Sunday, November 27, 2016

Manning R. Johnson and a Communist Agenda

President Obama recently announced that he was proud his administration had not been plagued by scandals.  Upon hearing this, most Americans probably fought to keep their food down as the past eight years have been the most tumultuous, chaotic, divided and violent that many can remember over the past several decades. Since the beginning of the Obama administration it was clear that there was an agenda to use not only class and wealth, but race as issues that would bitterly divide the nation. Groups like Black Lives Matter and Occupy Wall Street are well organized socialist front groups put on the streets under the guise of populist uprisings against the alleged oppression of capitalist America. A deadly narrative depicting a racist nation, where innocent black men are constantly hunted down by police and ruthlessly murdered is not only pushed by Obama, but supported by the leftist media, and communist controlled education system as well. As he prepares to leave office, and America (hopefully) returns to normal under a new president, it is overwhelmingly clear that race is the driving issue being used to bring fundamental change to our constitutional republic. The question remains however; is this President Obamas agenda or he is working to implement one that was started many, many decades ago?

The Democrat party has risen to prominence by portraying the Republicans as racist and uncompassionate towards the poor. Democrat politicians continually campaign on the ideology that Republicans seek to keep black people impoverished because they care more about corporate profits than people. The exact opposite is true. Many people are awakening to the fact that it was indeed Republicans who have continually voted in favor of civil rights for blacks, while Democrats traditionally voted against them. In fact, the current impoverished conditions of many black Americans can be directly tied to the Democrat party when President Lyndon Johnson created his so called "Great Society" program which did little but ensure that blacks would be dependent upon government welfare for generations to come. In fact, Lyndon B. Johnson was quoted as saying "I'll get those n***ers voting Democratic for the next 200 years." Essentially, that is what has happened, black Americans have been tricked into voting for their own subjugation under the guise of compassion. Government dependency and generational welfare has destroyed many millions of black families.

The truth is that black America has been used for decades to bring about a socialist state in America. Barack Obama is a community organizer and has connections to groups like Democratic Socialists of America who in 1983, under the leadership of Frances Fox Piven, developed a voting strategy to radicalize the Democrat party along class and racial lines. Piven, along with her husband Richard Cloward also developed what has come to be known as the Cloward and Piven strategy. In an article entitled "The Weight of the Poor: A Strategy to End Poverty," which appeared in "The Nation" magazine in 1966, Piven called for the deliberate creation of an unsustainable welfare state which would inevitably crash the economy and force the government to implement a socialist economic system. It is hard to argue that certain aspects of this strategy are not currently in play. There are more people drawing off of the welfare system than paying into it. As of 2013, according to an article published by there were 108,592,000 people drawing some kind of welfare benefit while there were only 101,716,000 people working full time. That's eight million more people receiving benefits provided by tax payers. This is the very definition of unsustainable.

Still, we are left with the question of where this agenda originates. Is this all Obama, Piven and the Democrats or does it go back further? Communists have a history of deception as they have used so called oppressed groups to create revolutionary movements to force their agenda upon unsuspecting nations. In Russia, China, Cambodia, Cuba and other communists nations the oppressor has been described as capitalism or the bourgeoisie, and the oppressed have been the workers. They also use race to discredit their opposition. In fact, the very word racism is directly tied to Communist movements as Leon Trotsky, leader of the Red Army, coined the term to discredit the Eastern Slavs for doing nothing more than attempting to preserve their cultural identity in the face of communist aggression.  This brings us to the main point of this article, communist revolutionaries, decades ago, began using black Americans in an effort to destroy the United States' capitalist system and in the process, deliberately destroyed the black American.

Manning R. Johnson was a black American who was a member of the Communist Party U.S.A in the 1930's. In fact, he was running for New York's 22nd congressional district as a Communist candidate. He, like many other American's became enamored by the deceptive narrative that Communists stood for human rights and peace and that capitalism was the oppressor of the working class.

"Ten years I labored in the cause of Communism. I was a dedicated "comrade." All my talents and efforts were zealously used to
bring about the triumph of Communism in America and throughout the world. To me, the end of capitalism would mark the
beginning of an interminable period of plenty, peace, prosperity and universal comradeship. All racial and class differences and
conflicts would end forever after the liquidation of the capitalists, their government and their supporters. A world union of Soviet
States under the hegemony of Russia would free and lead mankind on to Utopia."

Johnson was highly trained communist agent who had worked his way up into the Politburo. Eventually he left the party because he learned the true nature of the communist plan; more specifically, he learned that black Americans were deliberately being used to push a communist agenda and that they were in truth, despised by the very communists that claimed to be fighting for them. After leaving he wrote the book "Color, Communism and Common Sense," which after reading, the reader is left with little doubt that what we are witnessing today stems back to this agenda. Everything from the infiltration of the black church to the creation of the so called "Uncle Tom" is discussed in this book.

