Saturday, April 30, 2016

The Struggle of Freedom

“America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: Its patriotism, its morality and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas then America will collapse from within.” Joseph Stalin

America as we have known it is on the verge of total collapse. It is doubtful that the Republic we once knew, where men were free and willing to work hard in pursuit of their dreams and to secure lives of autonomy will ever return. In its place we find a shattered nation where a narrow majority now live lives of comfortable mediocrity, benefitting from a failed welfare state where the initiative to better one’s self is destroyed due to a fear of losing needed resources. Everything has been redefined to the point that there is a raging debate as to whether or not a man who feels like a woman should be able to share a restroom with our daughters, and freedom of speech now means denying others their freedoms in acts of outright violence because someone hurt someone else’s feelings. How did this happen? How did we get to this point where people are literally begging the government to trample on our liberties in order to gain security? The very idea of freedom itself has been turned upside down and employed against us as a weapon; and sadly, few noticed because we were too busy having fun while ignoring the consequences.

The question of what it means to be free will inspire many different answers while also demanding we definitively answer it. How we choose to define liberty will certainly shape the future of America just as how we have defined it over the past several decades has brought us to where we are now. To some, freedom means living a life where we are free from the consequences of our actions and responsibility is for someone else to take. Today, we see the catastrophic consequences of this thinking as young people demand those that have worked their whole life give up what they have earned in order to take responsibility for decisions they didn’t make.  To others, freedom is the exact opposite. It means having unrestricted freedom but also being free to learn from our mistakes, being free to accept the responsibility of our actions so that we may learn to become better men.  Michael Savage once told a story about a father and son watching a bird hatch from its egg. The child, watching the baby bird struggle from its shell insisted that they help the bird free itself. The father told the son that if they did it would die because it needed to learn the struggle in order to survive. Well, there it is. Man is meant to struggle as well, and at the end of our struggles we emerge better, more capable than we were before.

Some would argue that we are in that struggle now. Our nation is crumbling around us and instead of accepting responsibility and taking up the work of fixing it ourselves; we are looking to others to do it for us. We spend our days blaming everybody else for what is happening without stopping to think for a moment that maybe, just maybe we have the leaders we deserve. In The Dark Knight, the sequel to Batman Begins, Batman had become a villain even though he was a hero. He was a hero that the people of Gotham deserved, a dark figure operating in the shadows. This is because the people of Gotham had allowed themselves to be corrupted to the point where they would allow a dark shadowy figure to carry out justice in their name. In America, we have corrupted politicians that are virtually ignored by the vast majority of society. A society that has allowed its spirituality, morality and patriotism be undermined to the point of corruption that is. In America, a nation supposedly steeped in Christian values we have skyrocketing divorce rates, men abandoning their children, one in five are on psychotropic drugs, illegal drugs run rampant, people lust for money, married couples engage in corrupted sex practices, pornography sites are the most visited on the internet, prayer has been abandoned in public schools, people murder their unborn children in the name of civil rights and people live the majority of their lives in a trance, enthralled by the hypnotism of the entertainment media and yet, we wonder why face such a struggle.  These are the consequences of allowing freedom to be redefined without the need of responsibility.

This is what Joseph Stalin meant when he said America would collapse from within if its spirituality, morality and patriotism could be undermined.  The only problem is; we allowed it because we were having fun.

It is up to us to fix our country, not Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. In order to make things right we have to do some serious reflecting. We have to endure the uncomfortable struggle of realizing the role we all played in our own downfall. We are all guilty at some level of alleviating our responsibility of maintaining liberty and passing along a better nation to our off spring. This is certainly truer for some than others; however, we all know that if we want to make a better world we start by being the change we want to see. By allowing other men to control the reigns we are foregoing the necessary struggle to come out of this a better, stronger nation. We have to go through the struggle of accepting responsibility, making a change in our own lives first and then holding those that wish to govern us accountable for their corruption. If we continue to allow others to define liberty for us, and placate us with platitudes while dangling a carrot in front of our faces our fate will be no different than the bird that dies because it didn’t learn how to survive a struggle. America, the challenge before us was given for a reason. The very resolve of mankind is being tested and rising to the occasion to restore integrity and truth to our nation is the defining struggle of our time. We either face our selves and take the responsibility or, we are through as a nation, no matter who is elected.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Black Liberation Theology: The Real Plight of Black Americans

