Saturday, January 31, 2015

Destroy America Through Immigration David Risselada

The nation awaits in nervous anticipation to see whether or not the new “Republican controlled” senate will confirm Obama’s “nominee” to replace Eric Holder. Loretta Lynch went on record and claimed that Obama’s illegal amnesty was constitutional, and that illegal immigrants have a right to work in the United States, just the same as a U.S. citizen . In the minds of many patriotic Americans, this sounds insane and immediately disqualifies her from serving as the nation’s highest law enforcement official. Unfortunately, many people have no understanding where the base of her argument comes from, and there is a high probability that the senate will confirm her, because according to a precedence set years ago, they do have a right. It’s all part of the plan to deliberately destroy America through immigration.
In my article “Amnesty and the Immigration act of 1965,”  I cited an essay by Lawrence Auster entitled “The Path to National Suicide.” Auster claims that in 1965 President Lyndon B. Johnson, the same president responsible for the Great Society programs, and the war on poverty, reformed our nation’s immigration laws and made it a “universal human right” to immigrate to America. While I highly doubt that there is any such “law” describing immigration as an actual human right; the laws were reformed to the point that allowed the mass influx of illegal immigrants we have recently witnessed.
Immigration to America used to be based on a quota system, meaning that the numbers of immigrants allowed into the country were based on the population of that ethnic group already residing here. Johnsons reformations radically changed that, and from that point on, immigrants from all the over the world were allowed into the country. President Johnson claimed that by keeping immigrants from certain countries out of the United States, we were not living up to our ideals of liberty and equality. Johnson was a liberal Democrat who believed in the collective welfare state, just as our current president does. Looking at things from this perspective, it is easy to understand why Loretta Lynch holds the view she does. Given the fact that many Republicans are “progressive infiltrators,” they will likely vote to confirm her because they hold the same goals of destroying the U.S. Constitution as the Democrats do.
The progressives will continue to fight for illegal immigration because that is the key to destroying the nation. As it stands now, white people will be in the minority by 2050.
It is projected that the hispanic population in America will see a major increase over the next couple of decades. Currently, they make up roughly 15% of the population. By 2050, their numbers will have risen from 47 million to 133 million. White people on the other hand, are barely experiencing any population growth, and we will likely lose numbers between 2030 and 2040. The black population as well, is expected to remain stable with no positive growth.
I would argue that white privilege education, and the fight for abortion rights are contributing to this. White privilege is intended to demoralize the white man, and we all know where themajority of abortion clinics are.
On the average, it takes 2.1 births per family to maintain a culture from generation to generation. This is the minimum required simply to maintain. American’s have been so beat down with abortion rights, family planning, women’s equality, and other nonsense agenda items, that raising a family has taken a back seat. Our average birth rate is now below the 2.1 required minimum to maintain our population, and it has been that way for some time. I would argue that this was done on purpose; a communist tactic to distract Americans, and weaken our basic family values. I say this because while third world immigrants are being flooded into the nation, our women of childbearing age are being inundated with “anti family” propaganda. At the same time, third world immigrants are being encouraged to have large families.
The average Muslim family for example; typically has about eight children. This explains their rapid population growth in Europe and the U.S. Many argue that this is also a deliberate tactic to quickly outnumber the population in their host countries, so they can have more influence.President Obama is allowing thousands of Muslim refugees into the nation while simultaneously keeping our borders open. We also know that he played an instrumental role in purposely allowing hundreds of thousands of people from South America to cross our borders this past summer. Families of hispanic origin are also known for having large “collectivist” families. Over twenty five percent of hispanic women have three or more children.
Looking at the available evidence I would have to argue that America’s population, both white and black, are being systematically attacked with abortion and propaganda designed to lower our numbers, so it will be easier for the globalists to transform us to third a world nation. Its all a part of the plan to deliberately destroy America through immigration, and Loretta Lynch will surely play her part if she is nominated.

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