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Treason is too nice of a word David Risselada

Many people believe the old saying that people shouldn’t be afraid of government, but government should be afraid of the people.  It sounds good on the surface and to some degree it makes sense; however, I don’t think it’s true. I’m not saying people should live in abject fear of their governments by any means; it’s just that, well to be honest, I think our government is scared to death of us, and they will do whatever it takes to keep us from exposing them.  I would argue that their fear of exposure is the number one motivating factor behind their attacks on the first and second amendments. Their fear of us discovering the truth of just how deep their deception runs, has led to the creation of the massive militarized police force, and the attempts to silence patriots by labeling us domestic terrorists. Their actions reek of treason against the American people and its due time we take charge of this mess and hold them accountable. This article will highlight ten of the most treasons acts.
  1. The released an article today claiming that U.S. senators on both the Republican and Democrat side of the house took payoffs from mega corporations to ensure the passage of the Transpacific Partnership Treaty. This was another bill where no one knew exactly what was in it when it was voted on. This bill, according to many, is nothing but a complete sell out of American sovereignty to corporate interests and threatens our children’s future as it allows American jobs to be shipped overseas. I suppose if you wanted to look at it from the government’s perspective you would want to silence free speech as well. You can’t have the people finding out how bad you screwed them before you had the opportunity to destroy the second amendment.
  2. Judicial watch just released an article proving that the Defense and State Departments knew a full ten days in advance that there was an impending attack coming in Benghazi. They knew from day one that it was a gun running operation and they did nothing to stop it, or to save the lives of our troops. They then had the audacity to use the opportunity to attack the first amendment and blame it on an alleged video the Muslims found offensive. It was later confirmed that the man responsible for filming that video was actually working for Eric Holder. Do you understand this? The government of the United States actually collaborated to stage this event in order to run guns to our enemies and attempt to dismantle the first amendment in the process!
  3. Barrack Obama and his racist administration have deliberately inflamed racial tensions and allowed riots to ensue where cities were burned and people were killed, all on the pretense of the “white privilege” lie. In fact, it has just been revealed that the rioters and looters in Ferguson were actually promised to be paid a sum of $5000.00 by none other than George Soros, who incidentally owes a couple billion in back taxes. These actions were taken deliberately to lay the groundwork for the creation of Obama’s national police force. According to federal law, it is illegal to incite riots. Obama and the justice department continue to blame the actions of these rioters on “racist” America while labeling patriots and veterans as threats to national security. Not one Republican has challenged this.
  4. Our government continues to attack our energy sector by pushing the global warming lie. No matter how many times it has been proven false, they continue to chip away at our society by claiming the actions of human beings are responsible for climate change. The U.N. climate chief not only admitted that a communist world government would be best to deal with climate change, but has also suggested a reduction in the world’s population. In the meantime, Obama tells United States Coast Guard Cadets that a failure to act in the name of climate change is dereliction of duty. They fully intend to force us to pay carbon taxes, herd us into the cities, and control every aspect of our lives under the guise of saving the environment.
  5. Republicans ran on the promise of a full of repeal of Obamacare in the 2014 elections. We gave them the largest majority they have had in decades and they completely sold us out. Not only did they fail to repeal Obamacare, they now intend to push for subsidies. In fact, they have sided with Obama on almost every issue and given him everything he wants. They are operating on the belief that they have to pander to the welfare state in order to win elections despite the fact it was the promises they have since broken that got them elected.