"Little did I realize until I was deeply enmeshed in the Red Conspiracy, that just and seeming grievances are exploited to transform
idealism into a cold and ruthless weapon against the capitalist system — that this is the end toward which all the communist
efforts among Negroes are directed."

In short, the impoverished state of many black Americans can be traced back to early roots of America's communist movement. They have been exploited and used by those who have taught them they are systematically oppressed by the white man. They have been organized in an effective voting machine where they continually vote the same racist party into power on the promise of welfare and other benefits. The conditions of their communities never change; in fact they worsen, this is then used to further the argument for socialist solutions.

Many people fail to understand the true difference between the way the left and right wing view humanity. The left believes primarily in science, not God and spirituality. They believe in Darwinian evolution where black people are viewed as being lower on the evolutionary chain, they believe that black people literally cannot make it in a free society and in fact, wish to be enslaved. Benjamin Rush, who has come to be known as the father of modern psychiatry coined a term called "negritude." He believed that blacks were simply not as capable as higher evolved whites and argued that they should be taken care of by the white man. To understand this further read my article "Psychiatry: The True Origins of Racism."

Looking at what is occurring in our society today with the Black Lives Matter movement and the deceptive "white privilege" narrative, it is hard to argue that there is not truth in Manning Johnsons words.  This begs the question; does Barack Obama know of this agenda and did he purposefully use the black community to worsen race relations in order to force a communist solution? Only time will tell because it is unlikely that Donald Trump will be able to slow what Obama has created.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

A Communist Pope, Clueless Liberals and A Truth Long Forgotten

Pope Francis has raised a lot of eyebrows when it comes to positions he has taken on many social issues. He has embraced Islam, homosexuality, refugee resettlement, wealth redistribution and the topic of global warming; all of which by the way, happen to be issues the far left argues in favor of. His latest public statement is sure to raise more as it is virtually impossible to argue that the man represents the catholic religion and not outright communism. Writing for, Renee Nal cites an interview between an Italian journalist and Pope Francis where he reportedly said that it is the communists who think more like Christians. He is of course referring to the false idea that communists stand for total equality and that they have the monopoly on compassion for the poor and underprivileged.  The far left has done a magnificent job indoctrinating American students into the idea that conservatism equates to selfishness and hate, and that Republicans deliberately keep poor people down in order to exploit their labor. In fact, the exact opposite is true.

There is a vast difference between the way the left and right view mankind and the reasons for his existence.

Traditionally speaking, the religious view of man holds that men have an independent free will that operates outside the realm of human instinct. In other words, religion argues that man is very much in control of his thoughts, actions and emotions. Communists on the other hand, despise religion. Karl Marx wrote in the Communist Manifesto that religion was the opiate of the masses and one of the goals of communism was to "destroy God in the minds of men." They view man through the so called "scientific view" of man which argues that men have no independent will of their own and are not in control of their own behavior. It isn't  that they believe man has no will of his own, but that they must destroy it in order to get him to accept communism, this will be discussed in greater detail later. Their beliefs stem from evolutionary theory which suggests that man is no more special than an ape or any other wild animal. Consider what behaviorist B.F. Skinner had to say about the pre-scientific view of man and the "scientific view" in his book Beyond Freedom and Dignity.

"In what we may call the pre-scientific view (and the word is not necessarily pejorative) a person's behavior is at least to some extent his own achievement. He is free to deliberate, decide, and act, possibly in original ways, and he is to be given credit for his successes and blamed for his failures. In the scientific view (and the word is not necessarily honorific) a person's behavior is determined by a genetic endowment traceable to the evolutionary history of the species and by the environmental circumstances to which as an individual he has been exposed. Neither view can be proved, but it is in the nature of scientific inquiry that the evidence should shift in favor of the second. As we learn more about the effects of the environment, we have less reason to attribute any part of human behavior to an autonomous controlling agent. And the second view shows a marked advantage when we begin to do something about behavior. Autonomous man is not easily changed: in fact, to the extent that he is autonomous, he is by definition not changeable at all." (Skinner, Beyond Freedom and Dignity)

What he is essentially saying is that for scientific purposes, it is no longer accepted that man has any control over his behaviors. Instead, when it comes to scientific inquiry into the behavior of man all studies are now conducted through the understanding that mans behavior is traceable to our so called "evolutionary genetics," which means we are viewed by science as animalistic in nature and not spiritual because according to evolution, we evolved from monkeys. This is a direct contradiction to the idea that we are created in the image of God. So, in this sense communists think nothing like Christians.

