Sunday, March 27, 2016

Obama's Hegelian Dialectic

President Obama’s recent trips to Cuba and Argentina have sure raised some eyebrows. First, our dictator wanna be stood in front of a mural of Che Guevara, which in and of itself was shocking enough, then he gives a speech in Argentina where he had the audacity to say that there was little difference between communism and capitalism. Many articles portrayed these events as being a shock to the American people; however, the reality is that Obama is just beginning to reveal who he really is, and before it’s all over it is highly likely that he will come out as a full blown communist offering the twisted ideology as a solution to manufactured problems. The goal all along has been to discredit capitalism, present it as an oppressive system responsible for poverty and wealth inequality while depicting communism as a system that believes in fairness and total equality.  This plan is known as the Communist Peace Offensive.

Before we discuss this further we need to talk about the Hegelian Dialectic. This is a process of thought control that keeps us trapped in a narrative that pushes us closer to communism. It is also known as the Problem- Reaction- Solution strategy.  Originally developed by  Friedrich Hegel, the Hegelian Dialectic is a process where social change is guaranteed because opposing forces conflict, demanding a solution. Karl Marx and Fredrik Engels took this concept to a new level when applying it to their theory of communism. To them, the problem was an oppressive class of wealthy people exploiting the labor of the lower classes. It was believed that these two opposing forces would force a conflict where the obvious solution was a classless society where everybody understood their role was to serve the state, not their own interests. In fact, this was the reason World War One was fought; however, the desired end of people abandoning their loyalty to country and dedicating themselves to the communist ideal wasn’t realized.  Today, many people believe that the Problem-Reaction-Solution is deliberately employed through the use of false flag terror attacks, and the intentional manipulation of the economy in order to force more draconian controls. This could very well be the case; though, there is a much more subtle application.

In the article “Critical Thinkers Trapped in a Marxist Paradigm,” we discussed the Marxist origins of Critical Theory and how it is being used to teach our young students to be critical of their own culture. This is an application of the dialectic because they are attempting to portray freedom and our constitutional republic as the problem in the world while presenting collectivism as the solution. All of the protests we have witnessed in the past several years, Occupy Wall Street, the Burning of Baltimore and Ferguson and the Black Lives Matter movement, have been the necessary reaction to problems that were either created, or over exaggerated in order to offer communism as a solution. Consider the following from the 45 Communist goals, which incidentally, were entered into the congressional record in 1963.

Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum. Get control of teachers' associations. Put the party line in textbooks.

Use student riots to foment public protests against programs or organizations which are under Communist attack.

Discredit the American Constitution by calling it inadequate, old-fashioned, out of step with modern needs, a hindrance to cooperation between nations on a worldwide basis.

Discredit the American Founding Fathers. Present them as selfish aristocrats who had no concern for the "common man."

 Belittle all forms of American culture and discourage the teaching of American history on the ground that it was only a minor part of the "big picture." Give more emphasis to Russian history since the Communists took over.

 It is very obvious that we are experiencing the application of these ideas. A couple of points need to me made, however. In the first listed goal the statement “put the party line in the textbooks” deserves more attention. Remember in the article “Psychology has Brought Communism to America” where we discussed how communist principles had been written into the psychology textbooks to such a degree, that anyone studying psychology automatically accepts communism as a reasonable philosophy? Remember the following quote from the Textbook on Psychopolitics?

“In the United States we have been able to alter the works of William James, and others, into a more acceptable pattern, and to place the tenants of Karl Marx, Pavlov, Lamarck, and the Data of Dialectical Materialism into the textbooks of psychology, to such a degree that anyone thoroughly studying psychology becomes at once a candidate to accept the reasonableness of communism.” (Beria, pp. 53)

 This is a nationwide application of the Hegelian Dialectic being applied against our children. They are attempting to portray everything about America and our founding principles as being selfish and out of touch with global needs while offering communism as a solution. They are politicizing every issue imaginable, guns, racism, free speech, climate, land ownership, family and other principles of a free society and portraying them as the reason people suffer, while ignoring the fact that communism is a brutal ideology that led to the murder and starvation of nearly 180 million people in the twentieth century. One of these brutal communist murderers was of course, Che Guevara.

Another point that needs to be made concerning these communist goals is the last one.  It basically says the plan is to discredit America, (historically) meaning our involvement in world affairs during the twentieth century, and give more emphasis to Russian history since the communists took over. This brings us back to the Communist Peace Offensive. Everything that we have discussed is designed to give the impression that communism is the much needed solution to a world plagued by unsolvable problems.  John Dulles, Republican advisor the State Department in 1950, testified before a Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee saying that the Soviet Union was engaged in all out open war against the U.S. He said the plan was to change the public opinion of the world to believe that western powers such as The United States were engaged in imperial wars of conquest and that it was the Soviet Union that stood for peace. This has been an extremely successful campaign as today, we are seeing multitudes of young people foolishly advocate for socialism. Of course, over the past several decades the U.S. has involved itself in wars that many would argue were unnecessary. Could that have been a deliberate strategy to discredit the United States on a world stage? This is very possible as psychological warfare and deception are the hall marks of communist strategy.

