Saturday, January 3, 2015

Analyzing the Communist “Statement Of Strategy” Part One By David Risselada

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As Promised in my last article, I intend to go over the new “Constitution for a Socialist Republic in North America,”  and analyze it the same way I have other communist works. First though, I want to talk about their “statement on strategy.” After being educated in social work and community organizing, I made it a personal ambition of mine to expose the left for who they really are; communists and socialists. It amazes me how they no longer attempt to hide their inclinations. As a student, I was dumbfounded at the way my professors seemed shocked to the core that anyone would stand in defiance of their socialistic worldviews. It was almost as if they were surprised that someone had not been thoroughly indoctrinated while in high school. If you have read any of my articles, than you know that I have attempted to draw many correlations between the profession of community organizing and socialism, while also trying to draw attention to the shocking progress communists have made in getting people to accept their propaganda.  The goal of community organizing is to teach people they are oppressed, they are teaching that capitalism and America are synonymous with oppression and that socialism is the solution. America, in this article I intend to prove, through their own words, that it is the socialists and communists intentionally creating the oppression in this country in order to organize for power; and I intend to do it using their own rules.
“But the possibility of revolution will never really ripen unless those who recognize the need for revolution are preparing the ground for this politically and ideologically even now: working to influence the thinking of people in a revolutionary direction, organizing them into the struggle against this system, and winning growing numbers to become actively involved in building the movement for revolution. This is what our Party is all about, and what we mean when we say we are “hastening while awaiting” the changes that make revolution possible. This is the key to breaking through the situation where there are not yet the necessary conditions and forces to make revolution, but those conditions and forces will never be brought into being by just waiting for them to appear.”
The above statement is from the website of the so called “Revolutionary Communist Party,” and it describes in great detail what they intend to do. Like I mentioned before, they are not even hiding anymore, and the reason for this is because they believe Americans are ready to accept communism as a solution to “capitalist oppression.” They have been pushing this lie for so long while virtually erasing the real brutality of communism from the history books, and as a result, many Americans have been swept away by promises of “paradise on Earth.” They will soon discover for themselves however; as Yuri Bezmenov said it best, that communism offers nothing but the equality of dirt.
With this being said I want to take a moment to do a little analysis here; particularly of the last sentence in the communist “statement on strategy” paragraph. “This is the key to breaking through the situation where there are not yet the necessary conditions andforces to make revolution, but those conditions and forces will never be brought into being by just waiting for them to appear.” This one sentence virtually proves everything I have ever claimed, they are deliberately creating societal conditions to create the necessary“revolutionary crisis” needed to bring down our system and usher in communism. It’s a brilliant plan really, one that no one, without a real dedicated study on  the matter, is likely to figure out. I was only able to do so because I was educated by them.
Its safe to say that the issue of race is understood to be the catalyst here, most of us see that the nation has purposefully been divided along racial lines. The argument has been that the white “privileged” have purposefully kept the black man down and this is why we are seeing a  so called “revolutionary” movement among the black population. What we are really seeing is the purposeful manipulation of generations of people to serve as the communist revolutionary army. The truth is they have been kept down! They have been kept poor for decades by one political party, and it isn’t the Republicans. Democrats have presided over the inner city ghetto’s for years and now it is apparent that it was done so they could be taught that they are oppressed, and they need to “rise up” in order to overcome the white man’s power. If this isn’t the truth than how else do you explain a black president doing absolutely nothing to help black unemployment while continually making their situation worse by accusing every white man of being racist? Creating racial tensions does nothing to put young black men to work. It only leads to more unnecessary racial tension. The type of racial tension necessary to bring about the conditions to create a revolution. The type of revolution we are now witnessing against the police.
The sad fact of the matter is that the communists responsible for this care nothing for the damage they cause in people’s lives. Their fake outrage against the police has not only left innocent people dead, it has also made murderer’s out of people who could have been taught they had potential to do something. Instead, the entire educational establishment dedicates itself to teaching the principles of victimology through nonsense theories like “Black liberation theology.” Here’s an example of what I’m talking about. In a social work practice class, which covered several different theories on therapy, I was taught this lesson.
A successful black woman goes to see a social worker to try to alleviate her symptoms of depression. The social worker is white, why that matters so much I’m not sure, but the black woman is financially successful and complains of depression. Based on the tenets of “critical race theory” and “Black Liberation Theology,” the social worker suggests that perhaps the successful black woman’ s depression is stemming from the fact, that she has “lost roots to her historical oppression” and is feeling as if she may have sold herself out to the “white man’s culture.”
This was actually in a social work textbook America. This was a deliberate attempt to keep hate and discontent alive when their doesn’t need to be any. In my opinion, this virtually proves that the black people in America are being oppressed by the white man. That white man however; is a communist hiding behind the Democrat party manipulating a whole population of people into believing mainstream America, and the police are their enemy. Their enemy however; is the one they continually vote for, the Democrat
Party. Their enemy is the one who is creating all this racial tension in an effort to whip them up in a revolutionary frenzy in the pursuit of the fabled “communist utopia.” We all know who that is.
These people have a lot to answer for America.

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