  6. Even the liberally biased news admitted the treason behind the Fast and Furious gun running scandal. Documents revealed the administration’s plan to use the issue as a means of restricting gun sales and furthering the gun control agenda. In simple terms, Eric Holder deliberately let firearms bought from American gun stores find their way into the hands of Mexican drug cartels for the explicit purpose of attacking the second amendment. In the process, many people were murdered by the drug cartels, including one border control agent, Brian Terry. If this wasn’t bad enough, in 2010 the Mexican President, to a standing ovation from democrats no less, lectured our congress on gun control.
  7. John Kerry signed the U.N. small arms treaty. Though it has not been ratified by the senate, many of the treaty’s provisions are finding their way into gun control legislation being introduced by democrats.
  8. Both Democrats and Republicans sent U.S. troops into Iraq to stop Saddam Hussein from using stockpiles of chemical weapons. Upon returning from the combat zone veterans are being labeled as a domestic threat to national security for reasons as ridiculous as a “lack of jobs.” This is according to a report that was released by the Department of Homeland Security entitled Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment. This report also labels gun owners, Christians, and people who believe that the government is infringing upon constitutional liberties as threats to national security. While The Department of Homeland Security was forced to apologize for labeling veterans as terrorists, law enforcement training manuals have wiped all references of Islamic terrorism and still train according to the information presented in this report.
  9. Many people understand the seriousness of an eighteen trillion dollar debt. Unfortunately, the real seriousness of the situation is that the debt, with all the unfunded liabilities included, is closer to one hundred twenty five trillion dollars. There is no way that this can ever be paid back. Our children’s futures are at stake as this reckless spending virtually guarantees their enslavement. Our nation is being sold out to foreign interests simply to line the pockets of unprincipled men who stand for nothing.
  10. Our nation’s education system has been literally destroyed in an effort to indoctrinate our children into the tenets of leftist philosophy. We once had the finest education system in the world and now our children can’t think their way out of a paper bag. We are falling below international averages in math and other academic areas as educators focus more on teaching “social justice” and rabid anti American values as opposed to real academic endeavors. Our students are being trained to be social advocates for Democrat issues while being told the values their nation stands for are racist, sexist, oppressive and homophobic. The effects of this education can be seen by watching the events in Ferguson and Baltimore.
These ten issues by no means account for all the lies and acts of treason committed by our government against the people. Some of the biggest ones such as the Federal Reserve act and the income tax haven’t even been mentioned but are certainly of equal importance. All of these issues have remained virtually unaddressed and unchallenged because we have no real opposition party. It has become all too apparent that there is no difference between the Republican Party and the Democrats, except perhaps the speed at which they seek to subjugate us. All of this is being done on purpose to keep the public overwhelmed and in a reactionary instead of proactive mode. We have to understand that we have the power to stop this. We have to stop letting them divide us and start finding some common ground. America, the consequences of what lies ahead of us will affect all of us the same. No one will be safe. This will not be about liberals and conservatives, anyone who disagrees with the powers that be, will be a target. We can’t stop this if we can’t stand together, which is why they work so hard to divide us. Treason is truly too nice of a word.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Critical Projection Syndrome By David Risselada


