Monday, March 31, 2014

Oh how we have been deceived.......David Risselada

In a recent article I discussed something called the communist peace offensive. I highlighted the relationship between our current organizer in chief and radical tactics of his messiah, Saul Alinsky. While Saul Alinsky claimed to hate the communists for the way they abused their power and slaughtered innocent people, his tactics did none other than secure this type of power for those that implemented them. After all, his admitted objective was the obtaining of power and not letting it go under any circumstances. The belief that the ends justified the means gave those seeking this power the "moral imperative" because they believe, through their innate "elitism and wisdom" they can ultimately create a perfect society. I also pointed out the relationship between the tactics of Alinsky and amply named "communist peace offensive," which in essence is a decades old plan to convince Americans that their culture and government are responsible for the worlds suffering, and world communism would be the much desired solution in seeking out "peace." 

There is a great deal more to this than can really be explained in one article. There is so many different elements that have contributed to the psychological conditioning that has conned people into accepting totalitarianism as the "new freedom." For instance, many people do not know that Betty Friedan, the founder of modern day feminism was a member of the communist party, and that she deliberately set about teaching women they were oppressed by the patriarchal, male dominated society which sought to subjugate women be keeping them barefoot and pregnant. Today, one of the core beliefs of the feminists is that the hormone testosterone is responsible for the worlds wars and only by feminizing and dumbing down men can there ever be "world peace." That's nothing but communist propaganda folks, and it goes a long way in explaining why we have men running around in pink high tops, putting hair spray in their hair and wearing jeans so tight they can barely walk. The feminist movement has destroyed masculinity, plain and simple. 

The sad truth of the situation however, is that we have been deceived on a grand scale, and much of this deception revolves around the "communist peace offensive." It is the perfect explanation of the application of Hegel's dialectic being put in motion by the infiltration of two political parties who play the role of oppossing one another, yet are stealthily advancing the vision of Vladimir Lenin and his quest for world socialism. 

I am going to draw on two relevant examples, both of which are having a major impact in policy initiatives on a global scale. They are both subjects I have written about extensively, though I feel a need to better define my position and refine my point. These two examples are the U.N. Small Arms Treaty, and the common core curriculum. If you have never read any of my articles before I suggest you sit down because some of this is difficult to digest.

First I will touch on common core. There are few American presidents who have inspired the feelings of pride and patriotism that most conservative Americans feel like Dwight Eisenhower, and Ronald Reagan. The sad truth is that Eisenhower, and then later Reagan, both signed agreements with the Soviet Union that would ensure a smooth transition in forging the two nations into one, communist entity. This is according to Charlotte Iserbyt in her book The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America. Iserbyt was once a senior official in the Reagan Department of Education, and her book is more of a paper trail of evidence than anything else. You will have to examine the evidence for yourself and make up your own mind. No one will argue however that common core education is a deliberate attempt to make our children compliant, global citizens unable to think for themselves. Reducing America to a pansy state, in the eyes of the communists is imperative because they have been conditioning people to believe we are the problem and communism is the solution. Education, psychological conditioning, and indoctrination into secular humanism are methods in which we have been "psychologically disarmed." We are in theory, only a couple of generations away from a population that would voluntarily get on the trains to their own demise. If you doubt this just ask your local college students how much they know about the Constitution and American history. 

The next point, about the current efforts to disarm America, is equally disheartening as another prominent American president, John F. Kennedy is at the center of attention. Look, whether you are a liberal or a conservative, you would have to be a bonafide idiot to not see what Barrack Obama is doing to our military. Again, this is the communist peace offensive folks. Remember, one of the 45 communist goals discusses the need to develop the illusion that America's willful disarmament is a sign of strength. Obama is dismantling our weapons programs folks, and not a whimper about it is being heard.The main point is that the communists would love to see Americas military might dismantled and the rise of a U.N. military force take its place. Everything revolves around this and they have made great progress since President Kennedy signed public law 87-297. This law is called the Arms Control And Disarmament Act, and has set in motion the systematic process in which our national leaders have since been dismantling the military. Here's the best part;  seeing as though the loss of our military will mean the complete loss of sovereignty, the need to disarm the people comes first. Enter the U.N. Small Arms Treaty; before the final move against our armed forces is made, there will be a move for our firearms. What I see developing is a fabricated threat of nuclear war, and the U.N. posing as the worlds savior in an attempt to further the "psychological disarming" of the citizenry, and the need to merge the U.S. into one global government. Hey, I'm just a tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorist.

As you can see my friends, the state of affairs in which we currently find ourselves is the culmination of decades of  socialist incrementalism. The correct term for this is "Fabian Socialism," the belief that a culture can be changed by steadily seeking to change values and opinions of an unsuspecting population. Seeing as though America is a society that thrives on entertainment, keeping us distracted with meaningless nothing's that appeal to our fragile egos has been an easy thing to do. Some will call me names and attempt to ridicule me. Those who can see what I'm talking about in the very nature of today's generation, the manner in which they callously disregard what their fathers and grandfathers have fought to secure for them, their entitlement attitudes and their foolish belief that America is whats wrong with the world will know I'm right. All I can say is God Please help us.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

The fundamental transformation choo choo train keeps chugging along........David Risselada

America, throughout the four months I have been operating this blog, and the year or so I have been contributing to other patriotic web sites, I have written a great deal on the U.N. Small Arms Treaty. While many have allowed the wool to be pulled over their eyes by believing that civilian disarmament cant happen here, and that the senate will never ratify this treaty, the truth is that it is already being incrementally implemented. All of the states that are passing draconian gun control laws are testing ground states, and if you haven't noticed, these state governments really don't give a hoot about what their constituents have to say about it. While it is true that many states are also passing pro gun laws that constitutionally speaking, would protect their citizens gun rights from federal over reach, it doesnt change the fact that the arms treaty represents a global effort to disarm America so they can push forward with their plans to implement global communism. 

This push for global communism is best described by pointing to U.N. policy initiatives such as "agenda 21," which seeks to limit the development of mankind because supposedly, our technological advancements are contributing to global warming. Never mind that we just experienced one of the worst winters in quite some time, and theres more polar ice now than in previous years, the planet is warming, we are all doomed, and only global communism can save us according to the U.N. If you are still wondering what the connection is between gun control and global warming is, I am about to explain. The global warming advocates believe there are too many people and that we occupy too much undeveloped land. They intend to herd us off of this land and lock us in the cities where we can can be "managed" like a herd of animals. If you doubt this than ask yourself why the federal government is purchasing vast quantities of land and sealing it off. As I mentioned in an article I posted yesterday, there are those in this movement who would have "global warming deniers" imprisoned because of their belief that man is not destroying the planet. So it essentially comes down to a simple philosophy my friends. Those with a great deal of wealth, power and influence are seeking to impose their will upon the American people, they are seeking to create a new society in which they will control all the land and resources. They can't do this if we remain armed. Everyone knows this is about power and not keeping children safe. If they cared so much about children, abortion would not have killed 50,000,000 babies since its legalization. Please realize this, events like the Sandy Hook shooting were used as the excuse to disarm other countries whose citizens were once armed. Emergency legislation and propaganda were used in much the same way as it was here. The only difference is that these nations never lived with the belief that self defense and the right arms are natural, inalienable rights. They simply had firearms because the government "allowed" them to. That's the difference America.

