Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Article V, Gun Control and A New Constitution for a Socialist Republic in North America By David Risselada

The idea of an Article V convention seems to be gaining momentum across the country.  According to the constitution, an Article V convention is the process by which both houses of Congress propose amendments which then must be ratified by three fourths of the states legislatures in order for them to become adopted. It is believed by many in the conservative movement that this process is one of the only hopes remaining to save our country.
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Article V
The Congress, whenever two thirds of both houses shall deem it necessary, shall propose amendments to this Constitution, or, on the application of the legislatures of two thirds of the several states, shall call a convention for proposing amendments, which, in either case, shall be valid to all intents and purposes, as part of this Constitution, when ratified by the legislatures of three fourths of the several states, or by conventions in three fourths thereof, as the one or the other mode of ratification may be proposed by the Congress; provided that no amendment which may be made prior to the year one thousand eight hundred and eight shall in any manner affect the first and fourth clauses in the ninth section of the first article; and that no state, without its consent, shall be deprived of its equal suffrage in the Senate.
There are fears among many that this convention could turn into a runaway convention of sorts because they claim there is no way to limit the process to a single proposed amendment, such as the Balanced Budget Amendment. Given the Obama administrations blatant disregard for our current constitution, there is a justifiable fear that we could end up with a new constitution all together. Advocates of the convention however, argue that this is the time because Constitutional Conservatives have never been represented so strongly as they are now in the state legislatures. Republicans are currently in control of 31 states, giving many the confidence that they will prevent any changes to existing amendments.
While this may be the case, there is one little detail noone seems to be discussing. A new constitution already exists and it is called The Constitution for the New Socialists Republic in North America. This new Socialist Constitution was written by the Revolutionary Communist Party and describes in great detail the intent of the Communists to obtain absolute authority. Again, many people are comforted by the fact that Republicans are firmly in control of so many states. This gives a false sense of security, in this authors opinion, and lulls the masses into accepting something that could very well be designed to bring in this new constitution.
socialist constitution
Communists excel at enacting agendas through deception and mental manipulation. Their entire modus operandi is a push for social change and they will do anything to achieve their goal; even infiltrate the Republican Party and pose as conservatives. Consider the following stated goal form the 45 goals for the Communist takeover of America.
“Capture one or both of the political parties in the United States.”
With the latest push for gun control it is clear there is a danger  our constitution could be fundamentally altered, or replaced altogether. According to a document entitled “Globalist Plan to Disarm America” Public Law 87-297- The Arms Control and Disarmament Act, there has been a plan, written into law, to strip away the Second Amendment for years. This plan first calls for the elimination of the U.S. Armed Forces, which has been steadily happening for the past four decades, and then the gradual disarming of the public. Little by little the public is being conditioned to see gun ownership as a problem that must be solved, and to not see the threat to gun ownership in a constitutional convention is to be blind. Consider the following statements by Bernadine Smith, author of the Globalist Plan to Disarm America.
Every couple of years the House of Representatives votes to appropriate funds for this on-going program. Since P.L. 87-297 was first passed into law in 961, there have been 18 updates to it – all bad – with no deletions of these issues I lay before you now. The Congress knows that the plan includes the policing of the United States by foreign troops. (The world army they are forming in Europe.) The Congress is allowing our military bases to be closed down, except for those that will be used by the world army. You will find that plan in Publication 7277 and in “The Blueprint for the Peace Race.”
If the president and Congress can promote a “Constitutional Convention” you will find yourself with two new constitutions (communist in structure) which in one states in Article VIII, Section 12: “No person shall bear arms or possess lethal weapons except the police and members of the armed forces….”
The Congress has praised these documents and is on record in Senate hearings seeking ways to install these constitutions. Ask your librarian for “Revision of the United Nations Charter – Hearings Before a Subcommittee (Foreign Relations) Feb. 2-20, 1950 U.S.Government Printing Office.” Nothing has changed since. They are still viable. The ultimate goal to be reached in Stage III of the disarmament process is to “proceed to a point where no state [nation] would have the military power to challenge the progressively strengthened U.N. Peace Force….”
Not only have we seen the emergence of the new “Communist Constitution” in this article, we also know that through the Attorney Generals “Strong City Network”  that U.N. Troops will be policing certain American cities.
It is overwhelmingly obvious that our entire government has been infiltrated by communists.  Since 2014 we have watched a Republican controlled congress surrender on every major issue pushed by President Obama leaving us with no real representation. If members of the Republican establishment will sell us out why would’nt state legislatures and governors? The possibility that there are operatives posing as constitutional conservatives pushing for an Article V convention must be considered. It is highly unlikely that the power elite, after making as much progress as they have with Obama at the helm, would give it up through a procedure designed to save a constitution they have spent the past century destroying. As crazy as it sounds, the facts remain that the Republican congress has sold us out, and Democrats are pushing for absolute authority while the Socialist Constitution is waiting in the shadows. Perhaps this should be looked into a little bit before we allow ourselves to be rushed into something we obviously, don’t fully understand.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Dear Readers, I'm looking for a writer.

