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A Problem With White Privilege.......David Risselada

Race-GuiltArizona State University has recently announced that they will be hosting a class entitled “The Problems of Whiteness.” This is after the nation just witnessed the race baiter in chief and his administration fan the flames of racial violence in response to the shooting death of Michael Brown, a known thug. This is the case where the Justice Department is now admitting that there was no wrongdoing on the part of Darren Wilson, and no civil rights charges will be filed. This is quite a revelation, seeing as though the professional agitators were ready and willing to start a racial war in America over this incident, with the end goal of establishing a communist government mind you.

Everything we have seen over the past six months has been based on all of the left’s ridiculous theories, such as “critical race theory,” and “white privilege.” These theories, as I have suggested in many articles, have done nothing but reinforce a needless “victim mentality” among America’s black population. A mentality that I would argue is purposefully being propagated on purpose, in order to keep a permanent underclass. Is teaching the premise that all white’s are inherently racist really helping blacks in America overcome their problems, or is it just creating new ones? I would argue that it is turning a lot of innocent kids into resentful, hateful people, who can justify violence based on false precepts of oppression. In other words, the lies being told by these colleges are doing nothing but reinforcing the “criminal stereotype” that blacks say they would like to see disappear from society.
What exactly is wrong with being white anyway? The truth is that white people are the minority as far as the world is concerned, and we are far more tolerant of other religions and cultures than what they are of us. As a matter of fact, it is only the white western nations that have opened their doors to a multitude of different ethnicities and cultures, allowing the freedom’s and privileges that their nations would never allow us. We all know what would happen to us if we decided to cross over into Mexico.
In this article I intend to use some research I did concerning “white privilege,” while in college. If you remember, I was a social work major and had this subject thoroughly shoved down my throat. In fact, it was this experience that provided my motivation for becoming a political writer. This will be discussed in greater detail in my upcoming book, which Dr. Fred is helping me organize, “The Agenda.”
The truth about white privilege is far different than the left would have you believe. Laws like affirmative action, which are now becoming less popular, were actually approved of by the majority of white people when first introduced. In 1977 and again in 1984, over 65% of the white population in America approved of racial quota laws. This would suggest that white people are empathetic and capable of thinking about the needs of others as opposed to their own. Believe it or not, during that same time period 50% of the black population was opposed to programs that automatically granted them privilege over white people. This is understandable because it does nothing but destroy their initiative. (Lynch, F & Beer, W 1990)
Affirmative action laws also have a place in college admissions, and as the information I discovered suggests, may be more harmful to minorities than beneficial. Roughly 20% of the University of Michigan’s rolls, for example, are made up of minorities. (Wen, Lee H 2002) These minorities are admitted as a matter of fulfilling a racial quota as opposed to actually recognizing the merits of individuals. Wouldn’t a policy such as this actually leave talented minority students behind? It seems to me it would if for example, the college is taking its first applicants as a means of simply meeting the quota. This policy found its way to the supreme court when a white woman was denied admission even though she scored a 161 on on the law school admissions test. She was denied because of affirmative action quotas. So much for white privilege, though the supreme court ruled in favor of reversing these policies. (Wen, Lee H 2002)
One final example I would like to leave you with revolves around affirmative action in a Detroit police department. Facing budget fallouts, the department was forced to layoff several people. Like any employer generally would, they were going to layoff the most junior of officers, until an activist judge, Ralph Freeman, intervened. He ensured that only the officers that were hired under affirmative action laws were kept and everyone else was laid off. (Deslippe, Dennis A.)If these officers were hired on a racial quota system as opposed to a merit based system, did they just lower the quality of police officers in this department?
I have argued in an article entitled “Critical Projection Theory” that the left hides behind the issue of white privilege to mask their own history of racial discrimination. After all, it was the Democrat party that started the KKK and fought to maintain segregation. I am now arguing that the continuation of teaching the reverse racism of white privilege is only keeping black people locked in a cycle of dependence because they are unable to rise above their own belief that they are victims of the white man. I know the info provided here isn’t much but it was what I turned into to one of my communist professors who later told me I wasn’t fit for the profession of social work because of my opposition to “white privilege.”
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