In one of my earlier articles entitled Critical Projection theory, I elaborated on the idea that blacks in America truly have been oppressed by our institutions, as Democrats so often claim. The Democrats love to blame America for being a racist nation and seize any opportunity they can to exploit the impoverished conditions many blacks find themselves living in. In fact, we have seen that the left will go to any lengths necessary to give the impression that they are seeking to correct a societal wrong. The problem is the left is primarily responsible for these impoverished conditions. This was the point of Critical Projection theory. The left, in an effort to hide all of their failures, project their own racist attitudes onto Republicans and Conservatives so that they may be able to retain the illusion that they are the savior of poor inner city (mostly black) communities.

All throughout history it was in fact, the Democrat party that was responsible for most of America’s racist history. The Democrats were the primary slave owners, the Democrats formed the Klu Klux Klan, and the Democrats were responsible for Jim Crow segregation laws. If it wasn’t for the efforts of the Republican Party, slavery could have endured much longer than it did. Many claim that somewhere along the line the Democrat and Republican parties “switched places” and the Democrats became the champions of the black communities while Republicans became the racists.
Blacks have been voting primarily Democrat since Lyndon Johnson’s (D) great society, and it has gotten them absolutely nowhere.  As I wrote in my book “Not On My Watch,” Lyndon Johnson was quoted as saying “We’ll get those n**gers voting Democratic for the next 200 years,” as he passed a civil rights bill that was originally presented by Republican President Dwight Eisenhower. For those that may remember, Eisenhower was responsible for allowing nine black students to attend an all white school. Johnson, as senate majority leader, was able to prevent the civil rights bill from passing and took it up as his own upon assuming the presidency. The idea was to enslave the black population on the great society’s welfare programs. Black families were broken up as a result because there was no longer any initiative for black men to take any responsibility.  In other words, Democratic president Lyndon Johnson is partially responsible for the impoverished conditions many blacks find themselves in today.  (I learned this by watching CL Bryant’s Runaway Slave)
It seems the actions of Democrat progressives have been far more harmful than many realize. For those of you who listen to Mark Levin, you may have heard him discuss this. It goes all the way back to America’s early progressive movement. Many may know that Democrat President Woodrow Wilson was responsible for re-segregating the government, again this proves that the Democrat Party has an issue with racism, not conservatives. The extent to which progressives of the era went to actually segregate African Americans is truly breathtaking. To understand this further we need to look at the work of Richard Rothstein of the economic policy institute. He claims that it was the actions of progressive government that are directly responsible for the segregation of the inner cities. In other words, the inner city ghettos were deliberately created by liberals.
According to Rothstein, the Federal Housing Authority under President Franklin Roosevelt, (progressive) was directed to give loans to neighborhood developers under the one condition that blacks would not be able to move there.  Furthermore, he claims that the public works administration under the new deal led to the creation of segregated neighborhoods by ensuring that its public housing projects housed only people who predominately lived in the neighborhood. They built public housing projects mostly in black neighborhoods. Then, they deliberately attempted to scare white people out of neighborhoods built by the Federal Housing Authority by insisting they were going to become like the black inner city ghettos. They did this by actually recruiting black people to walk around the targeted neighborhoods. Once the white people sold their homes back to the banks they actually sold them for higher prices to black families. From Richard Rothstein-
On real estate agents’ practice of “blockbusting”
In the ghettos, government policy — municipal policy, for example — denied adequate services, garbage wasn’t collected frequently. African-Americans were crowded into neighborhoods in the ghetto because so much other housing was closed to them and as a result, housing prices in ghettos were much higher than similar housing in white areas. Rents were much higher than similar housing in white areas … because you had a smaller supply. It’s the basic laws of supply and demand. … So this created slum conditions.
So when African-Americans managed to break out of those slums and buy a home in a neighboring area, whites could be persuaded that slum conditions were going to be brought with them. So the real estate agents would go into these neighborhoods and try to panic white families into selling their homes cheap to the real estate agents.
They used techniques: They would recruit blacks from the ghetto to walk around the neighborhood pushing baby carriages. They would phone call families in the white area and ask for names that were stereotypically African-American. … All intended to give the impression that this was rapidly turning into another black slum.
The white families who panicked would then sell their homes to the real estate agents or the speculators at prices far below what they were worth. The speculators would then turn around and resell the homes to African-Americans at far more than they were worth because of the restricted supply, and this policy was called “blockbusting” and it was a policy that was condoned by state licensing boards throughout the country.
So it seems that the idea of liberal progressives projecting their own failures onto the rest of society has some real validity to it. The black population in America has been used and abused by progressive government for nothing more than reaching desired political ends. In my opinion, this explains why the liberals are so intent on creating chaos; they desperately need the black population to stay focused on them so they won’t learn the truth about the progressives extremely racist past. Perhaps the term critical projection theory should actually be called critical projection syndrome.

Friday, May 22, 2015

My book is done!

Many of who have been regular readers know I have discussed a great deal about the indoctrination process in education. I have written many articles in which I described what it was like to be educated by the radical left in a prestigious university. I spent a great deal of time contacting my senators and congressman in an effort to get them to understand the effects this indoctrination is having on America's future generations. No one, and I mean no one, seemed interested. In fact, it is almost as if they already know what is going on and willingly allow it for their own purposes. I felt compelled to share my experience so I began writing. My articles have been seen at Freedom Outpost, Patriot Update, The Brenner Brief and my current website For Truths Sake. 

I was encouraged by many people to write a book. Not really sure if I was capable of doing that, I went ahead and gave it a shot. Not On My Watch is my personal story of my college experience and how it correlated to real world events taking place in our country. I also discussed some of the propaganda techniques, and educational methods being used that are destroying our children's ability to be free, independent thinkers. While it is a relatively short book, it contains information needed to understand the root causes of why many Americans seem to be o.k. with the fundamental transformation promised by Barack Obama. They have been so dumbed down, they have no idea what liberty really means. Here is the link for those of you who may be interested in purchasing. Thanks for reading and God Bless.

David Risselada

Thursday, May 21, 2015

From my upcoming book "Not On My Watch"

The final chapter from my upcoming book, which was just submitted for publication, "Not on my Watch."