I felt it imperative to discuss this topic on this Sunday morning because President Obama, while in Brussels this past week, put his signature on another document reaffirming his commitment to civilian disarmament. This can be read about here. As I said above, this is a global effort being directed by those believing that global government administered by the U.N. is the only way to save mankind and the planet from mans "destructive" ways. Many would call me a tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorist but I would ask that you look up and read the 45 declared goals of the communist party, something I have also written extensively about, and you will see that promoting the U.N. as mans only hope is one of these goals. As further evidence I would remind you that as a college student the class I was in was presented with a video that essentially described the need for the U.N. to control all nations in order to fight poverty, and that in order to do so these nations would have to surrender their sovereignty. Poverty was described as being created by global warming of course. The narrator also claimed that people should not be able to own guns because gun ownership contributed to a dangerous unstable world. To this I would add, only when they are owned by despotic, tyrannical dictators. Let us never forget that it was the worlds governments, hell bent of obtaining power that have disarmed and slaughtered more people in peacetime than in all the wars combined.

It should be clear beyond a reasonable doubt that they intend to carry this out whether or not the senate goes along with ratifying the treaty. It should be clear that the global communists intend to teach your children to fear guns, look to governments for safety, doubt your values and question your motivations, ridicule Christianity and view right and wrong as merely subjective constructs created by mans morality as opposed to Gods. If you doubt this just simply pick up a common core text book or watch some television programming targeting a teenage audience. Psychological conditioning is one of the back door methods in which these people will accomplish their goals. Our children, through the use of "intruder on campus drills" are being conditioned to respond with fear and look to government officials to make everything all right. Many could argue that this has been going on for years, maybe so, but in my mind it explains alot if that is the case. 

What this essentially means is that a great deal of our population has been conditioned to view firearms as a threat, they have been conditioned to view gun owners as a threat, the government continually refers to those that will be willing to defend their liberties in the face of tyranny such as veterans, The Tea Party and other patriotic groups as "terrorists." The term terrorist goes a long way in granting governments the power to act in the name of safety. In other words, the term terrorist being applied to American citizens standing for gun rights identifies us as the enemy. Its that simple folks. Also, The NDAA of 2012 identified the United States as a legitimate battle field in the war on terror. Essentially, the term terrorism will eventually encompass any action that goes against the will of global government who is claiming to be looking out for, and taking care of the poor and oppressed. In the event that any of this comes to fruition and there is chaos reigning in the streets, this portion of our population will look to the U.N. and other governments for safety and security and this will be best compared to the Jews in Germany voluntarily getting on the choo choo trains. 

There's very little that can be said anymore other than its going to take a great deal more than a few patriots and conservative politicians passing pro gun laws to stop what is coming. The right crisis is all it will take and a great many of you know this. This is why we have been divided folks. Our values and the definitions we place on words like freedom and liberty to hatred and racism have been so altered and redefined for the very purpose of keeping us from being able to unite on any one issue. I have concluded, that in some ways these people have taken our greatest attribute of individual liberty and destroyed us with it by making it mean anything we wanted it to mean. Individual liberty and freedom has transpired from personal responsibility to multiculturalism, moral relativism, entitlement and moral depravity. We have lost value for humanity and yet we wonder why our nation continues to spiral toward Hell at breakneck speed. A great many of us have forsaken God and the meaning he has attached to existence and then we wonder why God has allowed our nation to fall. The connection between all of this and efforts to disarm us is significant because only a moral population who believes and understands their responsibility to protect truth and fight evil will stand and defend what they hold dear. The self evident truth that we are all created equal, with inalienable rights to pursue that which makes us happy. I have an unalienable right to exist and to protect the existence of those I love and depend upon me to keep them safe. This is a right that governments have no right to take from any of us, yet so many of us today are willing to surrender it for false promises. Its a damn shame too, because their ignorance will affect us all.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

The movie Noah proves communist propaganda is alive and well.....David Risselada

If Christians could ever point to one definitive explanation of an effort to demonize their religion and replace it with science and earth worship, the movie "Noah" would be it. Produced by professed atheist, Darren Aronofsky, the movie portrays God as "Gaia," the pagan deity worshiped by the new "green religion." The film falls completely in lock step with the global warming alarmists as mankind's biggest sin is portrayed as his reckless disrespect for the environment. Sounds an awful lot like the real efforts of the environmental radicals at the U.N. pushing for global communism as the only way to stop global warming. Could it be any more obvious that there is an agenda here?

What more could you expect from Hollywood liberals? The film itself was advertised to the younger generation as being "not your parents version of Noah." This  points to the directors Marxist intent of separating younger viewers from their parents values and indoctrinating them into the secular, humanist world view. Also, when you consider the recent news that Valorie Jarret is directing the media to portray Obamacare in a positive light in films and television programming, it's completely possible that the larger agenda item of discrediting Christianity is at play here, at the direction of the government no less. 

The film does a great deal more than prove that communist propaganda is alive and well, it puts into sharp perspective the state of our ever growing "Godless society." In this case art is truly reflecting life. We live in a world where every policy initiative essentially moves us towards secular humanism and away from Biblical Christianity. In the meantime the soul of mankind is being destroyed as the value of human life, being defined by humanists as opposed to the word of God has allowed people to forsake the gift of life itself. This is demonstrated by the clear disregard for the sanctity of human life as The Journal Of Medical Ethics argues that aborting a baby after birth is moral and ethical because a baby does not fit the secular, humanist definition of person hood. According to this argument a human being is not defined as such until they are no longer dependent on others, and as such, parents should have the right to kill their children if they prove to be an undue burden. Yet somehow, through the twisted logic of the Godless, those that value human life and believe that life starts at conception are the radical ones.

This issue over the belief in God is clearly what separates our nation today. The political left and right are defined by this. To the right, liberty and human rights are defined by the natural state of mankind's existence and the belief held that we were created by God, and given inalienable rights to exercise our God given conscience. The right argues for the right to life as we believe everyone is born with the "equal right" to pursue that which makes them happy by employing their God given talents. The political left, for the most part, pushes secular humanism as the new religion as they tend to believe that man needs to be managed. This belief is derived from a Darwinist world view as the theory of evolution holds that mankind is merely an evolutionary accident, and we are no more than any other species of animal. With that particular world view being shoved down our throats in our secular school systems, is it any wonder people are choosing to not take responsibility for their actions, and exercise their government given rights of abortion? Is it any wonder our society is rapidly falling?

While the connection between abortion and global warming may allude some, the relationship between the two rests again, in the demonstrated value of human life. There are those in the global warming alarmist movement that have called for the imprisonment of those denying that mans activity contributes to climate change. While this may seem  like a far reaching argument it must be noted that more and more credible scientists are admitting to climate change alarmism, and how it is being used to consolidate government power. If mankind has lost value for the most precious and innocent among us, how could we possibly hold value for those that are being blamed for destroying the planet?

To conclude, the movie "Noah" does little more than prove that there is an attempt to indoctrinate the gullible and uninformed into a worldview where the political left is desperate in initiate policy directives that revolve around a thesis that cant be proven. By doing so they are contributing to the devaluing of human life by ridiculing and demonizing those that have a differing worldview. Our nation is divide along deep ideological lines, those that value life as a gift from God, and those that believe they can redefine Gods meaning for us.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Words cant even describe this

If there ever was a day in which America could catch a glimpse of the Democrat parties true nature, it was Thursday, March 27, 2014. After today's headlines, in a world governed by reality anyways, the Democrat party would be hanging its head in absolute shame and throwing in the towel. This wont happen of course because of the mass conditioning that has led people to believe that no matter what Democrats do, they are still better than Republicans. Actually, most Republicans are about as useful as a cow patty, at least these corrupt Democrats have a pair. They don't have any brains however, and thank goodness they don't because then they would really be dangerous. 

Seriously though, in a perfect world we would never, ever have to worry about another communist, gun grabbing democrat calling for more gun control after today. This is because, as I am sure you are all aware by now, California State Senator Leland Yee (D) was busted by the FBI on gun running charges. This guy, while being one of the most vocal proponents of strict gun control, had the audacity to run guns from Islamists in the Phillipines to China, and then into the United States.  As I said earlier, this guy has a pair but is completely brainless. If the Republicans had half the balls this guy had they would be standing in the halls of government right now discrediting every democrat calling for gun control. Today's Republican Party however is a much kinder, more gentle, and more sensitive Republican Party so I am sure that they don't want to put anyone on the spot. Give me three minutes, please.

