Saturday, March 8, 2014

Forsaking that which we have been given.....David Risselada

We have reached a pivotal point in our existence in which we have crossed a morally reprehensible line. The very gift of life has come to mean little as those seeking political power are taking it upon themselves to define when life does, or doesn't begin. Speaking in an interview on Fusion TV, Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards, described life as beginning only when the woman decides to give birth to the unborn. By saying this she is describing man as the ultimate authority and denying the fact that life itself is  precious. Whether one does or doesn't believe in the divine, the very fact that two living beings can create another is a miracle that shouldn't be taken for granted. New life should be valued, not viewed as a burden. Earlier last year, Planned Parenthood representatives went on record and testified their belief that women attempting to have an abortion should retain the right to kill that child in the event they survive the procedure. Sadly, this is something that President Obama showed support for as an Illinois senator where he voted against the the born alive infant protection act, which would have mandated these children be saved. 

Planned Parenthood's president is not the only authority  trying to re-define human life to suit their murderous, abortion agenda.  Arguing in the Journal of Medical Ethics, Alberto Grubilini and Fransesca Minerva define the life of a baby as being "morally irrelevant" because it is completely dependent upon its parents for survival. Only when the child is able to think and act on its own merits, and contribute to its own basic existence, without being a burden to another, should they be considered the moral equivalent of a person who is protected by a "moral right to life." This radical definition of person hood justifies the murder of newborn babies, even if they are not disabled or mentally handicapped, if they present any type of disruption to the lives of those bringing them into the world. 

If medical ethics can justify the death of our most precious and innocent because of an inability to care for themselves, what does this say about those who have become dependent on government through no fault of their own? Is this the beginning of a mass wave of dehumanization campaigns designed to get society to accept that some people are "less than human?" What value is placed on your life as an adult human being if the life of a baby has none? 

Since Roe vs. Wade in January of 1973, over 50 million babies have been aborted under the guise of "women's health" and a "woman's right to choose." Ironically, it can be argued that this has coincided with the declining morality of American culture. The idea of taking personal responsibility for our lives has been replaced with "moral relativism," and advocating for the rights to unrestricted abortion reinforces the belief that people do not need to make responsible decisions. Abortion is the perfect example of a "slippery slope" because in just forty years we have seen the value of life decline to the point that social science is now defining what it means to be human. Not only to justify abortion, but after birth abortion as well. Our schools are teaching radical sex ed programs that encourage promiscuity rather than responsible behavior and worse yet, Obamacare places planned parenthood clinics in our schools where they have unfettered access to your children.

Allowing science to define life represents the true danger of forsaking God and turning to science for answers. Our constitution guarantees the right to life for all yet somehow we have allowed ourselves to become the subjects of those who do not share these values. Which would you rather be governed by America? A nation founded on the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, or a Godless science who's ethics allows the murder of Gods most precious gift? Sadly, this is the choice we must make. 

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