Upon the completion of this book, America finds herself still chugging along on the train of “fundamental transformation.” As a result of the Ferguson incident, the Obama Administration has moved to nationalize local police forces. This is truly an alarming development, as anyone who has any true knowledge of history knows where this will lead.
Unfortunately, the division created by this administration has done its job, and very few are paying attention to the consequences of a liberal education system left unchecked. Thanks to the conditioning methods described in this book, students are literally unable to question what they are being taught, and feel compelled to sit quietly out of a fear of being singled out.

I remember sitting through many discussions about “white privilege” and asking my professor what the possible consequences of teaching this reverse racism could be. To me it was obvious that the ground work was being laid for the justification of what we are now witnessing in cities like Ferguson and Baltimore. This feeling was reinforced by fellow students who believed that they were indeed being oppressed by a society dominated by white men. I had heard on several occasions that the election of our first black president was hardly enough, and that a great deal more had to be done to make things right. The country is sitting on the edge of its seat in anticipation of what promises to be a summer filled with racial tensions, as President Obama seems intent on keeping anger focused on the police. Unfortunately, the only thing being accomplished is the reinforcement of a stereotype they claim to want to be rid of. Obama, and others on the left like Al Sharpton, are deliberately stoking the flames of racial hatred and as a result, they are doing nothing but creating criminals and destroying opportunity.

I have always wanted to believe that the ideals of liberty were something that would, in the end, unite Americans of all walks of life. I wanted to believe that whether we were black or white, Hispanic or Asian, we would see that we lived in a special place that provided us the freedom to be what we thought we were capable of being. After all let’s face facts; no one is trying to escape the United States because she is an oppressive nation. On the contrary, people from around the world have risked a great deal for the opportunity to be the masters of their own lives, free of government control.

The Left has broken the human will to the point of dependency and as a result our lower natures can now be appealed to. Think about that a moment; the Left, in the Darwinist worldview, has attempted to teach us that we are not capable, and that we need someone “enlightened” to govern our daily affairs. As a result, the goals of ideological subversion have been realized; we as a society have lost the will to stand in the face of adversity.

Everything that we are experiencing in America is an all-out assault on the free will of mankind. Free will is a gift given to us by God; without it we will lose connection to him. Remember, one of Karl Marx’s stated goals in the Communist Manifesto was the destruction of God in the minds of men. What we are engaged in is a spiritual war for the heart and soul of man, my friends. If this generation doesn’t stand to take our nation back, it is highly unlikely the preceding generations will be able to.


On Sept. 23, 2012, CBS News was giving President Barack Hussein Obama the premier opportunity to perform some damage control ahead of the upcoming election by allowing him time on their “60 Minutes” program. This was necessary because there had been a dramatic upswell in anti-U.S. violence in the Middle East. Most notably, an attack on the US compound in Benghazi, Libya, had left four Americans dead, including Christopher Stevens, the U.S. ambassador to Libya.
In his appearance, Obama told CBS’ Steve Kroft that with regard to this concern, he had been “pretty certain” that there would be “bumps in the road” due to the political dynamic of the nations in the region.

