Marxist doctrine was shoved down our throats without any "pro American" curriculum to counterbalance it. As I mentioned in previous articles, this is called ideological subversion and it has been going on for decades.
It takes from 15 to 20 years to demoralize a nation. Why that many years? Because this is the minimum number of years required to educate one generation of students in the country of your enemy exposed to the ideology of [their] enemy. In other words, Marxism-Leninism ideology is being pumped into the soft heads of at least 3 generation of American students without being challenged or counterbalanced by the basic values of Americanism; American patriotism. "Yuri Bezmenov"
For years, pro Marxists have infiltrated our institutions and implemented their agenda through the take over of culture. The same indoctrination and demoralizing methods used to get people to accept cultural marxism are being employed to get people to accept Islam. Many American's  have been "demoralized," into believing the wars we waged against Iraq and Afghanistan were done in the name of oil profits. We have been demoralized into believing that we are the worlds oppressors and as a result, many people will react to any opposition to Islamic influence as signs of racism and bigotry. 
Looking at the available evidence, and realizing how far Islamic culture has pushed its way into the western world; I would argue that the very purpose of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars was to begin the demoralization process.
The American soldier has been thoroughly discredited and destroyed, through the use of propaganda, depicting events at Abu Ghraib prison, and other situations where there was an obvious abuse of power. The enemy has become the victim, and they have been able to ride the backs of their "anti American" sympathizers right into our own country, because too many of us believe our "imperial actions" justify their response. This is the result of the "blame America first" agenda.
The very idea of kids being forced to wear Islamic clothes, and learn about the religion itself is frightening. Remember, it was through education that the Marxists were able to indoctrinate so many people into the tenets of communism. Is there an Islamic agenda in our schools? I would have to say yes.
Our Universities receive millions of dollars from Saudi Arabia and other Islamic regimes. Since 1995, 14 American Universities have received more than $88,000,000 in "endowment gifts." While this may seem like a small number compared to all other financial contributions combined, American schools should be taking no money from regimes that are hostile to American interests. The money being used to fund these Universities is coming from the wealth they earn from deals made with U.S. decades ago, designed to keep the U.S. dollar supreme as the worlds "reserve currency." As I wrote in my article "If This is True Then our Entire Society is a Lie," Saudi Arabia has kept the dollar strong by selling its oil in U.S. dollars only. This was done in exchange for American military muscle. The money being made in this deal is the same money being donated to American Universities. 
In an article published by Islam Daily, it is suggested that Saudi Arabia has increased its spending patterns to American Universities since 9/11 in an effort to promote understanding of Islam, and encourage tolerance.
"The prince’s recent financial gifts to Western academic institutions follows a pattern of Saudi funding for Western institutions that have the potential to influence Western perceptions in favour of Islam and of Saudi interests. Such funding has become an urgent Saudi project since the September 11, 2001 attacks in which the majority of the terrorists (15 out of 19) were of Saudi origin. Following the attacks, Saudi sponsorship of radical Islamism came under growing scrutiny, and Saudi relations with the US and other Western countries suffered a setback as Western media and public increasingly linked Saudi Arabia to Islamist terrorism. Many observers agreed that Saudi Arabia was the main source of funding for Islamist extremist organisations. Western intelligence services following the financial trails of terror funding found that Saudi government and private finance had for many years been funding the infrastructure of radical Islamist groups, as well as Islamic mission (Da‘wa, i.e. propagation of the faith) and the promotion of the Wahhabi brand of Islam worldwide." (Institute for the Study of Islam and Christianity)
Given what we have learned about ideological subversion and the art of "Psychopolitics," we may have to consider the possibility that the original 9/11 attack was conducted, to begin  the demoralization process in America. Since that time, the Muslim population has enjoyed huge success in pushing its culture into our subconscious, and it has become virtually impossible to give any criticism of this without being labeled a racist.  In the same way people were gradually conditioned to accept tenets of communism, they have been blinded to the reality that our nation is under conquest. The atrocities being committed against Christians and westerners are being ignored, in order to satisfy the immature urge liberals have to feel they are being "better people" because they don't stereotype. This won't save them from a heart hellbent on murder. 