Lets see, what else happened this week? Oh yes, another Democrat exposed for the scumbag he is except this time it involves CHILD PORN! Oh boy! Former Democrat Representative Keith Farnham has had his personal computers seized by FBI officials on suspicions that they may contain child pornography. Again, this is really no surprise as the Democrat Party is very supportive of the homosexual rights agenda, which I'm sorry to say, includes efforts to repeal the age of consent laws which govern the legal age a person may engage in sexual intercourse. To be fair to the Congressman no official charges have been filed, but in true corrupt politician fashion, he is suddenly resigning for health reasons in the face of this development. Go figure.

Finally, after continuously blaming Republicans for engaging in corrupt practices concerning campaign contributions, Harry Reid was busted giving 17,000 dollars of his own to his granddaughter. Actually, he was busted doing that last year and just now reimbursed that money; however, it doesn't change the fact that it is a clear cut example of the rotten hypocrisy of this man. There are several others to draw from of course.

How do these people continue to get away with the crimes they do and still win elections? Its as if the entire Democratic voting block is wearing a blindfold or something. I will tell you thing, no matter how hard the Democrats try to pretend that they care about your safety and well being, they have lost all credibility with a large portion of this nations population. No one of sane mental capacity will ever take their calls for gun control, or children's safety, seriously again. If for some unfortunate reason people are stupid enough to allow the Democrat Party to keep the senate and win the house then people will deserve what they get.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

I am truly sorry to have offended anyone but let me say this......David Risselada

“Dave, you’re never going to see this because constitutional Fred is going to delete it. That’s too bad because I actually agree with some of what you wrote. Yes, the American culture is changing towards social democracy. More and more people are coming to realize that they have to power to change things for the better. And there is no nefarious conspiracy, brainwashing or fluoride in the water effects. People want equality and safety. You see this as a bad thing. Time will tell. And you always have the conspiracy thing to fall back on.”

Sometimes in life there are certain things that just need to be addressed. Without doubt one of these issues is the insistence that the policies and “social change” liberals are advocating for will make the world a better place. The above quote is a comment from a critic who feels the need to call me a conspiracy theorist in response to an article where I clearly stated I have no problem being labeled as such because I am willing to stand by my position.  To this person I will respond by saying-

“I’m sorry for defending your liberties too; I will no longer attempt to do so because I realize now that you and your kind remain completely clueless to the larger implications of your ignorance. There is a plethora of examples from which I can draw to illustrate my point, but let me start by being a big insensitive unempathetic jerk by pointing to the obvious.  You all claim that you care about fairness and equality, and in particular, the commentator above has referred to the power people possess to make things better. To that I agree; you have the absolute right under the United States Constitution to petition your government for a redress of grievances, the right to freely speak in order to address these grievances, and the right to assemble in order to make your point. This is the first amendment of the Constitution which gives you this power.  Of course, many conservative constitutionalists will argue that these rights are preexisting and government cannot take them, and the Constitution merely limits government’s power to do so. With this being said I can’t help but wonder where the fabricated liberal rage was when their president signed away control of the internet to the so called “international community.” Just because you people have been beaten down with the false logic of moral relativism doesn’t mean other countries will respect your rights to free speech.  If you are still unsure about the importance of free speech in a society, please reread this paragraph.

Next I would like to discuss the blessing it is to be able to live in a nation that, for the most part recognizes your rights to defend yourself with deadly force. You also have the right to not do so if you wish; however, I will say that the right to self defense illustrates how we value your life as well as our own.  You argue that people don’t need guns and that government can keep you safe while ignoring the simple truth that the cities with most gun control laws have the highest rates of murder. Also, the fallacy of your logic is exposed by pointing to the response times of law enforcement when it comes to life threatening situations. Do you really mean to tell me, and I am asking you to think here, that you would rather trust someone in law enforcement, who is under no legal obligation to put his life in danger to save yours, to protect you as opposed to having the right defend yourself? It makes absolutely no sense. Also, your arguments about compassion and fairness are exposed as bogus when gun control does nothing to disarm criminals and only makes one who was a law abiding citizen one day into a felon the next.  

Speaking on the issue of safety, the only way, and even this wouldn’t keep you safe, you could create the type of safe environment you want is to empower the police state to the point where they have all the rights and power and you have none. That’s the type of world you are creating by supporting the policies you do, and you are so ignorant of history that it makes me sick. More people; and I’m talking to the tune of hundreds of millions here, have been killed by governments that are out to create Utopia, during peace time, than in all the worlds wars in history! Yet, here you people are demanding the government disarm you.  How stupid can you be? You say you want fairness and equality, how fair is it to be continually called a racist and dehumanized for exercising your first amendment rights? Sorry, but as I said, I have only sought to educate  people through my writing but if you want to call me names for writing this, I will thank you for proving my point. To conclude on this subject I will just say you have become the generation that sacrificed liberty for security and you will soon find that you will be left with neither.

Economic equality is the next issue. I think this is the one definitive issue of our time that truly proves just how ignorant and dumbed down you are for not knowing what capitalism is. I have demonstrated over and over again how communists seek to discredit capitalism by making America appear as a greedy selfish nation. Never mind that historically communists starve their people to death by denying them the means to, wait for it now….PRODUCE FOR THEMSELVES! Wow what a concept. You are so ignorant that you can’t even see that your ignorance of how a free economy works is contributing to the growth of the income inequality you claim to care about so much. Let me ask you a question, and I’m begging you to at least consider it for a brief moment without calling me a racist. I realize I’m using big mean words too, but I am frustrated and I admit it, so according to your logic it’s all good, right? Anyhow, back to my question- How in the name of God, can the government guarantee economic equality by taking from those that produce,  and give it to those that don’t, in an economy that already has more people collecting tax payer benefits than people producing the means to be taxed?  In other words, there is more people collecting welfare than there are working folks, and you think this is going to lead to a utopia? I mean it’s ok really, you are just lending credibility to all the articles I have written concerning socialist indoctrination, that’s all. I thank you for that.  I don’t understand how you are so willing to trash this system and accept in its place something that has never, in history, done anything but lead to suffering.  Socialism doesn’t work, it never has and unfortunately, it seems you need that proven to you.

To conclude I would just like to say I’m sorry to all those who have found my opinions and attempts to educate so offensive. Truly, I’m just exercising what’s left of my first amendment rights that you are so callously allowing this president to give away. I’m not just doing it for my benefit but yours as well, because there is one final concept that I don’t think you understand. Once liberty is lost it is rarely recovered. President’s change, the white house will not always host a liberal democrat. People and their lust for power do not change, and that means whatever dictatorial powers the office of the executive acquires now, will be there with the next president as well. You see, I believe the constitution protects all of our rights, even liberals’, and I’m sorry for believing that it represents something that we should all be able to agree on, and that is human freedom. People cannot be free however if they are not free to make choices, defend their own lives, earn their own way, protect what they have worked for, live free from undue harassment. This is what the constitution that you have come to forsake and trash protected for everyone. It’s not my fault that some of us are too ignorant to realize it.” 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The politics of acceptance in a zero sum game of social change.......David Risselada

If there has been one theme that repeatedly gets discussed in the articles and stories I write, it is one that attempts to draw attention to the change strategies employed by leftist radicals. Radical leftists are indeed attempting to change this nation from a constitutional republic to a social democracy. Many don't understand the difference, nor do they care to, especially if they perceive the fundamental transformation will somehow right some social injustice they cant really explain. For instance, many people jump on the "wealth inequality" issue without examining the real issues behind wealth inequality, or how the federal governments mishandling of our tax dollars contributes to it. They just blame who they are told to blame by people promising them stuff they don't have to work for, which in turn, means they are also contributing to the problem they claim to care about. Another example is gun control; I haven't heard any cries for the need to keep guns out of the hands of criminals after a home invader shot a Tulsa man while he was home with his children. This was a clear cut example of why good people should be armed, therefore you hear nothing from the left. These issues are used by the left to pull at the heart strings of the vulnerable and uninformed. A very compelling argument could be made, and I have made it several times, that our children are being intentionally dumbed down in order to accept that which they don't understand or worse yet, condition them to accept what they once never would. For the purpose of satisfying some of my more vocal critics, I don't believe Obama is the only one responsible for this, I understand that Republicans have played their part as well.