At that time, very little was known about the Benghazi attack, but considering what had occurred, some observers went ballistic at Obama’s use of the term “bumps in the road” to reference Americans who had perished rather gruesomely at the hands of desert death-cult monkeys.
With the Islamic State’s capture of the Iraqi city of Ramadi in recent days, America was again treated to the White House’s mischaracterizing understatement. “No denying it is a setback,” said spokesman Eric Schultz. Obama throws away 10 years’ worth of U.S. military gains – and one of the rather predictable outcomes is a mere “setback.”
The back story that’s never told is the fact that such mischaracterizations were perpetrated deliberately, in order to advance the Islamist agenda in the region.
The outright criminality of those at the highest levels of government, whether materially or politically motivated, has become positively brazen; it is so ingrained and its practitioners so smugly self-assured that they scarcely bother to guard their actions against scrutiny anymore – at least not with regard to the American people.
The scandal in which Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton is currently embroiled is a great example. Ms. Clinton set up a private email server for her email when she was secretary of state. This was most likely to shield her communications from the White House, rather than Republicans, the press, or the public.
Then, the existence of the server was revealed. Clinton obfuscated, evaded, eventually releasing some emails, while describing others as horribly mundane. Then she abruptly scrubbed the server of 50,000 some-odd remaining emails, irradiated the hard drive, boiled it in ammonia and sunk it in the Marianas Trench.
This week, we learned that Hillary is really mad, and really wants those emails released. Unfortunately, the State Department – which, if I am not mistaken, is still run by her old boss – has such an arduous task ahead in determining which of the innumerable emails are fit for public consumption that they decided they couldn’t get it done before, say – what’s good for you, Hill – January 2016?
You see, while Obama’s White House is only going to provide so much cover for Hillary, they’re not eager to have her emails, or the nuts and bolts of the Bill and Hill Selling America Out Foundation, to come to light, either.
Speaking of: I was reading a rather silly Howard Kurtz analysis of the furor attendant to ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos and his donations to the Clinton Foundation. George apparently “didn’t realize” that there was a monumental conflict of interest and ethics issues involved with his being ABC News’ chief anchor and donating to the foundation of his former employer while reporting on the pandemonium over its sketchy finances, and while the former employer’s wife is running for president.
Stephanopoulos didn’t realize this would be problematic?
Far more important here is that Stephanopoulos’ actions over the last 15 years are emblematic of what has occurred across the establishment press, with political operatives moving into press jobs. The issue is not so much that Stephanopoulos “neglected” to disclose his large donations to the Clinton Foundation, but that he has essentially been working as an operative for a criminal enterprise (possibly prosecutable under RICO statutes) while posing as a journalist.
It is no different than if a member of an organized crime family did likewise in order to disseminate disinformation pertaining to his superiors’ activities.
While Stephanopoulos’ detractors are demanding that he and his family be barred from television journalism for seven generations, chances are he’ll take a little vacation, and his indiscretion will get swept under the carpet with the IRS nonprofit targeting probe and Charlie Rangel’s ethics violations.
Why do the Clintons think there’s a different set of rules for them than there is for the rest of us?
– Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, May 19, 2015
These things transcend political party of course; there are Republican politicians over the last few decades who fall along every point of the scumminess continuum. Quite a few are running around Washington calling themselves “conservatives” right now. It’s just that the radical leftists are more inherently disreputable and repellent. The idea that there’s “a different set of rules for us” is quite prevalent throughout the Beltway; in fact, varying degrees of it permeate the federal government, from the shiftless, belligerent, union-protected clerk, to the heads of federal agencies – and there is no accountability.
Yes, the revelations surrounding Hillary Clinton’s email server and foundation donations are controversial. Yet it is unlikely that the ongoing and potentially catastrophic security risks posed by her having used a private email server or that some Clinton Foundation foreign donors are essentially enemies of this nation will ever be discussed, let alone investigated.
Only the institutional propriety of Hillary Clinton’s actions will be bandied about in the press and by Congress; perhaps another smoke-and-mirrors inquiry featuring duly indignant GOP committee members will take place. Then, when this all comes up again during the 2016 campaign, she will be fully within her rights to remind us all that “those issues were addressed back in 2015.”
Or better yet: “What difference, at this point, does it make?”

Media wishing to interview Erik Rush, please contact


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Program 1033, A National Police Force and A New Socialist Constitution By David Risselada