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Analyzing the Communist Statement on Strategy Part Two: The Utter Hypocrisy of it All

In my last article concerning the Communist Statement of Strategy, I pointed out the fact that Communists in America are deliberately trying to incite a social revolution. Within the text of their own document is the admission that the social conditions in America are not ready for revolution and they need to be created. This can be found in this paragraph-
This is what our Party is all about, and what we mean when we say we are “hastening while awaiting” the changes that make revolution possible. This is the key to breaking through the situation where there are not yet the necessary conditions and forces to make revolution, but those conditions and forces will never be brought into being by just waiting for them to appear.”
Did you get that America? The communists responsible for this document are openly admitting that the necessary conditions for revolution will not come about in America without their help. Thats what they mean when they say  the “forces will never be brought into being by just waiting for them to appear.” As mentioned many times here at For Truths Sake, the issue of race is the catalyst in which these miscreants will push their little “revolution,” and as I have mentioned many times, this is the very purpose of community organizing.
With this being said I would like to continue by pointing out the blatant hypocrisy, and outright foolishness in these people’s words. Sometimes I don’t know if I should run in fear because of the dangerous nature of their ideas, or burst out laughing at their utter stupidity in muttering them. Let’s take a look at the very first paragraph of the “Statement on Strategy.”
“Under this system of capitalism, so many in this society and so much of humanity are forced to endure great hardship and suffering, exploitation, injustice and brutality, while wars and the ongoing destruction of the natural environment threaten the very future of humanity. In the Constitution for the New Socialist Republic in North America (Draft Proposal) our Party has set forth an inspiring vision, and concrete measures, for the building of a new society, a socialist society, aiming for the final goal of a communist world, where human beings everywhere would be free of relations of exploitation and oppression and destructive antagonistic conflicts, and could be fit caretakers of the earth. But to make this a reality, we need revolution.”
To put this more bluntly; they are saying that in order to usher in their “socialist utopia” they need to eliminate all who disagree and stand in the way. Its funny how they believe the way to alleviate suffering and oppression is to oppress and cause suffering. This is the effects of moral relativism on our society. It is “ok” to oppress the capitalist because it is the capitalist that is causing all the problems in the world. It is the same with the fabricated racial problems brought about by the Obama regime; it is “ok” for black people to attack whites because decades of institutional racism has forced them to do it. Nevermind that the “institutional racism” was brought about by the Democrat Party.
They are claiming that America’s system of “capitalism” is the root cause of all wars and oppression around the world, and if given the right amount of power they will be able to create a “paradise on earth.” They are claiming that it is America that causes hardship, suffering and injustice. Perhaps we do, if you’re a communist dictator.
These people are so stupid that they can’t see the obvious, and  it is that communism has caused the greatest suffering in the world. Communism, rivaled only by Islam perhaps, is the most brutal political governing system known to man. What started out as a promise for the “dictatorship of the proletariat,” turned into nothing less than an all out slaughter of all those whom the communists viewed as “useless.” As I have alluded to several times, the only equality in communism is found in the equality of having nothing, everyone will be equally enslaved.
Joseph Goebbels believed that telling the biggest lie often enough would eventually lead to the masses believing it. He was right, it was from the propaganda techniques employed during the twentieth century, by leftists, that led to the methods being used to inundate our children with communist lies in our public schools today.  This is why so many people walk around in a “zombie” like trance, because they couldn’t recognize the truth to save their lives; and that truth is that we are about to repeat history once again because we forgot the truth about communism.
Number of people murdered by communist regimes
Folks, the list goes on. All of these democides (genocide by government) all started the same way. With the promise of a new world where people will be free from exploitation and oppression, and a new world based on total equality will ensue. It is impossible to create a world of total equality without removing anyone who may have a differing opinion. With all the demonization of the white man going on I would say its a fair bet that we are the ones, those of us rigorously defending the constitution, that are standing in the way of the promised land. Can you honestly look at whats going on in the world and disagree?
America, communism is intolerable. Why are we tolerating it here in America?

Sunday, January 4, 2015

A Plan Decades In The Making

Forward: I’m publishing this older article before I go on with my analysis of the “Socialist Constitution” I have been writing about. The purpose is to simply put the challenges we face into perspective while looking at the socialist agenda.