James Cone is known as the founder of Black Liberation Theology. Many people may not have heard of this until the election of Barrack Obama and his involvement with Pastor Jeremiah Wright came into public view. Black Liberation Theology is a byproduct of the radical social justice movement of the 1960’s and is the forbearer of today’s “Critical Race Theory” that is driving what is known as White Privilege Education. It is the original thinking of black Marxists who believed that the “white system” blacks were forced to live in was nothing short of oppressive, and as long as blacks were integrated with whites their humanity would forever be ignored because whites were driven by nothing but a lust for power and wealth while routinely subjugating all people of color. One of the main principles of CRT is the idea that blacks cannot be racist because the institutional power within the United States was dominated and driven by whites; therefore, blacks did not have the institutional power to discriminate. This is derived from Cones writings, which suggested that blacks in America had been systematically denied any social or political power. Cone argues that it was the white man’s attempts to integrate the black man into white culture which has denied them their own cultural identity. He suggests that by assuming black people can live in the same type of society as white men we are systematically oppressing them and only by creating a system of racial preferences can you truly empower people of color.

James Cone has even gone as far as intertwining the Christian faith into this theory as the word “theology” so amply suggests. He claims that the faith of the white man is not a true theology; as the gospel of Jesus Christ as written in the Bible was a story of oppressed and oppressors. The Bible, James contends is a story of black liberation as Jesus was a poor black man oppressed by the rich whites.  In the early years of Obama’s presidency the roots of his belief in this type of radical thinking became apparent when he claimed that America was in need of a “collective salvation.” This is very indicative of two things, one a heavy influence of Marxist indoctrination as the word “collective” indicates and two, a deep rooted belief that the slave past of Americas history has so damaged the black race and was so inherently evil, that only by a willing commitment to its liberation from the crushing boot of white supremacy can America have any chance of being saved.  According to David Horowitz, author of the book “Hating Whitey and other Progressive Causes,” Cones was an advocate of a militant rise in black activism to fight the evils of white racism.

“Cone wanted to critically awaken and educate readers so that they would not only break through denial and acknowledge the evils of white supremacy, the grave injustices of racist domination, but be so moved that they would righteously and militantly engage in anti-racist struggle.” Horowitz, D. (1999.) Hating Whitey and other Progressive Causes. Dallas, TX. Spence Publishing Company

This is exactly what we are witnessing today as the ideology of White Privilege education continues to indoctrinate our children into the non-sense that is Black Liberation Theology.  The text books of our higher institutions of learning are full to the brim with theories describing the white man as oppressors of all who aren’t white or, even straight for that matter.  As a student in social work education this author even witnessed a lesson where a black woman was encouraged to hold on to her victimhood as it would alleviate her depression that arose from trying to succeed in a white man’s world. The textbook described a scenario where a black woman, who was in fact quite successful, went to see a therapist for depression. The therapist, drawing from the concepts of Black Liberation Theology suggested that the woman let go of her quest for financial success and return to her historic roots of oppression in order to alleviate the depressive symptoms.  The indoctrination is so entrenched in the soft heads of our nation’s students that people actually took offense to the notion that yours truly would challenge such an assertion.

Across the nation we are seeing a rapid, militant rise among black groups in our universities where they are attempting to silence any opinion that may offend their fragile sensibilities. The idea of white privilege is becoming more concerning as it is evolving far beyond the simple idea that white men have all of the institutional power. One of Cone’s beliefs was that white people cared nothing for the humanity of minorities and this is a belief that is taking hold among today’s young people to the point where whiteness is now being looked upon as a disease that must be eradicated. Students across the country believe that being white is a sickness that one may simply be unaware of having because they are automatic beneficiaries of the privilege associated with being white.  On the more ridiculous side of this is the idea that being able to get your hair cut where you want, walk into a grocery store and find your favorite foods and speak your native tongue without getting dirty looks are indicators that you may have white privilege.