The ideology of social change and the methods used to employ these strategies have fascinated me now for several years. It truly is like brainwashing, but in a way in which people are conditioned to accept it for themselves. (I'll touch on that a bit more in a minute.) The greater significance of that statement rests in the fact that we live in a republic in which the culture and structure of government can only be changed if "WE THE PEOPLE" want it to be changed. They can't take our rights unless we "accept" that they can take them. Hence the need to get us to go along with their grand plans and social engineering schemes. The best example that can be given is the attempts to rewrite the language of the second amendment in middle school text books in order to condition the minds of young people so they will be more persuadable as they grow into adulthood. Another would be how the school system is suspending children for even thinking about a gun. They are using change strategies to scare children and change their perspective on gun ownership. Finally, the most significant example I can think of is when I personally witnessed a whole class of indoctrinated liberals give presentations in which they admitted to not knowing how racist they were until they have received their required "white privilege" education. These scenarios and others like them tend to rely on the use of the Delphi technique. Delphi typically employs methods which seek to shame others into going along with ideas which they normally wouldn't. Two opposing sides of an issue are presented with the facilitator coaxing students into his or her predetermined solution, while techniques that ridicule any opposition to this solution are ruthlessly employed. 

The real point I want to make is that I have come to the conclusion that these strategies of change are not only being employed against an unsuspecting population, but an unsuspecting government as well. I only came to this conclusion because, America, I was educated by the very people who hold radicals like Saul Alinsky in high regard. I was educated by radicals who taught their students that we should be striving to create a utopia. I swear to you I had one professor admit he was a communist and another a socialist. I have seen these change strategies first hand folks and that is why I can say with confidence what I am about to say. Cass Sunstein will love me for this by the way. I have come to suspect that all the policy issues we currently face all revolve around one common theme. It is a giant social experiment in which they seek to determine how to get the necessary players to accept that which they normally never would. 

First it was Obamacare, and you have to admit, in the beginning we had some fierce opposition from the Republicans, now, many of them are afraid to run on it's repeal because of its controversial nature. In fact there are Republicans who would just as soon let the law stay in place so no one will call them a racist. The manner in which Chief Justice Roberts ruled on the laws constitutionality was also very suspicious. Were they spying on him in the same manner in which they were just busted spying on the senate? Glenn Beck brought up the same question but it was obvious from the start; Roberts was coerced into ruling in the manner he did. 

Next we have the issue of amnesty. Another policy initiative in which congressional Republicans vowed to prevent from happening, and now after a couple years of being called racist, and being frustrated about how to reach out to Hispanic voters, that are essentially being fed at the trough, they are ready to cave on this issue as well. Whats next, the second amendment? Exactly.

While Republicans are caving on all of these policy issues, anti gun liberals are attempting little by little to see what they can get away with by passing extreme anti gun laws in several Democrat controlled states. They are using the same methodologies that they have employed in these other policy initiatives. The demonization of gun owners, fear campaigns, passing unread legislation in the middle of the night; (which is precisely how obamacare was passed incidentally,) and ignoring any facts that run contrary to their political objectives of gun control are all fair game. I have come to the conclusion, (and if it makes a tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorist then so be it,) that everything revolves around gun control. If the general public can be conditioned to accept obamacare and amnesty because the "government cares," then conditioning them to support gun control for the same reason, when many millions already have an irrational fear of firearms, would, in theory, be a cinch. 

Luckily there some state legislatures that remember we live in a constitutional republic. States like Idaho and Georgia are passing legislation to keep the federal government away from their gun rights, as should all states. The question remains however; what good will it do if our children are being conditioned to hate guns? When they grow up, and if the desired impact of an anti gun, socialist indoctrination has been achieved, then we will only have another generation ready and willing to surrender their gun rights. This is the politics of acceptance in a game of social change.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Is this a warning?

Is this the future that awaits America? Sadly, its arguable we have already reached this point. We have already witnessed welfare state dictators such as New Yorks Andrew Cuomo tell his conservative, business minded people to leave the state, and Deblasio, the Mayor, has all but admitted that he wishes to punish the rich. Are they following the cues of this guy?

Sunday, March 23, 2014

If this is true then our entire society is a lie......David Risselada

Many people understand that the U.S. dollar and the U.S. economy in general, have maintained its power in the world because of its “reserve currency” status. This means that the world essentially trades in U.S. dollars, and anywhere in the world where the dollar is presented as currency, it is accepted with no questions asked.  This stature has contributed greatly no doubt, to the idea that U.S. is a wealthy nation and as long as we maintain this reserve currency status we can’t go broke. Unfortunately, most people just don’t realize how fragile this makes us as a nation because they don’t understand where the reserve currency status came from.  The sad truth is that once you understand what has really occurred with our money you will realize that the world we have been living in has all been based on lies. Lies built upon lies actually, and sadly, when things have spun this far out of control, and a house has been built on a shaky foundation, there is only one place for it to go, and that is down. 

To further explain the status of "worlds reserve currency" we have to understand that this term is really explaining the "petrodollar." This means that all trading in oil across the world is done in U.S. dollars, and if a nation doesn't have a supply of U.S. dollars to purchase oil, they must first purchase, U.S. dollars. As you can imagine, this makes some nations angry, and it could be argued that much of the Mideast turmoil revolves around this fact. During the Iraqi war for example, it was rumored that Saddam switched from selling oil in dollars to euros, this would have had a devastating effect on the U.S. economy, and because the general public remains relatively ignorant of this fact, another excuse had to be given for the war. If this is information you may have not been privy too you better hold on to your seat, there is more.

According to Callum Newman of The Daily Reckoning, the U.S. government has been pulling some serious wool over the eyes of the American people. The power of the U.S. currency and its status as the "petrodollar" has all been a facade because its been created by Saudi Arabia. The Arab nation, in exchange for protection from Americas military muscle has controlled the sale of oil and the strength of the U.S. economy by pricing the oil it sells in dollars. Further more, it is claimed by James Rickards, in his book "The Currency Wars," that the Saudis are now viewing President Obama as someone who is prompting up Iranian power and allowing them to further their nuclear weapons program. This threatens the status of this cozy relationship that has existed for fifty years. If it collapses, and the Saudis no longer wish to play ball, this shaky house of cards is going to collapse.

Does anyone really see the significance of this? It means we have all been living a lie; a lie our whole society has been deceived by. When conservatives argue for capitalism they are arguing for something that hasn't existed since this arrangement was made, at least when describing the term in its original definition. Our whole nation is teetering on the brink of a collapse and we have Americans who hate one another based on the false premises of two political parties that are engaged in keeping this lie a secret from us. People are becoming very rich while we are being conditioned to hate each other in order to hide the truth. 