While many people are awakening to the Obama administration and their attempts to undermine our national sovereignty, it must be stated that this has been an ongoing effort for many, many decades. Barrack Obama is merely a tool selected to get an already conditioned population to accept the final stages of a plan that will see the United States surrender its sovereignty and merge into a global governing structure where she will no longer be respected as a world super power, but viewed merely as another third world nation that is morally equivalent to all others.  There are three main pillars of our society and culture that need to be changed from the inside in order for this transformation to take place; immigration, education and the military. It is hard to argue, even for those who adamantly oppose any idea of conspiracy theories, that these three elements of our society have not been radically affected in recent years. This article will offer a brief analysis into the events taking place and the historical roots behind them. This is indeed a planned collapse, and it is a plan decades in the making.
As the crisis along our border escalates, we are hearing more and more on the whole situation being a planned event to precipitate the total collapse of our nation. Even congressmen are coming out and calling this a deliberate application of the Cloward & Piven strategy. For those who may not know, the Cloward & Piven strategy was the work of two Sociology Professors at Columbia University, Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven, designed to organize the nation’s poor and minorities into a power base from which the country, through the democratic process, could be converted into a socialist state.  One of the key components of this strategy was the idea of overwhelming the nation’s welfare system to the point where it collapses, and the government would then be forced to adapt socialism. It’s obvious beyond any doubt that Barrack Hussein Obama is implementing this strategy; after all he did attend Columbia University and was likely educated by Frances Fox Piven.  In my article, “President Obama, Frances Fox Piven, and voter registration schemes”  I discussed Piven and her efforts to organize a voter registration drive aimed at minorities by teaching them they were oppressed. I also mentioned one of my own professors, an admitted socialist mind you, who was likely educated by Piven as he had attended The Columbia University School of Social Work. In short, people who are calling the border crisis a deliberate attempt to undermine America and collapse her financial system are correct; however, from the perspective of a writer who has been trying to bring many things to people’s attention, they are a day late and a dollar short as this is only one small aspect of many moving parts put in motion a long time ago.
In my article “Amnesty and the immigration act of 1965”, I discussed the origins of the immigration crisis we are now facing and how it was nothing but a plot to secure more voters for the Democrat Party.  This was based on the ideas of Marxism and the teachings of Antonio Gramsci, who taught that America’s culture would have to be changed incrementally from within. The immigration act of 1965 was signed into law by Democrat President Lyndon B. Johnson. This is the same president who promised Americas black communities free welfare for their votes. Lyndon B. Johnson is remembered in history as saying “I’ll have those ni**ers voting democratic for the next two hundred years.” He believed that if he could convince America’s black population centers that the government would take care of them, and they were deserving of this because of their “victimhood” status, he could secure their vote for generations to come. This was a surprisingly effective technique as black Americans continue to vote democrat even though they remain impoverished in districts controlled by Democrats for decades.  While Lyndon B. Johnson signed the civil rights act into law in an effort to secure the black vote, the truth is, he opposed it as senate majority leader when introduced by Republican President Dwight Eisenhower. He did this specifically for the purpose of giving the illusion that it was the Democrat Party that supported civil rights, even though the majority of democrats under the Johnson administration still opposed the bill. If it would not have had the Republican support it did, it would have never passed into law.  What does this have to do with immigration? At the time Americas immigration laws were based on a quota system, meaning that immigrants from any part of the world were allowed in based on the number of existing immigrants already in country from that part of the world. This was done in an effort to maintain national identity and ensure that people with useful skills and a desire to assimilate into our culture would be the ones to immigrate here. This meant that most of the people who were immigrating here were of European ancestry and just as is the case today, people referred to this as a racist system. People began to argue that immigration to the United States was a human right and that because we as a nation have stolen most of our resources and land, people were entitled to immigrate here. There were many fallacies in this narrative because the U.S. had allowed many thousands of Asians into the country to escape communist oppression during the Vietnam War, and we have allowed many refugees from all over the world to relocate to the United States in an effort to escape tyranny. With all of this being said the Immigration Act of 1965 eliminated the quota system and replaced it with one where immigration has been open to all corners of the world. In fact, the bill allows for the exponential growth of immigration from the third world and likely led to the passage of the Immigration Reform and Control  Act of 1986 where Ronald Reagan granted amnesty to nearly four million illegal immigrants. There was little doubt with the passage of the Immigration Act of 1965 that it would forever change the demographics of The United States.
