Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Privilege of Institutionalized Racism.......A Commentary by David Risselada

The left is truly relentless, especially when pushing their race based agenda.  It doesn’t matter how many times their claims of racism prove to be fallacious, they continue to double down with their “white privilege” narrative paying no attention to the damage they cause. The most recent example of this is Eric Holder’s renewed focus on the Ferguson Police Department. After admitting that Darren Wilson was innocent, and there was no evidence that he was motivated by bigotry, Holder focused his efforts on the department desperately looking for signs of “institutional” racism. The term racism itself has become an explosive, politically charged word that has been re-defined to meet whatever definition the professional left needs. The definition has taken a dangerous turn, and now serves to justify any and all violent behavior committed by black people. Racism was once defined as having hatred toward another group of human beings simply because they are a different race. In the hands of the radical left, it now means something completely different. Believing that black people are equal with white people and that they are capable of living independent lives seems to be the left’s revised definition. In other words, not towing the line of “black victimization” is what the left now considers racist.
For far too long we have been forced to endure a hostile narrative that blames white people for all the problems blacks and other minorities allegedly face. (Don’t forget, you are not allowed to pay attention to successful blacks who tend to be conservatives.) We are told that black people cannot be racist because they do not have the “institutional power” to discriminate. This concept can be traced back to “Black Liberation Theology,” which was founded by the Marxist Reverend, James Cone.  It can also be traced back to the century old plan to change America’s culture put forth by Antonio Gramsci. Working from Marx’s theory of the oppressor and the oppressed, Gramsci categorized the oppressed into different groups that went well beyond the idea of those “being exploited by the capitalists.” He essentially turned all social groups into people being oppressed by the dominant social group. In America, the claim is that white people dominate the culture; so therefore, all minority groups are being oppressed by whites because the society has been set up specifically for their benefit.  This is where the whole idea of white privilege came from. It literally is a plan designed to overthrow the existing culture with the intent of establishing a Marxist dictatorship.
There is no institutional power greater than being able to hide behind the color of your skin, under some false pretense of civil rights. To claim that black people do not have any “institutional power” is beyond absurd.  Likewise, to suggest blacks can’t be racist is equally absurd. Every social group in America is legally protected by some form of hate crime legislation except for white people. Yet, they argue that it is white’s who are protected by the privilege of having institutional power.  The protestors in Ferguson, after destroying the city in a fit of rage based on lies, were awarded huge sums of money because the police used tear gas in an attempt to save lives and property.  Eric Holder and Barrack Obama have been exposed as being race baiting opportunists who instigated the whole Ferguson incident, and yet they face no consequences whatsoever because people are afraid to offend them. Police in New York have been forced into a box, psychologically disarmed, and told they need to be friendlier to criminals. This appeasement policy, along with the constant race baiting of the radicals in charge has resulted in another shooting of a New York police officer. Through propaganda and reverse psychology, the left has the audacity to continue to blame police officers for being racist while claiming that black people have no institutional power.
The truth is that these policies and attitudes have done far more to harm the black community than help. Through the constant victimization, blacks in America have been able to justify an entitlement mentality, and their violence against white people. The left likes to use statistics that show how blacks live in poverty at a higher rate than is “proportional” to their population. That may be true; however, it is also true that they commit crimes that tend be race based, at a rate that is also disproportional to their percentage of the population. Hovering right below the surface is the ugly truth that the Democrats go to great lengths to hide. It has been the promotion of their welfare state mentality that has created the dependency mindset among blacks. What this has resulted in is the breakdown of the black family, destruction of personal initiative, and in recent events the creation of murderers due to the machinations of “race baiters” with a political agenda. When you look at from this perspective I guess it would be safe to say that black people’s problems are white people’s fault; white guilt ridden leftists that is.
We are facing some perilous times. The sooner the American people realize that we are being intentionally divided to keep us from uniting, the better. This is not likely to happen however; the wounds of racial bigotry are being salted by the very people who caused them.  Even as we speak, we are watching the very same tactic repeat itself with the thousands of people being funneled into the United States. They are nothing but a new voting base for the Democrats, and the black population is so focused on “white racism” they fail to see how letting all these people in will hurt them the worst.  This is what happens when we let politicians appeal to our lower natures, we become ensnared in an inescapable trap, looking to the very institutions that have enslaved us with the expectation of freedom. While the left plays its games, creating enemies that don’t exist, they have become the true power behind the institutions as they socially engineer society to their twisted, racist vision.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