Hillary Clinton, in an effort to pander to a shrinking demographic of black voters, has continually pushed the idea of white privilege as well. In a recent speech she went so far as to suggest that white people are insensitive to the challenges faced by blacks.

 This comment could not have been said better by Cones himself. Clinton is using the very premise of Black Liberation Theology insofar as describing a world where blacks are suffering due to the unseen, systematic racism inherent in American institutions. By saying white people need to recognize our privilege and practice humility she is alluding to Cones’ notion that white people simply do not care about the humanity of those who are not white. This is all utter non-sense. The only thing this backwards, Marxist thinking is doing is destroying the initiative of a race of people who have in many instances demonstrated great ability and talent in all walks of life. It isn’t the white man holding black people down, its academic absurdity that continues to insist these ridiculous theories be pushed in our universities. It’s the victimhood mentality being used by the real privileged, which hold real political power, building a power base from which they seek to gain more. The whole premise of racial identity politics, which is solely pushed by the left, is the idea that black people are not as good as white people and in order to survive and have an equal shot, they must let government tell them how to live. This is the real plight of the black man.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Virtue Ethics, Social Change and A Left Wing Change Agent


Donald Trump continues to prove that he is not a conservative by any stretch of the imagination.  There has been no expression of what one would consider to be traditional conservative values, aside from the constant rhetoric on illegal immigration and the now infamous slogan, “Make America Great Again.” In fact, The Donald has taken positions on almost every major political issue in the past and they are the exact opposite of what you would think traditional conservatives would want in a presidential candidate. He has called himself a democrat, he advocated for longer waiting periods to purchase a firearm, he was for the assault weapons ban, spoke in favor of eminent domain and now he is even advocating that the Republican Party change its platform on abortion.  The Republican Party currently holds that all unborn children have a fundamental right to life; Trump argues exemptions should be made when it comes to women victimized by rape, incest and those whose life is put at risk by the pregnancy. These changes may not seem so drastic to some, and in fact many view them as virtuous; however, they are indeed changes that push the Republican philosophy further to the left, which is Donald Trump’s job because he is a left wing change agent.

Here at The Radical Conservative the argument has been made several times that Donald Trump is in fact, working to change the values of conservative voters. He is taking an approach that gives the appearance that he is evolving on certain issues. This was even admitted by one of his own advisers that said Trump was playing a role, and would evolve into a more “party suitable image.” What does this mean exactly? All of the heated rhetoric was explicitly designed to gain the attention of voters and get them to follow along, and slowly but surely the positions change to reflect a more “evolved,” virtuous position in the hopes the values of the voters could be swayed the same way.

This is the game the left is playing. Over the past several decades they have deliberately discredited American culture as racist, greedy, selfish, warmongering and uncompassionate towards the poor. In an effort to sway people toward a more socialistic worldview they then went about the work of presenting socialist philosophy as virtuous and compassionate, as something that can repair the damage caused by the dangers of American freedom.  In order to do this they have to change the values of the American citizen. This is the job of a left wing change agent.

What exactly is a change agent?

change agent is a person from inside or outside the organization who helps an organization transform itself by focusing on such matters as organizational effectiveness, improvement, and development.

A left wing change agent would be someone who deliberately infiltrates a right wing institution with the intent of slowly re-educating those within the organizational structure. The goal would be to wipe away conservative values and replace them with socialist values because as far as the left is concerned, socialism is an improvement over capitalism.  In the case of Trump on abortion, the more enlightened view is that abortion should be allowed in certain situations, and because people have assigned a certain virtue to Donald Trump, it is likely many may change their positions. This is an example of Donald Trump “evolving” into something more virtuous. Another good example is Barack Obama changing his views on the gay marriage issue. While running for president he was very clear that marriage was between a man and woman; after becoming president however, he changed in an effort to show his ability to evolve into a more virtuous position.  This is what they are trying to con you into doing. This is what was meant when Barack Obama said he would fundamentally transform America.