socialist constitutionIn my article, Using the Hegelian Dialectic to Push for National Police Force, I discussed the idea that the President is using the problem-reaction-solution strategy to push for his promised “civilian security force.” Since the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson Missouri, Barack Obama and his fellow “race baiting revolutionaries” have made every effort to stoke the flames of violence. Police murders have risen drastically as a result of this incident and to this day, President Obama still uses incendiary language towards police officers in an obvious effort to keep tensions alive. The left would have us believe that the violence resulting from the incidents in Ferguson and Baltimore are the results of “institutionalized racism,” and white privilege. The truth; however, is far different. Throughout the duration of Obama’s presidency, the issue of race has been a central theme as he has continually accused America of having deep rooted racial problems. Race has been forced into the consciousness of all Americans and minorities have constantly been told that they are “less than” white Americans by the very people they voted for. The most recent example is Michelle Obama’s “pity me” speech at Tuskegee University. Sadly, black Americans are being kept on the plantation in an effort to whip them up into a revolutionary fervor, where they will be used as the catalyst to form the coming national police force.
President Obama recently announced that he will be “banning military style equipment”, from local police forces. This is being done to give the appearance that he is a hero, and that he is offering a legitimate solution to a problem that frankly, both the left and the right are concerned about. There is no arguing that our police forces are far too “militarized” and exercise too much power. This was also done intentionally for the very purpose of being able to offer the solution. Police forces have deliberately been provided this military equipment, and then programmed to believe that the average American citizen is their enemy. (We all know that constitutionalists, gun owners, Christians and veterans have all been labeled as potential extremists.) The name of this program is called Department of Defense Program 1033 and was passed in 1997. This program was actually an extension of an earlier provision passed in the 1990 National Defense Authorization Act. Section 1208 allowed for the transfer of military equipment from the pentagon to local police forces. (It should be noted that the two presiding presidents over the passage of these laws were Bush senior and Clinton.) According to Taylor Wofford of Newsweek, the 1033 program was not a matter of public record, and the Defense Logistical Agency refuses to reveal the names of agencies which are participating in the program. These programs seem to be the prelude to the NDAA of 2012 where the military has the right to indefinitely detain anyone they deem to be belligerent, or an enemy of the state.
Obamas national security force
The purpose behind all of this is to create the conditions in which people will demand a national police force as the solution to a problem that seems to be “out of control.” Again, this is being done using the Hegelian Dialectic, or the problem-reaction-solution strategy. It appears to be working as Obama’s intended audience actually believe they are being treated unfairly by the police. Honestly, it wouldn’t matter if people wanted it or not. The clamping down on the citizenry and the centralization of policing power has been in the works for decades. Remember, James Paul Warburg proudly boasted before the U.S. congress that world government would come by conquest or consent. The idea is to condition the people to want more control over their lives; however, the powers that be are fully prepared to force it upon us if need be. In this case, Obama’s promised security force can be found on page 25 of the New Socialist Constitution that waits in the whirlwind.  The New Socialist Constitution was written by the Revolutionary Communist Party and describes in great detail the intent of the Communists to dismantle America’s military and centralize all defensive powers under the command of one authority, the Communist Party. From the New Socialist Constitution-
To this effect, a Commission for Defense and Security shall be established, with its members selected through consultation between the Executive Council and the Revolutionary Communist Party. This Commission shall oversee the operations of the armed forces, militia and other organs of public defense and security, including their doctrine and operational principles; it may make changes in the overall structure and chain of command of these institutions, as well as the positions of different personnel within this chain of command, particularly at its higher levels. The work of this Commission shall be overseen and reviewed by the Executive Council, in consultation with the Party, and in what should be rare occasions where agreement cannot be reached through such consultation in matters concerning the role and functioning of the armed forces, militia and other organs of public defense and security, the Party shall have the final say.
Everything that is being done, all the violence that is being intentionally instigated, is being done for one purpose America, to get you to accept this new constitution. They want you to start looking at communism as a viable solution to problems that don’t even exist. The lies of racism and police deliberately targeting blacks are just tactics in a game of social change that seeks to dismantle our entire society, and rebuild it as a new socialist utopia. If we don’t start organizing ourselves and exercising the necessary courage needed to prevent this from happening, there may be nothing that can be done to stop it. I pray that we find this courage before it’s truly too late.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Michelle's rant and the orchestrated racial crisis By Erik Rush

Forward: Erik Rush has been using my articles at his website,, and I am honored to be able return the favor and post his outstanding work here at the Radical Conservative. A true conservative and patriot, Erik's straight forward talk turns the racialism of the Obamas and the left completely on its head. 