The High Cost of Treason Part Two.....David Risselada

In my article, The High Cost of Treason, I discussed the fallacious claims made by Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT.) In what could best be described as an all out assault on law abiding gun owners, he viciously attacked those in possession of the so called “high capacity” magazine, by suggesting they are “arming against the government.” This goes right along with efforts made by our federal government to label patriots as “threats” while trying to appease our real enemies. There is something disturbing about a government that doesn't trust its own people to keep and bear arms, especially while ignoring the threats being made against us by those who commit violent acts in the name of their religion.  You see, the Democrats go to great lengths to make excuses for Islamic terrorism by claiming they are oppressed victims. They suggest that we should try to “empathize” with their worldview and understand what drives them to commit the atrocities they do. They ignore the fact that there is a literal genocide being committed against Christians, and they have the audacity to label hard working Americans as terrorists, and a threat to national security because we believe in the constitution.  It’s no wonder Senator Murphy (D-CT) is concerned, the acts of this government are downright treasonous. Unfortunately, the treason doesn't stop there.
Sen. Chris Murphy represents the third type of "stupid" person in America today.
Claims people with high capacity magazines are "arming against the government."
Recently the unconstitutional ATF was considering a ban on 5.56, green tip ball ammo. Using the typical “Alinsky style” tactics, they claimed there was a need to ban the popular cartridge to make the police safer.  It is truly ironic, because the only danger the police are currently in, is from the thugs that the Obama administration had “organized into action” in response to the Ferguson incident.  Let’s not forget that the biggest job of a community organizer is to stir up hate and discontent.  After receiving nearly 100,000 letters and comments, including claims by police that not one green tip had been used against them, the ATF backed off the ban. It was only a week before another Democrat congressman, Steve Israel of New York, introduced legislation to ban all rifle ammunition in the name of police safety.  To sum this up, the government is seeking to disarm the population based on the false premise of racism, and a danger posed to the police by those in possession of rifle ammunition. It’s no wonder they are scared of us, they are using lies to steal our liberties.
While the Obama administration worked feverishly to incite it’s much desired race war, they were also going to great lengths to militarize the police. Police stations across the country, including the Ferguson Police Department, have received high grade military equipment from the pentagon under a Department Of Defense program called 1033. In what can best be described as an application of the Hegelian Dialectic (problem, reaction, solution) strategy, the federal government has been arming local police forces to the teeth, in anticipation of the potential problems it may cause. They then sweep in and offer their communistic, utopian solutions in the form of a federally controlled police force.  This is outright treason as the constitution gives absolutely no authority to the executive branch to create such a force. History shows that when a dictator assumes this kind of power the results are disastrous; all out totalitarianism is sure to follow. Given the fact that the National Defense Act of 2011 gives the military the right to detain anyone indefinitely, and that the Posse Comitatus act has virtually been repealed, there is absolutely nothing protecting us from all out usurpation. It is becoming abundantly clear why the government does not trust its citizens with firearms, they are committing all out treason against the United States.
There is one more subject that needs to be discussed, and that is the rate at which Obama is firing top military generals that seem to be standing in the way of his agenda. There have been many reports suggesting that President Obama has asked military commanders if they were willing to fire upon American citizens who refused to surrender their firearms. While this claim remains controversial, the fact is that he has been firing many generals and replacing them with people more willing to remake the military in his image. Hardened war commanders have been replaced with radical feminists and homosexual activists more concerned about making a political statement than fighting the nation’s battles. As far as the litmus test goes, there is reason to believe it may be real. In 1994 at the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center in 29 palms California, a similar survey was given to marines.  This author was stationed in 29 Palms in 1995 and knew marines who had taken this survey. Many of the questions revolve around the attitudes of marines and their willingness to deploy on U.S. soil and work under the authority of the U.N. The most alarming question is the very last one in the survey that bears a chilling similarity to the question Obama has been allegedly asking.
The  U.S.  government declares a ban on   the possession,  sale, transportation, and transfer of all non-sporting firearms.  A thirty (30) day amnesty period is permitted for these firearms  to  be turned over to  the local authorities.  At the end of this period, a number of citizen groups refuse to  turn over their firearms. Consider the following statement:
I would fire upon U.S. citizens who refuse or resist confiscation of firearms banned by the U.S. government
Strongly disagreeDisagreeAgreeStrongly agreeNo opinion

Regrettably, service members who had less than 10 years of service time, and those who had just entered the service saw no problem with this order; 63% of them stated they would follow it. It was the older troops, those who had over 15 years of service that had resoundingly answered no. This was in 1994 my friends. Imagine what the numbers are now with the level of socialist indoctrination our younger generations have endured.
There are many that would call me a crazy conspiracy theorist for writing this article. I am not claiming that I know what is going to happen or when, if anything at all. I do know however, that our government has labeled the patriots of this nation as threats to national security and is ignoring the real threats we face. I know that radical Islam is on the move and the people we elected to preserve our constitution are working day and night to undermine it while inciting racial tensions, appeasing our enemies and attempting to limit our abilities to defend ourselves. I would like to think that these are issues that could unite all Americans into standing for liberty; unfortunately, they are not. It is evident however, that lawmakers on the left are hell bent on eliminating the second amendment. Their fear of an armed populace, in my humble opinion, is evidence of their treachery and treason against their country. If they were honest, and working to uphold and defend the constitution as they swore to do, what would they have to fear?

Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Deception Runs Deep.......David Risselada

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Over the past several months I have focused on subjects dealing with the deception of communism. From the art of Psychopolitics to ideological subversion and demoralization, I have made every possible effort to demonstrate that the wool has been pulled over our eyes, and Barack Obama is not who he appears to be. In my article; Islam, Obama and the Communist Deception for example, I argue that President Obama may appear to be supporting Islam; however, he has another motive. I argued that his real beliefs rest with the mindset of communism and that ISIS is being used to achieve another end.  For those who understand the nature of the Hegelian Dialectic, it isn’t too difficult to conceive that the powers that be would deliberately allow ISIS to become an out of control threat so they would be forced to deal with them. This is the way communists operate. They create crisis after crisis, force a reaction out of the public, and then implement their “preexisting” solution. Americans can feel that there is a crisis on the horizon; however, many have no idea how deep the deception truly runs.
In the year 2000, a Washington based “Neocon” think tank called the Project for a New American Century published a white paper called “Rebuilding America’s Defenses: Strategy, Forces and Resources for a New Century.” This would come to be known among conspiracy theorists as the document that laid out the plans to invade seven countries; Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Syria and finally Iran. The problem is that none of this is conspiracy theory, it is fact. These wars of conquest started with the “Pearl Harbor” event of our time, the September 11 attacks of 2001, where we responded with an invasion of Afghanistan. Since that time we have toppled the regimes of Iraq and Libya, and we are currently funding the so called “moderate rebels” in their efforts to bring down Syria. In other words, the plan outlined by PNAC is still well under way and is being conducted right under our noses without a peep from the public.
Another document has recently surfaced, (and for this I would like to thank Clyde Lewis from the Ground Zero radio program) describing a new plan to continue in their efforts to go after Iran. This paper was published by The Brookings Institute and it is called “Which Path to Persia.”The document is lengthy but it essentially details a deceptive plan to invade Iran and occupy the nation with U.S. ground troops. To accomplish this they are deliberately giving the illusion that Barack Obama and Benjamin Netanyahu are bitter rivals with completely different ideas on how to deal with Iran. Obama, in an effort to appease his voting base must remain committed to giving the appearance of pursuing peace. The truth is that Obama is carrying out the same plan laid out by the PNAC in 2000 and needs a different way to get a weary nation to accept war with Iran as being inevitable.  Mr. Lewis seemed to believe that the speech given by the Israeli Prime Minister was nothing but “theater” designed to get Iran to back off of Obama’s deal, and to get the world to accept an Israeli led strike with the support of the U.S.A. This is not outside the realm of possibility; after all, deception in the U.S. government runs treacherously deep.
The point of this article is not to do a policy analysis of “Which Path to Persia,” rather it is to discuss just how deep the deception truly runs and how they are able to pull this off.  Barack Obama was elected as literally the “antithesis” of an administration that many viewed as warmongers. Let’s face it; George W. Bush was a bumbling idiot who took us into a war with Iraq that was no more necessary than an invasion of Disney Land. Many people who fall for the false “right/left” paradigm may see things differently; however, this doesn’t change the fact that Obama was elected because he wasn’t George Bush. Let’s not forget the quote from Rules for Radicals-
“Any revolutionary change must be preceded by a passive, affirmative, non-challenging attitude toward change among the mass of our people. They must feel so frustrated, so defeated, so lost, so futureless in the prevailing system that they are willing to let go of the past and chance the future.” (Dostoevski)
My writing partner, Fred Deruvo, has been writing an excellent series of articles on the emerging Technocracy, and how the Trilateral Commission has had its hands in the executive branch since its founding in 1976. Is it too hard to believe that perhaps George Bush’s job was to discredit America to the point where we felt hopeless? Is it possible that George Bush was deliberately paving the way for an election of another president that would carry out the same agenda with a different smile? I believe the answer to that question is yes through and through.  The evidence is indisputable; Barack Obama has carried on the same wars outlined in PNAC’s white paper, this is an inarguable fact. This is explains why Barack Obama continuously blames Bush for everything. He is working to conceal his real motives from his voting base that put him in power simply because of their seething hatred for Republicans. He has the help of the media and academia convincing the masses that Republicans are the embodiment of evil, and as a result he is able to carry out the same agenda without question.  Face it America; under Obama the poor are getting poorer and the rich keep getting richer, but because people believe he is adamantly opposed to Republicans they refuse to open their eyes and see him for what he is, a globalist working for the same elite that ordered George Bush to invade Iraq. Now, he is employing the same deceptive techniques perfected by the communists to convince you and me that he stands for peace, when in reality his aims are to topple Iran just as he did Libya, and as he is trying to do in Syria. The deception runs deep America, open your eyes.