What is exactly meant when we say virtue? The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy describes the term Virtue Ethics as being a broad term that defines the philosophy of moral character. In other words, as described before, the left is working to make their positions appear morally superior by applying the concepts of virtue ethics. This is similar to the term moral relativism insofar as the idea of a moral absolute having to be destroyed. In a paper called “Modern Moral Philosophy,” Elizabeth Anscombe argued that today’s morality was much too rigid and dependent upon a strict moral code. She went on to ridicule its usefulness in a secular society where it is no longer assumed there is a universal right or wrong, or maker of universal laws. In the first paragraph of her paper she argues for the need to do away with the concepts of moral obligation and moral duty because they are derived from an earlier conception of ethics that are no longer useful.  She went on to argue that morality should be based on things like virtue and content of character instead of an absolute morality. In other words, the ideas that it was the intentions of the left that matter and not the result are likely to come from this idea of virtue ethics.

The media is assisting in this effort by portraying everything the right stands for as being rigid and absolute. The GOP absolutely refuses to accept exemptions for abortion because of their strict, moral obligation to defend the rights of unborn children. Donald Trump on the other hand is portraying himself as having superior virtue because he can evolve past the strict, rigid absolute and show compassion towards those who could be presented as being in need of an abortion. This is social change in action folks, and it is likely why Donald Trump has hundreds of thousands of Democrats lining up to vote for him. Voting for Donald Trump is like voting for a liberal, before it is all over this author is betting he will lighten up drastically with his positions on immigration.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Unsustainable Welfare For All: Cloward and Piven and the Sickness of Communism

I once had a professor who admitted in front of the class that he was a socialist. Having figured out that there was a deliberate effort to indoctrinate students into the tenants of socialism rather than actually educating them, I thought I would be a little “radical” myself and call him out. I asked him if he knew that the Nazis were socialists and he replied by saying they were a different kind of socialist. I was beginning to understand that I was dealing with the type of left wing ideologue that simply believed that socialism hasn't been tried the right way yet, which is a typical belief among the so called intellectual elite. Seeing that he thought he was going to influence my position I pressed on. I replied by saying that the Nazis were “national socialists” and seeing as though he was not one of these he must be a “Marxist Socialist.” Oddly enough that observation garnered no reply. I wanted to share this because this professor of mine earned his PHD in social work at Columbia University and most everything that he said was not only to the left of me, but way left of center, period. He was brilliant when it came to teaching the subject of the class, The DSM IV. In fact there was one topic in particular that I highly admired him for and that was his position on labeling young children with mental disorders.  He was adamantly opposed to it. I have to give credit where credit is due. My main point here isn't what he stood for or what he believed but that he claimed to be a socialist and he was a graduate of Columbia University. Barack Obama is also a graduate of Columbia University, incidentally.

The New York Times once referred to Obama’s education at Columbia as a lost period of his academic history. (Kurtz, Radical in Chief) I think this is significant not so much because of President Obama but because of who is teaching there. Frances Fox Piven is a leading professor at the Columbia School of Social Work. Remember, President Obama is a Community Organizer which is part of the social work profession. Saul Alinsky was also a community Organizer and I can assure you that the goals of community organizing are to turn America upside down by fermenting the seeds of hate and discontent.  Frances Fox Piven is recognized in the Community Organizing profession as someone who is an authority on the history of organizing during Americas early communist movements. (Kurtz)In fact she and her deceased husband, Richard Cloward, have published many articles concerning social justice and the way in which American capitalism oppresses minorities. One such article is actually a little startling. Published in Psychology Journal in the mid 1960’s, “The Weight of the Poor: A Strategy to End Poverty” outlines the plan to bring America’s economy to her knees by creating an unsustainable welfare state, which would then force the United States to adapt a communist economy. They suggested the creation of a system in which everyone would qualify for benefits regardless of socio economic status. In other words, they believed the way to eradicate poverty was a socialist system in which everyone was guaranteed a basic living income. Does this sound familiar? Don’t worry, there’s more.

