Monday, March 31, 2014

Oh how we have been deceived.......David Risselada

In a recent article I discussed something called the communist peace offensive. I highlighted the relationship between our current organizer in chief and radical tactics of his messiah, Saul Alinsky. While Saul Alinsky claimed to hate the communists for the way they abused their power and slaughtered innocent people, his tactics did none other than secure this type of power for those that implemented them. After all, his admitted objective was the obtaining of power and not letting it go under any circumstances. The belief that the ends justified the means gave those seeking this power the "moral imperative" because they believe, through their innate "elitism and wisdom" they can ultimately create a perfect society. I also pointed out the relationship between the tactics of Alinsky and amply named "communist peace offensive," which in essence is a decades old plan to convince Americans that their culture and government are responsible for the worlds suffering, and world communism would be the much desired solution in seeking out "peace." 

There is a great deal more to this than can really be explained in one article. There is so many different elements that have contributed to the psychological conditioning that has conned people into accepting totalitarianism as the "new freedom." For instance, many people do not know that Betty Friedan, the founder of modern day feminism was a member of the communist party, and that she deliberately set about teaching women they were oppressed by the patriarchal, male dominated society which sought to subjugate women be keeping them barefoot and pregnant. Today, one of the core beliefs of the feminists is that the hormone testosterone is responsible for the worlds wars and only by feminizing and dumbing down men can there ever be "world peace." That's nothing but communist propaganda folks, and it goes a long way in explaining why we have men running around in pink high tops, putting hair spray in their hair and wearing jeans so tight they can barely walk. The feminist movement has destroyed masculinity, plain and simple. 

The sad truth of the situation however, is that we have been deceived on a grand scale, and much of this deception revolves around the "communist peace offensive." It is the perfect explanation of the application of Hegel's dialectic being put in motion by the infiltration of two political parties who play the role of oppossing one another, yet are stealthily advancing the vision of Vladimir Lenin and his quest for world socialism. 

I am going to draw on two relevant examples, both of which are having a major impact in policy initiatives on a global scale. They are both subjects I have written about extensively, though I feel a need to better define my position and refine my point. These two examples are the U.N. Small Arms Treaty, and the common core curriculum. If you have never read any of my articles before I suggest you sit down because some of this is difficult to digest.

First I will touch on common core. There are few American presidents who have inspired the feelings of pride and patriotism that most conservative Americans feel like Dwight Eisenhower, and Ronald Reagan. The sad truth is that Eisenhower, and then later Reagan, both signed agreements with the Soviet Union that would ensure a smooth transition in forging the two nations into one, communist entity. This is according to Charlotte Iserbyt in her book The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America. Iserbyt was once a senior official in the Reagan Department of Education, and her book is more of a paper trail of evidence than anything else. You will have to examine the evidence for yourself and make up your own mind. No one will argue however that common core education is a deliberate attempt to make our children compliant, global citizens unable to think for themselves. Reducing America to a pansy state, in the eyes of the communists is imperative because they have been conditioning people to believe we are the problem and communism is the solution. Education, psychological conditioning, and indoctrination into secular humanism are methods in which we have been "psychologically disarmed." We are in theory, only a couple of generations away from a population that would voluntarily get on the trains to their own demise. If you doubt this just ask your local college students how much they know about the Constitution and American history. 

The next point, about the current efforts to disarm America, is equally disheartening as another prominent American president, John F. Kennedy is at the center of attention. Look, whether you are a liberal or a conservative, you would have to be a bonafide idiot to not see what Barrack Obama is doing to our military. Again, this is the communist peace offensive folks. Remember, one of the 45 communist goals discusses the need to develop the illusion that America's willful disarmament is a sign of strength. Obama is dismantling our weapons programs folks, and not a whimper about it is being heard.The main point is that the communists would love to see Americas military might dismantled and the rise of a U.N. military force take its place. Everything revolves around this and they have made great progress since President Kennedy signed public law 87-297. This law is called the Arms Control And Disarmament Act, and has set in motion the systematic process in which our national leaders have since been dismantling the military. Here's the best part;  seeing as though the loss of our military will mean the complete loss of sovereignty, the need to disarm the people comes first. Enter the U.N. Small Arms Treaty; before the final move against our armed forces is made, there will be a move for our firearms. What I see developing is a fabricated threat of nuclear war, and the U.N. posing as the worlds savior in an attempt to further the "psychological disarming" of the citizenry, and the need to merge the U.S. into one global government. Hey, I'm just a tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorist.

As you can see my friends, the state of affairs in which we currently find ourselves is the culmination of decades of  socialist incrementalism. The correct term for this is "Fabian Socialism," the belief that a culture can be changed by steadily seeking to change values and opinions of an unsuspecting population. Seeing as though America is a society that thrives on entertainment, keeping us distracted with meaningless nothing's that appeal to our fragile egos has been an easy thing to do. Some will call me names and attempt to ridicule me. Those who can see what I'm talking about in the very nature of today's generation, the manner in which they callously disregard what their fathers and grandfathers have fought to secure for them, their entitlement attitudes and their foolish belief that America is whats wrong with the world will know I'm right. All I can say is God Please help us.

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