While Americans may be shocked by the President’s comments about communism, the truth is, as mentioned earlier, he is just preparing to reveal himself. President Obama was put in place because he is a community organizer, trained to stir the pot and cause discontent. He is a master at applying the Hegelian Dialectic. We were supposed to watch in awe as Obama swooped in and solved all of our problems so that when he finally revealed he was applying communist principles, we would all see that communism would be better for America. Fortunately, not all Americans have been brainwashed to such a degree and many of us can see him for what he is, a fool who is only discrediting himself. Many people believe that a communist takeover of America was a big scare tactic, and that communism never presented any real threat. If that is the truth then how did we get to the point where so many people have no idea about the true history of communism while demonstrating a willingness to vote for socialist candidates? The answer is obvious; the application of Soviet style propaganda and psychological warfare has been successful beyond anyone’s wildest dreams, and the time is rapidly approaching where America will be easily merged into a one world, communist system of government.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Donald Trump: Soros’ Useful Idiot or Agent Provocateur

Black Lives Matter protestors are threatening massive riots across the country if Donald Trump is elected president. Donald Trump’s brazen language and total disregard for political correctness is on one hand earning him massive support, and on the other, enraging certain political groups. It is no secret that groups like Black Lives Matter are being funded by George Soros’ radical leftist organizations such as These are the same people that funded the protests in Ferguson and Baltimore in a deliberate attempt to stir up social unrest. In the case of Donald Trump, the goal is to make his heated language towards immigration appear to the nation as intolerant and hateful. It is hoped that the massive rioting will cause a fundamental shift in consciousness to the left; this is how social change works. Unfortunately, nothing in this country is as it seems and truthfully, the left has no problem having you believe that they are funding these protests on purpose because that is part of smoke and screen sideshow created to keep you from knowing what to believe.

There is a process of undermining the nations morality called “Ideological Subversion,” and it is intended to do exactly that; keep people misinformed to the point that they have no idea how to defend  their principles. It is a tactic developed by the KGB in the old Soviet Union with the purpose of deliberately undermining America’s morality.  Former KGB agent Yori Bezmenov describes it best-

The entire presidential race is a big theatrical production designed to keep the nation glued to the television. Misinformation is being disseminated on purpose in order to keep us divided and keep us from knowing the truth. Did Donald Trump donate to the Clinton’s? Was he once a Democrat? Did he publicly support socialized medicine? Who knows anymore, but these are the issues that are keeping the Republican Party from uniting at the grassroots level against the left. Everything else is a sideshow designed to shift the consciousness of the nation towards collectivism and discredit the conservative movement. The protests, the mass move against Trump by the Republican establishment and the creation of another “cult of personality” are all a carefully contrived illusion to keep you focused on what they say you should focus on. Reality is entirely different.

What if Donald Trump was an agent provocateur? As crazy as it sounds there is evidence he actually donated to organizations dedicated to leftist causes that are funded by George Soros. Jen Kuznicki, writing for The Conservative Review, points out that Trump donated to a Soros funded project called dedicated to teaching youth political correctness. She also writes that Trump owes Soros 160 million dollars for a bailout over the building of the Trump Tower in Chicago.  If this is true than Donald Trump is either a useful idiot of George Soros, cooperatively working with him to stage riots to repay his debt, or, he has been in on the fundamental transformation of our nation the whole time and we are the useful idiots.

While Trump has contributed to both Democrats and Republicans, most of his campaign contributions go to Democrats. In fact, one of the biggest recipients of Trump Money is Harry Reid. Reid received this money is his campaign against Tea Party candidate Sharron Angle. Trump also donated to Nancy Pelosi. The Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee, has by far, been the biggest recipient of Trump donations. 

How could Trump be running as a conservative when he donated money to an individual conservatives consider being one of the biggest enemies of the constitution, Harry Reid, against a conservative candidate? The answer is obvious, he is not a conservative; he is an agent of social change working with the left to undermine the morality of the nation. Whether you agree with this conclusion or not may be irrelevant because there is no denying that this country took a massive left turn. Even with Trump as president America will never look the same again and ultimately, incremental change through undermining the ideological make up of the country is a goal the left has accomplished. Conservatives will accept a Donald Trump presidency because they are desperate to be rid of Obama and they would rather settle for him as opposed to Hillary Clinton. The only problem is that desperation has been implanted so deep in the psyche that no one can see that Donald Trump may in fact be Hillary Clinton.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

The Study of Words and Taking Back the Narrative that Defines Us

The current presidential race is a political zoo. The left has masterfully placed candidates into the race knowing that they could potentially tear the Republican Party apart and this is exactly what is happening.  Many conservatives have simply refused to vote for Donald Trump and the constant bickering between the Trumpateers and the Cruzbots threatens to divide the Conservative movement even further. This was of course, done on purpose. The hard, political left has taken over and carefully guided the narrative to the point where they are defining what conservatism is; and sadly, many of us are falling in line. Donald Trump does not represent American conservatism, yet people will vote for him because their thoughts and actions have been controlled through the redefining of the issues. Unfortunately, because of the education most people receive in government controlled schools, they are unable to see past this and break through the deliberate misinformation being fed to them. It isn’t that they are stupid; they were deliberately trained in school to follow along with the crowd.