Frances Fox Piven sat on the Executive Committee of the Democratic Socialists of America. (Kurtz) In 1983 she delivered the opening speech at a conference Barrack Obama attended. This was the Cooper Union Socialist Scholars Conference.  It was at this conference where she presented to her fellow socialists the voter registration strategy which we witnessed during the 2008 and 2012 elections of Barack Obama. The following is a quote from Stanley Kurtz’s’ Radical in Chief.

“A voter registration strategy designed to radicalize the Democratic Party and polarize the country along class lines. Piven’s strategy would be carried out in collaboration with ACORN, Project Vote and related organizations over the ensuing decades.” (Kurtz, Radical in Chief)

That is pretty powerful seeing as though that speech was given in 1983. It describes what we are witnessing today perfectly; the country has never been so polarized and it is all too obvious the elections were fixed for Obama. Everybody has come to suspect that this is all orchestrated but when you look into the profession of community organizing it all comes together. Remember all the news about Acorn at the beginning of Obama’s first term as president? Do you remember Occupy Wall Street? It seems that Frances Fox Piven not only played a role in encouraging this kind of manufactured crisis as she gave a few speeches at occupy crowds, but she also had extensive ties to ACORN. (ACORN stands for Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now.)It could be theorized that Occupy Wall Street was a larger part of a plan that was originally presented back at the Socialist Scholars Conference in 1983, which our President attended. The whole purpose of Piven’s article was to organize and radicalize the poor in order to demand an end to poverty.

The only problem that no one seems willing to discuss is the fact that the United States has spent over one billion dollars on the war on poverty since the 1960’s, and the number of people living in impoverished conditions has remained virtually unchanged. Perhaps its due time people realize that it isn’t capitalism keeping people down; it’s the idea that people are owed a living without working for it. Piven’s idea of guaranteed welfare for everyone would do nothing but destroy initiative. Where would the government get the money to pay everyone if the whole nation had lost the will to work and came to expect a monthly check for nothing? Everyone seems to forget that government gets it money from working Americans in the form of income taxes.  Here in lies the sickness of the communist mentality; Piven knows this. She knows that giving everyone free benefits would crash the economy and force the United States to adapt communism; after all, this is the summation of her plan. Why would the left, who claims to want to empower the poor, deliberately create a system where everyone would have lost the initiative, is equally poor and has no opportunity to better their lot in life? This is the reality of communism that everyone is ignoring. The answer to that question is simple really. Power, absolute power over society is the driving motivation and any means that bring them to this end are, in their minds, completely justified, even if it destroys the livelihood of millions of people.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Psychopolitics, Community Organizing and the Creation of Chaos


“By psychopolitics our chief goals are effectively carried forward. To produce a maximum of chaos in the culture of the enemy is our first most important step. Our fruits are grown in chaos, distrust, economic depression and scientific turmoil. At last a weary populace can seek peace only in our offered Communist State, at last only Communism can resolve the problems of the masses.”

The above statement can be found in the first chapter of “Brain-washing: A Synthesis of the Russian Textbook on Psychpolitics.” It is from an actual address by Laventia Beria to American students that were handpicked for training in psychopolitical operations and sent to Lenin University in Moscow. Not only was Beria a former KGB agent, he was also an instructor tasked with indoctrinating American students. The statement essentially explains the Communist mindset insofar as their intent to cause problems, discredit the American culture and offer communism as a solution. He also made it clear that psychopolitical operations are used to target enemy nations, meaning the United States is a nation marked for psychopolitical conquest.

This is obvious by examining some of the major issues permeating American society today. Issues like transgender men using the girl’s bathroom are deliberately manufactured as a civil rights issue and thrust into the public consciousness for the explicit purpose of creating chaos and turning society upside down. The left would have you believe that transgender people are being oppressed by the heterosexual majority, and not being able to use the bathroom of their choice is a violation of their basic rights. Liberals always claim to look out for the little guy; however, no one seems to care about the potential trauma being caused to little girls who may have to endure the loss of privacy and the shock of having to share their bathroom with a potential pervert. In fact, in 2012 a Toronto man claiming to be transgender assaulted several women while they were staying in local shelters. This proves that allowing men to use girl’s bathrooms poses a clear and present danger yet, no one cares.  The reason no one cares is because the issue itself is being used to cause maximum chaos. In fact, an assault such as this one would be welcome by the professional left as an opportunity to pass more draconian laws.

