Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Media Continues to Spread Lies.....David Risselada

The above link is an article posted at The Save America Foundation web site. I wanted to share it with you because it fits well with the topic I generally write about; communism and propaganda. Im a regular contributor to The Save America Foundation as well and I believe they do a great job of putting out information that you will not see in many other places. This one is a great example. The author does a great job detailing the efforts to mislead the public on the successes of Obamacare while virtually ignoring the facts about its failures. It further proves that the media has been reduced to nothing but a criminal arm of the, while I want to say democrat party, a more appropriate term would be the communist party, as they continue to push whatever propaganda they are directed to. This article points to the fact that media bosses and the White House propaganda pushers have actually collaborated in an effort to continue giving the impression that Obamacare is a great success. Finally, it also points out the efforts to give the impression that disloyalty to Obama and communism equates to a lack of patriotism and selfishness as failing to enroll in Obamacare goes against the “common good.”
America, I have been writing articles about communism, propaganda and the general agenda of the radical left for a year now and what I can say at this point is that we have failed to spread the message of freedom and we have failed our nation. Don’t get me wrong here; I believe there is a great awakening occurring in our nation, and Obamacare is the reason for the season. (Maybe saying that we have failed is a bit harsh.)That’s why they are making such great efforts to discredit any attempt to bring the truths of its totalitarian nature to light, but it doesn't change the fact that we let our nation sink to such a low that the media can get away with such propaganda virtually unchallenged. It doesn't change the fact that media and government have colluded to the point where they can literally utter communist rubbish and it isn't even recognized as such by millions of Americans.  That is where we have failed as a nation, somewhere along the line we fell for the trap of political correctness and it has virtually silenced us when it comes to history and the truth of communism. We now live in the world that the Holy Bible said would one day come, truth is an offense.
A lot of this is very difficult to understand and put together from a historical perspective, but a general understanding can be reached by realizing this has been occurring for the past one hundred years on many levels, spiritual, educational and political. A book called “American Betrayal” by Diana West puts a great deal of this into perspective. I touched on a bit of it in the previous article posted here at The Radical Conservative. During the early twentieth century America supported the Soviet Union while virtually ignoring the atrocities being committed by the communists. This was mainly due to the Lend Lease program where U.S. dollars built up the militaristic power used to suppress the Russian people, and later Eastern Europe. Due to this support it would not have been wise to admit to these atrocities as the U.S. and Russia were trying to defeat German aggression. This is why Nazism is so recognized as tyrannical system of government and communism is not. The world virtually ignored what brutal dictators like Lenin and Stalin were doing to their people while great efforts were made to give the impression that The Soviet Union had become a workers’ paradise, the promised utopia where all goods were equally shared and owned and an egalitarian equality was promised by government.  Communists argued, and continue to do so that their ideas stem from simply wanting to do what is best for mankind, what is best for the common good. If you know anything about communism (you should if you have been reading my articles) then you know that it is a Godless system run by social science and a belief that man needs to be managed because he is nothing more than an another animal. As evidenced by the brutality of communism and other left wing ideologies, which incidentally includes Nazism and Fascism, they tend to view certain classes of people as needing to be put out of their misery. They call this compassion. Envision putting your dog to sleep because you don’t want it to suffer. You have to realize that by studying human behavior these people have come to believe that they are experts and therefore know how to manage human societies. By claiming that what they do is done out of compassion and what’s best for the greater good they virtually hide the evil behind their agenda.
Back to Obamacare. Conservatives stood in absolute horror as we watched the opportunity to gain control of the narrative and defeat Obamacare fall dead in its tracks thanks to a traitorous GOP. Principled conservatives were all but discredited in an attempt to save face on the part of democrats who didn't even read the bill. We watch as this agenda continues on even though it has proven to be a failure and a lie. They get away with this for the same reason the genocide of communists has all been forgotten folks. They get away with because it was done with good intentions. It doesn’t matter that it failed, their compassion for mankind and their efforts to do something good far outweigh the failures, especially when you compare them to the conservatives who are hateful bigots who only care about money. This is what resonates with the hearts and minds of many people, or else that’s what is believed anyway. The republicans believe it enough to take a hard turn left at the expense of losing the only support they have remaining.
Many of us believed that by watching Obamacare fail as we predicted it would, that everything else would fall into place and we would win our country back. It certainly is awakening many and I believe as others do that 2014 is going to see a tremendous rise in patriotism and a push back against totalitarianism; however, we mustn't discount the effectiveness of propaganda or the resolve of those wishing to impose their will upon us. This is not the time to sit back and think smarter, more capable men will take it from here. We must be involved in regaining control of the narrative and doing our part no matter how big or small to expose communism and propaganda when we see it. The article linked above demonstrates perfectly to what lengths the left in this country are willing to go in order to win.

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