One of the biggest failures of education, (or successes if you look at through a social engineers point of view) is the destruction of the English language. Our children are no longer able to write in cursive and instead of taking “English” classes they are taking courses called Language Arts. Most people see no problem with cursive writing no longer being a part of the curriculum because there simply is no need to write when everything is done on the computer; however, the loss to the intellectual faculty’s of the brain are substantial. For instance, Dr. William R. Klemm, writing for Psychology Today, says that the writing of cursive helps the brain develop “Functional Specialization,” or what is also referred to as optimal efficiency. This is because the learning of cursive combines sensations such as learning, thinking and movement control. In other words, learning cursive trains the brain to multi-task while developing efficiency in concentration. With this being said, there is another important aspect to studying the English language which has been grossly neglected, and is contributing greatly to the downfall of our nation because it hampers an individual’s ability to thoroughly understand the issues and that is the study of etymology.

What is etymology? It is the study of words; their definitions, origins and historical significance as they have changed throughout time.  While many may not see this as being important, the truth is that if people don’t understand the definitions of words they can be easily redefined and this can have tremendous impacts on society. Let’s take the word racism for instance. The following is the official definition of racism-

The belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.
Prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one's own race is superior.

 This is the definition most of us would think of when discussing the issue of racism; however, this definition, through the control of a narrative is slowly changing. In Barack Obama’s America, the idea of racism now means believing that blacks are able to assume responsibility for their lives and able to compete on equal footing with white people. The liberal left continues pushing the narrative that blacks are always victims and if we don’t see it that way, if we believe that blacks can achieve without something like affirmative action, we are labeled racists. Truthfully neither one of these definitions considers the words historical context and origins. If we were to take that into consideration the whole issue of racism itself wouldn’t even be an issue at all because we would see that it was simply a word devised to deliberately cause division.  The word was actually invented by Leon Trotsky in Russia’s Communist Revolution to discredit and dehumanize those that stood in the way of communist objectives. Labeling the European Slaves as being selfish and only interested in preserving their cultural identity enabled Trotsky to virtually eliminate them as political opposition in much the same way Obama is using the word to discredit conservatives.

The way the word racism was just analyzed is a good example of how etymology works. We looked at the current definition of the word, how that definition is changing and its impact on society, as well as its actual historical context.  If everybody knew that the word was actually used as a communist weapon, the current debate over the issue of racism would be virtually nonexistent.

(Don’t misunderstand, there certainly are people who harbor hatred over those who are different than them; however, this does not change the information presented above.)

 Now that we have developed a frame of reference let’s examine some other words that are having great impact on our society and how people view their world. The words liberal and conservative have certainly gone through tremendous redefinition and have lost their actual historical context. For example, the Founding Fathers would be considered classically liberal because their ideas of freedom and self governance were radically different than the brutal, controlling feudal systems that have dominated mankind for centuries. The history of humanity is one of oppressive rule and strict control over human affairs, the idea that men could be the rulers of their own destinies was certainly a “liberal” idea. Let’s look at the definition of liberal-

That definition seems to fit the mentality of the founding fathers as they were open to new ideas and were not bound by the traditional dogmatic thinking that has governed mankind through nearly all of history. On the other hand, today’s modern liberal hardly fits this definition as they display a sort of fascism while hiding behind a happy face. To the modern liberal, failure to conform to their ideas of multiculturalism, transgenderism, homosexual marriage, wealth redistribution and top down government control is intolerable, and because they think that their positions are morally superior they believe they have a right to be intolerant of those that disagree with them. These concepts have proven to be destructive and ineffective as government policy, yet the liberal left insist on driving forward with them despite the proven failure. Wouldn’t that make them more fitting of the current definition of conservative for their inability to accept change, and desire to preserve existing conditions? The following is the definition of conservative-

The word conservative has traditionally been assigned to the political right because of our insistence on maintaining the principles of liberty and mankind’s ability to self govern, which are, as mentioned earlier, very liberal ideas compared to the history of the world.

While many of the lefts ideas may have seemed new and exciting at one time, they have, as mentioned earlier, proven to be false and ineffective. Failure to realize this while fighting to expand on, and preserve them as policy makes the political left today’s conservatives because we have been governed by these failing ideals for longer than just Barack Obama’s eight years in the White House.  They are also working to limit the change that many American’s are seeking to reverse the destruction that has been caused by economic policies that have done nothing but enslaved future generations in endless debt.

By failing to understand the importance of a words definition, historical context and impact on society, we have allowed the liberal left to take control of the narrative and redefine the way we think and see the issues affecting us all. We have been placed in a box where the issues we care about are defined for us, and we are forced to argue points that only serve the goal of further redefining society in the lefts image.  If one were to consider the information presented in this article they may just come to the revelation that it is the political right that are the true “liberals,” and it is the political left that are the dogmatic conservatives fighting to maintain current political conditions.