Friday, March 14, 2014

I wonder why liberals are so angry?......David Risselada

Over the past few months, as liberals have realized just what a colossal failure their “guide to Utopia” has been, they have become increasingly angry and irate. Vicious attacks against right wing writers have become more and more common as we have seized the opportunity to educate any who would listen on the failures of socialism. Yours truly has attracted a couple of his own special commentators’ at The Save America Foundation, where he is a frequent contributor. You know you have gotten under the skin of some irritated, basement liberal when they specifically target you in that manner.

 It is difficult to understand what they are so angry about, after all we didn't vote for Obama nor did we support the immense failure that is the Affordable Care Act, so we are not responsible for liberals who may have lost their health care. Is it possible that liberals are so angry because even Chris “chill running up his leg” Matthews admits that the Democrats are likely to lose the senate  over the health care issue? Or how about the fact that their anti-gun cultural change agent, Piers Morgan, was fired from CNN? 

I could never understand how anyone could tolerate the ACA while calling conservatives names like racist and bigot for opposing it. We are after all, talking about a bill that was supposed to be so great when finally implemented that the president, in order to alleviate Democrat loses, has amended the bill himself to lessen the pain of their constituents twenty times. In fact, the individual mandate was secretly postponed until 2016 late last year. This was done under the guise of hardships of course. How could anyone buy this let alone accept it? Typical liberal logic I suppose. The bill that was supposed to save all the poor victims from the perils of American capitalism needs to be delayed because of the hardships it is causing. That makes a lot of sense. No wonder liberals treat us so badly, to admit the foolishness of not seeing through this would make them look like uninformed automatons.

The Affordable Care doesn't offer near the amount of fun as reminding a liberal troll that all life forms exhale carbon dioxide, and the very oxygen we need to breathe is in fact created by carbon dioxide. That will really send them into a frenzy, well because after all, they believe they are so significant that their little existence could actually have that much of an effect on the planet and its natural reoccurring cycles. Its as if they believe the climate hasn't changed umpteen billion times in the Earths six billion year  life span. These are the types of things that left wingers call "extreme crazy right wing ideas." Well, when you have a government that wants to tax farmers for their cows flatulence, you have a government that will tax you for breathing if you let them. How about the idea that the sun has absolutely no effect on "global warming" and that it is all due to human behavior? Again, I think liberals are thinking a little highly of themselves believing that we could over power the sun. Hey, if they wish to give government that kind of power they are more than welcome to. Just know that we wont be responsible for the consequences because we OPPOSE IT. Liberals accuse us of ignoring evidence while all we are saying is there is another explanation here, and giving the government this kind of power wont solve anything. Of course we all know at this point, this makes us a racist. Well I guess I'm a racist then.

What I love most of all is how liberals define tolerance and set the parameters for what type of intolerance is acceptable. You see, liberals are right about everything and Conservatives are bigoted, racist selfish, hate mongering, homophobic, sexist pigs that hate Muslims and multiculturalism. Therefore, it is perfectly acceptable to "not tolerate" their view points and act as if you are displaying a higher, more sophisticated level of tolerance by doing so. In fact, liberals display such a high level of tolerance that they often times dont know which oppressed "ism" they are supposed to support. Take the case of this Islamic college professor at an Ohio university. He proudly proclaimed that in his culture he could kill any woman who insulted his fragile sensibilities, and in an attempt to display tolerance and a sense of moral relativism, the college does nothing to protect the woman he is threatening. Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant!

Finally, I cant imagine how embarrassing it must have been to watch a liberal congress woman demonstrate exactly how ignorant she is by claiming the Constitution is four hundred years old. She must of come to that conclusion when she realized her status as a U.S. congress woman meant she was a freed slave.  Couple this with a presidential candidate who thinks there are 57 states and Democrat congressmen who admit they don't read legislation before voting on it and you're approaching a Utopian paradise.

Its no wonder the far left is so angry and hateful. They not only have to face themselves everyday, but the disastrous results of the enlightened policies they were conned into supporting. They are obviously projecting their own self hatred onto the rest of us through their narrow lens of superiority and self importance. The truth is however, I feel sorry for them. I know this is really going to piss someone off and I welcome their comments because it always proves how just how intolerant they really are. Now before anyone accuses me of being a hypocrite, please understand one thing. I never claimed that I could tolerate the intolerable. I never claimed that I wasn't opinionated, nor have I ever claimed that I was right about everything. Most important of all, I have never ever felt the need to go trolling around web sites I disagree with in order to make another look foolish. Though I have to admit, I enjoyed writing this article!

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