The White House finally had a cop-on-black-citizen tragedy occur right in their backyard in Freddie Gray, the 25-year-old who died in police custody last month, and so the administration was able to exploit it to the fullest. Not only is Baltimore geographically close to Washington, D.C., but its municipal government is chock-full of uber-left, affirmative-action, Obama-worshiping characters.
The city’s “investigation” into six Baltimore police officers who arrested and transported Gray on April 12 was sketchy, yet on April 30, Baltimore City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby announced numerous charges against the officers.
On April 28, recently confirmed Attorney General Loretta Lynch stated that the ongoing crisis involving police and urban black populations is “one of the most challenging issues of our time.”
Spoken like a true apparatchik… and why not? We already know that Lynch is a radical with no professional ethics whatsoever, as substantiated by evidence that emerged during her confirmation process.
The president has been catching flak for having honored Freddie Gray by sending three White House representatives to his funeral, and similarly honoring Michael Brown last year, while neglecting to send anyone to the funerals of several police officers killed in the line of duty in recent months. One would have to be profoundly gullible to believe that these instances of “careless disregard” were oversights.
So, the White House loves thugs, hates cops, and no one seems to care. What else is new, right?
Well, now I’m wondering precisely what the Obama White House working protocol is relating to these funerals: Is it four White House representatives if you were a real bada– black thug, three if you were an “average” black thug, maybe two for a dead white thug of some repute, one for a black cop, whereas white cops slain in the line of duty get nothing?
I guess we’ll see when they get around to memorializing Liquori Tate, the black Hattiesburg, Mississippi, police officer who was fatally shot, allegedly, by young black vermin during a traffic stop on May 9.
I’ll have to admit that First Sasquatch Michelle Obama outdid her husband concerning racialist gaffes in one fell swoop over the weekend, when she bloviated at length before a lectern at Tuskegee University. Her so-called commencement address was largely a stream of self-pitying, self-righteous, bitter, paranoid racialist propaganda.
Whining ad nauseum about such horrors as having been mistrusted, talked down to, underestimated and perennially under some suspicion, all because of the color of her skin (at least this was her perception), Michelle O underscored it all with audience identification aplenty, and intimations that “it ain’t over yet.”
And how she and Barack suffered over the years under the yoke of institutional racism! From staff who allegedly “kept a close eye” on them in department stores, to those who still question their “love for America,” the couple’s self-esteem has been under unremitting assault for decades.
If the level of contrivance here hasn’t utterly overpowered, let’s take a closer look:
“The road ahead is not going to be easy. It never is, especially for folks like you and me. Because while we’ve come so far, the truth is that those age-old problems are stubborn, and they haven’t fully gone away.” – Michelle Obama, May 9
Let’s compare this to a line from the president’s April 28 speech on the same subject:
“This has been going on for a long time. This is not new, and we shouldn’t pretend that it’s new.” – Barack Obama, April 28
Translated: Hey, you darkies know nothin’s changed since 1955, don’t ya?
And how uncannily similar.
The tragic dynamic at work here: When you have blacks exploiting other blacks in this manner, the exploited are uniquely vulnerable. The reason for this is that given the history of blacks in America, most simply can’t imagine another black individual sinking that low.
But that’s who Marxists are; their quest for power trumps race. The bigger picture shows that what is happening comes from an even lower realm …
“[T]hose claiming to have the solution will ultimately create the racial tension they ostensibly seek to eradicate … which is exactly what they want.”
Although some of us have been bringing what follows to light for some time, the processes have definitely stepped up since the 2014 Ferguson riots. Based on this administration’s character and agenda, and our knowledge of what’s going on behind the scenes, it is plain that this crisis of escalating racial tension is being deftly orchestrated by the White House itself.
In 2009, WND’s Jerome Corsi practically prophesied what is developing right now when he wrote (quotes I also included in “Negrophilia,” by the way):
“Advancing their socialist revolutionary aims, Cloward and Piven explained the crisis they sought ‘can occur spontaneously (e.g., riots) or as the intended result of tactics of demonstration and protest. …’
“The Cloward-Piven strategy sought to apply the tactics of the revolutionary civil-rights movement, including urban riots, to the poor as a whole. …”
Once again: All of this is going toward catalyzing sufficient civil unrest to justify nationwide federal intervention. Some of the methods are less subtle than others, and I have identified many in this space over the last few years.
Considering the foregoing, we should not take it at all lightly that the Rev. Al Sharpton has been openly advocating for a national police force simply because he’s a buffoon. Like Obama and other key players in this tragic comedy, Sharpton has long-standing ties to old, well-established, powerful New York communists who aided in his dubious rise to prominence – which is definitely no coincidence.
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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Coming Soon....Not on My Watch: Exposing the Marxist Agenda in Education.

Coming Soon

For those of you who have been regular readers, you know I have focused a great deal on the educational agenda of America's fundamental transformation. I have written several articles describing my own personal experience of being educated by the radical left, whom I believe is responsible for the loss of our nation. Now I have written the details of not only my experience, but the details of what I was learning as a student in a community organizing/social work program and how those lessons correlated with real world events. I also touched on some of the very methods I believe are being used to blind fold students to the truth and make them accept the tenets of socialism/communism. Written with same intensity and passion for liberty as the articles you read here at The Radical Conservative, "Not on My Watch" puts the Marxist agenda in our education system into crystal clear perspective. Subjects discussed include:

White Privilege Education

Saul Alinsky

Critical Thinking

Delphi Technique

The Homosexual Agenda

Agenda 21/Climate Change

Gun Control

and more.....

