Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Redistributed equality part two.....D.R.

I came across a good article and figured a quick commentary would go well with the one I posted yesterday concerning "income inequality." If you remember, yesterdays article discussed what percentage of the 2.6 trillion dollars being spent this fiscal year was being redistributed and where. It turns out a great deal of that money is actually being redistributed to the "evil one percent" that Obamas supporters hate so much. Its one of those things that proves the reasoning power of liberals is often times less than needed to make rational decisions. The vast majority of that money is going out in the form of medicare payments and social security while very little is being used to actually "fight poverty." This is why democrats need to be defeated because they will always have a need to increase spending due to their wasteful monetary policies.

If president Obama was truly concerned about the rising gaps in income equality than he would stop blaming the Republicans and start focusing on the states where he enjoys the most support. According to this article, the highest gaps in income rates exist in states that went to Obama in the last election. That's not a big surprise, most of us realize that Democrats have been in charge of some of the most impoverished regions of the nation for decades.The destruction of Detroit was due to the destructive, re-distributive politics of the left as the Motor city hasn't seen a Republican mayor since 1962.

What is it going to take for people to finally see that re-distributive policies don't work to grow economies and increase prosperity? I think the problem lies in the fact that many in today's generations are more concerned about false promises of equality than they are the realities of economics. For too many years young people in America have been forced to listen to the anti-capitalist, anti-American diatribes of leftist ding dongs that have visions of a grand utopia where everyone shares equally in everything. What they fail to remember about these "grand societies" is that those opposing these utopian ideals are often eradicated and replaced with useful automatons. People have been conditioned against capitalism when the truth is, none of this would have been possible without it. 

President Obama will continue his march for income equality, but like the rest of his policies he will be ignoring the root cause of it. This will only increase the income gap as he fights for more redistribution, which in turn, will make his supporters only beg for more of the same. This is called being trapped in the leftist box.

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