Thursday, April 24, 2014

Democrats continue to project their racism onto Republicans........David Risselada

Democrats go to great efforts to convince the masses that they are the champions of the minority, while claiming that Republicans represent the reprehensible type of discrimination that plagues our nations otherwise proud history.  Any policy issue that faces opposition from Republicans is immediately discredited as bigotry, racism and hate. The more the failures of these policies become obvious, the more ridiculous the attempts to discredit Republicans become. This is especially true when it comes to black Republicans. There are many black conservatives in America that share the values of individual liberty and personal responsibility that are espoused by many, and in an attempt to keep them on the plantation, the left has routinely referred to them as sellouts or "Uncle Toms." There is nothing in my opinion that proves more that the left cares nothing for "diversity of opinion," and is intent on forcing conformity no matter what the costs. You either go along with their agenda or are completely ostracized.

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