Saturday, March 15, 2014

Great Story from Janna Brock......Forward by David Risselada

This story from Janna Brock illustrates the hypocrisy of liberals perfectly as she points out the lefts silence over a Muslim murdering his homosexual daughter, and her lover. I don't know what it is with liberals and Islam. Its like a morbid love affair or something. Actually, they are so infatuated with Islam because of its governing structure. Its collective in nature and demands total obedience. Liberals haven't figured out how to deal with the fact that Muslims are far more intolerant towards gays than Christians. They pretend Muslims are peaceful so they don't have to face their own hypocrisy; and, to give themselves more credibility they make up fake stories of homosexual attacks by Christians, while ignoring real one committed by Muslims. Coming up with these types of schemes is what makes liberals thinks they are geniuses or something, when in all reality, the vast majority of us are wondering how anybody could be so stupid.  

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