Saturday, March 29, 2014

The movie Noah proves communist propaganda is alive and well.....David Risselada

If Christians could ever point to one definitive explanation of an effort to demonize their religion and replace it with science and earth worship, the movie "Noah" would be it. Produced by professed atheist, Darren Aronofsky, the movie portrays God as "Gaia," the pagan deity worshiped by the new "green religion." The film falls completely in lock step with the global warming alarmists as mankind's biggest sin is portrayed as his reckless disrespect for the environment. Sounds an awful lot like the real efforts of the environmental radicals at the U.N. pushing for global communism as the only way to stop global warming. Could it be any more obvious that there is an agenda here?

What more could you expect from Hollywood liberals? The film itself was advertised to the younger generation as being "not your parents version of Noah." This  points to the directors Marxist intent of separating younger viewers from their parents values and indoctrinating them into the secular, humanist world view. Also, when you consider the recent news that Valorie Jarret is directing the media to portray Obamacare in a positive light in films and television programming, it's completely possible that the larger agenda item of discrediting Christianity is at play here, at the direction of the government no less. 

The film does a great deal more than prove that communist propaganda is alive and well, it puts into sharp perspective the state of our ever growing "Godless society." In this case art is truly reflecting life. We live in a world where every policy initiative essentially moves us towards secular humanism and away from Biblical Christianity. In the meantime the soul of mankind is being destroyed as the value of human life, being defined by humanists as opposed to the word of God has allowed people to forsake the gift of life itself. This is demonstrated by the clear disregard for the sanctity of human life as The Journal Of Medical Ethics argues that aborting a baby after birth is moral and ethical because a baby does not fit the secular, humanist definition of person hood. According to this argument a human being is not defined as such until they are no longer dependent on others, and as such, parents should have the right to kill their children if they prove to be an undue burden. Yet somehow, through the twisted logic of the Godless, those that value human life and believe that life starts at conception are the radical ones.

This issue over the belief in God is clearly what separates our nation today. The political left and right are defined by this. To the right, liberty and human rights are defined by the natural state of mankind's existence and the belief held that we were created by God, and given inalienable rights to exercise our God given conscience. The right argues for the right to life as we believe everyone is born with the "equal right" to pursue that which makes them happy by employing their God given talents. The political left, for the most part, pushes secular humanism as the new religion as they tend to believe that man needs to be managed. This belief is derived from a Darwinist world view as the theory of evolution holds that mankind is merely an evolutionary accident, and we are no more than any other species of animal. With that particular world view being shoved down our throats in our secular school systems, is it any wonder people are choosing to not take responsibility for their actions, and exercise their government given rights of abortion? Is it any wonder our society is rapidly falling?

While the connection between abortion and global warming may allude some, the relationship between the two rests again, in the demonstrated value of human life. There are those in the global warming alarmist movement that have called for the imprisonment of those denying that mans activity contributes to climate change. While this may seem  like a far reaching argument it must be noted that more and more credible scientists are admitting to climate change alarmism, and how it is being used to consolidate government power. If mankind has lost value for the most precious and innocent among us, how could we possibly hold value for those that are being blamed for destroying the planet?

To conclude, the movie "Noah" does little more than prove that there is an attempt to indoctrinate the gullible and uninformed into a worldview where the political left is desperate in initiate policy directives that revolve around a thesis that cant be proven. By doing so they are contributing to the devaluing of human life by ridiculing and demonizing those that have a differing worldview. Our nation is divide along deep ideological lines, those that value life as a gift from God, and those that believe they can redefine Gods meaning for us.

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