I have been offered a website through Natural News which will be called Propaganda.news. I will be making that my primary focus for writing and any articles that I write after the site is officially up, will go there first and here second. I am looking for writers who may be interested in joining me. I have one so far and would like to bring on another. This website will be professionally promoted by Natural News and I will be in control of two ad spaces while they will control one. There is potential to make some money. If you are interested write me an article dealing with the subject matter generally discussed here, and its relation to the current events of the day. Make it between three and seven hundred words and give it a spicy title. Something that sadly, I am not that good at. Post your article as a link under this one if you are interested, thanks.

More determined than ever
David R.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Breaking Down the Oregon Standoff by Charles Vandever

If any of you are wondering what, exactly, is taking place in Oregon, here is the abridged version. Many years ago, the BLM claimed the land they have as BLM land. Any grazing on it would require a permit, as well as a water permit, should they need the water. The Hammonds, later on, bought their ranch, adjacent to the "BLM property" and obtained a permit for grazing and one for water. They had to drive through part of the BLM land on a road, just to access their property. 

Now fast forward. The BLM decides, many years later, to revoke the water permit for the Hammonds, hindering the ability to water their stock. The BLM then decided to revoke the grazing permit for the Hammonds, hindering their ability to feed their stock. They then told the Hammonds that they could no longer use the road that went through BLM property, in order to get to their land. The Hammonds challenged this, in court, claiming the road was a county road. They won, in court, as the judge agreed with them.

Fast forward again. The Hammonds contact the BLM to get permission to do a controlled burn of their own land, as is required. They receive the permission and the controlled burn burns a small portion of the BLM land, as it got out of control. The BLM later admits that this improved the quality and condition of their land. Later on, a lightning fire starts a wildfire and the Hammonds start a backburn, to save their home. A backburn, for those that do not know, is a fire that is intentionally started, heading it toward the existing fire, as to run it out of fuel to continue past the backburn. This worked and saved the Hammonds ranch. The BLM claimed that the fire that burned their land, from the lightning fire, was the fire the Hammonds lit, but there was no way to prove whether it came from the wildfire or the backburn.

So, the BLM charges the Hammond father and son with arson on federal property. After the OKC bombing, legislation was passed that any arson on federal land is terrorism, so they charged the Hammonds with arson terrorism. The judge, at that time, reviewed the case, and though the minimum penalty for that is 5 years, the judge didn't feel this was terrorism and ordered the father to serve 3 months and the son to serve 1 year. The Hammonds served their time and were released. 4 years after their release, BLM receives new management and they decide that the Hammonds should have served the full 5 years, so they took them back to court!

Whether you agree or disagree with what the militia, in Oregon is doing, the actions against the Hammonds, by the BLM, should be considered criminal, in my opinion.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Pyschopolitics, Behavioral Manipulation and A Congress Scared to Act By David Risselada

