Thursday, January 7, 2016

Dear Readers, I'm looking for a writer.

I have been offered a website through Natural News which will be called I will be making that my primary focus for writing and any articles that I write after the site is officially up, will go there first and here second. I am looking for writers who may be interested in joining me. I have one so far and would like to bring on another. This website will be professionally promoted by Natural News and I will be in control of two ad spaces while they will control one. There is potential to make some money. If you are interested write me an article dealing with the subject matter generally discussed here, and its relation to the current events of the day. Make it between three and seven hundred words and give it a spicy title. Something that sadly, I am not that good at. Post your article as a link under this one if you are interested, thanks.

More determined than ever
David R.

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