The ultimate goal is the culmination of power, the absolute control over society. The left operates using the principles of moral relativism; to them there is no absolute right or wrong and when it come advancing their agenda, the ends always justify the means. Moral relativism posits the idea that there is no moral standard that is universally superior to another and many times morality is based purely on the views of the dominating culture, or on an individual’s personal ideas of what is right or wrong. For example; some people believe incest is only wrong because society has deemed it so. To the moral relativist, there is no universal truth that proves incest to be wrong. The same goes for pedophilia; today many argue that the desire to have sex with children is no longer a mental sickness, or a crime, but a normal sexual orientation.

Community organizers such as Barack Obama, who follow the Alinsky method, are operating on the principles of moral relativism. Saul Alinsky wrote in Rules for Radicals that organizers are in “ideological dilemma” because they are initially operating from a place with no fixed morality. He goes on to say that truth to an organizer is fluid and relative. An organizer, according to Alinsky is always on the hunt for the cause of man’s problems. In other words, community organizers are highly adept at using any issue to their advantage if there is the opportunity to gain power. It really doesn’t matter if they believe in the issue or not. Barack Obama’s reversal on the gay marriage issue is a good example. Before becoming president he was very insistent on his belief that marriage was between a man and woman. His views later changed under the guise that he had evolved and developed a more enlightened view. This was done to shift the consciousness of the nation.

Alinsky also taught that a willingness to corrupt one’s self was the highest level of morality. He said that “action” was for mass salvation and people who were willing to sacrifice the “mass good” for their own personal conscience didn’t care enough about people to be corrupted for them.  He believed that corrupted means would not corrupt the desired end. This is best demonstrated by the following statement from Rules for Radicals.

“To say that corrupt means corrupt the ends is to believe in the immaculate conception of ends and principles.”

Again, this is telling statement pertaining to moral relativism and the overall belief that there is no universal truth, only that which will bring power. Barack Obama and the left care nothing for the little girls that could be affected by allowing men to use their bathrooms any more than they care about people who can’t afford health insurance and being fined for it. They only care about the power they can amass through the chaos created by such insanity. Barack Obama is a pyschopolitical operator. Community organizing is a socialist profession designed to wreck havoc on a nation. The sooner Americans understand that everything the left controls, education, media the courts and government itself is being used to turn society upside down in order to change it from the inside out, the better off we will be. The connection between communism, community organizing and Barack Obama is truly startling.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Black Lives Matter: Useful Idiots Being Used to Demoralize America

More and more we are seeing the issue of race being used as the driving force to bring America to her knees. Anti-white racism is being taught in our universities and groups like Black Lives Matter continue their radical protests as they deliberately agitate and disrupt Donald Trump rallies across the nation.  In an attempt to cause direct confrontation, Black Lives Matter protestors have also started stomping on, and desecrating American flags. It is no secret that these people are being used as literal “useful idiots” in order to cause chaos. George Soros has long been known to be the source of funding behind these movements, and he has made it perfectly clear that undermining America is the culmination of his life’s work.

What many on the left fail to realize is that they are simply being used to reach a desired end, and that end is total power. Many people willingly participate in these types of events because they either believe in the cause, which in many cases may be false, or, they believe that they will be given a seat of power in the new government. This is also false; all throughout history communist regimes have routinely targeted their own after using them to obtain power. This was done to set an example and ensure that the undermining of government power will cease. That’s the thing about those on the left, they believe in the causes being fed to them to the point where they are willing to participate in violence, burn down cities and disrupt everyday life for the rest of us, yet they never stop to think about the extent to which they are being used. The powers that be know full well that there is a danger their deception will be realized; therefore, it is essential that those willing to act out in violence be put down first. Black Lives Matter would do well to realize that the people putting them up to their protests are the same people responsible for the Klu Klux Klan, segregation and the dismal state of poverty many of them live in today. Those people are The Democrat Party.

