Saturday, April 23, 2016

Virtue Ethics, Social Change and A Left Wing Change Agent


Donald Trump continues to prove that he is not a conservative by any stretch of the imagination.  There has been no expression of what one would consider to be traditional conservative values, aside from the constant rhetoric on illegal immigration and the now infamous slogan, “Make America Great Again.” In fact, The Donald has taken positions on almost every major political issue in the past and they are the exact opposite of what you would think traditional conservatives would want in a presidential candidate. He has called himself a democrat, he advocated for longer waiting periods to purchase a firearm, he was for the assault weapons ban, spoke in favor of eminent domain and now he is even advocating that the Republican Party change its platform on abortion.  The Republican Party currently holds that all unborn children have a fundamental right to life; Trump argues exemptions should be made when it comes to women victimized by rape, incest and those whose life is put at risk by the pregnancy. These changes may not seem so drastic to some, and in fact many view them as virtuous; however, they are indeed changes that push the Republican philosophy further to the left, which is Donald Trump’s job because he is a left wing change agent.

Here at The Radical Conservative the argument has been made several times that Donald Trump is in fact, working to change the values of conservative voters. He is taking an approach that gives the appearance that he is evolving on certain issues. This was even admitted by one of his own advisers that said Trump was playing a role, and would evolve into a more “party suitable image.” What does this mean exactly? All of the heated rhetoric was explicitly designed to gain the attention of voters and get them to follow along, and slowly but surely the positions change to reflect a more “evolved,” virtuous position in the hopes the values of the voters could be swayed the same way.

This is the game the left is playing. Over the past several decades they have deliberately discredited American culture as racist, greedy, selfish, warmongering and uncompassionate towards the poor. In an effort to sway people toward a more socialistic worldview they then went about the work of presenting socialist philosophy as virtuous and compassionate, as something that can repair the damage caused by the dangers of American freedom.  In order to do this they have to change the values of the American citizen. This is the job of a left wing change agent.

What exactly is a change agent?

change agent is a person from inside or outside the organization who helps an organization transform itself by focusing on such matters as organizational effectiveness, improvement, and development.

A left wing change agent would be someone who deliberately infiltrates a right wing institution with the intent of slowly re-educating those within the organizational structure. The goal would be to wipe away conservative values and replace them with socialist values because as far as the left is concerned, socialism is an improvement over capitalism.  In the case of Trump on abortion, the more enlightened view is that abortion should be allowed in certain situations, and because people have assigned a certain virtue to Donald Trump, it is likely many may change their positions. This is an example of Donald Trump “evolving” into something more virtuous. Another good example is Barack Obama changing his views on the gay marriage issue. While running for president he was very clear that marriage was between a man and woman; after becoming president however, he changed in an effort to show his ability to evolve into a more virtuous position.  This is what they are trying to con you into doing. This is what was meant when Barack Obama said he would fundamentally transform America.

What is exactly meant when we say virtue? The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy describes the term Virtue Ethics as being a broad term that defines the philosophy of moral character. In other words, as described before, the left is working to make their positions appear morally superior by applying the concepts of virtue ethics. This is similar to the term moral relativism insofar as the idea of a moral absolute having to be destroyed. In a paper called “Modern Moral Philosophy,” Elizabeth Anscombe argued that today’s morality was much too rigid and dependent upon a strict moral code. She went on to ridicule its usefulness in a secular society where it is no longer assumed there is a universal right or wrong, or maker of universal laws. In the first paragraph of her paper she argues for the need to do away with the concepts of moral obligation and moral duty because they are derived from an earlier conception of ethics that are no longer useful.  She went on to argue that morality should be based on things like virtue and content of character instead of an absolute morality. In other words, the ideas that it was the intentions of the left that matter and not the result are likely to come from this idea of virtue ethics.

The media is assisting in this effort by portraying everything the right stands for as being rigid and absolute. The GOP absolutely refuses to accept exemptions for abortion because of their strict, moral obligation to defend the rights of unborn children. Donald Trump on the other hand is portraying himself as having superior virtue because he can evolve past the strict, rigid absolute and show compassion towards those who could be presented as being in need of an abortion. This is social change in action folks, and it is likely why Donald Trump has hundreds of thousands of Democrats lining up to vote for him. Voting for Donald Trump is like voting for a liberal, before it is all over this author is betting he will lighten up drastically with his positions on immigration.

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