Wednesday, April 2, 2014

My ramblings on the Fort Hood shooting.....David Risselada

Normally on a night like tonight I would be sitting down to write an editorial/op-ed piece concerning the psychological mindset of the nation and the ever approaching totalitarian state. Tonight however I feel obligated to discuss the Fort Hood shooting. There is little doubt that the theories concerning psychological control of the population could be added to this discussion; after all, gun control is certainly to reemerge as a result. I would also like to state there is little to no chance I could write an objective news story without adding my opinions and attempting to compare the shooting to attempts to condition people to accept further gun control. There are people much more suited to that kind of writing, so I will let them handle that.

There are a couple of points that need to be discussed here. First, how could this happen after the 2009 mass shooting perpetrated by confessed jihadist, Nidal Hassan in 2009 at the same base? Second, how could this happen after a report was released two days ago warning of a former Army recruit expressing his desires to wage jihad on a military instillation? It is no surprise of course to hear the young man has a Muslim name. What is a surprise however is to hear official investigators claim that there appears to be no connection to terrorism. Right. 

We all know what’s coming next, the push for more gun control. I wouldn't be surprised, given the devious nature of left wing socialists; to find out they expect us to believe a shooting on a military installation, where there are bigger and more guns, is proof that civilians shouldn't have them. This would counter the argument made by us right wing gun fanatics that people are safer where there is less gun control, not more. This is evident by the fact that if you remove America's biggest gun control cities from the list, our national murder rate drops, making us one of the safest nations in the world. How many gun control liberals are willing to move to Chicago, where the failures of their gun control schemes are self evident? We all know the answer to that, but that won’t stop the gun control freaks.

Actually, a military installation isn't that different from Chicago or any other big time gun control city. Only military police or other personnel serving in a capacity where there may be a threat to life or property may be armed. Military personnel who live on base must surrender their personal POF's, "personally owner firearms" to their company armory's, and obtain permission to draw them out for personal use. At least that's how it was when I was in. Also, it should be noted for those that may not know, any vehicle that has a DOD decal on the front windshield is able to make it onto any installation with out being stopped for inspection. Guards at the gate have discretion, if they choose to search any vehicle, but typically, it is those vehicles that do not have the DOD decal that are searched. This begs to question another point made earlier in the article. Why was there no extra precautions being taken when there was a report issued days before concerning threats of a recruit, with a Muslim name, expressing desires to kill Americans? It is probably because we didn't want to offend anyone. Finally, many people attribute the insane policy of leaving our military troops helpless to Bill Clinton, but in reality, it was a directive ordered by George H.W. Bush before Clinton was even president, proof that liberals and phony conservatives can agree on a few things.

In summary, it can be argued that the Fort Hood shooting that occurred today is just another in a long line of needless tragedies. Not because good law abiding people have guns, but precisely because they didn't. It wasn't the failure of government to legislate good gun control strategies; it was the failure to develop strategies that enforce current laws. It was the failure to put into place effective security measures driven by a misguided social initiative called political correctness. There was no reason whatsoever that each and every military installation around the country wasn't on full alert status after the report of a suspected jihadist was released this week. Its time we start being honest with ourselves America, because until we do these tragedies will keep occurring because we aren't even addressing the real reason why they are occurring. 

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