While it is obvious that the immigration crisis is contributing to a “planned collapse” or our country, it is not the only event put in motion to accomplish this goal. As the nation awakens to the danger that “Common Core” education represents, they would do themselves well by realizing that this is the final push of an education curriculum a century in the making. Again, it all goes back to the ideas of Marx and the teachings of Gramsci. Antonio Gramsci taught that America would only accept socialism incrementally and in order to implement incremental change, the institutions must be infiltrated by “Change agents.” Leftists have had control of our education system for decades, and as I wrote in my article “A truth we have to accept,” the push to turn America into a socialist nation started decades ago.  Unfortunately, in this case the truth is definitely something most people would not want to accept; however, it is proof positive that both political parties in this nation are guilty of undermining its constitution and national sovereignty. The communists believed that world peace can only be achieved when the world accepted communism as the ultimate social structure. Lenin often spoke of a communist world government. What many don’t realize is our government’s role in allowing the communists to infiltrate our nation, and it all started with something called “The Reese Committee.” The Reese Committee was the investigation of U.S. taxpayer money being used to fund organizations and societies that were pushing for the merging of the Soviet Union and the United States to form a global government.  At the same time agreements were being signed by Republican President Dwight Eisenhower to break down the barriers between the Soviet Union and the U.S. in an effort to get the U.S. to accept communism (so to say) as a moral equivalent of the west’s way of life.  Because the Soviet Union and the U.S. were considered allies in the efforts to defeat Adolph Hitler, great lengths were taken to hide the truth about communism and America’s role in covering up these truths. That’s a whole other story; however, a better understanding of the communist mindset can be developed by reading “The Communist Peace Offensive.” According to Charlotte Iserbyt, whistle blower and author of “The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America,”Ronald Reagan also signed such agreements with the Soviet Union where they would have influence over our education system. This was done for the purpose of achieving world peace. While many would refuse to believe this because Ronald Reagan is known as being one of the most conservative presidents we have had, how else would you explain a modern generation that for all practical purposes appears to be begging for communism? Just as thousands of immigrants did not make it across thousands of miles of treacherous terrain without some kind of assistance, neither did the communists successfully infiltrate our education system without being welcomed.
So far we discussed immigration and education as being the pillars of America’s destruction. There is however, one more institution that needs to be thoroughly destroyed before America is ripe for total transformation. This is one institution that Barrack Obama has been very successful in dismantling almost single handedly; however, once again, the precedence for this was established long ago and Obama is merely implementing the strategy. This institution is the U.S. military and over the past couple of years we have watched Barrack Obama relieve many high ranking commanders from their duties as they represent a threat to his agenda. Understand that this is not his agenda; he is merely carrying it out. It was put in place decades ago by the same communist forces infiltrating every other aspect of our society.  To truly come to terms with this you must understand that America, and her Judea Christian heritage is the last remaining power able to keep the communists from establishing total control over the world. This is why her education system was infiltrated, this is why we are flooded with third worldimmigrants accustomed to collectivism and this is why our military needs to be disarmed. In the Communist Peace Offensive, it is evident that the Soviets intended to give the illusion that an America willing to disarm itself was an America that showed a superior, moral strength, and that this was the only way world peace could be achieved.  They have gone to great efforts to portray the American military as imperialistic and oppressive, and they have been very successful in these efforts as many Americans despise the military.  In order to understand this better you should read public law 87-297 “The Arms Control and Disarmament Act” state department publication 7277. This was signed into law in 1961 by President John F. Kennedy and carried out by every president since. This law calls for the gradual elimination of Americas Armed Forces to the point where we no longer have a national Army, Navy or Air Force.  According to Bernadine Smith, this cannot be fully accomplished until they have completely disarmed the citizenry because they know full well we will never accept the dismantling of our military as it is the only thing that protects our national sovereignty.  When they finally outlaw civilian weapons we will know we are in the final stages of their plan to completely disarm our military and merge us with a one world communist order.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Analyzing the Communist “Statement Of Strategy” Part One By David Risselada

Obama Communist(1)
As Promised in my last article, I intend to go over the new “Constitution for a Socialist Republic in North America,”  and analyze it the same way I have other communist works. First though, I want to talk about their “statement on strategy.” After being educated in social work and community organizing, I made it a personal ambition of mine to expose the left for who they really are; communists and socialists. It amazes me how they no longer attempt to hide their inclinations. As a student, I was dumbfounded at the way my professors seemed shocked to the core that anyone would stand in defiance of their socialistic worldviews. It was almost as if they were surprised that someone had not been thoroughly indoctrinated while in high school. If you have read any of my articles, than you know that I have attempted to draw many correlations between the profession of community organizing and socialism, while also trying to draw attention to the shocking progress communists have made in getting people to accept their propaganda.  The goal of community organizing is to teach people they are oppressed, they are teaching that capitalism and America are synonymous with oppression and that socialism is the solution. America, in this article I intend to prove, through their own words, that it is the socialists and communists intentionally creating the oppression in this country in order to organize for power; and I intend to do it using their own rules.
