Thursday, March 20, 2014

Democrats busted taking bribes to oppose voter I.D. laws..........David Risselada

 Obtaining an I.D. in the United States is as easy as apple pie, many states even offer them for free. The only real impediment that one would face in trying to secure one would be whether or not they had the transportation to get there. Many people do not have dependable transportation, that doesn't mean that cant access the public bus system. Out current administration is going to great lengths to teach Americas young people that the United States is a nation that actively seeks to prevent people of color from obtaining an I.D. card; or at least they try to give the impression that poor African Americans don't have the ability to go to whatever state agency offers them. How this is not an insult to the African American community that this administration continuously beats down with its victimization politics is difficult to understand. Equally so, it is also difficult to grasp how anyone would not demand an I.D. be shown to vote. Without it you could claim to be anyone; thus truly disenfranchising someone of the right to vote. The idea that voter suppression could be used to rally the troops to the socialist cause is far more alluring to the left than actually protecting an individuals voter integrity, which is what having an I.D. does.  

The whole issue pertaining to voter I.D. laws and the race baiters that oppose them came into sharper clarity  yesterday. J. Christian Adams of P.J. media wrote a story about Pennsylvania Democrats who were caught taking bribes in exchange for voting no on Pennsylvania's voter I.D. bill. Despite the lucrative payouts, this bill still passed and became law in 2012. This issue points to a larger agenda that depends upon the use of exploiting racial issues to drive a larger agenda. Not only does the current administration use the race card as often as possible to silence opposition, they will also use it to cover up corruption. This is the case in Pennsylvania as the Attorney General, Kathleen Kane is refusing to press any charges even though surveillance tapes clearly show the corruption. Her reasoning? Racism of course. The Democrats in question are black, and Kane is asserting that the only reason anyone is interested in pursuing charges is because of their race. The very fact that anyone would press charges over an issue like voter I.D. laws, which are racist in the first place, is in and of itself racism. Thats the logic that we are dealing with in Obama's America folks. This is the result of Derrick Bells "critical race theory." 

Throughout the past six years it has been evident that racial issues were going to be used to push Obamas agenda. In many cases Americans simply became sick and tired of being called a racist simply for exercising their rights to speak out against socialism. We have reached a point where the word itself no longer has any real meaning because it has been used in every instance imaginable in an attempt to discredit conservatism and anyone who opposes Obama's agenda. This is dangerous because while they are using fake, or watered down examples of racism to push their agenda, a new racism is developing. A racism in which racism is justified in the name of social justice. Its o.k. to hate white Americans and call us privileged and racists because of our past. Never mind the fact that it was Democrats in the first place responsible for the KKK, Jim Crow, and other racist policies. Black Americans are being deceived by this administration as the victimization and entitlement mentalities are continuously thrust upon them. Surely, there has to be some who are embarrassed by this.

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