Wednesday, March 5, 2014

This is getting out of hand, we have to take this country back......David Risselada

Sometimes you really have to wonder who our elected officials are working for, and whom they owe their loyalties to. It certainly isn't "we the people" anymore as we are constantly ignored, belittled and treated as if demanding they uphold the constitution is terrorist threat or something. While liberals continue to place Obama on a pedestal because they are naive enough to believe he has good intentions, and wants everyone to be equal, the obvious disasters of his foreign policy idiocy have come to fruition. While Obama attempts to weaken our military, Russian forces just test fired a new ICBM over the Ukraine, while John Kerry was there laying down the law no less! Liberals would have you believe that the U.S. has retained its respectable status as a world superpower with Obama at the helm, while the evil we have traditionally held back is now laughing in our face. 

There certainly is a valid position to be taken against the U.S. playing the role of the worlds policemen; however, it is clear that the U.S. is the only nation with the moral back bone to do such a thing. At least we were anyway. The invasion and occupation of Iraq, our involvement in Syria and Libya and the use of unmanned drones to kill at will allows the Russians to call us hypocrites with impunity in our attempts to challenge their invasion of the Ukraine.  

What makes all of this more disconcerting is that we seem to have an electorate who is working hand in hand with enemy forces to weaken our nation. Not only is Obama working to disarm our military while world wide tensions are escalating, which by the way has been a long time goal of the communists. The communists, years ago launched a propaganda campaign designed to get everyone to believe that disarming our nuclear forces would be a sign of moral strength. Liberal hippies of the 60's were dumb enough to fall for  it obviously because we have one in the White House who negotiated our nuclear strength away to the Russians. Now they feel emboldened enough to launch a new missile while our secretary of state is right there. Anyway, back on point, these supposed leaders who have sworn an oath to uphold and defend the constitution are doing no such thing as they are moving ever so incrementally toward disarming us as citizens as well. Sixteen states have now introduced Connecticut style gun bans to their legislatures.The scariest part about is that we have a portion of the population that has been conditioned through mass, anti-gun propaganda campaigns, to beg for their own demise! They are actually demanding that government confiscate civilian weapons because they have been conditioned to live in fear of what we used to refer to in the Marine Corps as a "pea shooter" or an M-16. They don't have a problem with the police forces becoming increasingly militarized, they don't have a problem with the massive infringements on the fourth amendment. They have a problem with you owning a gun. What type of insane world are we now living in? 

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