Friday, March 21, 2014

If guns are responsible for murder, Liberalism is responsible for this.....forward by David Risselada

If liberals can so callously blame an inanimate object, such as a gun for the evil in men's hearts, then it is fair to blame liberalism and their hedonistic agenda for this. Janna Brock writes about an incident in an elementary after school program where one third grade boy sexually assaulted another third grade boy. How does a third grade boy even know about homosexuality let alone sexual abuse? I will tell you why, because the idiots of our society that call themselves liberal thought it would be a good idea to teach young children about such things in the name of equality and social change, that's why. Homosexuals are an oppressed class of people according to the idiots that other idiots elected to be in charge, therefore, in order to fight this imaginary oppression they decided to teach kids it's okay to be gay. Throw in organizations like GLSEN and NAMBLA and you have people advocating for the repeal of age of consent laws so adults can freely engage children in sexual depravity. The main theme in Janna's article revolves around the fact that as soon as prayer and Judea-Christian culture was removed from school it was immediately replaced by evil. Third grade boys sexually assaulting third grade boys is indeed representative of all that's evil and twisted in our world today. It will likely take years of intensive therapy to reverse the damage that's been done by the twisted liberal ideology that has, for all practical purposes, been extremely successful in completely destroying a sound, descent, moral society. The real problem lies in the fact that they are likely to be proud of what they have done! 

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