It is the mission of pyschopolitics first to align the obedience and goals of the group, and then maintain their alignment by the eradication of the effectiveness of the persons and personalities which might swerve the group towards disaffection. (Beria, Textbook on Psychopolitics pp.10)
President Obama, before announcing his executive actions on gun control, was caught spying on congress and the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. This is certainly an impeachable offense as Richard Nixon was forced to resign for spying on his political opponents in the Watergate scandal. As usual, this scandalous act was met with little resistance as the Republican Party sits in what can best be described as a fear to act because they may be classified as racist. The fact that they refuse to fight Obama’s use of executive orders on gun control after a disgrace of this magnitude, is in and of itself, treasonous; however, there is little chance they will because they have been conditioned to simply go along to get along. (The only other explanation is that they are simply in on the plan to bring this country down.) While there are certain executive actions the president can lawfully take, the truth is Republicans have been caving to every agenda item pushed by the Democrat/Progressives from Obamacare all the way to the omnibus spending bill recently passed by the newly elected, but extremely unpopular Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan. This also includes agenda items like Obamatrade and the Iran nuclear deal. Slowly but surely, through the use of smear campaigns and other Alinsky style tactics, the Republicans have been effectively neutered to the point where there is virtually no way they could muster the necessary will to fight Obama on anything. I have long believed, and have told my congressman as much, that this conditioning process has one main goal; getting Republicans to cave on gun control. This is why President Obama has waited until his final year to make his final push. Make no mistake, President Obama is skilled in psychopolitics, and being a community organizer means he is surely taking notes on what was and wasn’t effective in getting Republicans to go along with his agenda. The coming year promises to keep all of us on the edge our seats as we anticipate the end of Obama’s reign.
In my last series of articles dealing with B.F. Skinner and his book Beyond Freedom and Dignity, I tried to make readers understand how behavioral scientists have learned to manipulate the environment in order to change the behavior of man. In order to comprehend the true nature of the left you have to understand that they simply do not view human behavior as something we are in control of. They do not believe in free will. Rather, they believe behavior is shaped by the environment, and that if the environment can be manipulated, human behavior can be changed to mimic the manipulation.  On page 18 of Beyond Freedom and Dignity Skinner comments on the relationship between an organism and its environment by saying that the interaction between the two can be better manipulated by learning how behavior is shaped and maintained by studying the way the environment around the organism responds to the behavior. Furthermore, on page 91 Skinner comments on the effectiveness of controlling individuals by giving the illusion that certain issues are either favored or opposed by others. This is where we are in America today. The mass media and our educational system have been hard at work conditioning the masses into approval of a left wing agenda while those that oppose it are made to appear irrational and even insane. This is obvious on many levels; however, this is directly related to communism and the Textbook on Psychopolitics.
What does this have to do with the President spying on congress and gun control? In the Textbook on Psychopolitics,  Laventia Beria writes about the need to manipulate public officials and public officials only in the pursuit of the communist agenda. In other words, there is little need to influence the opinion of the masses when it comes to formulating policy because we have no power. While the following quote revolves around influencing opinion against religion, a connection can be made if you consider the Republican’s inability to act against Obama’s agenda.
You need not care what effect you have upon the public. The effect you care about is the one upon officials. You must recruit every agency in the nation marked for slaughter into a foaming hatred of religious healing (Republicans) You must suborne district attorneys and judges into an intense belief as an ancient faith in God that Christian Science (Conservatives) or any other religious practice (anyone that disagrees with progressives) which might devote itself to mental healing (Constitutional governance) is vicious, bad, insanity- causing, publicly hated and intolerable. (Beria, pp. 59)
This tactic is directly related to Skinners comments on the effectiveness of the “approval/disapproval” strategy mentioned earlier. In essence, every effort is being made to portray the Conservatives as being hated and supportive of policies that are generally disapproved by everyone. It doesn’t matter what the masses really think because every aspect of this agenda is being implemented from the podium of “officialdom” so that twenty years from now, when history is rewritten, it will be the progressive narrative that tells the story with the backing of everything, and everyone, considered official.
This tactic, if employed effectively, can also have the effect of turning the chosen target against his previous loyalties because they have been so thoroughly discredited through the use of smear campaigns and racial identity politics. A Republican congressman for instance, can be brought to see the reasonableness of a liberal agenda item because of the efforts being made to portray it as a mainstream viewpoint while virtually destroying the Republican narrative. This is one of the reasons why the left has so successfully attached racial politics to nearly every issue on public display.  Consider the following from the Textbook on Psychopolitics.
“There is the creation of a state of mind in the individual, by actually placing him under duress, and then furnishing him with false evidence to demonstrate that the target of his previous loyalties is itself, the course of the duress. Another portion of this same method consists of defaming or degrading the individual whose loyalties are to be changed to the target of his loyalties, i.e. superiors or government, to such a degree that this target, at length, actually does hold the individual in disrepute, and so does rebuff him and serve to convince him that his loyalties have been misplaced.” (Beria, pp. 20)
This is what Skinner meant when he said that the approval/disapproval strategy can be more effective in controlling individuals than a police state. The stress associated with appearing as if you don’t care for the common man, (which is how Republicans are constantly presented,) is enough in many cases to make them abandon their principles and go along with an agenda that appears to be popular. This is how out of touch our representatives truly are. As far as Obama spying on congress goes, you have to consider the possibility that they are being blackmailed.
Recruitment into the ranks of mental healing can best be done by carefully bringing to it only those healing students, who are, to some slight degree, already depraved, or who have been treated by psychopolitical operatives. (Beria, pp. 96)
This means that members of congress could be selected because it is known that they are corruptible. The mass surveillance apparatus employed by the U.S. government does more than record conversations; it predicts behaviors and identifies potential threats. By spying on congress Obama potentially learns who will go along or who will not. Who is corruptible and who needs to be corrupted. By doing this they are manipulating the environment and changing the behavior of congressmen who may otherwise choose to remain true to their principles. At this point, it appears as if nearly all of our politicians are corruptible.