Monday, March 3, 2014

When the truth finally slaps a liberal, its going to really hurt.....David Risselada

Someday, and it will be sooner rather than later, liberals will have to face a cold hard truth. It will be the consequence of playing radical games and telling blatant lies while attempting to project their hypocrisy onto others. Through what can best be described as a vile self hatred, liberals attempt to portray patriotic, Christian Americans as all that's wrong with America, as we, in our judgmental attitudes are oppressors of homosexuals. According to liberals, we are hateful and intolerant as we simply express an opinion against the idea of homosexual couples getting married. From our perspective it really is quite a simple argument, life is meant to be self sustaining, males and females exist for the purpose of procreating. Homosexual couples cannot procreate; therefore the idea of "gay" marriage is a fallacy. Be that as it may, I think many conservative Americans would agree with some of the points I am about to make. We really don't care if people choose to be gay; we just don't want them to force their sexual perversion onto the rest of us. Why do we have to recognize them by their sexual characteristics? Understand that there are other forms of sexual immorality that we wish to not be exposed to as well. I don't run around sharing my sexual exploitation's with society, why would I want to hear anyone else's? I would just as soon prefer to not see a heterosexual couples necking in a public place as I would oppose seeing a homosexual couples doing the same. Just keep it in your bedroom, out of sight out of mind. Get it?

Also the point needs to be stressed that I believe most conservative Americans believe that homosexual people are entitled the same constitutional protections afforded under the bill of rights as anyone else. When you show me a gay person who has been denied due process, denied the right to own a gun, denied the right to petition for a redress of grievances, denied the right advocate their cause, denied their right to own a business, denied the right home ownership and to be secure in their person, papers and effects then I will entertain the idea of gay people being oppressed. The truth is however; gay people are not being denied the right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness, in America. Sadly, the same cannot be said for other parts of the world, and this is where the liberal hypocrisy comes into play.

For reasons many do not understand, perhaps it is out of sympathy, or maybe it is a fascination with the collective mindset, but liberals are 100% in cahoots with the advancement of radical Islam. They have put Muslims into a protected, oppressed class status, and thus, anything they do is viewed from the mentally ill perspective many liberals hold, and this called multiculturalism. From the liberals viewpoint, the Christians Culture of opposing homosexual marriage is oppressive and intolerant, and therefore they will go to great lengths to discredit anything we say. On the other hand, because they view Muslims as an oppressed underclass, their brutal treatment of homosexuals is virtually ignored as they claim to be respecting "their culture." In many instances, such as the hanging of two homosexuals in Iran, you hear nothing from liberals or the mainstream media about such brutal, intolerant treatment. In another example, radical Islamists burn three homosexual men to death while praising their god. Yet it is Christians that liberals choose to portray as hateful ideologues. As I said, liberals will one day have to face a harsh truth. If they believe that these radical factions will tolerate their indecisiveness and ignorance then they are truly fools.

As an American I believe, even though I oppose homosexual marriage, that gay people are still entitled the rights to pursue life and liberty, something that obviously, these radical Muslims do not believe. If Muslims engaged in this type of brutal behavior against homosexual people in my country I would be outraged. Yet, speaking out against radical Islam is surely to leave me being ridiculed by the nation’s liberal class as they can’t make up their mind pertaining to what "ism" or phobia they truly stand for. In a case such as this they choose between two supposed underclasses instead of standing on principle. Here's another example to illustrate my point. A gay hair stylist in New Mexico has denied service to the state's governor because of her opposition to gay marriage. Wasn't this just settled in Arizona?  Liberals aren't concerned with the principle of treating everyone equally; they want the right to discriminate against those that they view as holding a supposed "inferior morality" to their own. This situation in New Mexico proves it. Principled people would speak out against this in an attempt to keep things civil. Liberals on the other hand likely believe that it serves the governor right. So, they are contributing to this "its o.k. for me but not for you" world that they are supposedly fighting against. When the truth of their hypocrisy finally slaps them in the face it is going to hurt. Though, liberals are pretty insensitive so perhaps they won’t feel anything at all.

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