Communists seek to completely eradicate Christianity because it is a belief in something higher than the state that stands in the way of them obtaining complete control over mans behavior and remaking society in their image. Communists understand human behavior very well; most psychologists, behaviorists and psychiatrists are indoctrinated into the tenants of communism whether they realize it or not. A great deal of effort has been made in learning how to manipulate behavior to their end in order to reshape society, and one of the things that must be accomplished is the destruction of free will and individualism. Religion argues that man was given free will by God so that he could choose between good and evil. Communists seek to destroy mans ability to choose because if given the opportunity to fully understand the truth of communism, men would flat out reject it. Our education system has done a terrific job of presenting communism as a kinder more compassionate system while systematically discrediting our culture. In an effort to weaken our nation they have taught students that the pursuit of wealth and individual interests is selfish, they hide the truth of communism behind words like communitarianism, fairness and equality. The end result is the destruction of individualism, free will and the ability to think for one's self. Consider the following quote from the "Manual on Psychopoltics" which is described as a textbook used to train communist agents in the art of deception.

“The tenants of rugged individualism, personal determination, self-will, imagination, and personal creativeness are alike in the masses antipathetic to the Good of the Greater State. These willful and unaligned forces are no more than illnesses which bring about disaffection, disunity, and at length the collapse of the group to which the individual is attached.” (Beria, pp. 9)

What he is essentially saying is that a culture which embraces true human diversity and freedom is a danger to itself and that human behavior should be controlled so that everyone's personal goals are aligned with state goals. They view individualism as a sickness that is misaligned with the needs of the state. This is dangerous and completely antithetical to true Christianity. The Pope is arguing that communists think more like Christians because they are more compassionate towards the poor when in reality, Communists will eventually eradicate everyone that they think is not like them using an argument such as this to justify their actions. The behavior of the anti-Trump protestors is a good example. They believe that Trump is a racist bigot who has no sentiments towards the poor. They have been brought up to believe that they have a superior morality because they care about the poor and underprivileged, so in their minds it is justifiable to threaten Trump and his supporters because they are afraid he represents a new era of inequality. Another good example can be found in the Black of Communism where an order given by the Soviet Political Police makes it clear that one of the goals of Communism is the elimination of the so called bourgeoisie as a social class in the name of equality. This is one of the great oxymoron's of Communism; their hatred and desires to be rid of those they despise is justified because they allegedly represent oppression and inequality but somehow, committing genocide against them is somehow fairness.

"We are exterminating the bourgeoisie as a class. In your investigations don't look for documents and pieces of evidence about what the defendant has done, whether in deed or in speaking or acting against Soviet authority. The first question you should ask him is what class he comes from, what are his roots, his education, his training and his occupation."

All throughout the twentieth century communist regimes systemically eliminated those that were viewed as privileged or upper class. Communists viewed themselves as fighting for equality when in reality they were the oppressors they thought they were fighting against. Today's liberal has once again been brainwashed into this backwards ideology and is out in full force calling for the deaths of those that voted differently than they did, and, they have the nerve to call us fascists in the process. They are nothing more than the proverbial useful idiot in a game where the real communists guiding the agenda remain hidden in the shadows. Pope Francis is working synonymously with the left to further undermine religion and destroy Christianity. Why else would he compare something like communism to the Christian religion?

From a testimony given to the house of Un-American Activities by Manning R. Johnson, member of the Communist Party U.S.A. and author of the book Color, Communism and Common Sense.

"Once the tactic of infiltration of religious organizations was set by the Kremlin ... the Communists discovered that the destruction of religion could proceed much faster through infiltration of the (Catholic) Church by Communists operating within the Church itself. The Communist leadership in the United States realized that the infiltration tactic in this country would have to adapt itself to American conditions (Europe also had its cells) and the religious make-up peculiar to this country. In the earliest stages it was determined that with only small forces available to them, it would be necessary to concentrate Communist agents in the seminaries. The practical conclusion drawn by the Red leaders was that these institutions would make it possible for a small Communist minority to influence the ideology of future clergymen in the paths conducive to Communist purposes This policy of infiltrating seminaries was successful beyond even our Communist expectations."

The church was infiltrated by communist agents long ago with the explicit purpose of discrediting religion and slowly replacing it communist tenants.

From the list of 45 communist goals-

27. Infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion with "social" religion. Discredit the Bible and emphasize the need for intellectual maturity, which does not need a "religious crutch." [Note: This has been largely accomplished through the communist infiltration of the National Council of Churches, Conservative and Reform Judaism, and the Catholic seminaries.]