Our economy depends on the world viewing our dollar as the "worlds reserve currency" folks, if it were to ever collapse and lose that stature our whole world would change in an instant. That's how fragile we really are.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Warriors left behind in a nation undeserving....David Risselada

Today, America finds herself in a peculiar situation in which we are witnessing the destruction of our traditional, Christian based morality. We are seeing, on a daily basis, the erosion of our constitutional republic as it is slowly, and painfully replaced with what can best be described as Marxist Socialism. A nation that once stood united on the ideals of liberty and justice has been rotted away by those pushing the politics of envy, hatred, and resentment. Our society is divided to the point of balkanization as the flood gates are open to third world immigrants wanting their piece of the proverbial pie, and society in general has been beaten down by propaganda to the point that hatred is simmering all around. We have reached a boiling point and the lid is about to blow.

At the center of all of this are a group of special citizens who are watching in utter disgust as the values they have held so dear are being legislated away by the very law makers that sent them off to war to defend them; our veterans. These warriors have sacrificed everything for  beliefs that the country, for all practical purposes, no longer wishes to espouse. Over the past six years, since the election of Barrack Obama we have seen a dramatic shift in Americas cultural make up, after all, Obama promised fundamental change. Well we have seen this change come to fruition as people are actually ignoring the warnings of our fore fathers and are sacrificing freedom for security, and it wont be much longer until it is realized that they will be left with neither. 

What makes this worse is the fact that these special warriors, many of whom have been deployed to the front lines numerous times because of the governments mishandling of the situation, have, upon their return, been targeted by the very people who have used them for their own personal gain. Instead of being given a heroes welcome, our warriors have been treated as societal rejects who lack the necessary skills to  re-adapt to society. They have been labeled as angry and unable to cope because of PTSD,  thus they have also been subject to unlawful procedures which enable the feds to strip them of their constitutional rights, rights that they defended for those who have forsaken them mind you, to keep and bear arms, some of which the government trained them to use. Americas head should be hung in shame. If that wasnt bad enough the government also has had the audacity to label our veterans as possible threats to national security.

The truth is, our veterans are angry, and they have every right to be. They have returned home to a country that sent them off to fight their war only to see that it has become the very type of dictatorship they have sworn to protect us from. They have returned to a nation of no opportunity, a nation where their service is not appreciated, where the freedom they have defended is forsaken by selfishness and entitlement. The oath they have taken to support and defend the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES has been destroyed by a radical, Marxist president who tells his useful idiots it stands in the way of his promised land. They are watching as the military they proudly served is transformed into a radical social experiment in the name of total equality. Its no wonder the government has found it necessary to try to disarm them because everything they have ever believed they were fighting for has been destroyed by this government and their band of merry liberals pushing for "social change."

No Soldier, Sailor, Airman or Marine ever took the oath of enlistment under the belief that they were supporting communism. No service member ever enlisted in order to support the rise of a totalitarian dictatorship in The United States. Unfortunately, this is what they see as they transition back into civilian life. They see a portion of our society who is actively trying to bring about values that are completely antithetical to what they believed they were defending. They see a society that has forgotten what it means to live in a free United States. They are warriors left behind in a nation undeserving of whats in their hearts. God bless their souls.

Friday, March 21, 2014

If guns are responsible for murder, Liberalism is responsible for this.....forward by David Risselada

If liberals can so callously blame an inanimate object, such as a gun for the evil in men's hearts, then it is fair to blame liberalism and their hedonistic agenda for this. Janna Brock writes about an incident in an elementary after school program where one third grade boy sexually assaulted another third grade boy. How does a third grade boy even know about homosexuality let alone sexual abuse? I will tell you why, because the idiots of our society that call themselves liberal thought it would be a good idea to teach young children about such things in the name of equality and social change, that's why. Homosexuals are an oppressed class of people according to the idiots that other idiots elected to be in charge, therefore, in order to fight this imaginary oppression they decided to teach kids it's okay to be gay. Throw in organizations like GLSEN and NAMBLA and you have people advocating for the repeal of age of consent laws so adults can freely engage children in sexual depravity. The main theme in Janna's article revolves around the fact that as soon as prayer and Judea-Christian culture was removed from school it was immediately replaced by evil. Third grade boys sexually assaulting third grade boys is indeed representative of all that's evil and twisted in our world today. It will likely take years of intensive therapy to reverse the damage that's been done by the twisted liberal ideology that has, for all practical purposes, been extremely successful in completely destroying a sound, descent, moral society. The real problem lies in the fact that they are likely to be proud of what they have done! 

Hypocrisy is the true Obama legacy........David Risselada

Never before in the history of our nation has the population been so divided along economic lines. Wealth envy and class warfare are tearing a nation that once believed in hard work, sacrifice and personal responsibility, into one where wealth redistribution is not only promised, but demanded by those who have learned to play the system. Leading from behind on this issue is President Obama. He has gone to great lengths to convince millions of gullible Americans that the nation only works for rich people and that the rich are systematically oppressing the poor. Never from President Obama do you hear about the success stories that made this nation the most prosperous on earth, nor do you ever hear important messages concerning the issue of taking responsibility for yourself. Instead he fans the flames of the so called "have not's" in order to keep a support base which demands he implement "social change" in the name of total equality. One would not be too far off arguing that he is truly putting the infamous "Cloward and Piven" plan in motion. 

While the president continues to play the class warfare game, little attention is paid to the fact that he is among the rich that he convinces his loyal followers to hate. The presidents net worth is estimated to be 11.8 million dollars. Its claimed that the president amassed this wealth through the sales of his two books, "Dreams of my Father" and "The Audacity of Hope." Perhaps, though they really are not that good and have since been discredited as it appears weather underground terrorist Bill Ayers wrote at least one of them. Personally, I don't have a problem with Obama's net worth, not until he starts playing his class envy, identity politics games anyway. (Though, it should be noted that democrats that typically push class envy are among the richest in government.) The fact is that the presidents annual salary is $400,000.00, which means as president, Obama has made roughly two million. It would be interesting to see how the president is earning the rest of that money.

Given the net worth of the Obama family and the fact that they are constantly fanning the flames of financial discontent, is it any wonder the nation finds itself outraged by Michelle Obama's latest, lavish Chinese vacation? Flying on a government aircraft with her two daughters and mother, Mrs. Obama is spending tax payer money to flatter the Chinese with her presence, while her husband continues to call everyday Americans who are struggling to make a living, greedy and selfish for not wanting their taxes raised, or, for opposing obamacare. (lowercase o on purpose) This blatant hypocrisy will be the true legacy of the Obama presidency as everything the man has involved himself in has been nothing but smooth double talk from a master of Chicago style hard ball politics. The real slap in the face comes with the knowledge that Queen Michelle will not only spend someone else's money on her illustrious vacations, but she has the audacity to  tell the press they can't interview her while doing so. Just who do these people think they are?

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Democrats busted taking bribes to oppose voter I.D. laws..........David Risselada

 Obtaining an I.D. in the United States is as easy as apple pie, many states even offer them for free. The only real impediment that one would face in trying to secure one would be whether or not they had the transportation to get there. Many people do not have dependable transportation, that doesn't mean that cant access the public bus system. Out current administration is going to great lengths to teach Americas young people that the United States is a nation that actively seeks to prevent people of color from obtaining an I.D. card; or at least they try to give the impression that poor African Americans don't have the ability to go to whatever state agency offers them. How this is not an insult to the African American community that this administration continuously beats down with its victimization politics is difficult to understand. Equally so, it is also difficult to grasp how anyone would not demand an I.D. be shown to vote. Without it you could claim to be anyone; thus truly disenfranchising someone of the right to vote. The idea that voter suppression could be used to rally the troops to the socialist cause is far more alluring to the left than actually protecting an individuals voter integrity, which is what having an I.D. does.  