“But the possibility of revolution will never really ripen unless those who recognize the need for revolution are preparing the ground for this politically and ideologically even now: working to influence the thinking of people in a revolutionary direction, organizing them into the struggle against this system, and winning growing numbers to become actively involved in building the movement for revolution. This is what our Party is all about, and what we mean when we say we are “hastening while awaiting” the changes that make revolution possible. This is the key to breaking through the situation where there are not yet the necessary conditions and forces to make revolution, but those conditions and forces will never be brought into being by just waiting for them to appear.”
The above statement is from the website of the so called “Revolutionary Communist Party,” and it describes in great detail what they intend to do. Like I mentioned before, they are not even hiding anymore, and the reason for this is because they believe Americans are ready to accept communism as a solution to “capitalist oppression.” They have been pushing this lie for so long while virtually erasing the real brutality of communism from the history books, and as a result, many Americans have been swept away by promises of “paradise on Earth.” They will soon discover for themselves however; as Yuri Bezmenov said it best, that communism offers nothing but the equality of dirt.
With this being said I want to take a moment to do a little analysis here; particularly of the last sentence in the communist “statement on strategy” paragraph. “This is the key to breaking through the situation where there are not yet the necessary conditions andforces to make revolution, but those conditions and forces will never be brought into being by just waiting for them to appear.” This one sentence virtually proves everything I have ever claimed, they are deliberately creating societal conditions to create the necessary“revolutionary crisis” needed to bring down our system and usher in communism. It’s a brilliant plan really, one that no one, without a real dedicated study on  the matter, is likely to figure out. I was only able to do so because I was educated by them.
Its safe to say that the issue of race is understood to be the catalyst here, most of us see that the nation has purposefully been divided along racial lines. The argument has been that the white “privileged” have purposefully kept the black man down and this is why we are seeing a  so called “revolutionary” movement among the black population. What we are really seeing is the purposeful manipulation of generations of people to serve as the communist revolutionary army. The truth is they have been kept down! They have been kept poor for decades by one political party, and it isn’t the Republicans. Democrats have presided over the inner city ghetto’s for years and now it is apparent that it was done so they could be taught that they are oppressed, and they need to “rise up” in order to overcome the white man’s power. If this isn’t the truth than how else do you explain a black president doing absolutely nothing to help black unemployment while continually making their situation worse by accusing every white man of being racist? Creating racial tensions does nothing to put young black men to work. It only leads to more unnecessary racial tension. The type of racial tension necessary to bring about the conditions to create a revolution. The type of revolution we are now witnessing against the police.
The sad fact of the matter is that the communists responsible for this care nothing for the damage they cause in people’s lives. Their fake outrage against the police has not only left innocent people dead, it has also made murderer’s out of people who could have been taught they had potential to do something. Instead, the entire educational establishment dedicates itself to teaching the principles of victimology through nonsense theories like “Black liberation theology.” Here’s an example of what I’m talking about. In a social work practice class, which covered several different theories on therapy, I was taught this lesson.
A successful black woman goes to see a social worker to try to alleviate her symptoms of depression. The social worker is white, why that matters so much I’m not sure, but the black woman is financially successful and complains of depression. Based on the tenets of “critical race theory” and “Black Liberation Theology,” the social worker suggests that perhaps the successful black woman’ s depression is stemming from the fact, that she has “lost roots to her historical oppression” and is feeling as if she may have sold herself out to the “white man’s culture.”
This was actually in a social work textbook America. This was a deliberate attempt to keep hate and discontent alive when their doesn’t need to be any. In my opinion, this virtually proves that the black people in America are being oppressed by the white man. That white man however; is a communist hiding behind the Democrat party manipulating a whole population of people into believing mainstream America, and the police are their enemy. Their enemy however; is the one they continually vote for, the Democrat
Party. Their enemy is the one who is creating all this racial tension in an effort to whip them up in a revolutionary frenzy in the pursuit of the fabled “communist utopia.” We all know who that is.
These people have a lot to answer for America.