Monday, April 21, 2014

Islam rising.....David Risselada

America, I want you to take a hard, long look at this picture of Muslims in Syria holding a baby hostage at gun point. This is Sharia Law; well it is the actions of individuals pushing for Sharia Law and Muslim supremacy anyway. I want you to read this article by Janna Brock as she describes the horrific reality that Christian woman face in Egypt as radical Islamist's hunt them down, rape them and murder them simply for being Christian women. Lets not forget, the Koran states that women are beneath men. While liberals in this country pretend there is a war on women, the religion they capitulate to is actually waging a violent war on all women, even their own. Finally, I want you to read this article about  senator Ed Markey, (D-MA) and his efforts to pass a bill which would criminalize so called hate speech against Muslims. If you cant see that we are being taken over radical Islamist's then you deserve what you get.

This isn't something that is just now rearing its ugly head America, many of us have been sounding the warning bells for quite some time. If you recall, in 2012 the Obama administration was pushing for a U.N. resolution that would have outlawed any criticism of Islam. Instead of being alarmed, a great many Americans, out of a misguided sense of multiculturalism, decided to call us bigots for being concerned. Also, a federal judge prevented the state of Oklahoma from banning Sharia Law in its courts. A ballot initiative that was strongly supported by Oklahoma voters was overturned by the efforts of a Muslim population that makes up one percent of the state. Now, because of the deafening silence from the majority of useful idiots that make up the American populace, The Muslim Brotherhood is forming its own political party in the United States. 

All the brain dead liberals who have been beaten down with multiculturalism, tolerance and "white privilege" indoctrination will just be "dying" to get to the polls to let the "oppressed" have a fair shot and let their voice be heard. Idiots! Sometimes if the shoe fits people should be made to wear it!

All of this is indicative of the Pavlovian conditioning methods I have written so much about. They have literally destroyed us by making us afraid of appearing intolerant of another culture, even if that culture is out to kill us. Its as if they believe accepting their own demise is morally superior, or worse yet, its as if they believe Muslims are really an oppressed minority. Like I said before, if you are a person who has turned a blind eye to this blatant, stealth assault against our nation and our liberties, you deserve what you get! If on the other hand, you have something to say to Senator Markey, here's his contact information. You know what? If the Southern Poverty Law Center can post information and lies about people they disagree with than I can exercise my GOD GIVEN rights to tell the TRUTH!

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