28. Eliminate prayer or any phase of religious expression in the schools on the grounds that it violates the principle of "separation of church and state"

Sunday, November 13, 2016

American Communists

Ever since the beginning of Barack Obama's first term we have been saturated with propaganda that attempts to portray the conservative movement as an extreme threat to the nation. Returning war veterans, Evangelicals, pro-lifers, constitutionalists, gun rights activists and anyone else who essentially disagrees with the liberal agenda have been labeled as potential terrorists in a document entitled Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment.  The Department of Homeland Security has even gone as far as to suggest that this extremism was motivated by the election of America's first black president. The southern Poverty Law Center and the American Civil Liberties Union have both taken upon themselves to create hate watch lists which ultimately, led to the attacks on the Family Research Council because the shooter (a Democrat) believed that Christians really hate homosexuals. These same organizations also refuse to label Black Lives Matter as a hate motivated group even though they are relentlessly murdering police. The reason for this is based on the White Privilege ideology where Black Liberation Theologists claim that it is impossible for minorities to be racist and discriminate against whites because they hold no institutional power. In 2009 we witnessed the results of a carefully contrived community organizing scheme instituted in our public universities as thousands took to the streets in a protest against capitalism. This was the Occupy Wall Street movement. This was the result of far left wing professors deliberately stirring the pot in an attempt to discredit American culture by portraying our nation as an oppressive "meritocracy" that only works for the rich. They have literally turned our children's brains into mush by teaching them they can't succeed on their own merits and need the government to level the playing field. Over the past eight years we have been witness to one violent riot after the other that in most cases, such as Ferguson Missouri and Baltimore, the reasoning for such proved to be nothing but over exaggerated lies deliberately told to stoke the flames of revolution. Now we are witnessing the true colors of the left once again as they take to the streets and burn down their cities and beat innocent people all because they believe Trump hates Mexicans and gay people. Some of them are even calling for a violent revolution and the death of those that voted for Trump.

What we are dealing with is a communist movement intent on finishing the fundamental transformation of our nation promised by Barack Obama. All throughout the campaign we have been witness to violent leftists deliberately causing trouble at Donald Trump rallies in order to give the impression that his supporters were the violent ones.  On January 20, they plan to stage what may prove to be biggest act of violence yet by deliberately disrupting Trumps inauguration in Washington D.C. This video is packed with some of the most ridiculous lies one could imagine; however, when you consider the garbage they are indoctrinated with it easy to understand why sixty million useful idiots would believe it.

The communist left has successfully taught generations of people that it is American culture that is oppressive and that communism is kind and compassionate. They have taught your children that your values are discriminatory and that Conservative Republicans do not care about poor people. They are acting on the false notion that they are morally superior because they believe they hold the monopoly on compassion for the so called under privileged, and in their demented, brainwashed world view, this violence against the right is completely justified because we are intolerant. Consider one of the Communist Goals listed in Cleon Skousens "The Naked Communist."

Create the impression that violence and insurrection are legitimate aspects of the American tradition; that students and special-interest groups should rise up and use "united force" to solve economic, political or social problems.

This is what our students are being taught in school, to be social agitators in order to affect social change. What many people may not realize is that we are being played on a massive scale. Not only are these riots being deliberately funded by George Soros, but the left has found an ingenious way to completely discredit everything about our constitution. If you remember, The Declaration of Independence explicitly states that it is the right of the people to alter or abolish any government that becomes destructive to liberty, and that they may establish a new government which may seem most likely to secure their safety and happiness. The fact that this nation was born in a revolution against tyranny aides them in this effort because as Saul Alinsky has instructed them to do, they are using our own rules against us.

Make the enemy live up to their own book of rules. You can kill them with this, for they can no more obey their own rules than the Christian Church can live up to Christianity.

Most Americans claim that a continued encroachment on our liberties will ultimately result in the second American revolution. The left is mocking the conservative movement as they have been organizing and preparing for this for the past several decades. They have successfully taken over every institution in this country and wrapped their tentacles around the very culture of liberty and now, they are launching a revolution of their own in an effort to get us to respond violently. They are trying to lure us into a fight in order to drive the final nail into the coffin. Fighting back may become an inevitability as these communists attack innocent people in violent hoards just as they did in the communist revolution in Russia and in China's Great Leap Forward. These movements, along with the ones in Cambodia and other communist countries resulted in the deaths of over one hundred million people who were guilty of nothing but disagreeing with communism. For those of you who may not know where to stand, take a hard look at what is going on and re-visit history because it seems as if it is about to repeat itself. Brace yourself America, this could get real ugly, real fast. The sad thing is that these people do not even know they are being used, and as Yuri Bezmenov said on the subject of Ideological Subversion-

‘Useful idiots' the true believers of Marxism, according the KGB, would be executed to end the undermining of government. This means all activists, propagandists, Marxist revolutionaries, progressives / liberals...everyone on the "left" whose political ideology hangs on the tenets of socialism (communism) would be removed from influence.

Why would "Marxists" get rid of their own? Because ‘true believers' in the ideology would become bitter enemies of the state upon finding out they were deceived in their utopian ideals. According to Mr. Schuman, they would soon find there is no equality in communism but the:
Equality of living in dirt.

God help us all.