Tuesday, April 22, 2014

According to their own twisted logic......David Risselada

It’s funny how the left likes to believe in the idea of moral relativism, yet they seem to lack the everyday common sense to see when actual "relativism" comes into play. Through moral relativism, the left denies that any individual "cultural morality" represents a greater truth than the other; thus, they are ignoring the absolute truth that an absolute truth exists. Consequently, they fail to see how they make themselves look foolish by continually attempting to change the rules to make everything they do look legitimate. For once, it would be nice to see those on the left face reality, and be forced to apply the same insane logic they try to force onto us, to their own actions.

The most obvious example I can think of is how the left defines "white privilege." According to the socialist race baiters attempting to divide society, white privilege is the idea that only the white majority can discriminate because as the white majority, we have the power of the institutions to apply discriminatory practices. Conversely, they claim that because minorities lack this institutional power, they cannot be racist because "racism" is the application or discriminatory practices on the institutional level. In order for this statement to be true there has to be elements of it that represent "absolute truth" that can be applied universally in the event some of the conditions change, otherwise, it’s not truth. For instance, while white people hold the majority now, we won’t always. By mid century Hispanics are expected to be the majority, and the question begs to be asked. Will all the so called discriminatory power of the institutions suddenly disappear when they take the reins? I digress, that's beside the point. The point is, if the idea of institutional power being applied by the majority, or the most powerful is the cause of discrimination, or if it is being used to leverage power of another, then it is a true statement all the way around, and it doesn't change simply because the circumstances in which it can be applied does.

 That's the little thing about truth and relativism that the left likes to ignore. Its easy to see why because if they applied logic such as this to everything they did, they would be able to get away with nothing.

A good case in point is the Bundy Ranch. The U.S. Government displayed its policing powers in full as three hundred armed agents of the, "Bureau of Land Management?" surrounded one man’s farm. In response, thousands of protesters, some armed, responded in kind to protect the rights of one man the Government had targeted. It is likely that this was merely a setup, but let’s pretend it wasn't, even if we don't it doesn't matter, the principle remains the same. If white people are the only ones able to be called racist because we have the institutional power behind us to discriminate, then it must also be true that the only terrorists at the Bundy Ranch are the government agents and the corrupt politicians that sent them there, because they are the powerful institutions. 

There is no doubt that the power of the government agencies could have quadrupled in response to the gathering opposition, and I'm sorry, the American people, in reality have no power to keep the population living in fear because we have no power to enforce any law against anyone. Conversely, more and more people are seeing that the government is becoming more brazen in its application of power, which means, according to their own "white privilege" logic, it is the government that is the terrorists because they are applying an institutional power they have against us to force us into compliance with their left wing world view.

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