The whole issue pertaining to voter I.D. laws and the race baiters that oppose them came into sharper clarity  yesterday. J. Christian Adams of P.J. media wrote a story about Pennsylvania Democrats who were caught taking bribes in exchange for voting no on Pennsylvania's voter I.D. bill. Despite the lucrative payouts, this bill still passed and became law in 2012. This issue points to a larger agenda that depends upon the use of exploiting racial issues to drive a larger agenda. Not only does the current administration use the race card as often as possible to silence opposition, they will also use it to cover up corruption. This is the case in Pennsylvania as the Attorney General, Kathleen Kane is refusing to press any charges even though surveillance tapes clearly show the corruption. Her reasoning? Racism of course. The Democrats in question are black, and Kane is asserting that the only reason anyone is interested in pursuing charges is because of their race. The very fact that anyone would press charges over an issue like voter I.D. laws, which are racist in the first place, is in and of itself racism. Thats the logic that we are dealing with in Obama's America folks. This is the result of Derrick Bells "critical race theory." 

Throughout the past six years it has been evident that racial issues were going to be used to push Obamas agenda. In many cases Americans simply became sick and tired of being called a racist simply for exercising their rights to speak out against socialism. We have reached a point where the word itself no longer has any real meaning because it has been used in every instance imaginable in an attempt to discredit conservatism and anyone who opposes Obama's agenda. This is dangerous because while they are using fake, or watered down examples of racism to push their agenda, a new racism is developing. A racism in which racism is justified in the name of social justice. Its o.k. to hate white Americans and call us privileged and racists because of our past. Never mind the fact that it was Democrats in the first place responsible for the KKK, Jim Crow, and other racist policies. Black Americans are being deceived by this administration as the victimization and entitlement mentalities are continuously thrust upon them. Surely, there has to be some who are embarrassed by this.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Its a communist conspiracy folks, that's the only explanation.......David Risselada

For those of you who are regular readers of my articles, you know I like to get a little conspiratorial at times. In fact, one of my biggest, most common themes is comparing Americas state under the current Commissar to the 45 declared goals of the communist party. Given the fact that these goals were entered into the congressional record in 1965, it is safe to say that the communist influence in the USA has transpired a bit beyond the conspiratorial and is based more in reality than what many would like to admit. 

The truth is, I am really not a big history buff. I just know what I was taught in college while attending a social work degree program; and as I have written on several other occasions, it was nothing but an indoctrination into the collective. Literally, I had professors admitting to be communitarians (communists) while teaching the class that it was possible to create a Utopia. These people truly view themselves as an elite whose responsibility is to institute social justice. It was this experience that inspired me to actually investigate what I was learning. I mean really, when you are hearing more about Karl Marx while simultaneously listening to professors who have pictures of Obama in their office slam conservatives, you tend to think something is out of place. Unless of course your under the age of 40, then you are likely to be one of them.  

Anyhow, the 45 declared goals of the communist party. I have written a great deal about this subject while attempting to connect these goals to actual events occurring in the country. I'm sure that some readers have brushed me off as a conspiracy theorist, or a tin foil hat kind of guy; however, I can't help but think I can make sense out of the Crimea/Ukraine crisis by reverting back to these 45 goals. Ironically, it has to do with a subject I've mentioned many times before, the discrediting of American culture. Let me cite the specific communist goal I am referencing here.

Belittle all forms of American culture and discourage the teaching of American history on the grounds that it was only a minor part of the big picture. Give more emphasis to Russian history since the communists took over.

Maybe some readers will have a hard time making the connection here. After all, the specific wording of this goal has to do with history and culture; and the Ukraine crisis is happening now. Allow me to offer my analysis.  Since the beginning of this crisis President Obama has continuously been humiliated and portrayed as a small and weak American president, while Putin has been portrayed as the symbolic Russian bear, strong and fearless. If you frequent twitter very often you are likely to see several cartoons revolving around this theme. America was once known across the world for being a nation of rugged individualism, now our children are suspended from school for biting pastries into gun shapes. Masculinity has been eradicated from a feminist dominated culture and now we have men wearing tight jeans, pink high tops and hair spray. America has lost its international muscle and now it appears the communists, make no mistake, Putin is a communist, is stepping in to fill that vacuum. This article shows a man kissing the Soviet flag as Crimea voted to separate from Ukraine and join Russia. and According to the New York Times, Putin's popularity has risen 71% in the past couple of years. It seems as if Putin may be wearing an "S" under his shirt. Lets not forget the millions of "Occupy Wall street" types that hate America and believe socialism would  fix everything. 

This isn't the only communist goal that could be used to make an analysis on the current situation.

Promote the U.N. as the only hope for mankind. If its charter is rewritten demand that it be set up as a one world government with its own independent armed forces.

Promote the U.N. as the only hope for mankind? I've mentioned before that I was in a class in which a video was presented actually depicting the U.N. as the only viable means of saving us from "global warming." We all know they have their hands all over that. Is it possible that the worlds powers are deliberately trying to start a confrontation that will threaten world war three only to see the U.N. come in and be the worlds savior? I know, I know, it sounds awfully conspiratorial but I think if you are using the very words of the communists themselves, it makes perfect sense. After all, its not like commies and socialists are honest about what they are doing. Or are they? It seems that these goals have summed it up very nicely for those that would pay attention.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

We must support our county sheriff's........David Risselada

Many people across the country have come to view this authors state of residence, Oklahoma, as one of the most conservative in the union. While it is true that Oklahoma voters have rejected Obama's vision for the country across all seventy seven counties, there still remains a big liberal influence. This was demonstrated the other day as a state senator demanded county sheriffs disarm themselves before entering the capital for an annual "meet and greet" with legislatures. Among those asked to leave was Wagoner County Sheriff, Bob Colbert .

Sheriff Colbert is one of many county sheriff's and other law enforcement officials who have made it perfectly clear to President Obama that his gun control efforts will not be enforced in their jurisdictions. In other words, these honorable men understand the significance of their oath of office. They understand the constitution and the power it gives the people, not the government. They understand that good people exercising the right to keep and bear arms are nothing but an asset to their efforts in fighting crime, and they understand a disarmed populace is a helpless populace. This is why Sheriff Colbert and Oklahoma's other elected sheriff's, when faced with the prospect of either disarming or leaving the capital, chose to leave fully armed with their honor in tact. Good for them.

Let me say this loud and clear. Sheriffs of Oklahoma, patriotic Oklahoman's have got your back.

This isn't the first time state governments have turned on their county sheriff's. In fact it is happening with frightening regularity since they have taken a stand and drawn a red line concerning Constitutional rights. Last year, The Save America Foundation kept its readers up to date on the treasonous actions of Florida governor Rick Scott, as he attempted to strip Sheriff Nick Finch of Liberty county of his authority for defending the Constitutional rights of his county residents.  In this article it is clear that there is an effort to strip constitutional powers of arrest from the Delaware county sheriff's. This should be of concern to All Americans because the sheriff is the only elected law enforcement official that represents the voice of the people. This article describes the efforts of the global change agents, i.e. community organizers, to eliminate the county sheriff because they are a huge obstacle to implementing global government. Our government of elected representatives is slowly turning into a government of un-elected bureaucrats as they change the governing structure form one of local control to something called "regionalism." Regionalism of course is just a nicer sounding word for communism. 