What America is experiencing now is a process known as “Ideological Subversion” and it is a form of psychological warfare much like the art of psychopolitics. In fact, Ideological Subversion could be said to be a direct application of psychopolitics with the goal being the undermining of American values and traditions.  Yuri Bezmenov, former KGB agent, describes Ideological Subversion as a process of confusing the population to the point that they have no idea where to stand on any issue, despite the abundance of information. The idea was to cause so much confusion that the truth of what is right or wrong can no longer be easily identified, and if people can’t stand for what is right they can hardly stand in defense of their nation. It could also be thought of as a process of psychological disarmament.

Ideological Subversion-[An] overt...slow process...[to] change the perception of reality of every American to such an extent that despite the abundance of information, no one is able to come to sensible conclusions in the interest of defending themselves, their families, their community and their country. (American Thinker)

The issue of racism and groups like Black Lives Matter are playing an integral role in subverting the traditional, ideological framework that has supported American values since her founding. Racism is being used to demoralize the nation and dehumanize the white man. Academic non-sense like Critical Race Theory or Black Liberation theology teach us that the white man has no reverence for any race other than his own, and that it is impossible for any other race to be “racist” because the white man has denied them of any and all institutional power.  White Privilege education seeks to put the white man in his place by teaching that whites have an unearned privilege in society because the institutions are made to support his way of life and his way only. Proponents of theories like CRT, or Black Liberation Theology suggest that the belief that black people can successfully integrate and become a part of white society is in and of itself racist. This is all nonsensical; however, it is doing exactly what it was intended to do, cause chaos and confusion while also undermining the morality of the nation.

One of the stages of the Ideological Subversion process is known as demoralization.  Demoralization, according to Andie Brownlow of American Thinker, is a process that generally takes a generation to complete. The goals are to undermine education, destroy religion, centralize power around unelected bureaucrats and generally expose the population to the ideology of the enemy. In my article Psychology Has Brought Communism to America I highlighted some statements from the Soviet Manual on Psychopolitics that show to what extent the ideology of Marxism is actually entrenched in our nation’s textbooks.

                “In the United States we have been able to alter the works of William James, and others, into a more acceptable pattern, and to place the tenants of Karl Marx, Pavlov, Lamarck, and the Data of Dialectical Materialism into the textbooks of psychology, to such a degree that anyone thoroughly studying psychology becomes at once a candidate to accept the reasonableness of communism.” (Beria, pp. 53)

 (It is no coincidence that these concepts destroying the nation are generally taught in the social sciences)

Another stage of the demoralization process that bears the most relevance here is the idea of warping the traditional sense of law and order, or turning the criminals into the victims and justifying their actions.

Warp law, order and morality. Demonize the police and those upholding the law. Make the bad guy look like a victim of society; justify his actions. (American Thinker)

 We are seeing this on all levels of society. The actions of criminals are being justified out of a misguided perception that they are somehow victims of society, or unable to control their impulses due to some provocation. Excuses are often made for rapists because of the way women dress. In fact, in Europe women were recently told to watch the way they dress in order to not provoke the Muslim immigrants into raping them.  As far as Black Live Matter is concerned, the false perception of institutionalized racism has been pushed to the point where violence against the police is justified as is their seething hatred of America. We have reached a point where anything they do will be portrayed as a reaction to decades of systematic oppression. The halls of academia are lined with fallacious research which backs the biases of the anti-American left and the media continually reinforce the idea that police are racist. In fact, in an effort to keep her appeal to black voters, Hillary Clinton recently hinted that police should be re-trained in order to address the inherent racism in police stations across the country.  All of this has contributed to America’s inability to take a stand and fight back against the continued encroachment of our liberty, as was the intent. We have been morally broken because a radically misrepresented version of our past has been thrust upon us in an effort to make America appear selfish, racist, imperialistic and uncompassionate. The only way this can be reversed at this point is by undermining the ideology that has taken hold in this country. That would include years of serious academic inquiry into the real history of our nation concerning the Democrat Party and racism. It would include the infiltration of institutions long held by the left and understanding that it would it take at least a generation to see any progress. This is the way the left has achieved their success in destroying the nation, one step at a time over several decades of steady moral decay. That however, is for another article.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