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

A Relentless Assault on the First Amendment David Risselada

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.
Its official, the first amendment to the constitution is under a full blown assault by the radical left.  Under the context that some speech may be deemed offensive, liberals have been trying to impose restrictions on our rights to free speech from our college campuses to our political debates. This is particularly true when it comes to Islam. Nearly every terrorist attack we have recently witnessed, from the Charlie Hebdo massacre and the Benghazi assault, to the shooting this past weekend in Texas have been blamed on “offensive speech.” The liberal media is frantically trying to frame the narrative to convince the eternally gullible that it is the first amendment and Americans insensitivity that is responsible for these atrocious acts. It is the same backwards ideology that they use to justify the mass rioting and looting we see in Baltimore. Muslims are an oppressed minority who are being treated disrespectfully; therefore, their actions are justified. If that’s the case, then what will happen when the majority has finally decided we have had enough?
This is a battle long in the making, and it started in 2009 when the U.N. called for a resolution banning criticism of Islam. Pamela Geller points out in her article that this resolution was called for right about the time President Obama started stacking his administration with Islamists. Furthermore, in December of 2011 President Obama pushed the U.N. to implement this ban. Though the wording of this resolution specifically banned any criticism, or stereotyping of religious people in general, the fact that it was an initiative of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation speaks volumes. According to Jim Hoft, author of the Gateway Pundit article, the Islamic organization has been pushing resolutions condemning the criticism of Islam since 1999. Islamic organizations in America also supported such resolutions.
While the wordings of these resolutions claim to protect all religions from criticism and stereotyping, the truth is far different. The U.N. and the United States have remained virtually silent as there is an all out genocide being waged against Middle East Christians. Day in and day out we are bombarded with grotesque images of beheadings, and people being burned alive. Radical Islamists routinely murder people for being gay, they stone their women for not wearing burqas and they will slaughter an entire village for not being Muslim. Through these atrocities, our leaders would have us believe that raising our voices in defense of these people is criticism of Islam, and it should not be tolerated.  They would have us believe that these animals are committing these horrendous acts in response to a perceived injustice, and that we should be tolerant and understanding of their perspective. Just this week it was discovered that Muslims had crucified three brothers in Libya. The reason they were crucified is because Muslims believe that dying in the manner Christ died is a great insult; and yet, we are supposed to feel guilt that we insulted them for having a cartoon contest? That’s insane.
Islamist’s do nothing to pay us the respect they demand, nor do the liberals that support them. In fact, they do nothing but mock our religious beliefs while they seek to destroy our cultural values. Christianity in America is under full assault and no one in government is coming to its defense. While liberals are demanding limits to free speech over the incident in Texas, they remained completely silent as the National Endowment of the Arts displayed a piece known as“Piss Christ.” This was considered a piece of art, and the liberals hid behind the first amendment when it was revealed that some found it offensive. In fact, our entire society is inundated with offensive, grotesque art from pornography, to extremely graphic movies and video games that liberals claim to be protected by the first amendment.
What’s even more disheartening is the fact that many people seem to be buying into this narrative. Many American’s seem to have given in, and out of sense of frustration, seem willing to surrender their rights in order to placate those who would just as soon see them dead.  These are the same Americans that demanded we go overseas and fight the enemy so we don’t have to fight them here. These are the same politicians who sent our troops, people who swore an oath to uphold and defend the constitution against all enemies, to fight a war they had no intention of winning. These troops are now home and they are missing limbs and sanity. They are jobless and confused, committing suicide at a rate of twenty two a day; and now we trash their sacrifices as we are expected to cower in fear to an enemy that will kill you no matter what you do.  Based on the events of this past weekend, it’s safe to say that Americans are sick of cowering in fear. We are tired of being told we are not decent people. We have welcomed these Muslims in our country, let them build their mosques because we believe in our first amendment, and that it should apply to all Americans; only, we were taken advantage of and lied to. We are tired of tolerating the intolerable and I for one will not be surrendering any of my rights for any man that will only spit on me once I do. GOD BLESS AMERICA!