America, we are living in a time when efforts to discredit our constitution and preach the need for change have reached new heights. People are willing to disregard the very liberties that have kept this nation free in exchange for false promises of security. Gun owners have been and are currently being portrayed as threats to this security, and the sheriffs of the nation are the first line of defense when it comes to defending the constitutional rights of the people. Eliminate the county sheriff and all could be lost. It is imperative we educate all who would listen on the need to support the county sheriffs and ensure we are electing men who know their constitutional responsibilities. Clearly, judging by the actions of Oklahoma's county sheriffs, they know these responsibilities well, which is probably why they were treated in the manner they were at the state capital. They are viewed as a threat to those with a different agenda. Turn your back on this issue at your own peril America.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Great Story from Janna Brock......Forward by David Risselada

This story from Janna Brock illustrates the hypocrisy of liberals perfectly as she points out the lefts silence over a Muslim murdering his homosexual daughter, and her lover. I don't know what it is with liberals and Islam. Its like a morbid love affair or something. Actually, they are so infatuated with Islam because of its governing structure. Its collective in nature and demands total obedience. Liberals haven't figured out how to deal with the fact that Muslims are far more intolerant towards gays than Christians. They pretend Muslims are peaceful so they don't have to face their own hypocrisy; and, to give themselves more credibility they make up fake stories of homosexual attacks by Christians, while ignoring real one committed by Muslims. Coming up with these types of schemes is what makes liberals thinks they are geniuses or something, when in all reality, the vast majority of us are wondering how anybody could be so stupid.  

Friday, March 14, 2014

I wonder why liberals are so angry?......David Risselada

Over the past few months, as liberals have realized just what a colossal failure their “guide to Utopia” has been, they have become increasingly angry and irate. Vicious attacks against right wing writers have become more and more common as we have seized the opportunity to educate any who would listen on the failures of socialism. Yours truly has attracted a couple of his own special commentators’ at The Save America Foundation, where he is a frequent contributor. You know you have gotten under the skin of some irritated, basement liberal when they specifically target you in that manner.

 It is difficult to understand what they are so angry about, after all we didn't vote for Obama nor did we support the immense failure that is the Affordable Care Act, so we are not responsible for liberals who may have lost their health care. Is it possible that liberals are so angry because even Chris “chill running up his leg” Matthews admits that the Democrats are likely to lose the senate  over the health care issue? Or how about the fact that their anti-gun cultural change agent, Piers Morgan, was fired from CNN? 

I could never understand how anyone could tolerate the ACA while calling conservatives names like racist and bigot for opposing it. We are after all, talking about a bill that was supposed to be so great when finally implemented that the president, in order to alleviate Democrat loses, has amended the bill himself to lessen the pain of their constituents twenty times. In fact, the individual mandate was secretly postponed until 2016 late last year. This was done under the guise of hardships of course. How could anyone buy this let alone accept it? Typical liberal logic I suppose. The bill that was supposed to save all the poor victims from the perils of American capitalism needs to be delayed because of the hardships it is causing. That makes a lot of sense. No wonder liberals treat us so badly, to admit the foolishness of not seeing through this would make them look like uninformed automatons.

The Affordable Care doesn't offer near the amount of fun as reminding a liberal troll that all life forms exhale carbon dioxide, and the very oxygen we need to breathe is in fact created by carbon dioxide. That will really send them into a frenzy, well because after all, they believe they are so significant that their little existence could actually have that much of an effect on the planet and its natural reoccurring cycles. Its as if they believe the climate hasn't changed umpteen billion times in the Earths six billion year  life span. These are the types of things that left wingers call "extreme crazy right wing ideas." Well, when you have a government that wants to tax farmers for their cows flatulence, you have a government that will tax you for breathing if you let them. How about the idea that the sun has absolutely no effect on "global warming" and that it is all due to human behavior? Again, I think liberals are thinking a little highly of themselves believing that we could over power the sun. Hey, if they wish to give government that kind of power they are more than welcome to. Just know that we wont be responsible for the consequences because we OPPOSE IT. Liberals accuse us of ignoring evidence while all we are saying is there is another explanation here, and giving the government this kind of power wont solve anything. Of course we all know at this point, this makes us a racist. Well I guess I'm a racist then.

What I love most of all is how liberals define tolerance and set the parameters for what type of intolerance is acceptable. You see, liberals are right about everything and Conservatives are bigoted, racist selfish, hate mongering, homophobic, sexist pigs that hate Muslims and multiculturalism. Therefore, it is perfectly acceptable to "not tolerate" their view points and act as if you are displaying a higher, more sophisticated level of tolerance by doing so. In fact, liberals display such a high level of tolerance that they often times dont know which oppressed "ism" they are supposed to support. Take the case of this Islamic college professor at an Ohio university. He proudly proclaimed that in his culture he could kill any woman who insulted his fragile sensibilities, and in an attempt to display tolerance and a sense of moral relativism, the college does nothing to protect the woman he is threatening. Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant!

Finally, I cant imagine how embarrassing it must have been to watch a liberal congress woman demonstrate exactly how ignorant she is by claiming the Constitution is four hundred years old. She must of come to that conclusion when she realized her status as a U.S. congress woman meant she was a freed slave.  Couple this with a presidential candidate who thinks there are 57 states and Democrat congressmen who admit they don't read legislation before voting on it and you're approaching a Utopian paradise.

Its no wonder the far left is so angry and hateful. They not only have to face themselves everyday, but the disastrous results of the enlightened policies they were conned into supporting. They are obviously projecting their own self hatred onto the rest of us through their narrow lens of superiority and self importance. The truth is however, I feel sorry for them. I know this is really going to piss someone off and I welcome their comments because it always proves how just how intolerant they really are. Now before anyone accuses me of being a hypocrite, please understand one thing. I never claimed that I could tolerate the intolerable. I never claimed that I wasn't opinionated, nor have I ever claimed that I was right about everything. Most important of all, I have never ever felt the need to go trolling around web sites I disagree with in order to make another look foolish. Though I have to admit, I enjoyed writing this article!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Way too little, way too late; House bill seeks to reign in imperial presidency....David Risselada

Yesterday the House of Representatives passed H.R. 4138 aimed at reigning in President Obama's unconstitutional use of federal power. Over the past several years President Obama has been very selective in choosing which laws he is or isn't going to enforce. This is particularly true with his own signature legislation, The Affordable Care Act, which has been amended by the president alone on twenty different occasions. The president has also acted unilaterally on issues ranging from abortion and gun control to immigration and federal minimum wage laws. President Obama continuously uses executive authority to either increase federal power, cover up his own errors, or prevent the congress from acting before him. This abuse of executive orders is unprecedented in American history. 

Read the rest of this story here.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Redistributed equality part two.....D.R.

I came across a good article and figured a quick commentary would go well with the one I posted yesterday concerning "income inequality." If you remember, yesterdays article discussed what percentage of the 2.6 trillion dollars being spent this fiscal year was being redistributed and where. It turns out a great deal of that money is actually being redistributed to the "evil one percent" that Obamas supporters hate so much. Its one of those things that proves the reasoning power of liberals is often times less than needed to make rational decisions. The vast majority of that money is going out in the form of medicare payments and social security while very little is being used to actually "fight poverty." This is why democrats need to be defeated because they will always have a need to increase spending due to their wasteful monetary policies.

If president Obama was truly concerned about the rising gaps in income equality than he would stop blaming the Republicans and start focusing on the states where he enjoys the most support. According to this article, the highest gaps in income rates exist in states that went to Obama in the last election. That's not a big surprise, most of us realize that Democrats have been in charge of some of the most impoverished regions of the nation for decades.The destruction of Detroit was due to the destructive, re-distributive politics of the left as the Motor city hasn't seen a Republican mayor since 1962.

What is it going to take for people to finally see that re-distributive policies don't work to grow economies and increase prosperity? I think the problem lies in the fact that many in today's generations are more concerned about false promises of equality than they are the realities of economics. For too many years young people in America have been forced to listen to the anti-capitalist, anti-American diatribes of leftist ding dongs that have visions of a grand utopia where everyone shares equally in everything. What they fail to remember about these "grand societies" is that those opposing these utopian ideals are often eradicated and replaced with useful automatons. People have been conditioned against capitalism when the truth is, none of this would have been possible without it. 