The Black and White, Shades of Gray and Liberals Protected Opinions

As a conservative I have been told on more than one occasion that my thinking is too concrete, too black and white if you will. Having been educated in a very liberal college I distinctly remember going around and round in circles with fellow students about how I should learn to see the “shades of gray” between the black and white. Let me put this into sharper perspective, Black and white represents the absolutes of right and wrong, so to say, while the shades of gray can be said to represent all the “what if’s” of problem solving, all of the things that simply can’t be solved by so called concrete thinking.  Admittedly, there are times where a failure to see the shades of gray can have its consequences because thinking outside the box may be necessary; however, there are many different boxes to speak of here. Personally, and this is based on my own observations and experiences with today’s liberal, I believe they have trapped themselves inside a very small box that is in fact, only one shade of gray. Inside this box liberals are running frantically round and round looking for answers they can’t find because they fail to recognize the need for an absolute. They have become so critical of the “black and white” or the “concrete” that it has become virtually useless to them. They have trapped themselves in a box where the only solution to today’s problems is socialism.

Like usual, I am going to turn this around a bit and argue that because of the box they have created for themselves they have inadvertently built their own “absolute” or their own concrete thinking, and it is they that need to learn to see in the shades of gray. Let me explain. Most of us know that today’s liberals are extremely biased to a leftist world view and they attempt to hide that fact by accusing us all of being biased and bigoted. This is a typical blame the other guy tactic, the left displays an incredible intolerance toward any worldview other than their own as they frantically work to make theirs appear as the ultimate “moral” perspective. This in and of itself is a bias that has manifested itself into a one solution fits all mentality and it fails time and time again. This solution of course is the centralization of government power, the dictatorship of the proletariat or a solution better known as socialism. Again this is all based on my own observations but what other conclusions can be drawn when you are well studied in history and you are constantly around people who absolutely refuse to acknowledge that capitalism brings people out of poverty? Liberals have enjoyed the benefits of dominating education and social research for so long that the whole institution has become nothing but a protector of liberal opinion. It is nearly impossible to find good peer reviewed research that supports a conservative worldview from a social perspective. What this essentially equates too is that students are forced to regurgitate the opinions of liberal researchers who are biased towards a socialist world view and because there is a lack of a conservative influence, getting them to break away from this bias is nearly impossible.

Let me give you a couple of examples of this principle at work. In conversations with today’s liberals, issues like policy, social welfare or their hatred of capitalism are likely to come up. Let me say that there are things that simply do not need to be proven with peer reviewed research. To a liberal professor however; unless there is an academic journal that validates the fact that America’s capitalist economy has brought more people out of poverty than any other, it is just an opinion and their research shows otherwise. Their research shows of course that capitalism takes advantage of the poor and people commit crimes because capitalism is only for the greedy who seek to exploit the labor of the underprivileged. Their biased research suggests, to the contrary history, that centralization of power will solve the problems created by capitalism. Suggest to a liberal professor that capitalism is the reason why we are more prosperous than socialist North Korea and the response you are likely to get would be…"I am going to need to see some research that validates that claim.”

All of this revolves around their hatred of capitalism and their desperation to prove that the failed systems of socialism can be made to work if they could just be given the right opportunity. You can look out into the world and see with the naked eye that a failure to acknowledge an absolute right or wrong, a black and white if you will, only leaves people scrambling to solve more problems arising from repeating the same mistakes over and over again. Today’s liberals have trapped themselves in a self destructive box of this new philosophy of no absolute as absolutism, and they seem completely content in their attempts to make a square peg fit in a round hole. They are happy to take us along as well, as long as in the end they have achieved their dream, the destruction of capitalism in America.