President Obama will continue his march for income equality, but like the rest of his policies he will be ignoring the root cause of it. This will only increase the income gap as he fights for more redistribution, which in turn, will make his supporters only beg for more of the same. This is called being trapped in the leftist box.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Dont you just love the redistributed equality?......David Risselada

For many, the election of Barack Obama signified the end of Americas "income inequality" and the beginning of a new era where all would have equal access to Americas vast wealth and resources. Using the presidential podium as a bully pulpit, President Obama has continuously attacked America's free enterprise system while accusing the most successful among us as being greedy, and hoarding excessive profits. The American left, oddly treating the Obama presidency as the second coming, still awaits this magical transformation where we will suddenly become economic equals and gaps in income will disappear. This is despite the many scandals and the fact that Obama's policies are responsible for the massive increase in "income inequality" that the left seems to despise so much. In fact, you could call this a double edge sword because according to John Merline of Investors Business Daily more than 70% of all federal spending is now being paid in the form of direct payments to individuals. In other words, Barack Obama is doing exactly what he said he would; he is spreading the wealth.

"In effect, the government has become primarily a massive money-transfer machine, taking $2.6 trillion from some and handing it back out to others. These government transfers now account for 15% of GDP, another all-time high. In 1991, direct payments accounted for less than half the budget and 10% of GDP." (Investors Business Daily)

 While many on the left view this as progress, they may very well be surprised to see who is receiving this money. President Obama has earned a reputation for saying one thing and doing another. Acting like he despises the rich and cares for the little guy is one of these examples. President Obama has given billions to rich executives in the "green energy" sector only to see those business's  go completely bankrupt and these billionaire cronies walk away with tax payer money. While Obama has convinced his  loyal followers that he is doing all he can to fight income equality and ensure the rich pay their fair share, he exempts his big business buddies like Jeffrey Imelt from paying any taxes at all. In fact, according to this Investors Business Daily article over ten billion dollars of the direct payments are being made to individuals who the left commonly refers to as the, "evil one percent." That's 10 billion from a 2.6 trillion dollar budget.

Where do the rest of these payments go? While many believe Obama is making great progress in alleviating poverty and improving the economy, only 21% of this 2.6 trillion is being used to fund poverty programs. One third of the budget is being used to keep social security benefits going, and at the rate people are attempting to draw social security disability in the face of diminished job opportunities, this number is sure to rise. Government subsidized health; medicare and Obamacare, are making up roughly 38% of these payments and sadly, veterans are only receiving a mere five percent of these direct payments. President Obama has made his feelings about our veterans perfectly clear as he continues to slash away at their benefits and redistribute that wealth elsewhere. 

President Obama just released his budget for fiscal year 2015. This plan sees the increase in federal spending rise from 2.6 to 3.9 trillion dollars. While Obama is once again promising billions of dollars in tax hikes to punish the successful and ensure everyone is equal, you really have to wonder what he plans on doing with that money. Based on the above information, many rich people will be getting a great deal richer. This author is in no way an economist; however, it is evident that the more the system is taxed, and the more money that is taken from the individual for the purpose of redistribution, the worse off the economy becomes. You have to wonder what percentage of that 2.6 trillion dollars is being used to pay the massive bureaucracy that has been put in place to redistribute it.  

Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Communist Influence...... David Risselada

In his book “Rules for Radicals,” Saul Alinsky writes on the power tactics to be used against a political opponent for the purpose of breaking them down and destroying their reputation. One of these tactics characterizes nearly everything we have experienced since Barack Obama has been inaugurated as he and his administration have successfully used it to blame republicans for everything. The very tactic itself speaks to the wicked nature of Alinsky as a man, and a community organizer. It goes right to the heart in describing the goals of those seeking political power as it virtually eliminates any opposition while painting them out as hypocrites. This tactic is rule # 4 in Alinsky’s list of power tactics.

Make the enemy live up to their own book of rules. You can kill them with this, for they can no more obey their own rules than the Christian Church can live up to Christianity.

What Alinsky is essentially saying is that an opponent’s values can be reinterpreted, or redefined in order to make them appear undesirable; and thus, they can be used to make any opposition appear as if they are “against” whatever initiatives are being sold to the public. This is something Barack Obama and the left wing in general, have done masterfully as they have convinced a huge portion of the population that America is the evil empire and capitalism is oppressive. Barack Obama’s reference of our Constitution as being a document that hinders his progress is another good example. He said the Constitution does too much to limit what government can’t do, and not enough to describe what it must do on your behalf. Sadly, many Americans who have been educated by radical, communist sympathizing hippies have fallen for this lie and have been conned into demanding “social change.”

It is this tactic in and of itself that describes Barack Obama for exactly what he is, a communist.  Unfortunately, our left wing controlled education system has virtually ignored the atrocious history of communism as one of aggression and mass genocide, and has successfully painted it out to be one of peace and victimization at the hands of western imperialism. They have successfully done this because the above described tactic is itself, communist in its origin. The Soviet Union, in its efforts to implement worldwide communism, used propaganda to convince many millions that communism was about peace and that the United States was an imperialist, capitalist aggressor looking to rape the world’s nations of their natural resources. This is a strategy still being implemented today with the global warming lie.

In other words, the communist were using our number one value against us, and they were doing it very effectively in order to sway the minds of the general public in favor of communism. They were using our very “freedom” as a weapon.  During what the left has successfully labeled, and discredited as the McCarthy era, there was a great deal of documentation that was presented before the eighty second congress and the Committee of Un-American Activities. For those that may be unfamiliar with “McCarthyism,” Joseph McCarthy was a Republican Senator who claimed that there were two hundred card carrying communists who had infiltrated our government.  Recently, we have seen Florida Representative Alan West make the same accusations.  The left has since effectively discredited McCarthy as a paranoid who believed there was “a communist behind every corner.”

One of these documents has come to be known as the “Communist Peace Offensive” and it was put together by the Committee of Un-American Activities. It thoroughly describes the tactics and strategies of the communist movement back to Lenin and Stalin. One of these strategies was to use America’s culture of freedom, our free press and free speech as a tool for spreading communist propaganda. Following is an excerpt from the Communist Peace Offensive-

The Communist leaders are fully aware that propagandists, within
or without the United States, have easy access to the American public.
There is one radio for every two persons in the United States, and the
United States maintains radio freedom both as to broadcasting and
the listener's choice of program. The American press is also free.
Thus, an American may read or listen to whatever he pleases.

The Communists exploit our freedom with their psychological
warfare, which finds expression in the present "peace" offensive. The
current Communist "peace" offensive has certain specific immediate
aims, which, if realized, can prove of inestimable value to the Soviet
war machine.

This propaganda campaign to spread communism around the globe had been so carefully orchestrated that virtually every communist affiliated organization has agreed upon its tactical implementation. –

It has received the official endorsement of the Supreme Soviet of
the U. S. S. R. The Information Bureau of the Communist and
Workers Parties (Cominform), successor to the Communist Interna-
tional, has given this campaign top priority. It has been designated
as the major effort of every Communist Party on the face of the globe,
including the Communist Party of the United States.
Also presented before the congress in 1963 was a document known as the 45 declared goals of the Communist Party USA, in which it can be easily ascertained that they intend to breakdown America psychologically and spiritually. The following are from this document-
Discredit the American Constitution by calling it inadequate, old-fashioned, out of step with modern needs, a hindrance to cooperation between nations on a worldwide basis.
Discredit the American Founding Fathers. Present them as selfish aristocrats who had no concern for the "common man."
Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum. Get control of teachers' associations. Put the party line in textbooks.
 Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity in books, magazines, motion pictures, radio, and TV.

America, it is much easier to blow this off as some crazy conspiracy theory because acknowledging this means facing some disheartening facts. It is pretty clear however, that the events that have transpired in our nation over the past several decades, and in particular the past five years, are due to the communist influence and infiltration into our government.